just look at hugh

I like the ‘Elicia grows up to be like his dad’ and ‘Roy names his first son after Hughes’ hc a lot so here u go, grown up Elicia Hughes ft. her best buddy Maes Mustang.

Maes’ bird-flipping and shit-eating grin is obviously directed towards Selim I mean come on.

Let’s talk about the [near] kiss

If there are people still disappointed about the (near) kiss, let’s take a closer look at this scene. 

We start with intense clutches and eye contact. Please notice how CLOSE they already are.

But they get closer, and Hannibal / Mads parts his lips a little more.

They continue getting closer and Will / Hugh smiles. Just look at that little smile. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

BUT HOLD ON because they get even closer and Hannibal / Mads bends his head a bit more too.


And then Will / Hugh shies away and looks down, while Hannibal / Mads still watches him.

But they continue getting closer, and at this point, they’re almost pressing their foreheads together.

I don’t know about other people, but this feels so powerful and intimate and intense to me. The embrace shown on the finale was already perfect, but this? This is the cherry on top of the cannibal cake. 

While i was watching the bts commentary there was this moment where martha said “bromance” again referring to hannigram and after that they literally just showed this tiny video of hugh and mads rehearsing and hugh just makes this funny faces and it was like i was watching his reaction to hannigram being called a “bromance” i mean…just look 

“Hannigram is a bromance”

I feel you hugh i really do.

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute