just look at his face smiling like a teddy bear

World’s Best Dad (Part 8)

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Summary: The reader spends the day with Gracie before having an important conversation with Dean regarding their relationship…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,400ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I want a cuddly Dean…

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Could you do a scenario with reaper interacting with his son and s/o? I just love the idea of reaper being a dad lol. Thank u!!!

Accidentally got REALLY into it. So I’m sorry its so long.

“Time for bed, Teddy,” you murmured, pressing a soft kiss to your sons forehead as he finished the last of his cookies. It was around 9pm, and tonight you’d decided to let your 5 year old son stay up just a little longer.

Teddy blinked up at you. “But…but…I’m not ready for bed!” he said in his soft voice, big dark brown eyes staring up you beneath a mop of pitch black hair. An ache filled your chest and you looked away. Teddy had always looked a lot like his father.

“No arguing now, Teddy. Bedtime,” you said firmly, clapping your hands together.

The two of you went through your nighttime routine of brushing your teeth, getting into pajamas and reading a few pages of a story the two of you were enjoying. Teddy was snuggled up in bed, a little brown bear hugged in his arms as he watched you sleepily.

“Mommy…” Teddy murmured as you got up, turning out the lights and plugging in his little lady bug night light.

Turning, you watched Teddy with a soft smile. “Yes, baby?”

Teddy hugged his little bear harder and watched you with a quiet look. “Will I ever get to meet daddy?” he asked. The question tore at your heart and you had the sudden urge to hold back your tears.

“Maybe someday, baby. Now go to bed,” you said gently, closing the door till it was open just a crack. Slowly you walked toward the living room, covering a hand over your mouth and swallowing back the tears.

It had been a long time since you’d seen Teddy’s father, Gabriel Reyes. He had been a part of Blackwatch and had died in an explosion. Of course though, Mercy had told you the truth. How could she not? The man you had loved had become Reaper, a monster and murderer.

Everything that you had loved about him had been wiped away.

At the time of the incident, you had been eight months pregnant. The two of you had been happily expecting, but the news had sent you into shock. Due to the grief, you ended up having Teddy earlier. All alone, you cared for your son the last five years, wondering if you’d ever meet Reaper, wondering if you should want to.

Did Reaper ever think of the fiancee and son he’d left behind? Did he ever miss you too as much as you missed him? It didn’t matter now, you thought weakly, as you sat slowly on the couch. It was just you and Teddy now, as it would be until the day he too decided to leave.

Resting your head back, you heard a noise in the kitchen, the shuffling of feet. Wiping away the tears, you sighed. Your son had a sweet tooth and sometimes tried to sneak past you in hopes of getting another cookie.

Getting up, you head for the kitchen and stop when you realize it was certainly not your son in the kitchen. A tall, dark cloaked man stood there in the kitchen staring at a photo on the wall. You froze, staring at him. How had he gotten in?

There was a phone to your left. If you were just able to get it and make a dash for Teddy’s room..

The figure leaned in and strokes a hand across the photo of you and Teddy, before whipping around when he heard the slight creak of the floorboards below you. For a moment, you thought he was going to attack, what appeared to be red eyes staring at you from behind a mask.

“Y/n,” he rasped.

You froze. The voice sounded so different, and yet…you stared at the figure with wide, innocent eyes as you swallowed the lump in your throat. This wouldn’t be…this couldn’t…

The figure took a step toward you and stopped when you flinched. Slowly he moved back, his hands up where you could see.

“You…you can’t be…Gabe…” you whispered, voice catching and your heart thumped wildly in your chest when he turned his head away in shame. It must be. It had to be. Had he come to kill you both and get rid of loose ends?

You should have been afraid, but now that it was him…the only thing that you could feel was overwhelming pain and anger.

“How could you!” you gasped, striding the few steps forward. To his shock, you punched his chest once, twice…three times. Reaper didn’t move to stop you, nor did he speak.

“How could you leave me like that? How could you leave our baby? I needed you! I needed you, Gabe! And you weren’t there. You…you don’t know…how much I missed you,” you whispered brokenly, your hits growing weaker and weaker by the second, until finally you found your fingers clutching at the front of his cloak.

Slowly, you leaned forward and just pressed your forehead against his chest. If he wanted to kill you, then this was the time to do it, because you just…you didn’t care. How could he come back here and do this to you?

“Y/n…” Reaper said slowly, wanting to hold you but knowing he had no right. He could smell the sweet scent of vanilla and cinnamon that had always followed you, usually from the teas you drank throughout the day. A wave of nostalgia hit him and honestly, it hurt more then ever to be so close and yet so far from you.

“I missed you. So much, Gabriel. I’ve felt so alone…,” you whispered, the tears running freely down your cheeks and you just clutched onto him. Just clutched on like your life depended on it.

Slowly, his arms finally wrapped around you and pulled you close, and despite the time since he’d last held you, it was the same. Comforting and gentle.

“I missed you too, y/n,” Reaper rasped. “I’m…I’m sorry.”

There were so many things you wanted to ask, to be explained,  so many things to say as you pressed into his arms… but something else took both of your attentions away.


The two of you broke apart and you saw Teddy standing in the living room doorway. He stood there in his little ghost pajamas, holding his little bear by a foot as he looked between the two. The sight of him sent a feeling of love and sadness through Reaper.

Teddy looked between the crying face of his mother and the strange cloaked figure. Most would be afraid of a man dressed like that, large and intimidating. But he just looked uncertain.

You wiped at your face, looking at Reaper. You wished you could see his expression…what did he think of his son? Was he proud?

“This…this is your daddy, Teddy,” you said finally, turning back to Teddy with a small smile, looking between him and Reaper.

Teddy still seemed uncertain, but slowly he walked up to Reaper. And to your surprise, slowly Reaper got down on one knee and faced his son.

“Why are you always gone?” was Teddy’s question, and you tried to hold yourself together as your moved behind Teddy, rubbing his little shoulders with gentle hands. If nothing else, you’d be strong for him.

