just look at lee pace's face

I did an edit today of how I imagine Queen of Mirky looked.

It was fun, I enjoyed. Except for the fact that my graphics card and graphic processor wasn’t working, so I couldn’t use the face tool to edit her face so I just had to use the forward warp and bloat and pucker and warp and such. It was awful.

But yeah, I’ve named her Elyon. I love her.

Thinking I might go back and add her crown later….

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woozi + 13 + rainy day please ps: i absolutely adore your blog ❤️

This is a cute one, be warned! Woozi, “I’ve never seen you like this before,” and a rainy day.


The rain is hammering down against the windows, turning the world outside into a blur of blue and grey, the occasional smudge of gold light from a nearby house or car. You stare out, chewing your lip as you worry about your boyfriend, who has not answered your texts telling him you can cancel your date if the weather is too bad.

A buzz sounds out across the apartment, and in no time at all you’ve let your boyfriend in, the door swings open, and Jihoon steps inside. He’s soaked to the bone, hair plastered to his head, drips streaming from his chin, his elbows, clothes totally drenched.

“Jihoon,” you gasp, at his side in an instant, pushing his hair from his forehead and trying to wipe his face. “What the hell were you thinking? Where’s your raincoat? Your umbrella?”

“C-c-couldn’t find the raincoat. Umbrella broke.” Jihoon says, teeth chattering, holding your arms to keep himself steady, blinking at you with damp lashes. “But I didn’t want to miss t-today. H-h-haven’t seen you in weeks.”

“Me sweet idiot.” you say fondly, exasperated, leading him further into the room as he shivers. “You could have got sick.”

“I d-don’t care.” he insists, putting on a stoic front as always.

You shove him into the bathroom for a warm shower and go to collect some of your clothes that will fit him, bringing them and leaving them on the floor for him and then going to make a hot drink. 

You’re in the middle of stirring in hot chocolate powder when you hear the soft tread of Jihoon’s socks on the floor, and you look up to see him coming toward you, a sweetness about him after his soak and the way he still insisted on coming all the way to meet you.

He reaches your side and, without hesitation, wraps his arms around you and tucks his face into you, sighing happily.

“You’re warm,” he whispers. You can’t help smiling.

“I’ve never seen you like this before.” you tease. You’re so used to shy-with-skinship tough-and-manly Jihoon. Seeing him be an-apologetically adorable makes your heart pick up a rapid pace.

“Shut up,” he sighs. “Just hold me.”

Happy with Him


Summary:From stunt coordinator to actor, you are enjoying your life as the actress who plays Tauriel, but you have a few well kept secrets ;)

Pairings:Lee Pace x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Depression; Mentions of parental death, mentions of break up(¿)

Author’s Note: Everything in this is fictional so use your imagination with names and things that have never happened to you.

”Y/n,” the interviewer asks and you look at her smiling.

“Yes?” you ask.

“Tauriel. She’s fearless. Scared of nothing don’t you think?” she asks.

You smile.

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I’m Bored!

A/n: I love writing off of prompts… haha! Let me know if you want to see more!

“I’m bored! I want to do something!” Caspar whines, and stands up from his spot next to you, suddenly. You were leaning on him, so it causes you to fall sideways, into the spot where he just was. You adjust yourself into a more comfortable position.

“Do whatever you want man, I don’t care” You say, scrolling down your twitter, and watching your best friend, Caspar Lee, pace around your shared apartment.

"I want to punch a swan right in the face.” Caspar announces, and stops in the middle of the room. You look up at him in shock.

“… no.” You say, slowly, locking your phone, and placing it next to you. You sit up. “Not that.”

“You said that I can do whatever I want.” Caspar points out.

“Okay, but you can’t just PUNCH a swan!” You yelp, throwing your hands in the air.

“Why not?” He asks.

“What have swans ever done to you?” You ask, tone full of scorn.

“… I want to have some brunch.” Caspar says, eventually.

“That, you can do. Let’s round up the lads, and head out.” You pick up your phone once more, and stand up. You start to make your way to your room. “Dibs on the shower!”

“No!” Caspar shouts. You quickly change your course, and start heading to the bathroom. Caspar is running after you. “You take all the hot water!” You slip into the bathroom before he can catch you. “(Y/N)!” Caspar whines. You smile on the other side of the door.

How did you get so lucky to have such an awesome, weird roommate?

Ok but like

Thran never showing his wife his scar until a long time after he got it, and him just being so scared and ashamed to show her.

She knew what had happened but didn’t push him to show her if he didn’t want to. But wifey still felt sad that he didn’t trust her…

When he finally does show her, Thran automatically assumes she is disgusted by it and that she would want to leave him.

