just look at how foxy he looks

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A small girl walks up to Funtime Foxy with a small plush in hand, it was a bear plush, specifically a golden bear with a purple top hat. Her eyes a golden and dim, her nose is red and she has dark circles under her eyes. "Hi, i'm Sydney...what's your name. (He's here, he's there, he's everywhere- who you gonna call?! Psychic friend fredbear!)

Funfoxy bends down, her tail swaying happily. “Hello there Syd!! I’m Funtime foxy, but if you’d like, you can just call me foxy!” She beams at the child and gestures to the plush in her hand. “He’s a cutie, huh? Looks like he’s the only company you brought with. What brings you here all alone?”

((i hope i drew her okay!! ;A; i had no idea what she looked like other than what you mentioned so i just kinda went with how i imagined her. funfoxy /adores/ children so you went to the right animatronic, heheh))

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Saw your post about the kids thing. Will it help keep things burning if I give the prompt "Snape is haunted by his past" or does that help add some water to the flames?

Haha, thanks!  Er, it’s added some water.  I did a complete re-write, and posted this in response to your ask as opposed to the original ask where I’m sure the asker was after something more lighthearted.  (Incidentally, the prompt asked for Severus to be married with lots of kids.)

3.5k under the cut.  :)

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First [ a frexy fanfic ]

          [ warning: this is smut! ]

             Darkness blanketed the pizzeria. As the last janitor picked up their mop and tossed it into a nearby bucket, the animatronics seated on the stage stared quietly into the distance. The janitor sighs, wiping the back of their hand on their forehead and tugging along their cart into the storage room. They take out a ring of keys, taking their time locking the room and any other entrance doors. Finally, they leave the freshly cleaned building, the shine of car lights and the hum of an engine fading into the distance.

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Captain Foxy Headcanon

  I have been thinking about it. You noticed how Foxy is the only Animatronic that doesn’t jumps on you? (I’m not counting Golddy.)
And that his behavior is most complicated/different? 
That he doesnt hangs out with others, and can “hint” to you when he’s coming?
  Well, the possible explanation is - Foxy is not after killing you.
He is trying to save you acctualy,  and here’s how it goes: 
It’s not You who is checking on Foxy, it’s Him checking on You. 
If you don’t look at him for too long/keep looking at him for too long he will assume you’re asleep or distracted, and run to wake you up. 
(If you close the door in time he’ll just knock to make sure you’re awake and then go back home.)
It’s just unfortunate thing that he scares you a lot when he enters The Office, which causes other Animatronics to get there instantly and catch you. 

tl;dr Captain Foxy is good guy who doesnt means to kill you. 
He’s just a bit clumsy with his Your-life-saving tactic.

My mini-reviews of The Monkees

The Chaperone

  • Season 1, episode 9

Episode in a nutshell:

The girl Davy fancies (Leslie) can only attend a party thrown by the Monkees if they have a chaperone, so Micky dons a dress and wig to become ‘Mrs Arcadian’. It’s all good in the hood until Leslie’s dad develops a bit of a thing for Micky Mrs Arcadian, AS YOU DO.

My views:

Okay let me start by saying THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE EPISODES EVER!!! And it’s one of the episodes I’ve watched the most because jahdjfhjahjad. It’s Micky. Micky in DRAG. And it’s just amazing. AMAZING.

Okay first up I think it’s so cute the way Micky, Mike and Peter try so hard to get Davy close to the girl he digs. Like they’re such good friends/wingmen, it’s so cute. And almost right away we get a classic romp to This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day when the boys are getting ready for the party, including Mike trying to open a bag of pretzels with a hammer and Micky riding into the pad on a unicycle with two gigantic bags of popcorn, and then crashing in a pile on the floor (I actually have a gif of this saved on my phone, lolz). OH and Micky whizzing down the banister (does this boy have nine lives or something??) and crashing his face into the cake that Mike is holding - AMAZING.

I love it when Mr Babbit turns up and the way Mike says; “Well Mr Babbit, we’re having a party tonight, and what we needed is a chaperone” and the way he crosses his fingers is so cute, oh my lord. But Babbit is mean and wants to charge the boys for his time, which the boys can’t afford. Like who would ask to be paid?? I would pay to party and hang out with them!