Reaper let out a soft sigh. “Teddy…Something bad happened that made me have to go away. It made daddy not good enough for you, or for your mommy. I’ve done some bad things,” he tried to explain in his growl-like voice, though as gentle as possible.. Teddy looked unafraid though, and after a moment he nodded.

“Are you going to stay with us now?” Teddy asked.

You looked away, but were stunned by Reapers response.

“I’m going to try, Teddy. Daddy might have to go away sometimes….but if Mommy is okay with me being here, then I want to stay with you both,” Reaper said quietly. Was he serious? Did Gabe…really intend to stay? Mercy had recommended to keep away from Reaper but…

To both of your surprise, Teddy lurched forward and wrapped his arms around Reapers neck. At first Reaper was too surprised to move, before slowly his arms wrapped around him as if he was holding fine china. Since the accident, he had never thought he’d ever have the chance to hold his child.

Looking up at you, Reaper stood, holding Teddy in his arms as the boy snuggled in. “Are you okay with that, y/n?” Reaper said quietly. “I…It won’t be like before. And I know I hurt you. But…but even if you decide you don’t want me, can I…Can I at least visit Teddy?”

After a moment you stepped forward and slid your arms slowly around him, your cheek against Teddy’s back as Reaper wrapped you in his other arm. You didn’t forgive him, but maybe there was a chance you both could heal together. And that Teddy could finally have a father in his life.

“You can stay,” you whispered, closing your eyes, and feeling lighter then you had in a very, very long time.

Teddy bear

Pairing: dean x little sister! Reader Sam x little sister! Reader

A/N: I don’t know how this story came but I like it personally. I hope you guys like it to. O and I’m getting better. I get more ideas for some fics and there are going to be imagine. So I keep you guys updated.

“De-?” You asked your 12 year old brother. “I can’t find my teddy bear” you said with tears in your eyes.

You put you teddy bear somewhere but you don’t remember where. Your teddy bear was your everything you can’t sleep without it. John bought it for you when you turned 2. You was so happy with it that you bring it everywhere with you.

“Where did you last see it?” Dean asked and kneeled down to your height. You just lift up your shoulders. Tears where building up in your eyes and right away you was in deans arms. “Shhh, we are going to find it alright. We going to get Sam and then we are going to look for your teddy.” You nodded.

Sam was lying on the bed with a book in his hand from school. He looked away from his book and saw that you looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Y/N what wrong?” He asked.

“I can’t find teddy. Do you want to help to find him? De is going to look for it to.” You said. Your brother nodded and right away the three of you where busy looking in the motel room.

You looked everywhere but you couldn’t find it. It’s was almost bed time for you but you can’t sleep with out it. Tears where building up again. Dean hugged you tight. “We are going to find it alright. But you need to go to bed now.” You shook your head. You didn’t want to sleep with out teddy. “Come let lay down and maybe you see him tomorrow next to you. Maybe he thought I’m going on a adventure with dad. Come go to sleep and then he is back again alright.” You nodded and let sleep take over.

Later that night john came in the room. Dean didn’t sleep until john came back. He rushed to the impala to look for your teddy bear. And their he is on the backseat of the impala. He came back in the room and put it next to you. John looked confused but he was to tired to ask it and goes to sleep. Dean did the same next to you.

The next morning you felt a soft thing next to you. You opened your eyes and found your teddy next to you. You jumped up and waked up dean. “De! De! He is back!” Dean opened his eyes and saw a big smile on your face again.

“Just like I was saying he come back tomorrow.” The smile on your face was never going to get away. He stepped out bed and looked at you happy body playing with your teddy.

“How did you know that it was in dad car?” Sam asked.

“I remember that Y/N fell in sleep in the car and forgot her teddy bear bring with her inside.” Dean said. “And I just the best big brother in the world.” He said proud. Sam shook his head and walked away from him. Dean looked to you with a proud face. “I hope that it can be this all the time.”

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First ~ J.Avery

Request- Yes

warning- none

Word Count- 983

Back ground info- you are Logan and Jake’s sister!


You were hanging out with the boys at their house, you normally spent your time with the Why Don’t We boys seeing as you were Logan’s little sister. Usually they would all sing and dance while you cheered from the sides because you are uncoordinated. But today was different, You all were watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (It was Jonah’s turn to pick the movie) You were sat on the couch in between Zach and Daniel, Jack was sat on the floor in front of you. Jonah and Corbyn were sat on on the chair on the opposite side of the living room.

The boys were all talking about their trips home, seeing as they all had just gotten home. The more they talked about their families, the bigger the smiles on their faces grew. The warmth you felt in your chest went up a few degrees and you couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face.

“When I was taking Reese to the park, I ran into the girl who was my kiss” Zach said while laughing. “I mean i kissed her back in like sixth grade but it was really awkward, especially when Reese kept asking why I was starring at her.”  

All of the guys busted up laughing, then ever so subtlety, you felt a pressure applied to your knee and calf. When you looked down, you saw Jack leaning his head on your knee and wrapping his arm around your calf. He was causally wrapped around you as if you were a teddy bear. The smile on his face was very evident as he continued to talk to the boys about their family.

Being around the boys all the time has obviously made you feel an adoration for one of them. Not saying that you didn’t like the other boys, you just thought of them as brothers rather than a potential boyfriend. And coincidentally the problematic princess caught your eye.

“I haven’t seen the girl who was my first kiss since high school.” Jonah said as he laughed at Zach who’s cheeks were a burning cherry color.

“mine was my mom’s best friends daughter. She ended up moving away when I was in sixth grade and I haven’t seen her since!” Corbyn said as the other guys continued to shared their stories of their first kisses. You feel your own cheeks burn from embarrassment as the story sharing continued.

When Daniel was talking about how he was in Kindergarten when he had his first kiss, you had to excuse yourself before you had a moment of  uneasiness in front of your best friends. You slowly got up and headed towards the bathroom.

“I gotta pee, so yeah be right back.” You awkwardly stated to the guys in the room. You heard Zach like a little kid as you quickly exited.