But she just gently takes his face in her hands and looks him in the eyes. She strokes his hair and wipes the tears coming from eyes. She leans down and kisses his lips softly.

“Don’t ever feel that you must hide from me, my love. I love you. And something as small as this couldn’t change that. Never doubt me again.”

Thran would just nod and bury his face into her chest as she just holds him FUCK I HAVE FEELS

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Request: #18 with Woozi! and could the crush actually be the bias since y/n wants to buy a gift and confess to him.

18) Your bias tags along to buy your crush a gift when they are secretly crushing on you.

Member: Seventeen’s Woozi x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“What about this?” Jihoon sighed, jutting his chin out in the direction of what appeared to be a ceramic clown. 

I lifted my brows, trying to keep the smirk tugging at the corner of my lips from appearing. “Aesthetic?”

“Aesthetic as hell,” he nodded, a small smile on his own face. 

I rolled my eyes, crossing the small shop to stand beside my best friend. “You really think a guy would be into a porcelain clown?”

“If it was a porcelain clown that conveyed your feelings,” Jihoon nodded, sucking in his bottom lip. “What does the clown say to you?”

“I’m desperate and sad. I don’t know how to interact normally. Please love me,” I nodded. 

“Perfect,” Jihoon nodded. He peered around me to the shopkeeper and pushed his fist into the air. “Wrap this one up, we’re done here.”

“Jihoon-ah,” I laughed, shoving him in the shoulder. “Seriously, I thought you were coming to help me.”

“I’m helping!” he gasped, a grin still pasted on his face. “This is me helping.”

“Seems more like sabotage,” I muttered, strolling along the shelves of the shop. I ran my fingers along a few items before spinning, causing Jihoon to stop quickly before he smacked into me. 

“Aigoo,” he groaned. “What use would I have to sabotage you? Then I just have to deal with you being sulky for weeks.”

I let out a deep sigh as I spun back around to look at the newest section we had walked toward. When I asked Jihoon to spend his Saturday morning to help me pick out a gift for a confession, I thought he would certainly decline the offer. When it came to matters of the heart, especially mine, he shuttered away quickly, coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid the situation. 

Either way, when he accepted, I was equal parts excited and terrified. My plan had fallen into place, considering Jihoon was the very person I was shopping for. Who better to pick out a gift for him than himself? 

I just hoped after hanging out with me this long, my feelings would be reciprocated. 

“What about this?” I asked, lifting up a metal bracelet. There was an inscription on the inside that I had a difficult time reading. Jihoon snatched it from my hands and squinted, attempting to make out the small characters. 

“I’m 95% sure this bracelet says ‘please don’t leave me’ and that’s incredibly depressing,” he muttered, standing straight again as he handed the bracelet to me. 

“It does not!” I gasped, squinting at the words again. 

“Well, out of the two of us, Korean is my first language, so I’d put money on my guess,” he mumbled, shuffling around me to eye a display of watches. I set the bracelet down, hurrying to remain at his side to see what caught his interest. 

“In the market for a watch?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, Mingyu borrowed mine and I haven’t seen it in days,” he sighed, his fingers delicately touching the leather of one of the watch bands. “Poor thing.”

“I know, he’s always late,” I chuckled, shaking my head. 

“Not Mingyu,” Jihoon scoffed. “The watch.”

“Savage Jihoon,” I muttered, stepping around him to check the price tag on the watch he had just stroked. I choked on my own saliva as I saw the amount of zeros attached to the end. 

“They’re pretty pricey here,” Jihoon sighed. “I’ll keep looking though.”

I nodded, trying to do the math in my head of how many shifts I would have to cover to realistically afford that watch. At least twenty more than I worked normally. 

“What about this?” Jihoon asked, already to the next set of shelves in the time I had stopped paying attention. 

“Those are socks Jihoon,” I said, my voice void of any sort of emotion. 

“Everyone needs socks,” he nodded confidently. “Socks and sweaters are honestly two favorite parts of my wardrobe. Both are cozy and good for naps.”

“Speaking of, how are you and chair lately?” I giggled, recalling the time when the entire fandom of Carats had shipped Woozi with a chair because he was known to enjoy his naps. 

“You were so funny just now that I forgot to laugh,” Jihoon grumbled, shuffling along with socks in hand. “But since you asked, Linda and I are fine.”

“Linda? Exotic,” I nodding, grinning to myself. 

“I thought so too,” he chuckled, lifting his eyebrows. “Really though, when are we going to be done with this foolishness? I’m ready to go.”

“And what do you plan on doing with your Saturday that is so important?” I pouted, crossing my arms. “More important than me anyhow.”