Right so after Babbit is a let-down the boys ask their cleaning lady Mrs Wheevers to help them out, but she is blates a raging alcoholic and ends up passing out before Leslie and her dad (General Vandenberg) even rock up. BUT FEAR NOT.

Davy and Mike rush downstairs (Peter is already down there) after there’s a knock at the door, and it just so happens to be Vandenberg dropping off Leslie and her friend. So the boys are thinking it’s game over, poor Davy is thinking he’s blown his chance at getting his leg over getting close to Leslie, but OH NO. DON’T LOSE FAITH JUST YET, BOYS.

So then who saves the day??? MICKY. MICKY IN A PURPLE SPARKLY DRESS AND BLONDE WIG. He walks down the stairs and everyone’s jaws drop, not because “oh here’s this dude in drag” but because “DAMN who’s that fine looking lady??” Like even the other Monkees are clearly stunned by how foxy Micky looks (Mike especially looks FLOORED).

So Micky wastes no time in doing what he does best and FLIRTING;

“Good evening General Vandenberg, how nice of you to come.”

MICKY you really don’t need to flirt with everyone!!!!!!!!! Someone get this boy a leash, OH MY LORD. And because Vandenberg has a pulse, he obviously thinks Micky looks amazing and is instantly smitten by him.

THIS IS WHEN it all starts getting seriously fun!! Obviously Vandenberg wants to try his luck with Micky (who Mike has introduced as 'Mrs Arcadian’ (is that the name he uses for Micky during their role-playing sessions, I wonder…??)) so he decides to stick around at the party, which wasn’t what poor Mick was expecting.

Micky: “I thought he’d see the chaperone and leave.”
Mike: “Ohh so he stays a few minutes, he’ll be gone in a minute.”
Micky: “A few minutes?! Man, he’s trying to get serious!”
Davy: “Micky, will you calm down? He’ll be gone in a minute.”
Micky: “Calm down? How can I calm down?”
Davy: “He’ll be gone any minute!”
*Micky goes to walk off*
Davy:  “Hey Micky? You’re lovely.” #quality banter

No really, watch Mike’s eyes as he watches Micky walk away. Damn.

Let’s just talk about what a good friend Micky is for a moment. The boys could’ve carried on having a party without a chaperone; the only reason they needed a chaperone in the first place was to keep one girl’s dad happy. The party could’ve gone on without her. But because this girl just so happens to be one that Davy likes, Micky decided to take one for the team and don a dress and wig. And not only that, but he keeps up the act. Like he said; he assumed Vandenberg would see the chaperone and leave. But even after Micky has to put up with unwelcome advances all night, he still keeps up the act because he knows how gutted Davy will be if their scheme gets busted and Leslie has to leave. I mean let’s be honest; it’s fairly obvious Micky has no beef with wearing that dress (and although the wig clearly irritates him, he probably has no major problem with wearing that either) because he’s Micky and it’s no stretch AT ALL to believe that Micky digs dressing in drag. But dealing with some old bloke trying it on? That’s another kettle of fish, and even though Micky almost loses his cool about it a couple of times, he doesn’t blow his cover and reveal he’s just a young MAN, which would obviously (I guess..?) put an end to Vandenberg’s advances right away. But Micky doesn’t do that because he’s a great mate and doesn’t want to blow things for Davy. If that ain’t friendship I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

So the only part of this episode that raises serious ???? is the Take a Giant Step performance, because it appears that Micky is both Micky - playing the drums and singing the song and looking like an angel - AND Mrs Arcadian at the same time. Now my theory is 'Mrs Arcadian’ went to the loo or something, Micky ditched the dress/wig, and then performed the song. The footage of Mrs Arcadian boogying away to the tune I like to think happened earlier in the evening, and as soon as Micky’s vocals ended he legged it and got back into character again. Either that or, you know, MONKEE MAGIC.

Instead of filling this up with quotes, here’s another of my favourite Micky-almost-losing-it moments that I screen-capped. My fave part of this scene is actually when Micky is like “oh here he comes” and then runs off into a different room (I’m not sure which room? The downstairs bedroom? The bathroom?) and the look he gives those girls hanging outside the door before he opens it makes me laugh too much, oh my goodness.