When you finally reached the bathroom, you grabbed your phone and texted you brothers a quick ‘I hate you both’. You just looked in the mirror before you heard the a knock on the door.

“Yo, (Y/N). Are you ok?” you heard you noodle headed crush say from the other side of the door. You felt you chest rise in a split second of anxiety.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You replied back towards Jack. You went over to the door and opened it, seeing the curly haired boy standing in the door way. He looked at you with a concerned and caring look, you suddenly felt very vulnerable. It was if he could see straight into your mind, seeing all the reasons why you were uncomfortable in front of all the guys.

“ok, I know you’re not fine, what’s wrong.” he crossed his arms over his chest and widened his stance to seem more intimidating. You went to answer him but he interrupted you before you could answer. “Don’t even try to lie to me (Y/N), I know you better than you think I do.” So you decided to answer truthfully.

“I was just embarrassed.” You said looking at your feet. “You know, my brothers are literally the scariest people possible.” he just nodded his head as you felt your cheeks burn with embarrassment. “So I’ve never had my first kiss because my brothers scare everyone away!”

Jack just looked at you as if he was waiting for you to say it was a joke, making you curl into yourself a little in shame. You felt like Jack was seeing you as a little kid rather than an almost grown person. All you wanted to do was crawl up in a corner and blame your bothers for your ashamed feeling in your stomach.

You were about to push past him and go back to Logan’s apartment when you felt yourself being pulled lightly and carefully forward. Before you could react, you felt a soft pressure applied to your lips.

Suddenly you melted into the kiss, his arm wrapped carefully around your waist. Because you didn’t know what to do, you placed your arms around Jack neck. You felt a poking bubbling feeling in your stomach. You smiled into Jack soft lips as he started to pull away.

“Are you sure that was your first kiss? Cause that was actually a really good kiss.” He stated with a little laugh before you hit his chest and laughed. You them realized that he still had his hands on your waist as he pulled you closer to him. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long to be completely honest.”

“Well, I really liked it,” You say smiling at him before kissing his cheek and leaning close to his ear. “But now you have to deal with Logan and Jake.” you whispered seductively before breaking away from his grip and running toward the living room where the rest of the guys were.

“(Y/N Y/M/N) Paul!” Jack screamed from upstairs

First Degree Burns Part 3

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader (eventually)

Summary: Firefighter!AU. Dean is the new firefighter than has recently moved in, unbeknownst to you. You hear screaming and shouting outside of your house and waste no time to help those in need. You find out your neighbour’s son is still in the house and run in to save him. But can you?

Word Count: 2230

Beta: @misticty – Thanks dude, you are awesome!

A/N – For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Favourite Things Challenge with the prompt: Firefighter!AU. This is Part 3. And it is for her SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 17 with the prompt: ‘tell me something I don’t know about you.’

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It’s okay, I know how hard it is to lose someone you love.’ A look of sorrow passed over your face as you thought about worse times, a smile mimicked his previous one. ‘I know what it’s like to lose a child, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone else.’

Dean’s face had grown pale. He didn’t know what it felt like to lose a child but he had lost his mother and Sam’s mother. He couldn’t think about the pain and despair, it was a heartbreaking thought that he didn’t want to conjure, he couldn’t think about losing another loved one especially his little boy.

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Request: Anonymous said to jenotebook:can you please do boyfriend johnny? Thanks~ ❤️

Matching moodboard: x

  • Such a clingy boyfriend tbh
  • No matter if you’re tall or small
  • He’s always clinging onto you, literally
  • His arms are always going to be wrapped around you 
  • Johnny doesn’t care who sees
  • He just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you wherever you are
  • And when you’re not there with him
  • He’s hugging his pillow
  • And really it’s funny and cute to see
  • Jaehyun once sent u a snap of it but shhh don’t tell him
  • Which is actually the reason why you bought him a huge teddy bear!!
  • I mean, he’s still bigger than that teddy bear but
  • He’s the type to facetime you a lot
  • And with a lot i mean like A LOT lot
  • “Hey babe, don’t I look great”
  • “..Not to be mean, Johnny, but I can’t even see your face”
  • He then realised that he was still under his blankets
  • And ofc he just laughed and revealed his face
  • Showing you a tired and shirtless Johhny smiling at your through the phone
  • Maybe you’ll choke on your breakfast bcs he looks so hot
  • Who knows
  • Johnny l o v e s to do exciting things
  • Honestly he would probably bring you bungee jumping for your date
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to go bungee jumping yourself
  • You’ll just have to film him then
  • He’s probably gonna scream and laugh at the same time
  • Amazing rlly
  • He also rlly rlly rlly loves it when you listen to him playing the piano
  • And ofc you also rlly love it when he plays for you
  • The way his fingers just move from key to key
  • His concentrated face
  • Truly mesmerizing
  • When you clap for him after he’s finished
  • A smile appears on his face and he’s low-key blushing
  • Ofc he just bows and decides to play again
  • He would probably play Bruno Mars and sing along passionately
  • Making sure he makes you laugh with his funny expressions
  • Honestly, making you laugh i something he loves to do
  • Whenever you’re down, he always has a way to cheer you up
  • He seems like someone who would bring you to amusement park dates
  • Screaming on the rides
  • Srsly there’s never one moment where Johnny’s calm
  • Sometimes though
  • When he’s had a really tiring day
  • He’ll just drag you with him to bed
  • Snuggle up to you
  • And fall asleep
  • He doesn’t even bother getting up anymore to shower 
  • He’s just too tired
  • Not really pleasant to sleep next to a sweaty Johnny
  • But he’s your bf and he’s tired and he kinda looks really cute
  • So
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I feel like Johnny always tells you that he loves you a lot
  • When the relationship is a bit more serious ofc
  • Because even though he’s not always there for you
  • Bcs of his schedule, etc.
  • He wants you to know that he loves you a lot
  • Sending you weird snaps of his face
  • ‘hi babe i lov u n miss u a lot’
  • ‘have u eaten?i ate sushi’
  • he doesn’t rlly cry
  • but sometimes he does tear up a little at the thought of you
  • and that’s when he just hugs the teddy bear that you bought him
  • the moment he’s back with you tho
  • he hugs you so tightly
  • rlly you can’t breathe anymore from his hug
  • but hey at least your bf’s back
  • i need me a bf johnny wow
do you like pranks? ~ jonah marais

a/n: requested by @jonahmaraisgirl this took me so long im so sorry im a flop

you were walking towards the curb just a few feet in front of you to catch a taxi for a ride home. so far, your day had been pretty shitty, and you wanted nothing more than to just go home and cry. at work today, two of your colleagues along with your boss yelled at you for something that wasn’t even your fault, and on your way home from work, your car’s radiator blew, meaning it was currently in the shop which was the reason you were catching a taxi in the first place. 