Jihoon kicked at imaginary dirt on the floor and looked up at me with pink cheeks. “Nothing is more important than you…shopping for some lover boy on the other hand…”

“Jihoon,” I muttered, setting him with a glare. 

“What’s his name anyhow? Something pretty I bet. You always like pretty boys. Youngjae? Seokjin? Minjun?” he continued, looking at me with a pout of his own. 

I remained quiet as he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “I have plans to go to the studio and finish up a song I’ve been working on.”

“What’s it about?” I asked, perking up immediately. I loved when Jihoon allowed me to listen to his music before it was debuted to the world. 

“Unrequited love. Which you’ll know about all too well if you don’t pick something out for whatever kid you’re crushing on,” he grumbled. 

“Alright, alright,” I sighed, exasperated with the outing already. “What, in the depth of your soul, do you think a guy would most appreciate here?”

“The clown,” Jihoon said, a mischievous grin on his face. 

“Done,” I said simply, lifting my brows, and spinning on my heel. 

“Really?” he coughed, following quickly behind me as I made a b-line for the ceramic clown statue he had mentioned earlier. 

“I trust your intuition,” I said, trying to keep my cool. “If you think a man would enjoy a ceramic clown, I trust you.”

“You…you do?” he repeated numbly as I walked up to the counter. I nodded confidently as I sat the clown down in front of the shopkeeper and fished out the appropriate money. 

“Would you like me to wrap this?” the man asked, handing me back my change. 

“That won’t be necessary,” I nodded, heaving a deep breath as I took the clown in my hands. Worst case scenario, he would laugh at me, think I wasn’t serious, and we would never talk about this ever again. Our friendship could possibly be ruined, and I’d have to live with the regret of buying a ceramic clown as a display of affection. 

Best case scenario, he would be delighted, slow motion run into my arms, and we’d ride off into the sunset. 

Okay, I could do this. 

I turned around and winced as I thrust the clown out to Jihoon. He flinched away, giving me a curious look. 

“I don’t want to carry it. You bought the damn thing,” he grumbled, furrowing his brows. 

“No Jihoon,” I sighed, my lips forming a frown. “It’s a gift…from me to you.”

Jihoon stood motionless for a moment as my words set in. 

“For…for me?” he whispered, his cheeks turning a bright red as he took the clown carefully from my fingers. He held the small figurine with an immense amount of care, turning it over to examine every small part. 

“For you,” I repeated, breathless. I held my breath as he continued to stare at it and slowly looked up at me. 

“If I knew I was your crush, I would’ve sold you on the watch,” he whispered, a smirk appearing on his lips. 

“Yah, give me back the clown,” I groaned. “I’m giving it to someone else. You suck.”

“No! It’s my clown and I’m very proud of it!” he gasped, pulling it to his chest with a grin. “But I think I’m even more proud of you.”

He walked a few paces to close the gap between us, looking at my face just as carefully as he had with the small figure only a few moments ago. “I really like it…” he breathed. “Almost as much as I like you.”

“Promise?” I whispered, stopping myself from launching my lips at his. 

“I take my ceramics very seriously,” he said quietly, placing a soft kiss on my forehead. “And I promise to treasure it like I plan on treasuring you.”

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He stopped pacing back and forth and turned to look at you, a leer on his face. "You want to make me feel better?" "Yes!" "Well then," he started stalking towards you. You backed away until your back hit the wall. He brought his arms up on either side of you, pinning you in place with his gaze. "Take off your clothes." "What?" "You heard me, you little slut!" He snarled. "Clothes, off. Now!" "No," you replied. "Excuse me?" (3/??) - 🐧

Michael Lee Brown you can’t degrade me without me consenting to it first, otherwise I’ll just think it’s just you degrading me for no reason cept to be a dick


“As the once dead girl named Chuck had her very first conversation with the mother she’d always thought dead, and felt her heart grow full…." 

if there’s a reason, part i: the speed that we were going.

This is part one of a two-part series that I’m going to be writing. I was prompted by @mxrcusflint​, who suggested Flintwood and Dangerously by Charlie Puth, and also Flintwood and Wait For It from Hamilton. Hope that this measures up! This is my response to Dangerously.

Premise: This is war and nothing is fair, and Oliver’s learning the hard way that there are things he wants to protect; that the price of Marcus Flint’s smile isn’t something he’s willing to pay. There are things he’s willing to lose, and he slowly figures out that Flint isn’t one of them.

{ This is gonna hurt but I blame myself first, cause I ignored the truth }

War. It’s a word that tastes like smoke in the back of Oliver’s throat, like the cigarettes he never used to touch that he now occasionally finds himself lighting up for relief. It doesn’t stop his hands from shaking every time a new name is added to the list of the dead and the missing, particularly if it’s a name that he knows. They all have their tics, the Order and those who run with them, in more danger now than they’ve ever been; lives winking out with the briefness of struck matches, candles in the night that are snuffed out. They all have their coping mechanisms. Pacing, swearing, smoking, drinking, talking it out; the ways in which they deal with it or fail to deal with it are too numerous to count.