BUT THEN MR BABBIT TURNS UP and does he recognise that Mrs Arcadian is in fact one of his young tenants in drag? DOES HE HECK.

Mr Babbit: “If I knew you were coming I would’ve paid them.” OH MY LORD Micky look at the affect you have on people!!!

So it’s not long after Babbit arrives (and leaves again) that it all goes wrong and Vandenberg overhears Davy telling Leslie that Mrs Arcadian is in fact Micky. Then he gets everyone to march out of the Pad (as you do?) and SPANKS MICKY (!!!!) and then tells them that Mrs Arcadian has just consented to being his wife!!! And instead of Micky being like “WHAAAT?!”, although he shows some intitial surprise Micky genuinely seems tempted by the proposal after Vandenberg says that they’ll honeymoon in Madrid before flying on to Venice and then he has that little moment of imagining himself laying back in a boat fanning himself…

gif by revychumso <3

 …but then Vandenberg reveals he knows the truth, whips off Micky’s wig and the game is up. Then comes probably the best bit of the episode which is when Micky and Mike, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, stand ridiculously close and look like they’re about to kiss???? Like there is no reason why ANYONE would ever need to be that close unless they were about to have a make-out session, but there they are, literally standing nose to nose, and Peter is there smirking like he’s egging them on, as if before the take he’d challenged them to close the couple of inches between their faces and kiss. It is so random and ???? and I think it’s beautiful. They’re gazing into each other’s eyes as well which almost makes me feel like we’re invading some kind of private time and we should all scarper and leave them to it!

But then Micky snaps out of his moment with Mike and delivers this classic line;

Micky: “There’s only one thing that bothers me though.”
Mike: “What?”
Micky: “Do I gotta give back the ring?”

Well it’s good to see you can’t be bought, Micky.

So the episode basically wraps up with Davy out with Leslie, although instead of a chaperone her father has now given her a gigantic guard dog which is legit the same size as her and Davy. Then we have Micky and Mike out with a couple of chicks from the party, and then Peter swings in as Tarzan and…bless him.

So the moral of the story is, once again, that it’s the boys’ desperation and the lengths they’re willing to go to that end up getting them what they want, as opposed to how they actually go about it. General Vandenberg said, when confronted by his daughter, that all Davy needed to do was just say that he wanted to date Leslie, instead of having all that palaver with the party and Mrs Arcadian. This is similar to Success Story, when it wasn’t the Monkees stunts that got Davy to stay, but their clear desperation, determination, and extreme levels they were willing to go to that got Davy’s grandad to change his mind - basically by all their crazy antics they proved how much they loved Davy and that their hearts were in the right place. So it’s the motive behind the Monkees crazy solutions to problems, as opposed to the 'solutions’ themselves, that ultimately wins the deal in the end.

I honestly love more or less everything about this episode. It’s fun, easy to follow, dumb, cute, funny, sexy (what? it is!!), has a few great songs/romps, and is just overall a BLAST. And this honestly isn’t because it’s kinda Micky-central and Micky is my fave. It’s just a quality episode. But it’s no lie that none of the other boys could pull off Mrs Arcadian, and that’s a FACT. So now I’m going to delve in a little deeper as to why Micky was perfect in the role.

Obviously Davy was never going to play Mrs Arcadian, because he was the one who really needed the chaperone in the first place - so he could get close to Leslie. Could Davy have pulled off that frock and wig? No. No he couldn’t. We do see Davy in a drag role later on, but he’s certainly not even close to being as realistic as Micky was in this episode. Davy may have the height of a woman, but he’s also a lot more masculine facially. Yeah, he has a cute baby face, but it’s also quite manly.

Next up there’s Peter. Just no, no, no. We see Peter in drag only once, and it’s quite clear that’s not his bag. Pretty sure Real!Peter wouldn’t be into it either. And again, Peter doesn’t have the look or the character to pull off a dress and wig like Micky wore here. The character of Peter wouldn’t be able to sell it either.

