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Perching falcon

(Sitting, waiting, his eyes scaning the surroundings from above. He is a hunter, he knows his prey soon within his grasp. Always is. )

Leonard Snart Profile

Driving force(s): survival, success

Traits: cunning, resourceful, protective, analytical, self-effacing, ambitious, driven, cutthroat, withdrawn, honorable

Tentative HP house: Slytherin primary, Hufflepuff secondary

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Len is a survivor, by his own description. He is incredibly tough, can take a lot of pain, and can do things that others might not be able to. Point a gun at his head and he tells you to pull the trigger (this has happened more than once in canon, actually). 

I’ve been talking in these profiles about whether a character can or can’t make a ‘hard call’ sometimes, and how they navigate that. Len can make the hard call. Len does, has, time and again. He even says it, how he’s made calls for Mick, ‘called some audibles’, lied and did what he felt was necessary. Len will do whatever he thinks is necessary and compartmentalize the rest for later. He has a code he won’t cross, but inside those lines, watch out. And he is not one to negotiate. In this way, I’d say he’s cutthroat. Another word might be ‘hard’ or more appropriately, ‘cold’.

He’s a bit of an adrenaline-junkie too. He does things for the thrill of the chase, the game, the rush. Beyond that though, ambition seems to be a primary motivator for him. He loves stealing not just for the money but because of that, and because he wants to make a name for himself, to be the best. He doesn’t care if Mick burns a 25 million dollar painting, because he’s in it for the name he’s making for himself, to prove that Central City is his ‘playground’. He tells Mick to come on the Legends trip so they can steal things throughout history, and later in 1x06 tells him that they can make their mark as ‘the two baddest sons of bitches in history’ (or something to that effect). Making his mark is a primary driver for Len.

He also reads people exceptionally well. He deduces the Flash’s weakness within a single encounter, figures out Cisco’s too in taking his brother, knows when/how he can trust the Flash to hold up his ends of whatever bargains they make, and understands Mick better than Mick seems to sometimes understand himself. He figures out Ray similarly quickly, what he would do in any given situation, and gets Rip’s number before long. He seems to see right through Sara, and I think he’s got a soft spot for Jax born out of understanding him.

It should be noted that Len is also self-effacing. He doesn’t hesitate to put himself in bodily danger, time and again, whether it’s jumping onto the back of an armored vehicle to burst down the door, jumping out of a train, taking a beating to apologize to Mick, or something so simple as saying it’s “debatable” that he’s a good brother. And again, he tells you to pull the trigger when you’ve got a gun to his head. Len thinks of himself as expendable (even if he won’t let anyone else think of him that way) and effaces the good in himself, denying it time and again because he’s not comfortable with acknowledging the total of his own internal self-worth (because he doesn’t see himself as worthy).

He’s also capable of great violence, up to and including murdering innocents, and people who want ‘out’ of his team (The Flash 1x04). But he has a sense of honor that goes along with that, including a code that means he looks out for those on his crew and avenges them. He has a funny way of staying true to his word, for instance by making sure none of Team Flash were harmed in 1x22 but still betraying them (because he hadn’t promised he wouldn’t, after all). He also hates feeling like he owes someone a debt, but he will repay a debt he feels is owed.

And of course, he’s analytical. He calculates and plans and considers as many angles of something as he can. It’s probably how/why he can read people as well as he does, and how he’s been successful as a thief, but it extends to everything around him. His brain is always going, he can’t help it. It doesn’t mean he values intellect necessarily because I think he prefers to take people and things as they are and consider their individual strengths and weaknesses. Rather, it’s that he’s always thinking and is easily bored, but very patient. This makes him cunning in how he uses the knowledge that he has, coming up with plans that allow him to trump metahumans and more, and he’ll use anything at hand to do it.

Finally, it should be noted that he’s rather protective of anyone he considers his responsibility or part of his close inner circle. He’s incredibly protective of Lisa, first and foremost, and then of Mick, and displayed protectiveness over Jax (being unwilling to hurt him when Jax was turned into a half-bird-thing) and is even protective of Sara, in his own way. Still, he keeps people at arm’s length and doesn’t let them get close most of the time. He’s introverted and withdrawn and likes to study situations and people before/without engaging.

The most attractive thing about Aaron Taylor-Johnson [or any of the avengers cast for that matter - Chris Evans, Chris hemsworth, Scarjo, RDJ, Sebastian Stan,Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Mark Ruffalo  etc] is not that he’s extremely goodlooking, or how adorably in love he is with his wife and children and his role as Pietro, or even how funny he is but the fact that he is a feminist. Look at his profile picture. I feel like Marvel just makes sure their actors are lovable , dorky, nice human beings that make us just want to steal them and keep them for ever.

At first he was your boss

You have jus started to work in his company, under the company’s heir who was still young, little bit childish and rebellious with his hair but on the meetings you couldn’t look away from him, just staring his profile.

After a year he became more serious but his young charm didn’t disappear. In the year-end ceremony after his speech, seeing him laughing from the bottom of his heart you had to realise you’re deeply in love

You had to work together a lot, you spent so many nights together talking about plans, ideas and everyday only a few inch parted you from his face…making your hurt burst out from your chest

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The first part of my six-part series on the male gamer’s relationship to feminism is live. Transcript below the cut:

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