just look at its teeth

when i was very young i was a lot darker than i am now and i was small for my age and i was completely obsessed with the idea of having an enormous white clydesdale. like the world’s biggest, clompiest unicorn.

i think even at the time i was like “you know what would be awesome? the contrast between a tiny brown girl and a huge, white horse.” obviously it never happened but looking back, i had a pretty good sense of aesthetics for a six year old. good job, me.

So I don’t know how small this is because I’m on mobile (I always am) but after I got that ask by @supergrumpybear I got curious about how to draw teeth like these and so this happened.


THE FLASH | 3.08 | Invasion!

We knew you would come.


a giddy park jimin for our daily dose of sunshine ☼

had to take a selfie to register for SAT before the deadline tomorrow so. here’s me, i guess.

Coffee with Bucky

I wrote this a while back, it’s crap but it’s an excuse to use ALL my favourite Sebastian images <3

Then I realised it’s a Friday night and I’m just sitting here in my pyjamas googling Sebastian images and that I really am quite the loser.


Catching a train at 5.30am was never fun. But living in the middle of nowhere with hardly any trains, there wasn’t’ much choice. You’d got it down to a fine art now though. From rolling out of bed, rolling into the shower, and then walking, half-asleep, to the station, you could do it all in 30 minutes. Then it was queueing up at the one open coffee shop just outside the station for your regular order, standing on the platform, getting on board, and slumping into your seat.

And then. Then, technically, you could doze off, for the 90 minute journey. Or you could read a book, or do some work, or teach yourself a new language, or anything. But you didn’t. What you did do was to find excuses to stare, subtly, at the only other person who got on the train at your station.

You’d first noticed him about two weeks ago. You were used to being practically the only person on the platform. There were the occasional business-suited people, or travellers with suitcases off for an early plane. But he stood out, somehow. He’d been just ahead of you in the coffee queue, then he’d walked up onto the platform in front of you and, yes, you looked. He was wearing a very well-cut suit that day, and when he was three stairs above you, your eye line, was, well, you had no choice, right?

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Today will be a day of lost things.

Taurus: Beware the almost. The almost real, the almost breathing, the almost human.

Gemini: It stands behind you as you go about your morning routine, hiding just behind you as you look in the mirror to brush your teeth. Its just shy. It helps keep the milk from splashing on your phone screen.

Cancer: If someone uprooted the small grove of trees near your home and rearranged them, would you notice?

Leo: Things grow. It may not hurt now.

Virgo: Others can make a difference in you where you thought there was none. Bastards.

Libra: The stars said nothing but one of them lit a candle with her mind. Take this as you will.

Scorpio: Its strange how much we can hate people after only having seen them for three seconds.

Ophiuchus: Some people are a beautiful bramble of roses with thorns. Others can just be a pile of broken glass.

Sagittarius: We have all done things we regret. We have all done things we really should regret.

Capricorn: What happens when you open a door marked “exit” and all you find is another hallway?

Aquarius: If the ship is tilting, which way is up?

Pisces: The velvet lady loves you. Her hand is soft but her gaze will drain you of color and sense.


cool teeth


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astralstarzero  asked:

Gag Prompt: Mastermind AU where everyone is a mastermind. There are no fewer than 16 distinct organizations who have infiltrated Hope's Peak attempting to capitalize on the world’s most despair inducing event. Everyone squats in hidden rooms and secret passageways piloting various robotic animals around the empty hallways of Hope's Peak Academy looking for each other. It is very embarrassing for everyone involved.

A/N This is a really old ask but my writing is not bounded by space and time. Plus, I know in my heart that I will absolutely regret this if I just let this unanswered. I got some good ideas from you guys (thank you so much it was so fun!) but here are the animals that got picked. I still kept mine for Hagakure hahaha! Enjoy!!

High School Life of Mutual Masterminds - au where everyone is a mastermind

This was the beginning of the despair of sixteen individuals.

“Upupu…” The speakers blared as an annoying voice made its announcement, “Mic test! Mic test! Ah, whatever. I’m sure you can all hear this. So let’s get this entrance ceremony started!”

From behind the podium, Monokuma jumped out and greeted everyone, “Hello everyone! And welcome to your high school life of mutual killing, dear students!” It happily cheered and even threw confetti out of nowhere into the air. But that joy lasted only for a moment because in the next second, Monokuma had its claws out and was shouting with ferosity, “Is what I’d like to say but where the hell are the students?!”

