just look at his smile in the 2nd one

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i wonder if you could tell us the model of your beautiful BJD Sebastian, and perhaps give hi a close up? I' sorrry if I'm repeating others' questions, but I really did look around in your archive first. He's quite a handsome one and looks different from the made to order Osirius line.

Hi! BJD Sebastian is a Volks F-38 with a SD17body! 

The Osiris doll is pretty popular per see, maybe it’s just me tho but I dont find it that endearing tho, maybe it’s because of Sebastian’s signature smile & osiris looks kinda sad (just like at the end of 2nd season and personally I dont like sad Sebastian)

F-38 is naturally a smiley sculpt and I fell in love the first time I saw it 6 years go and I knew it then that it was perfect for Sebastian lol

I really need cut a bit of his upper lashes cuz they are waaaay too long but jeez I forget everytime

I need to stop now or I’ll keep talking about my him

Thank you for saying he’s handsome *0*

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i know you already giffed the hug but could you make one where the 2nd one shows dean's smile fading a little and he gets more emotional? i think when cas hugged him it was so nice to be in his arms again, he missed him so much and dean felt cas' concern and love, hes smiling and then you see his smile die down cause it hits him that he'll never feel this again. he wont see cas again... but its dean, he won't openly cry about it, but it hurts just as much. dean looked so in love in the hug ;-;

sure and now i’m gonna go make gifs and cry :)