“hey, uh, i’m really sorry and i know this is super weird considering i don’t even know your name but do you like pranks?” you heard a male voice ask, making you stop walking and look up to see who was asking you the random question. you titled your head up to look at the boy who looked about your age, but was maybe six inches taller. 

“y-yeah, i guess so,” you stuttered, being too captivated by his beauty to talk without your words getting caught in your mouth. 

“first i should ask if you have anywhere to be right now because i don’t wanna hold you back for anything,” he told you, smiling down at you and blushing a bit for a reason that you didn’t know. you looked over to the street right next to you and saw that there were no taxis nearby, meaning that you had some time to spare. 

“yeah, i was gonna get a taxi home but i’m not in a rush,” you explained to him. 

“great!” he smiled before quickly putting his hand on your shoulder that was closest to the street and pushing you away from it a little bit, taking you by surprise.

“i, uh, sorry. there was just a car coming and it was going fast and just, yeah,” he giggled, causing your heart to flutter for a reason that you could not quite figure out. “do you wanna maybe go stand over there so we aren’t so close to the street?” he asked to which you nodded. as the two of you were walking away from the street, he began to explain his plan. 

“okay, so first off, my name is jonah.”

“y/n,” you replied. 

“that’s really pretty,” he complimented you, sounding a bit dazed. you only smiled and shifted your gaze to your feet, hiding your blush.

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This Car (His Name is Riley)

This is one of my four entries for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge. My prompt for this entry was #21 “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!” - Mike, Monsters Inc. Quote will be in bold.

Song Inspiration for the Series: “This Car” by Cassadee Pope. 

Summary: You, Dean, and Baby have made a lot of memories together.

Word Count: 1300-ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: This is actually going to be a part of my new “This Car” Series. It’s not so much a continuous series as it is a bunch of one shots set in the same storyline. Parts will jump back in forth in time as I post them but when I organize them into an actual Master List I will be listing them in chronological order. Tags at the bottom.

You eyed the impala from the entryway of the shelter, watching as Dean intently flipped through the pages of some book in the driver’s seat. Apparently, it hadn’t taken him as long as you thought it would to find the information you needed at the library.

You looked down at your new friend to find him happily staring back at you and you couldn’t help but smile, crouching down so you were on his level.  

“Well Riley, looks like we are going to be meeting Dean a little sooner than expected. He’s a little scary at first but don’t worry, he’s really just a big teddy bear. Just let me do the talking and we should be fine.”

You leaned forward, kissing the side of his face obnoxiously before standing to your full height and leading him out of the building. Dean was so absorbed in whatever lore he was reading that he didn’t notice you approaching, but you kept your eyes on him just in case. By the time you reached the back door of the impala Dean still had yet to notice you, and you stole another look down at Riley. His excitement was contagious and you once again found yourself smiling as all your nerves slipped away. 

You threw the back door open and Dean turned, flashing you a smile from behind the glass when he saw it was only you. In that same moment, as Dean turned left to look at you, Riley jumped into the back seat slipping right under Dean’s radar. But once he spotted the man in the front seat all of his stealth slipped away, and the German Shepard began attacking Dean’s neck with kisses.

“What the hell?!”

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this is just me getting out some anahardt feelings bc there’s not enough out there and reinhardt is a huge teddy bear who’s been in love more than half his life

Reinhardt stood outside of the door, swallowing around the lump in his throat as he burned the door’s number into the back of his eyes. 

It was her old room, preserved perfectly after all this time, if not for a fine layer of dust (he used to keep it up a bit better before Overwatch split up and he wasn’t able to visit Gibraltar anymore.) He remembered many a night when he would sit with her in that room, hiding away from all of the drama and tension between Gabe and Jack, drinking her strong Arak or his ale and laughing the night away.

He often tried to remember the last time they had done that. If he had known it would be the last, perhaps he would’ve made it more of a ceremony.

But now she was back, both her funeral and years of mourning rendered moot.

And Reinhardt had really, honestly thought she was dead, so he’d never let himself consider what he’d do if Ana were to ever return, so he was both surprised and unsurprised by his own reaction.

He could’ve been angry, like McCree, or furious, like Fareeha. He could’ve been astonished, fighting back tears, like Mercy, or give great, heaving sobs like Torbjörn. He could’ve even had bright stars in his eyes, zipping around asking questions like Lena, or looks of confusion like the newcomers, Hana and Lúcio.

But when Ana had appeared on their doorstep, with an eyepatch and long, raven hair grayed with age but still as beautiful as the day he’d met her, he was silent, stoic, observing. The others had definitely noticed it because Reinhardt was never silent, not even when he was asleep (Mercy had tried hundreds of tests and treatments to relieve his thunderous snoring, to no avail,) but they were either giving him his space or were too wrapped up in everything to worry about him.

Either way, even if they had approached him, it wouldn’t have changed that he had gone back to his room once all the excitement had died down, locked the door behind him, and wept.

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Cas lifts his eyes from the book he is reading, well he really can’t say he has been reading, because he has spent twenty minutes staring at the same phrase, seeing the words without trying to understand them. He is tired, more tired than he has felt in a very long time. He would like to stay here, in the bunker with his family.  He would like to stop running after Kelly, following clues that lead nowhere. He shakes his head, he can’t do that, everything that has happened has been his fault, he was the one who released Lucifer, but, although he knows it, that doesn’t means he doesn’t want to stop for a while, to rest, to stay with Dean. Even if the hunter would never correspond his feelings. Suddenly a soft sound on the other side of the door makes him turn away from his thoughts.