Gathered in the gym was not a group of people but rather, a group of animal-based robots painted with a monochromatic color scheme.

“Last time I checked, this was a school not a petting zoo! So where the hell are the people?” Monokuma asked in absolute fury, ready to pounce on each of them.

“Oh, my. It seems as though you were expecting someone else.” The Monocat purred as its long tail elegantly wafted over its mouth to discreetly hide a mocking grin. “I believe that everyone is here and accounted for.”

“Well this is embarrassing. And here I thought I was going to be the only one with the black and white thing going on. I was going to stand out!” Monokuma let out a disappointed sigh as its shoulders drooped. “Not only that, you’re all into robots now? I’m shocked!  What ever happened to good old breakable flesh and bones?”

“While our mortal vessels are already outsandingly well-designed as they already are, sometimes a change of form is required by the plot.” The Monopenguin spoke as it waddled closer. “This is just a premise for a greater plot underneath.”

“Plot device? What kind of cheap plot device is this? This is a joke! It’s not even that funny!” Monokuma complained with all its might. “It doesn’t even make sense! Seriously, I bet the writer out there is just running out of ideas!!”

“Got a problem with this?” The Monotiger growled and loomed over threateningly. “I don’t see what the big deal is. You’re attending with this knockoff bear. Yours don’t even look like the real thing.”

“Excuse you! I’ll have you know that I’m the real deal!” Monokuma replied in an offended tone and then began to ramble, “I’m a special breed of bears. I’m from an elusive cute and loveable species that have yet to be discovered. I’m trying not to let the press get a hold of me just yet because they’d put me under the endangered species watch! You know what happens there, right? They won’t let me watch tv or play videogames! Oh, the despair!”

“That is a pressing concern indeed. However, this is no issue of concern for us.” The Monobeaver interjected with a powerful voice. Although it was small, its shout was even louder than that of the biggest animal in the room. “Rest assured that press and matters relating to entertainment will not be tolerated in a school environment!”

Monokuma paused. “Kid, you’re a freaking animal animatronic.” Monokuma said in a blank tone. “You sure you have your standards ironed out?”

“Um… I think we should overlook that fact for now.” The Monobunny suggested in a soft and hesitant voice as it cowered from a far corner. “Shouldn’t we be discussing something more important?”

“Oh, you’re absolutely right. We gotta get this plot moving or else our readers will get bored.” Monokuma nodded and calmly agreed. “NOT!” Monokuma raised its claws again in anger. “How the heck do you expect me to do that when you’re all prancing around in those getups! We can’t all be the mastermind! If we were then there wouldn’t be a game!”

“I don’t see what your problem is.” The Monolion intruded as it lazily stretched and scratched behind its ears. “I mean we’re all here so what difference does it make that we came here in costume?”

“And I don’t need to listen to you, Mister I’m-so-creative-I’ll-use-my-sounds-like-an-animal-name.” Monokuma snarkily replied.  "Seriously, are you guys planning on making a cat family here? The least you could do is choose different species!“

“Well it’s not like it was planned. We’re just as surprised as you are. At least I am.” The Monoswan answered as it preened its beautiful metallic feathers. “There was no planning involved here unless I wasn’t informed. As far as I know, this is all just… a coincidence.”

“You’re kidding me.” Monokuma deadpanned. “You can’t expect me to believe that all of you got here with those and you didn’t talk to each other about it? Not even a single peep? That’s not a coincidence! That’s just lazy writing!”

“Yeah, guys! You hear what he said!” The odd one out, Monovenusflytrap, snapped at them. Yes, you read right. A mono-venus-fly-trap. There’s a reason why everyone else was distanced from it. “So someone better volunteer to be victims already so we can all move on!”

“…” Monokuma stared at it and then sighed in a defeated manner.  "You’re not even an animal. Why am I not surprised?“

"Hey! This too is an animal!” The Monovenusflytrap retorted as it snapped its mouth. “I mean just look at it! It has teeth and all! That totally makes it an animal!”

“It has roots too.” Monokuma stated matter-of-factly with a voice devoid of all emotion. “Do you even know what it’s called?”