So that leaves Mike. Now, we know from Fairy Tale that, which the right make-up and the right wig, Mike actually looks really seriously good as a woman. Like, it’s almost frightening because he’s very tall and also the most masculine looking of all the Monkees, so by rights Mike in drag shouldn’t work at all: BUT IT DOES. IT REALLY DOES. HOWEVER. Real!Mike was playing Princess Gwen. In this episode, it would’ve been Show!Mike playing Mrs Arcadian, and I really don’t think that would’ve worked at all. He’s not the right character. Again, he wouldn’t have been able to sell it the way Micky does; he doesn’t have the confidence or flamboyance. Mike is the mind, the brains - Micky is the action.

Which leads me onto the fact that there was only one Monkee that could’ve played this role in this way, and that was Micky. Both Real!Micky (who clearly loves dressing in drag for no apparent reason, as we’ve seen a few times in the past) and Show!Micky have what it takes to really become this character and sell it. It’s not just a looks thing; sure, Micky is by far the most feminine looking Monkee, and if he was in a better-suited wig and had full make-up like Mike did as Gwen, then damn… he really would’ve rocked it hardcore. He has a very soft and gentle face. His height is only a minor issue; there are loads of seriously tall women out there, and he’s skinny enough to get away with it. But no, it’s not just the looks - it’s the balls. Micky is gutsy and confident and naturally sassy and flirty - both Real! and Show! Mickys. He just has what it takes. And it’s also totally believable that he would pull a stunt like that as well, so everything about Micky slipping on that purple sparkly dress just WORKS.

…but the fact that he did it for a mate just makes it all the more awesome and in my eyes gives Micky about 100000 bro points.

Things I like about this episode:

  • Most of the female characters in The Monkees are annoying, but I actually think Leslie is quite cool and also a bit of a babe. Her and Davy would make a well cute couple. Look how tiny they both are! ADORABLE.
  • “I’ll be back later. Tell your mother I like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.” Smooth, Davy.
  • Micky’s “it’s cute.”
  • “What TV show was she watching?” “Ours I hope.” #qualityfourthwallbreak
  • Davy trying to sell old magazines!!
  • 'General Micky’
  • The This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day romp adhjahjajfjs this is one of my faves, there are so many great moments within this romp!!
  • Micky literally climbing the walls in the romp. That boy is mad (and also seriously strong!)
  • Also during the romp: Davy jumping on the back of Peter’s motorbike.
  • “Mrs Wheevers, wake up, come on, please!….She’s stoned.”
  • The Monkees’ reaction to seeing Micky as Mrs Arcadian for the first time - what a beautiful moment!!!
  • The way Micky keeps blowing the wig out of his eyes
  • That girl in the green dress during the Take a Giant Step performance is having none of Tarzan’s shit, haha.
  • “He’s getting fresh” lmaoooo
  • The way Babbit tells Mrs Arcadian he would kick the Monkees out of the pad so she could live there instead, OMG.
  • The chick dancing by the jukebox has the grooviest trousers I’ve ever seen, wow.
  • Mike’s salute when Vandenberg approaches the boys after kicking everyone out of the Pad hjahfjajaklkdd rofl.
  • Vandenberg SPANKS MICKY there’s no denying that’s what he does he SPANKS HIM and MICKY DOESN’T EVEN FLINCH WHAT THE HELLLLLL I love this show so much I’m literally LOL'ing
  • I’m still laughing omg
  • Micky being totally into the idea of marrying a much older man just so he can be spoilt and taken to Venice. Micky do you have no shame whatsoever??!??
  • I’m still laughing about Micky getting spanked by an old man and not giving a shit, what even are you Micky.
  • Micky’s face when Vandenberg whips his wig off.
  • I love that Leslie gives her father a bollocking. “Look at what you made these boys go through just because Davy wanted to date me!” yeah you go girlfriend.
  • When Mr Babbit appears again: “I went back to my apartment but I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get you out of my mind… Did you dye your hair?”
  • Micky telling Babbit to “get out of here” and Babbit being totally freaked out.
  • The way Vandenberg continues to stroke Micky’s wig (that he’s now holding) as he walks away is a little creepy, I’m not going to lie. God only knows where that wig ends up.
  • I think the reason Mike and Micky get so freakishly close to each other at the end there is it’s Micky’s silent way of telling Mike that he’s the only man for him. #reallove
  • Micky asking if he’s gotta give the ring back proves he was only happy to be with Vandenberg for the money, DON’T WORRY MIKE.
  • Davy hiding up the tree at the end!!!!
  • Peter as Tarzan, bless him. This is basically the only thing he does in this episode. :(
  • The You Just May Be The One romp/performance at the end. I will forever love the boys in their orange wetsuits.