Dean looks horrified at the door of Cas’s room. ’ What am I doing? This is ridiculous.’ Dean squeezes the small bag in his hands and turns to try and escape to his room, clearly the gift had seemed a much better idea at the store. Maybe Cas is not even in the bunker anymore. Dean hates it, hates Cas leaving without warning, hates Cas leaving. But he doesn’t want to complicate things even more, maybe when this is over, when everything is solved Dean can take Cas somewhere special, do things the right way.

‘’Dean?“ Cas’s voice behind him makes him take a small leap. ” Did you want something? “ Dean turns slowly, hiding the bag. ‘Winchester he has caught you’.

Cas watches Dean closely, his tense stance and his nervous smile, the same smile you can see on a child’s face when his parents see him doing something he shouldn’t do. He knows Dean too well, he knows he’s hiding something from him.
” No, I just wanted to say good night to you? “ Cas smiles slightly at the question.
” At three a.m.? “ Dean nods, seeming relieved. ” Dean, what’s wrong? “ The other man sighs in defeat.

” I wanted to give you something, it’s silly but, “ Dean stops talking and gives Cas a small bag. ” I wanted to make you a present. “ Cas’s eyes widen, a gift? for him? Cas notices how a smile appears on his face and opens the bag under the watchful eye of an embarrassed Dean. His smile, though it seems impossible, grows larger when he sees the little teddy bear inside the bag.

Dean looks at Cas nervously, the angel is smiling but Dean fears that he will make fun of him at any moment.

 ” It’s stupid, isn’t it? “ Dean had never been to one of these build your own bear stores before until their last case and couldn’t stop himself when he saw the little trenchcoats. ” He’s dressed just like you, he is even wearing a shirt and a blue tie. “ Dean turns red, again. ” I remembered you when I saw them, I thought it would be a good gift, although I’m sure you think it’s silly. “ Lately he’s been thinking a lot about Cas,but that’s nothing new. Dean continues to talk until Cas takes a few uncertain steps and surrounds him gently with his arms. 

"I’ve thought about you a lot too, Dean. Thank you”

Cas smiles again when Dean returns the hug.

“ When this is all over, ” Dean breathes deeply. “ I’d like to go out with you. Like in a date.’’ He breathes again. ‘’ But only if you want to, of course’’ He quickly adds
” I’d love to, Dean, when this is all over “ A promise. They hug each other for ajust one more second and say their goodnights. Cas no longer feel so tired.

A couple of days later.

"I have to say Cas.” Dean smiles and runs down the hallway before stopping in front of Cas’s door, memories of the another night suddenly assault him. They have found a solution, Cas will finally be able to stay with them. His smile fades as he opens the door and finds the empty room. Cas has left again, Dean feels the weight of dissapoinment , of sadness.
Dean looks around, the room is almost empty except for an open book on the desk, but that’s not what catches his attention. On the bed next to the bear Dean gave him is now another equal bear dressed in a plaid shirt. A hopeful smile appears on his face.

“When this is all over.”

The Adoption

Part Six

Justin Withers looked like Albert Finney, the guy who played Daddy Warbucks in the movie version of Annie.  He was intimidating in that respect as well.  I suddenly felt like I was sitting in the boss’s office after getting caught taking too many sick days.

He didn’t say anything for the first few minutes we were in the room after introducing himself. He was reading.  I hoped he was reading our file but I wasn’t sure.  Emily nervously fidgeted in the chair next to me.  I reached over and threaded my fingers through hers, giving her a look of reassurance.  I knew how she felt, I was on edge as well.

I jumped slightly when Justin sighed.  He looked up at me, his brown eyes piercing into mine.  I held my breath when he opened his mouth to speak,

“I’ve been doing this a long time.  I’ve run into a lot of situations that were…”  He smirked, “Not ideal.  One of the parents has a record.  Someone had a drug problem.”  He folded his hands over the manila folder on his desk, “But that all pales in comparison to two people in a committed relationship but not married when it comes to adoption.”

Emily’s eyes dropped and I knew she was holding back tears.  I wanted to protest.  Protest?  Shit.  I wanted to stand up, stomp my feet, fold my arms over my chest and whine until someone agreed that this was unfair.  Emily and I weren’t legally married but we were in every other sense.  We were committed to each other.  We already had two kids.  And Jesus Christ it was 2017 not 1955. 

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This fic is killing me, but here’s an extract from a scene I wrote today!

Evgeni likes kids well enough, but he does not have a lot of experience with them, and he’s curious as to what it will be like to take care of Sidney’s little sister for a night.

This is what Evgeni learns from Taylor Crosby: never, under any circumstances, give a child sugar before bedtime.

And also, kids under the age of ten are exhausting.

“How the hell can someone so small have so much energy?” he breathes out as he crashes into bed that night. He hasn’t even brushed his teeth or removed his clothes, and now that he’s face down on the mattress, he’s finding it hard to gather the will to move.

Sidney laughs and strokes his hair, cuddling close to Evgeni and pressing butterfly kisses all over the side of his face.

Astonishingly, Evgeni feels his body stir with interest.

“I tell you not to let her have chocolate.”

Which is true, and it’s Evgeni’s fault for being unable to resist Taylor’s puppy-dog look as Sidney had disappeared into the guest room to make the bed for her, but it’s not as if Evgeni was going to tell her anything but yes.

“I couldn’t just tell her no!” Evgeni protests, aghast. She’s Sidney’s sister. He’d struck gold with the giant teddy bear, but he has to keep it going if he wants her to like him.

Sidney laughs again. “She like you without bribe,” he tells Evgeni, because he knows Evgeni well. Sidney pokes at Evgeni’s cheek insistently until he heaves a sigh and turns his face to look at him proper. Sidney smiles at him, all soft and warm, and Evgeni kind of wants to hug him tight and coo over how much he loves him.

