just look at his smile in the 2nd one

So Friday was really really nice. I was late so I drove to school. After I dropped boog off, I pulled into the library and I get out of my car and Austin is there leaning outside of his van. “ look who finally decided to show up!!” So we laughed and I left with him to the gas station. We didn’t know how to get back in the school without being noticed on the million cameras we have so we just skipped 2nd and most of 3rd hour, talking. And he was just so sweet. He is so sweet.
“Yeah being inconsiderate with my jokes has made me lose quite a few friends.”
“ well.. Your true friends are the ones that stick around.” And he smiled.
He also answers my Facebook messages almost immediately. The one night I was freaking out. I kept saying sorry and he totally understood and actually calmed me down. He was patient, understanding, willing. I just,!!!!!!!!!;;; He’s also super frickin flirty again and j can’t handle this I cant no no no no no n o n k no n

Review for Sweetie by Shawn Bailey.

5 HEARTS! “…a cute and very sexy little story. I had such a blast reading it…The characters were well written and you can tell that the author wrote with so much feeling in it. These two guys were perfect…I loved it and would recommend reading it….for a day when you just need a little pick me up story….I had fun.” – Lisa, MM Good Book Reviews –

Review URL: https://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/sweetie-by-shawn-bailey-2nd-edition/

Gianni Hill takes one look at the handsome new lawyer through the window of his family’s candy store and instantly desires to know him. When they meet, James Lewis makes Gianni smile, and claims he also shares a love for cherry jelly beans. As Gianni spends more time with James, just the feel of the man’s hand, the scent of his cologne and his tender kisses sweeps Gianni off his feet. And despite the objections of his older brother, Gianni knows what he wants and it is to be in a permanent relationship with James.

James’ heart skips a beat every time he passes the Hill Candy Store and sees the youngest brother, Gianni, busily waiting on customers. He likes everything about him, from his sweet innocent appearance to his love for the craft of candymaking. But most of all, he likes the way Gianni’s big green eyes darken with passion when he holds him in his arms.

Valentine’s Day might still be a couple of weeks away, but could Cupid’s arrow have already pierced James’ heart and aimed him to the one man with whom he is going to spend the rest of his life?

Read an excerpt and/or purchase: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2115-Sweetie.aspx