“Uhh… something to do with Mars?” It asked, unsure of its own origins and obviously even its own species.

“…” Monokuma stared long and hard. And gave up. “Well you’re a lost cause as usual. Moving on!”

“Yes, can we all move along now? We’ve dawdled long enough.” The Monosnake hissed, obviously displeased at the pace they were at. It slithered and coiled itself at a good distance away from the low-quality robots. “You’re wasting my valuable time. How typical of peasants. You act like animals with no discipline at all.”

“Wow, that sure is convincing when you say it… with an animal animatronic.” Monokuma brushed off its insults. “Anyone else got something to say?”

“D-Don’t act so high and m-mighty! You’re not the one in c-charge!” The Monomouse argued as it squeaked. And then it sneezed. In a split second, it had transformed into a Monorat with its long tongue hanging out of its mouth. “Oh my oh my! What’s with this petting zoo party? What? Did everyone develop weird kinks overnight? And they say I’m the one with quirky tastes! Kyahahaha!”

“I know right? Turns out that everyone’s into robotic furries now! I’d kinkshame you all but it looks like I’m part of the squad too.” Monokuma said as it chuckled. “Also, pretty sure that mice can’t turn into rats but as you can see, anything goes here apparently.”

“Hey, how long do we have to stay here exactly?” The mono-otter asked as it bounced and spun energetically. “I ran out of donuts and I really need to go out and get some more. So can we make this quick, please?”

“What’s this? You can actually get out from your electronic chamber?” Monokuma asked sarcastically. “Why didn’t you say so! In fact, why don’t we all go out and get some fresh air! Seriously, it’s not healthy to be locked inside a room and staring at a screen all the time.”

“Maybe not. There’s a reason as to why we came here with these… proxies after all.” The Monohoneybadger refuted and despite its adorable appearance, its strength could be heard in its voice. “This is for our own motives. We shall conduct all proceeding activities as such.”

“Oh, wow. You mean to say that you guys have legit reasons for coming here with those fanbots? That’s actually a thing?” Monokuma asked, feigning surprise. “Puh-lease! As if you have anything better to do other than this! So what is it, really? Did you guys all lost a bet or something?”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you. Especially not in this one.” The Monoeagle’s voice cut through with certain sharpness as it narrowed its eyes. “As to what our reason are… we’ll keep them to ourselves for now.”

“Yeah, right. Keep up the mysterious act, hun. You’re really working it.” Monkuma just waved her off and plopped onto its belly in a lazy manner. “You keep playing your pretending game while I not-so-quietly judge you. I’m sure you don’t have any reason at all. Heck, I doubt the writer even has planned that far!”

“Do you ever say anything nice at all?” The Monodog interrupted as it tried to glare at Monokuma. But it was hard to take it so seriously especially when it looked so adorable wagging its tail and all. By the way, it’s a Monopomeranian if you want to be specific. “All you’ve been doing is just insult everyone here. You say you want to move the plot but you keep diverting the attention elsewhere. Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

“Well excuse me for being a realistic and good critic!” Monokuma huffed at it. “Oh, and you forgot to say your catchphrase. Unless you didn’t. Which just proves that I’m right! Upupu!”

“Hey…” The Monowolf interjected as it trotted closer, almost protectively, over to the Monodog. It sat there and stared at Monokuma and softly barked, “Maybe we should move things along now.”

“And you!” Monokuma glared daggers at the last of the robots it had yet to address. “What are you doing in that pathetic excuse of a getup? I thought we had a deal! Where did you even get that?”

“I have my… reasons… and sources” The Monowolf vaguely replied.

“Ugh! Whatever! I’m tired! I don’t want to deal with this bullshit!” Monokuma raised both of its paws in the air in defeat. “This isn’t even despairing anymore. This is just disappointing!” Monokuma whined like a child pulling a tantrum. And then it paused and shouted, “But fine! Since you’re all too cozy with your animal animatronics, let’s just get this ball going.”

That’s right. No matter how absurd this is, nothing should forestall the game.

“But just so you know, I’m still not happy about this! It’s not like I have choice in this anyways.” Monokuma complained one last time before it pulled out a gavel and pounded it for purely theatrical purposes. “Cue the narration!”

This was the beginning of despair and of the high school life of mutual masterminds.