Sidney must read the want in his face, because his smile widens into a grin, his eyes crinkling in the corners with it. He bends down to press his lips against Evgeni’s, humming against his mouth when Evgeni deepens the kiss and tugs gently at Sidney’s bottom lip with his teeth the way he knows he likes.

“Is that how it be with our kids?” Sidney wonders when he pulls back a little. “You never say no and kids always on sugar rush?”

“Yes,” Evgeni says immediately, because that is the absolute truth and he’s not even sorry about it.

“Me too,” Sidney whispers, like a secret, and well, Evgeni is not so tired after all.


Oppa P1

Jungkook x reader

Word count:530+

Warning:Angst,that’s all i can give away ;)

Your heels clicked against the white tile as you walked down to your patient’s room.

You glanced down at the clipboard. Although you have been working with him a year,Nothing has changed.No medicine was working for him.You talking to him through therapy wasn’t work either.
You began to read his paperwork.

Patient: Jeon Jungkook

Just as you began to read the rest you was already at his door.

You opened the door to see Jungkook smiling,standing by the window.

“Hey,Y/n"He spoke with a happy tone.

"Hello Jungkook.”

“You know you don’t have to call me that,You can just call me kookie."He informed you.

"It’s hospital rules,Sorry."You gave him a weak smile.

He nodded and sat on his bed.

"Do you think Hyungs will visit me?"He asked,Smiling wide.

"I don’t think so."You responded, with a small frown.

"Well, you said that last and they came.”

you winched at his statement.

“Y-yeah"You stuttered lightly.

You had how that he would have been at least a little better.

"I’m surprised that Yoongi Hyung forgave me after crashing his car on my 20th birthday."He chuckled, as he told a story you are very familiar with.

"Look,J-jungkook,Have you been taking your meds?"You asked as you began to write on the clipboard.

He shook his head,"No,Jin Hyung said,I shouldn’t and that it won’t help me.”

You cursed under your breath,You never understood how he was able to not take his medicine.

“Where are they?"You questioned him.

He walked to the window and pulled up the wood that was on the ledge and there was all his meds hidden in the wall.

You felt tears pinch at your eyes and walked to him,bringing the security guards to attention.

They didn’t understand Jungkook like you didn’t. He’s a big teddy bear,He wouldn’t hurt you.

You pulled his face to look at you,"Please starting taking your medicine for me.”

“B-but Jin hyung said-”

You quickly cut him off,“Please Oppa"You created an adorable pout on your face.
He didn’t like the word oppa but it was his weakness with you.

He quickly nodded,"Okay,For you,Y/n”

You smiled and rubbed his hand.

“I’ll be back next week to check on you again,Just make sure you are taking your meds."You said as you walked to the door to leave.

He waved,"I promise.”

When the guards closed the door,One of them spoke up.

“I don’t know why you waste your time with him, He’s gonna be like that forever."He spoke with annoyance laced him his voice.

"You need to mind your business,He’s my patient and He’s not Crazy."You gave him a dirty look.

The truth is that Jungkook had no Hyungs. They all died in a car crash on Jungkook’s 20th birthday.He believes they come and see him,But They’ve been dead for over a year.You are so attached to him because your stepbrother was Namjoon. And he was like a big brother to you.And you feel it’s your place to help Jungkook. You’ve always had a crush on him anyways.But that’s a secret from your job.They wouldn’t let you near him if they knew.


This is a small part of a series i want start but idk…let me know if i should continue with this idea :*

and request are open :)



What’s this? Numero 6? But trust me this needs to be talked about. I’m a newer fan to K-Pop but NU’EST just snatched me up and went, “You’re our fan now”. And that really is the magic of k-pop and music in general; in one spontaneous swoop I’m instantly a fan–and NU’EST did exactly just that. Kind of like VIXX, I was sure at first that I wasn’t going to be a fan, but never say never. All it takes is that one song to hook you in, and boy did I become hooked. 

NU’EST is really special as an under-appreciated/underrated group that really fell out of radar. Short story: they debuted with a bang and somehow never picked up momentum like other groups that were debuting around the same time (like BTOB, VIXX, EXO, etc). Long story: check out this video. Understanding their story and struggle, makes me believe in them harder. They deserve better and their maximum potential needs to be reached so the world can fall back in love with these 5 talented dorks. I whole-heartedly wish for them to return to their original glory because they deserve it. They’ve shown versatility, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly talent. Bless them.

Bias: Baekho

First of all…just gonna leave this here…

Okay, now that I’ve revealed my thirsty ass, Baekho is a huge part of why I fell in love with Nu’est. The recipe for me to stan a group is as follows: (1) give me that one song that hooks me in and makes me start to listen to other songs, (2) find a song that immediately strikes me as the best thing ever, (3) find my bias. My first exposure to NU’EST was Face (rightfully so) but I wasn’t hooked. It wasn’t until I heard Overcome much later and I was just entranced. Let’s just say Baekho is hot af and is my kind of man. His smile and his laugh are to die for. Oh yeah, and his hair…gurl…one of the big factors of me liking a dude is their hair and his hair is not only the most distinguishing features of his look but also fucking awesome. But then his voice…dear lord…his voice is absolutely glorious…slays me every damn time. A tough guy exterior who’s ultimately seems like a teddy bear underneath, I’m sold. I hope he gets to sing as long as he can ‘cause I love his voice. Baekho is a lot of the man I wish I had in my life lol…

Bias Wrecker: Aron

Here comes to boyfriend type…

Out of the five, he seems like the one who gets the least attention, but hey, that means more Aron to myself ;) . He’s originally from LA and you gotta respect his choice to move to Korea to become the artist he now is and I love hearing him speak english especially when he helps introduces the group. He can rap, although JR is usually the one rapping, and he’s great. He can sing, I love his voice and I squeal and get a little excited whenever I get to hear him sing. He can dance, even though JR steals the spotlight when it comes to his crazy dancing and Ren slays when he does his girl group dancing. Finally, his visual is no joke even against the others how are also handsome af. What his visual appeal to me? Well he’s equal parts cute and sexy (I mean did you see his abs in the Good Bye Bye era…I died). He’s an all-around talented guy and his charm just comes for me and I can’t resist it… It’s a really fine line between my love for both of them because they’re both very much aligned with my kind of guy lol.