Things I dislike about this episode:

  • During Take A Giant Step that old dear is looking through the telescope and there’s stock footage of like elephants and stuff?? Why???? I don’t like any of the stock footage EVER but this episode is so full of quality that I especially don’t see why it was needed in this case??
  • Nothing. There’s literally nothing else to dislike.

Choice quotes:

Leslie: “Mrs Arcadian sounds like a really strange woman.”
Davy: “She ought to be; she’s my room mate Micky.”

Vandenberg: “We’ll honeymoon in Madrid before flying onto Venice…”
Davy: “Micky, will you please tell him?”
Mrs Arcadian: “Did you say Venice?”
Davy: “Micky!”
Mike: “General Vandenberg, look, uh, you don’t understand, I uh, uh– Micky, will you please explain to him and get off the Venice thing?”

Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 8 Tumblr- Lonewolfwriter

Jack was happy about what he had done to Nick but not nearly satisfied enough, he walked up to the closest coffee shop where a buffalo and rhino were speak.

“Good Morning gentleman” greeted Jack almost boastfully.

The rhino and buffalo turned with smiles the rhino moving out of the way so Jack could order “Well good Morning sir”, stated the buffalo “what can I get ya?”

“Just a coffee, thanks lads”

“One coffee coming right up” confirmed the buffalo.

While the buffalo was making Jacks coffee he turned Back to the Rhino “and yeah like I was saying, I wasn’t gunna tell the fox, I was the manager, as if I’d ever hire him!” Jacks ears perked up and he turned his head interrupting immediately

“Pardon me, what did you just say?”

“Oh, a fox came looking for a job I had put in the paper” explained the buffalo while frothing the milk for Jacks coffee.

“You don’t say…? Any idea which way the fox headed?” questioned Jack, making sure it was Nick.

The rhino pointed “yeah he went off that way”. The rhino pointing in the direction of Judy’s apartment. “Oh this is just too good” murmured Jack “he thinks he can prove something by getting a job?”

“What was that buddy?” asked the buffalo reaching down to hand Jack the coffee.

“Nothing at all gents, good day to you” he stated with a tip of his coffee.

Jack headed back the way he came from, following Nicks trail. Jack pulled out his phone dialling a number as he followed Nick’s tracks to the laundromat, as he spoke to the laundromat owner he held the phone to his chest so that the person on the other end wouldn’t hear him. “Excuse me?” he asked the lioness in the laundromat “Have you seen a fox?”

She rolled her eyes “ye, always get the shifty ones answering my ads”.

“Do you know where he went?” pried Jack

She pulled up yesterday’s news paper from her desk, it was identical to Nicks, she handed it to Jack “Well if he’s following this list, he’ll be at the “watering hole” pub two blocks down, there looking for a security officer for nights… perfect for a fox” she added slyly.

Jack leaned his elbow on the counter “tell me about it!” he said with a roll of his eyes. “Aren’t they the worse?”

The lioness nodded “you’re telling me… so is he a friend of yours?” she retorted.

Jack pulled a face of grotesque “absolutely NOT!”

“So why you so interested?” she asked folding a shirt.

“Its personal I guess”.

Nick got to the Watering Hole tavern and opened the rickety door, it was dark and dingy and there was only one animal behind the bar, a hippopotamus with thick eyeliner, obviously covering the bags under her eyes from her lack of sleep, she had two hoop earrings in and she wore an apron that came to her waist and was drying a set of beer glasses with a red and white checked tea towel.  

She looked over seeing Nick looking around “Hay, Hay sweetie were not open for anudda hour” she explained speaking from the side of her mouth.

“Oh I apologise, the door was open so I thought perhaps, you were open”.

“nah-uh not for another hour, sorry Hun”.

“Well, I mean I’m not here for a drink, I’m actually here to answer the job ad in yesterday’s paper” explained Nick holding up the paper and pointing his paw to it.

Pricilla, the bartender and manager, starred at the paper and saw all the ads with red marks through them then saw her own ad.

“Awww sweetie, sorry, I thought you were tryna get in eraly, wouldn’t be the ferst time lemme tell ya, come have a sit” she stated pointing to the stool in front of the bar.

Nicks face lit up like a Christmas tree, perhaps he was finally catching a break he thought. He jumped up and cupped his paws in front of him and could feel a ridiculous smile making its way across his face.

“I’m Pricilla by the way, I own this here pub” she stated putting her hand out for a shake, Nick grasped it tight and shook it once

“it is lovely to meet you Pricilla” he responded

“You to mister….?”

Nick put his paw to his forehead “Oh how rude of me Nick, Nick Wilde”.

“So can I getcha a soda water or sometin?”

“Please” beamed Nick.

“well arnt chu a well-mannered fella” she complimented as she slid a glass in front of him “ere you are foxy, enjoy”

Pricilla flicked the tea towel over her shoulder and leant in over the bar so she was face to face with Nick “so, whachu got der?” she stated pointing to the folders under his arm.

“Oh right” he lifted one up and handed one of the folders to her “This is my resume” she lifted it up and down several times “aint real weighty is it?”

Nick looked down to the bar a little disheartened.

“Hay look hun, how about this, you just tell me ya good points and I’ll make the decision?”

Nick looked back up, this was his chance he took a breath “well mainly I did a little hustle and bustle, got street smart, then became a cop and that didn’t work out so here I am” short and quick thought Nick.

“A coppa aye? Well that’s pretty impressive, you wouldn’t be lying to me now wouldcha?” she asked sceptically

Nick put his hand on heart “absolutely not ma’am you can see the form in my credentials”.

Pricilla flicked open Nicks resume and there it sat as big as life the work history of Nick and his diploma in policing.

She raised her eyes brows “Well I’ll be, never thought they would…” she stopped and looked at Nick “well you know with all the stereotypes”

“You never thought they would recruit a fox” he finished for her.

She shrugged and nodded simultaneously in agreeance before continuing “So the job is mainly night shift I’m sure that won’t bother you, you may have to get rough every once in a while but with you police background I doubt dat will be a problem and you’ll be workin bout 4 days, mainly weekend, So sugar, when can you start?”

Nick grinned “when do you need me?”

Jack walked down the street on the phone “yes, so you got the picture I sent you? No, the mugshot…yes, Yeah channel 22, no thank you my friend, I owe ya”

Jack hung up the phone as he reached the door to the “Watering Hole” He gently pushed the door open making sure it wouldn’t creak, the bar was on the far right hand wall and he made his way to the left hand side of the room and sat down, when Pricilla noticed him.

“Oh, sorry Hun were shut, this here’s just a private interview”.

Jack put his feet up on the table leaning back “A job interview, I assume?” he questioned rhetorically with a cock of his head.

Nicks fur raised on the back of his neck he didn’t have to turn around to see who was sitting there.

“Yeah, why? You after the job to Bunny, cause no offence you don’t look like you can handle yaself real well” accused Pricilla, annoyed at Jacks arrogance.

“Oh me, no miss, I don’t need a job, I have a perfectly good one down at the ZPD”

“Yeah so why you here then?”

Jack smiled “I’m soo glad you ask, because, well, you see” he stated Kicking off the table and standing up “I’m working on this Reeaal important case”. He made his way to the bar stopping just behind Nick.

“And you see, well, I just gotta make sure things are ship shape when it comes to my investigations”.

Nicks was trying to keep his cool and so just drank the water in front of him. Pricilla noticed Nick’s agitation. “whadaya want Rabbit? I think you should leave” she barked bluntly.

“Okay that’s fine, but before I leave can you just turn on channel 22 for me a moment?” Pricilla looked at Jack a moment and he just nodded in approval, she turned hesitantly and clicked the television that changed channel and the first thing that popped up made Nicks eyes widen.

