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Close To You (AO3)

Summary: Castiel wants to be closer to Dean. It’s that simple. But is it, really that simple when Dean seems to not want that at all?

The screen flickers in front of him but Castiel isn’t paying attention. It’s hard when all he can feel is the warmth from Dean’s thigh is pressed up against his own. 

Touching has never been a big deal for him but with Dean…it’s different. He seems to crave every lingering hand on his shoulder, every touch of their hands and every embrace. 

And Castiel doesn’t know why it’s happening but he wants to be closer. 

Dean laughing is what pulls him out of his thoughts. He turns his head to see Dean smiling and looking straight back at him. Dean’s eyebrows suddenly pull together.

“Oh, c’mon, Cas. Didn’t you get that one?” Dean asks, hitting him playfully on the shoulder. And Castiel would usually frown and tell him that no, he didn’t get that one but he’s too caught up in the way Dean’s looking at him, in the way he’s still smiling, in the way he seems to have gravitated closer since the last time Castiel looked at him.

And so Castiel lets his body do what it wants and he leans forward pressing his lips to Dean’s. He can barely bask in the warmth that fills his chest before Dean is yanking himself away, his eyes wide.

“What the hell, Cas?” Dean says, raising his voice slightly and Castiel panics. He leans forward and all too quickly shoves two fingers onto Dean’s forehead and jusst as quickly pulls away.

Castiel’s heart is racing a mile. How could he be so stupid? And since when did angels feel this way?

“Hey, Cas, can you pass the popcorn?” 

Castiel whips his head to the side to see that Dean is just as close as he was before and something inside of him wants to do it again. But he can’t. Dean’s reaction said enough.

“Of course, Dean.” Castiel replies, clearing his throat as he reaches for the bowl and passes it over to Dean. 

He’s lucky he still has his grace. If he was still human he wouldn’t of been able to wipe Dean’s memory of what he’d just done. 

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In Those Jeans

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A/N: I got hit with inspiration when this song came on and just unf…the song is by Ginuwine…or as my mom likes to call him Ginufine (x).  Some of the lyrics will be in bold since it’s during flashbacks 

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Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Ashton was hit with a flashback when he saw you wearing the jeans. The jeans that had started it all and landed the two of you were you were now. It was almost like it happened yesterday. Your first ever interaction with each other etched into his brain.

Got out my ride seen you from afar and I couldn’t stop myself from looking hard. You wore these jeans, girl you wore these jeans. 

It wasn’t like Ashton to not admire something that was beautiful, so when he spotted you walking down the street he nearly lost his breath. The one thing that stood out the most was of course your jeans, well not the jeans itself but the way your ass looked in the jeans. Ashton was after all a guy, so when something such as a nice ass was in his view, he didn’t hesitate to look. After a few minutes he broke from his thoughts, turning the corner and rounding his way back to where you were walking. I have to have, have you for myself. The minute he rolled up to the curb, he could practically see your eyes roll. “Excuse me, Miss?” Ashton called out the window, licking his lips, and grinning. You stopped in track, eyebrows raising in question. “I like your jeans…they’re looking good, plenty tight,” he commented. 

“Fuck off,” you scoffed, beginning to walk. You weren’t one to respond to catcalling, or being hit on by a man driving alone. Ashton’s foot lightly hit against the accelerator, driving forward, and making you stop in track once more. You had no idea what your jeans were making him do. It was almost like he was under a spell. He parked the car and hopped out. “What do you want now?” you huffed, arms crossing over your chest as he approached you.

“I didn’t mean any disrespect,” he started, “It’s just I’m loving what I see and I’m feeling you.” You rolled your eyes, a smirk making its way onto your face. He looked sincere, but you were still cautious. “You’re a beautiful woman and I know this may be a little too forward, but can I take you out to dinner sometime?”

That had been three years ago and Ashton was glad you had accepted his invite. Now he was looking at those same jeans. They almost looked new and still gave him a rush even now. Ashton yawned, sliding out the bed and making his way over to you. A smile made its way onto your face when you felt his arms snake around your waist. “Good morning,” you said, reaching out to grab your hair tie. Ashton nuzzled his face into your neck, eyes locking on yours through the mirror. You could tell the hazel in his eyes had grown a shade darker.

Is there anymore room for me in those jeans?” Ashton questioned, nipping at your neck. He wanted you more than ever now, pushing his crotch into your ass; still naked from the night before. “Can I have what’s up in those jeans?” he whispered, kissing at your sweet spot and making your knees weaken. Your breath hitched in your throat, the air around the room becoming hot as his hands slid back to grip at your ass. Your eyes closed in delight, turning around in his arms and crashing your lips against his. Ashton kissed back with much passion, hands going from your ass to grip at your thighs. You jumped up, letting him place you on the dresser. Teeth clashing and tongues dancing together. The kiss broke for a split second as Ashton pulled your shirt off, hands going around your back to unclasp your bra. The straps slipped down your arms and you let it drop to the floor. 

“What’s got you so worked up?” you asked, breaking the kiss. Ashton’s lips connecting back to your neck. He was amused that you didn’t know. These jeans are the reason the two of you were where you were now; happily in love and engaged. 

I really love the way you wear these jeans,” he replied in a raspy voice. Fingers hooking in the sides and tugging at them. “Baby, damn those jeans,” he moaned, feeling his cock grow harder. You bit onto your bottom lip and smiled at his reaction. Your eyes scanned over his body, landing on his cock which was red at the tip and leaking with precum. Your attention was back on his face when you felt him grab your breasts; massaging the soft flesh in his hands. 

“I want you so bad,” you breathed out, arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer. You kissed Ashton soft and slow this time, smiling as he picked you up once more and carried you to the bed. Sex with Ashton was always something new, he never failed to make you feel loved and worshiped your body. Your back landed on the fluffy duvet, Ashton’s fingers working at the buttons of your jeans. You lifted your hips, allowing him to yank the jeans off. Your mind was no longer focused on running your morning errands. Ashton having your full undivided attention. Goosebumps rose against your skin when you felt his lips ghost over your leg and down your inner thigh. Soon he was face to face with your clothed heat. A wet patch had already formed and he nuzzled his nose into it, the tip lightly brushing over your clit. The action made a jolt run through your body and you patiently waited for him to do something. You licked your lips, raising up onto your elbows and watching as he took the hem of your panties into his mouth and began to pull them off. You giggled in delight when he kissed your ankle, shooting you a wink and kissing down your leg all the while making eye contact. His tongue was warm against your skin, licking the rest of the way down until he was at your heat. 

“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered, eyes closing as he smelled your sweet succulence. Ashton sent three kitty licks between your folds making a whine a pleasure leave your lips.

“Now you’re just teasing,” you huffed, falling back between the pillows and staring at the ceiling. Ashton smirked while parting your legs even further, taking a long swipe up your folds. The tip of his tongue playing with your bundle of nerves. Your eyes closed in bliss, hips raising in need. His hands slipped under you, holding at your ass as he really began to eat you out. You tasted sweet, his mouth paying attention to your clit. Nipping and biting at it until you were begging for him. Ashton pulled back, blowing cool air onto your clit while circling his thumb over your entrance. The added sensation drove you mad, loud moans filling the air. Your legs shook as he plunged a finger inside, sucking at your clit and thrusting his fingers. “Ashton please,” you whimpered, feeling his tongue replace where his fingers used to be; truly tongue fucking you. You were already so close to your release, hand reaching down to grip at his hair. The minute his thumb landed close to your clit, tenderly rubbing it, your back arched off the bed and you came calling out his name. The sound was music to his ears and Ashton lapped up your juices until you had calmed down. Once your breathing was back to normal he kissed his way up your body. His cock was pressed up hard between your thighs, making Ashton feel the warmth from your heat radiating over it. He kissed you passionately, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. Ashton pulled away, resting his forehead on yours, eyes closed, and a smile on his lips.

“We’re getting married next week,” he whispered, slipping between your legs and lining himself up at your entrance. You smiled at his words, hand going up to fist in his hair. “Are you excited?” he asked, slowly easing into you.

“Very excited…I love you,” you replied, body shaking at the new sensation. Ashton pecked your lips, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“I love you too,” he hummed, pushing all the way in until he filled you to the brim; knocking the wind out of you. Ashton rested for a minute, letting you adjust to the feeling of him being inside you. You pushed your hips forward in a request for him to move. He pulled out till just the head was in then slowly thrust back in. Ashton’s strokes were long, your warmth pulsating around his cock. His forearms were rested next to your head, holding himself up so that all his weight wasn’t on you. You let out a shaky breath, nails digging into his biceps. Ashton’s hand went under your thigh, hooking your leg around his waist as he drove in deep. Once again his lips were back on yours, kissing you feverishly. You began to lift your hips, taking a bit of control instead of letting Ashton do all the work. A tiny scream of pleasure left your lips when he gave a sharp thrust; hitting a spot that made your toes curl. “Fuck,” Ashton hissed, swallowing the moan that was about to release from his mouth. 

“Let me hear you,” you coaxed, hand going up to touch his face and caress his jawline. Ashton always held back his moans, but you wanted to hear them. The deep grunts of pleasure sounding like song birds in the early morning. He rolled his hips into yours, slowing down the pace and making you feel every inch of his cock. All too soon the pleasure was gone and Ashton was asking you flip over and lay on your stomach. You turned under him, face burying into the pillow as Ashton slid back in. The pace picked up this time, the sounds of his skin slapping against yours sounding out around the room. Your loud moans bouncing off the walls. You knew the neighbors heard and would probably complain, but you didn’t care one bit. Your back arched up when the head of his cock hit your g-spot “Oh right there!” you whimpered, hand gripping at the sheets. You could feel his lips on your back; sending feather-like kisses down your spine. From the way his thrusts were becoming sloppy, you knew Ashton was close to his release. Knowing him, he wasn’t going to last long. You pushed back against him, starting to ride him from your position. Ashton’s name left your lips in whispered chants, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, and a sheen of sweat lining your skin. Your clenching was what drove him over the edge. Swears flying from Ashton’s lips as he pulled out and pumped his load out onto your ass. Loud, throaty moans leaving his mouth. You felt the bed dip, no longer feeling Ashton’s body heat. You were spent, slowly catching your breath as he came back to clean his load off you. 

“Gotta admit morning sex is by far the best sex,” Ashton whispered, kissing you deeply. You smiled into the kiss, quickly pulling away and making him whine. He grabbed your wrist, pulling you back into another kiss. 

“I have to pee,” you giggled against his lips. He reluctantly let go of you after sending a series of kisses over your face. “When I get back, you better be in the kitchen making your famous french toast,” you smiled. 

“French toast and round three in the kitchen sounds great!” Ashton shouted after you, shaking his head in amusement. He picked your jeans up off the floor, a smile on his face as he looked at them. Ashton loved these damn jeans.

Olicity Drabble Alphabet - G

G – Green

She did it subconsciously at first, finding herself buying more and more green clothes instead of the usual reds, pinks, and blues that her closet was filled with. It didn’t even occur to her what she was doing until one night she was sitting in her living room, painting her nails a shiny emerald, wondering why.

Of course, it took her about twoseconds to figure it out (she was agenius, after all). She was doing it for Oliver (well, for herself really); she was doing it because if there was one thing he seemed to notice, it was her wearing green… his green. And when she did, he would get that look, the one that said that she was the only thing he was seeing, the one that stated she was unequivocally, unapologetically the only one he wanted.

It gave her a thrill to know she had that much power over him, that much power over arguably the most powerful man in Starling City.

And well, it gave her a thrill because this was Oliver, who she’d had an embarrassing crush on from the moment she saw him. Who smiled at her when she babbled, and always took her ideas into consideration, who never thought she was less than what she was. Oliver who, when he was usually so suave (do people still use that word?), had been nervous asking her to dinner… who, when they finally got together, didn’t hide her or how he felt about her for even a second.