TOP 5 Songs:

1. Overcome

2016 was a fucking good year man. I have: Promise (I’ll Be) from 2PM, 1 of 1 and Tell Me What to Do from SHINee, The Eye from INFINITE, Dynamite and Fantasy from VIXX, Ribbon from B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, and now add to that list for me Overcome (and later on Love Paint and Look) from NU’EST. This is everything dammit. This is the song that made me fall in love with NU’EST and made me believe in them hard.

Each member’s voice is highlighted well and the variety among the voices works extremely well together: Baekho covering a strong and powerful lower sound, JR’s rapping covering a gruff lower sound as well, Aron and Ren offer two distinct voices that serve as bridge to Minhyun’s smooth and higher vocals. And let me tell you, I love both Baekho and Aron’s vocals in particular. The music it self switches between three tones: the intense sexy synth of the chorus, the light jazzy beats for the verse, and the softer mellow piano for the ending. This song flew under my radar, but I’m glad I found it because it is some guuud shit right here.

Now for the video/choreography/visuals: sexy af. Knights? Bitch yes. I have Princes for 2PM and now Knights for Nu’est, I’m freaking set. And boy does a knight fit Baekho well (I mean he can wield a sword too lol); I picture Aron more as a prince charming type (considering his outfit in the video), but hell a knight works too. But this hair on Baekho is everything and the subtle blue pushes it beyond perfection. Oh, and that coat on Baekho just….ugh he looks so fucking good. Ren looks fabulous as af with that hair; I personally don’t like androgynous looks, but after getting to know Ren, he pulls it off so well and whether or not he wants that hair (or whether or not you like it) he werks it and deserves major props because his visual is no joke. Minhyun is seducing you with that open shirt and blonde hair and then to top it all of his voice is angelic. JR looks handsome af especially with that greyish-silver hair. The body rolls in the choreography though, talk about icing on the cake. 

NU’EST gave us: sexy choreography, powerful vocals, smooth sound, perfect visuals. The only thing I can criticize is that the video could of been amped up a whole lot further. BUT, Overcome checks off everything I could want from a group. This is a strong comeback that didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

2. Hello?

A ballad? What? Yeah, I don’t really prefer ballad-y types of songs, but this is something special. A complete 180 from what they debuted with, but the composition and performance is just so memorable. What sold me is that move with the tie (what can I say, I like a well dressed man).

The song is very mellow but there’s something about it that just mesmerizing to me. While the style of NU’EST changed for this release, the formula was still there. The song itself is just composed beautifully, everything is smooth and there is enough variety to help keep us entranced and intrigued. Where Minhyun’s sweet voice is the foundation for the typical ballad sound, Baekho provides a contrast that helps add a layer to the vocals of the song. While I find Aron’s raps for the song cheesy, his singing parts make me smile. Ren’s voice especially in that bridge at the end is refreshing to listen too. JR’s rap provides an enormous contrast to the song but at the same time blends so well and I find it extremely pleasant to listen too. This song shows the versatility of NU’EST more than anything and while I prefer their more poppy and upbeat songs, this is a surprise favorite of mine.

3. Love Paint/Look (A Starlight Night)

2016 slayed. Year of Masterpieces. And what do you, NU’EST releases art with Love Paint. The song itself didn’t appeal to me instantly, however it won me over very quickly. Lemme just say that Baekho’s voice in Love Paint is heavenly and I couldn’t resist. The video is extremely aesthetic and nice, but I wish it showed off more of the choreography instead. Everything about this comeback seemed more relaxed especially with the visuals (Baekho’s hair is simply down but that purple though ;) ). Also JR’s rap is really nice with essentially two parts: first mellow and then becomes more fun and active.

Look (A Starlight Night) on the other hand instantly won me over. It feels very jazzy and there a subtle retro vibe going on that’s really nice. While the video is just a simple choreography video, you get to see some nice footwork from the boys. Imagine if they had some kind of starlight backdrop behind them…oh my god it would so beautiful. The only thing I will say, is that I don’t like Baekho’s hairstyle (because I don’t care for that look in particular on any guy). However, yet again, Baekho’s vocals just slay me. 

Canvas and even Q is are both cleverly done albums by NU’EST and deserve a lot of love. NU’EST worked really hard and released some really good music that needs some love.

4. Sleep Talking

Poppy. Colorful. Fun. Sexy. NU’EST returned to their original sound but gave up the angsty look from something more typical pop (and my kind of pop lol). I mean, this is classic k-pop no? Baekho looks mighty fine in fabulous pink hair and looking sexy in his tank top or sleeveless tiger jacket. Minhyun is wearing that green shirt with a stupid cut out in the back giving his fans some skin. Ren is still slaying you with his blond hair. Aron and JR look like the stylists vomited all the patterns over them lol. The dancing is catchy, fun, and has a hint of sexy (see gif). The mood of the song is upbeat and fun and is infectiously happy. And I’m always for music that naturally puts a smile on your face.

5. Face/Action

The song that started it all. Now don’t hurt me, but I actually don’t like this song. BUT I don’t have to love this song to appreciate how good it actually is. There is a reason this debut was so successful and legendary. Let’s check off the list: solid choreography, obligatory dub-step dance break, powerful vocals from Baekho (his vocals strong from debut like gurl…) and Minhyun, catchy beat and sound, strong visuals, and add to that a relatable and appealing concept. If this is what we had to begin with, imagine how much more they still have to offer. STAN TALENT. STAN NU’EST.