“an anonymous tip of to our news teams has confirmed, that Officer Nicholas P Wilde of the ZPD, is pending investigation, in the attempted murder of His long-time partner Officer Judy Hopps, and one agent Jack Savage, Judy if you recall, was the officer who foiled Mayor Bellwether attempts to divide Zootopia, Chief Bogo head of the ZPD refuses to comment at this time.”

The reported spoke, with a mugshot of Nick beside her, Pricilla turned back to Nick who slowly undid his tie to expose his shock collar that beeped once. He placed his tie on the bar top and sighed awaiting scrutiny.

Pricilla however didn’t attack Nick or slander him she put her hand over her mouth. “Oh sweetie…”

Jack fixed his cufflinks “he’s no sweetie, just a typical fox, just a criminal”

Pricilla looked at Jack mad for his prejudice “yeah well, whatzat got to do with anything? Huh? Who cares” she stated trying to defend Nick who just sighed, Knowing Jacks answer.

“well, Hun-“he started sardonically “as his probationary officer, I sign of on where he works, and a pub, with a known felon, well I can’t sign off on that and as a bartender and owner you should know section 17 of the liquor act, no one with a criminal record or pending investigation can serve in or behind a bar, especially as security”

Jack walked up beside Nick grabbing his collar roughly and pulling him down to his level “Just leave Zootopia fox, I will make every day here hell for you”.

“And what if I tell Bogo you’re targeting me?” Nick responded.

Jack smiled and pulled his ear right into his mouth his whisper so faint, “it’s my word against yours!” he threw Nick back up “Try getting that on your recordings” he spat, buttoned his shirt and bee lining for the door. He stopped at the door and turned “and don’t worry fox, I’ll take real good care of Officer. Hopps”.

Nicks Grasped his glass so tight it shattered into his paw, his collar shocking him. Jack smiled pleased with himself walking out.

Pricilla who had her hand over her mouth, quickly jumped into gear grabbing Nick’s paw gently and wrapping it in the tea towel.

Nick looked up to her his eyes pleading, Pricilla knew the look, she wished she could give him the job but she just sighed “I’m so sorry Hun…”

Nick understood what she meant. “No…I’m Sorry, thank you for your hospitality…Can I borrow this?” he finished pointing to the cloth.

“Sure Hun”.

Nick slid from the bar stool and made for the door “Sorry about your glass”


Wilde looked back without a word

But Pricilla was lost for words, nothing she could say would comfort him.

As Nick walked out onto the street from the dimly lit bar, his shoulder hung low, his face was vacant, all sadness and anger aside he was just cold and numb, even when a older boar had walked into him screaming “watch it fox!” he just moved with the nudge, no resistance, no fight.

His shirt, that had been pristine in the early hours of the morning, the hopeful hours, was now crinkle and wrinkled; he dragged his non-bloody paw through his combed hair messing it up gently, his tie thrown over his shoulder. He looked at his watch and sighed shutting his eyes tight wishing that this was all a dream, 11:29, 31 minutes and he would be have to be at the ZPD, for a meeting…with Officer Jack…. and Judy.



Okay so I was searching for Pirates Of The Caribbean stuffs the other day and I stumbled upon this clip and I thought the roles are perfect for Foxy, the new Fox animatronic and Chompy together so this happened! I wasn’t sure how exactly the new fox animatronic would look like so I just went with whatever I am able to see in the teaser picture so I’m sorry if they happen to look a bit weird and off model in the video. And Chompy actually does act a lot like Pintell  in the vid LOL, like he could be shouting and be loud then apologizes about it the next.

  • what she says: i'm okay
  • what she means: i just don't understand how rick grimes can manage to look so sexy that long into the apocalypse. the beard, the hair, the body, i just don't get it. how does he look so foxy???? why does he look so good???? he may not smell so good but damn he looks good
Forever by LicieOIC

Written for Larxy, because she always writes us such lovely ficlets over the weekends. Originally an askbox fic, edited into prose with a few additions for this version.

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Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Childhood sweethearts trope. John Smith meets Rose Tyler on the playground.

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