And so, she decided to step it up a notch. She smiled as she went through her jewellery box, picking out something she’d been saving for the right moment. Without another thought, she pulled out her thick industrial piercing and replaced it with the one in her hand, before heading out and towards the foundry.

Of course her plan was slightly thwarted by another criminal thinking they could endanger Starling’s citizens when it was under the Arrow’s protection. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to take care of and the other members of Team Arrow were quick to take the opportunity for a night off.

As they all slowly trickled out, only Felicity and Oliver remained. She stayed quiet as he went through his post-crime fighting routine (the fact that he even has one says a lot about our lives), she herself shutting down the monitors and getting ready to leave. Taking a moment to run a few software updates, she readjusted her ponytail.

Suddenly she saw Oliver freeze in her periphery, his eyes slowly focused on her new accessory. “Felicity.” He said, dragging her name out in that way that he knew made her insides into goo.

Finally. She turned in her chair, adopting an innocent air, despite knowing that he was onto her. “Yes?”

Oliver saw right through her, his eyebrow rising in disbelief. But he played along, reaching forward to push some stray hair from her cheek, his thumb tracing of the bar of her new industrial earring. “What’s this?” He asked, though he obviously already knew, his fingers tracing the tip of the miniature arrow she had bought a few weeks ago. (She just hadn’t been able to resist – she had known it would make him look at her the way he was right now, all smoldery and unf.)

She smiled at him, cocking her head to the side as she rose to stand in front of him, their chests a mere inch apart. “Just something I saw and liked.” She applauded herself internally for being able to keep her voice so steady.

“Is that so?” He murmured, placing his hands on table behind her, trapping her between his arms and crowding her back against it. She found her hands going to his chest, trying to stay steady as her heart beat faster. Oliver smirked down at her, obviously enjoying the effect he had on her, thatjerk. “I hope you know this isn’t going to help your cover.” He continued, acting infuriatingly unaffected.

“At least it isn’t ‘I ran out of sports bottles.’” She snorted, trying to distract herself from his proximity. “Seriously, for someone who spent years surviving on an island, another few training in a super spy agency, you had some really bad excuses. Even I can come up with something better than that and I have the tendency to stick my foot in my mouth. I even did it literally once, after one of my heels broke and I went falling down some stairs. Let me tell you it was not pretty, or in any way attractive.” She winced at her babble, turning her eyes away from his amused gaze (this was not how this was supposed to go) and instead focusing on his chest, her fingers playing with the zipper of his leather jacket. “Which… is not the point I was making.” She cleared her throat. “Point is I can make a good excuse… and I like it.” She referred once again to the arrow that decorated her ear, bringing her gaze back to his. Oliver still said nothing, content to just look at her, which only caused her to get more nervous. “And I hope you do too, because otherwise this whole thing would be really embarrassing, because I’ve been waiting for weeks to wear it and I just-”

Finally he put her out of her misery and swiftly cut in. “Felicity.” He said simply, laughter in his voice.

Her mouth immediately snapped shut, only for him to lean in and cover it with his own. She immediately sighed into his kiss, winding her arms around his neck to bring them to a more even height. She felt his arms wrap around her as well, pulling her flush against his chest, one hand lifting to cradle her head, fingers tangling in her hair. She gasped when he moved from her lips across her cheek and to that sensitive spot by her ear.

“I love it.” He whispered gruffly as he pulled back from her heated skin.

Felicity, impatient, just let out an approving sound before yanking his head back up to assault his lips. He pressed her against the desk, causing it dig uncomfortably into her back, but she found she couldn’t care less when he shifted down to the juncture of her neck, his stubble grazing her sensitive skin.

After a while, he headed back to her lips. “No green today?” He murmured against her mouth.

Felicity felt that odd power surge through her again, bringing her face up to his ear. “Nowhere you can see.”

At this, Oliver’s eyes flashed and darkened and he swiftly kissed the living daylights out of her. He only pulled back when she sufficiently dazed, a knowing smile playing on his lips. “For now.”

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