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[Fanfiction] VIXX Pregnancy Scares

Requested by–


Genre: Humor and Fluff (this adorable request was incredibly fun to write!)

Word Count: 1980

What happens when you’re possibly pregnant with VIXX’s babies? Cuteness, drama, and downright hilarity!

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Halt and Catch Fire / Ep. 101 “I/O” ✆ Ep. 110 “1984” / Callback

Oh, you know, nothing much here, just another one of those character details that HACF does so damn well.

Seriously…a callback to the pilot is hardly out of place in the season finale. And the movie stalking incident was such a significant moment in the development of all three characters that it’s not surprising to have Donna reference it on the way home from the release party.

What’s great is the way this conversation gets the audience thinking about the off-screen lead-up to the Clarks seeing Joe in the theater. Now, we’re imagining – like Gordon and Donna – Joe hanging around the movie theater, turning his nose up at Star Wars, and actually thinking to himself, “Maybe I should buy some popcorn so I look like I belong here” – like the popcorn is just the thing to ensure that the Clarks don’t run off screaming into the night in the face of the crazy.

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why should i watch pushing daisies? what makes it so good?

Pushing Daisies is one of the greatest TV shows ever made, and here’s why:

It follows the life of this guy called Ned

(Just look at this cute face)

He owns a pie bakery called The Pie Hole and it is shaped like a pie

This is Ned with one of his pies

(I can’t even handle Lee Pace and his adorable cute face and gorgeous arms and mouthwatering body)

But, aside from doing this, he has a power which brings the dead back to life at his touch. After a minute of being alive though, something else has to die. If he touches the re-alive thing for a second time, they go back to being dead and he can’t bring them back for a third go.

One day, he learns that his childhood bestfriend and crush Chuck has died, and, while investigating her murder, brings her back to life and refuses to touch her again.

(She is so perfect)

(Just look at that luscious hair)

Apart from being a piemaker who moonlights as a corpse reanimator, Ned uses his powers to assist PI Emerson Cod in murder cases in which the police have no clue as to what has gone on. Because he can bring them back from the dead, he can ask them who killed them and collect the reward which he splits with Emerson.

(This is Emerson. He spends a lot of the time making this face because he hates the cute stuff that Ned and Chuck do in front of him)

Don’t even get me started on what a perfect thing Olive Snook is. Olive is everything everyone wants to be in life. Originally, she starts out as a waitress at the Pie Hole, but later becomes an assistant PI with Emerson and they make such a cute couple and I ship it so hard (as does every fan).

(The ray of sunshine in an ever growingly dark world)

Along with those four, we have Chuck’s aunts. They are integral to the story and regularly make appearances despite not being involved in any case. Their lives keep crossing with Ned’s which means they also almost come directly into contact with the alive-again Chuck. Their niece, who they must never know is alive because it would destroy their already fragile and broken hearts.

So, there we have it. The main characters and the story.

(Perfect people in a perfect world)

But what exactly makes this show so good? Well:

  • A couple who don’t have to do what every other writer in TV thinks a couple should and screw all the time.
  • Four main female characters compared to two main male characters.
  • Complex and dynamic friendships/relationships between characters (Olive and Chuck having a strained relationship at first but then becoming best buddies without any bullshit drama or stupid reasons)
  • The witty and incredible dialogue that occurs. Every episode’s script is just a play on words with a cosmic fuck ton of metaphor thrown in and it really is beautiful.
  • Characters who have quirky personalities and are what other people would consider “weird people” but refuse to change themselves because they are accepted by the people around them.
  • Emerson Cod being the sassiest motherfucker in TV history and being a macho masculine man who knits and makes pop-up books when not solving murders.
  • The quirky and non-stereotypical everything of the entire show.
  • No hatred in the show. Just pure happiness.
  • Incredible and beautiful visuals and set designs that are basically porn for the optic nerves.
  • A concept that is so simple, but yet so complex. You will learn so much more about the characters in watching two seasons of Pushing Daisies than you would watching nine seasons of Supernatural or seven seasons of Doctor Who.
  • Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter books) narrates the show and he is amazing.
  • Expect unexpected things like exploding cars that run on dandelions, a polygamist dog breeder, and every murder case having a surprising twist to it.
  • The music selection they used is superb. All original music except a few songs sung by the extremely talented Kristin Chenoweth.

The show is just wonderful. Everyone should watch it.