just look at his face smiling like a teddy bear

Oh-uh, so that means Jensen is in deep shite then 😆

Jensen talking about Misha:

* “But it’s nice because I feel there’s this angel standing over me”~ (blushing bby)

* “I remember hearing two distinct pops in Misha’s elbow”~ (concerned but masking it as a joke)

* “He'a so cute, isn’t he? He’s like one of those little teddy bears, you just wanna stuff him in your pocket and take him home with you”~ (whipped expression on his face)

* “Jared found Misha’s cellphone and decided to make a few calls to Japan. I’m not sure who he called, but I’m sure that phone bill was nice”~ (silly smile on his face)

* “Sometimes I just go like this (Puts on the big boy face)

* “I’ll take Misha, that’s good”~ (very satisfied look on his face)

* “I come up to CAS and I order something from him, let’s just say that I change my order a few times on his coverage”~ (a very mischievous smile, dirty man 😆)

* “I love you Misha, from the bottom of my heart and it’s not stopping” (face tilted down and blushing crimson 🙊)

* “Unless Dmitri is in the back and wants to ask a question? Is Dmitri…? Dmitri? (The man just loves his indiarussian accent)

* "He’s you know, like a little puppy. You just bat him around.” (The most fond and soft expression on his face)

There’s plenty more, but I’m typing from my cell, so it isn’t very convenient 😚
You are welcome to add more if you want~

Teddy Bear

“What are you doing?” Michael chuckled.

I sat up and looked at him. He had an amused smile on his face, waiting for my answer.

“Uh, just listening to some Ed Sheeran,” I glanced at my laptop before meeting his gaze.

He rolled his eyes, “I meant Billy.”

“Oh,” I smiled, “yeah, I like to cuddle with him.”

I looked down at my panda teddy bear in my arms. Michael had bought it for me a few months ago when I had started this weird obsession with pandas. He thought the panda could be good to cuddle with when he would be on tour.

“I thought you only cuddle with him when I’m on tour,” He stated as he changed his shirt.

I shrugged, “He’s nice.”

He laughed and took my teddy bear away. I frowned at my boyfriend.

“Hey! I want Billy back.”

He placed Billy outside of our bedroom on the floor before he closed the door. His hands grabbed my laptop on the bed to put it on the floor. He layed on the bed where my laptop previously was.

“Now cuddle with me,” Michael said.

I sighed before our legs tangled and my head was in the crook of his neck. His fingers were drawing small circles on my back. I could feel his warm breath, making me feel safe. His heartbeat was a little faster, something that I still managed to do after a few years of dating.

“Am I a better cuddler than Billy?” He mumbled.

“I don’t know,” I murmured as I pressed my body even closer to his.

“Babe,” he whined softly.

“You know you are,” I finally said.

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“Argh!” Liam roars as Zayn walks into the living room to find Liam with two wiggling bodies on each shoulder. His shoulders bulge as he holds on tightly to them, stomping around the living room like a monster. He dips his knees, pretending to drop them suddenly and they screech so loud Zayn flinches as the noise pierces through his eardrums.

Liam stops dead in his tracks when he turns and spots Zayn, a warm smile covering the mock look of anger he had on his face. A big teddy bear, he swears -

“Found these things in our closet,” Liam chuckles, shaking Maira and Mahaad and making them giggle even more. “Aliens from another galaxy, I reckon. I don’t know what to do with them.”

Zayn rolls his eyes, walking into the living room. He presses a kiss to Liam’s lips, earning a litany of grossed out squeals from their twins. “Well, I do need something to make for dinner tonight -”

“No!” Mahaad and Maira yell, wiggling even harder against Liam’s grip as they try to break his hold.

Liam turns, pretending to munch on Maira’s cheek. He wrinkles his nose before bending down and letting them stand up. “They taste disgusting babe. I think we are going to have to figure something else out.”

Mahaad wraps around his waist as Maira scurries around them, screaming at her Papa to chase her and making airplane noises as her eyes fly out like wings. Zayn tangles his fingers into Mahaad’s hair as Liam stands back up. He cups a hand around the back of Zayn’s head, pulling him closer to brush his lips against Zayn’s.

“You taste alright, though.”

It is so quiet Zayn has to strain his ears to hear him. He warms, pressing a hard kiss to Liam’s mouth before scooping up Mahaad upside down and joining in their wrestling as Bash settles onto the couch to watch and laugh at them.