These boys comeback not too long afterwards to give you another does of legendary. It’s the same formula as before, but it’s more of my taste (minus the dubstep dance break which feels random but you know, it was a thing). While, NU’EST didn’t keep their initial gritty concept, they showed off many sides to them that I think deserves some merit. Finally,  One thing I’d like to point out is this

bless you Baekho…bless you…

Honorable Mention:

Good Bye Bye

This is the culmination of everything they’ve done before. Let’s mash together the softer side of Hello with the formula of Action/Face (with a dub-step breakdown that I don’t care much for–the vocals during that part though are everything) and add a touch of sexy like Sleep Talking. NU’EST’s visual game stepped up really hard with this song: Aron really came for me this time (have you seen his abs I mean…c’mon…it’s just deadly), Minhyun looks handsome af, Ren is serving you masculine and abs (Ren fans must of been slayed so hard lol), JR in blonde…dear god, and Baekho’s relaxed orange hair is refreshing. The vocals from each member are much stronger (and in just about two years). Minhyun’s vocals really got to shine here. In general they showed off an extremely strong comeback. So please…let’s love NU’EST! ;)

GOT7 Reaction to see you crying after a fight.

This is my last one for today! Enjoy~



“I said I want to spend more time with you.. Or I’ll break up with you. ” your convict words got him surprised.

“Why (y/n)? What I have done wrong? I spend a lot of time with you! ” you noticed that he was getting a little nervous, and not in a good way…

“You don’t have time for our relationship! I spent valentine’s day alone and you didn’t even bother to call me to say at least one ‘I love you’! You know how much it hurts Jaebum!?”

He stayed there frozen, without words for the first time. He took a deep breath and looked at you, his eyes burning with anger.

“That is what this stupid fight all about (y/n)? You want to broke up because of this selfishness of yours? YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT I HAVE A JOB THAT DEMENDS MOST OF MY TIME (Y/N)! WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? ”

You ran to the bathroom to cry yourself out. Jaebum really hurt your feelings with his words. You knew that he couldn’t spend all his time with you due to his busy schedule, but not coming home for 2 weeks and almost no calls from him, made you rethink your relationship.

“Jagi.. please come out! I’m calm now.. I promise I won’t shout anymore.. we’re both tired and…” You heard his voice through the door. Tears running down your cheeks.

“I want to broke up Jaebum” this time your voice was weak. It was a hard decision, but you were able to see that this relation couldn’t go any further the way it was now. His job was his life and his dream, not you, and loving him too much made you realize that you don’t want to stay in his way.

“What?! No!” Jaebum slammed the door trying to open it. You flinched hearing the loud noises.

“Stop it Jaebum! Just go away! I won’t stay in your way anymore! ”

He stopped and breathed heavily.

“Just open it jagi…” he seemed broken. You opened the door and never saw him like that. He had tears in his eyes but he had a sad smile with it. His arms wrapped you in a thigh hug, whispering soothing words in your ear as you cried in his chest.

“How could you say that? I would never leave you and you are part of my dream too. I love you, and I’m sorry. I’ll change and..”

“I love you too Jaebum. I’m sorry too. Let’s both change to get our relationship back on track!” You smiled at him and he kissed you sealing your promise.


‘I won´t talk to her, I won´t talk to her…’ Mark thought while sitting on the sofa off your shared apartment, his fingers moving in his legs nervously. ‘She needs to be alone right now.. But I want to make her stop crying! Aish! I have no idea of what should I do!”  He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling useless.

You have been crying alone in your room for a couple of hours because of a fight you just had with your parents. They decided to move away to other country, without even talk to you first. You were sad and didn´t know what to do next.

Your face was lying on the soft pillow, and the only thing that could be heard was your quiet sobs and hiccups.

Mark, after a couple of minutes finally decided to go see you. It broke his heart to see you at this state and he wanted to help, but he wasn´t sure how to do it. Quietly, he sat on the bed and pulled you into his arms on a thigh hug. Mark kissed your forehead tenderly, a simple action that made you smile a bit for the first time today.

“Are you ok dear?”

“I´m a bit better now…” your voice was still trembling, but at least you stopped crying.

“That´s it.. Pretty girls shouldn´t cry like that! I like you more when you smile.” His big smile warmed your heart.

“You think they are abandoning me Mark?”




“But why?”

“They are moving on dear.. You have me now, and I think they already noticed that you don´t need them close all the time anymore. We have our life now, and they have theirs too!”

You breathed heavily and held his hand on yours. Mark was right. You were an adult now, not daddy’s little girl!

After a couple of minutes just cudlling and thinking, you decided what to do. Your boyfriend’s words helped you, and his quiet but lovings actions calmed your messy thoughts.



“Will you go with me apologize to my parents?”

“Of course (y/n).. Anything to make you happy” Mark them kissed you gently on the lips, before taking you to your parents house.


“(y/n)? Are you home?” Jackson asked while putting his bags on the floor. As the answer didn’t come, he decided to search for you in the bedroom. With fast steps, he reached your bedroom and saw an unexpected scene.

You were sitting on the floor, crying, with your cellphone placed right beside you.

“Baobei! What are you doing? Why are crying?” Jackson almost jumped to your side hugging you and kissing your cheeks, trying to wipe away your salty tears.

“(your ex name) just called me.. and..”

“And what?” Jackson was getting angrier as he heard your ex name.

“Well he wanted me back, but I said no and he screamed at me and then we fought..” you were sad, because all you wanted was to forget your previous abusive relationship.

“I can´t believe that dick head called you again!” Jackson was burning with anger. It wasn´t the first time your ex called you, trying to make you come back to him, and he knew all the things your ex did to you.

“It´s ok now Jackson… I dumped him. Again.” You tried to smile reassuring your position. Your boyfriend’s expression softened a bit.

“I’m glad that you still want to be with me (y/n).. now stop crying or I’ll have to go catch that jerk and make him beg for your forgive!”

“OK OK! I’ll stop crying.. I don´t want to take you out of jail because of (y/ex/n).” You said as you smiled wider to Jackson’s happiness. He caressed your hair tenderly kissing your cheeks.

“That’s my girl!”


“Stop crying already! I already said sorry!” Jinyoung whined.

You guys fought over an stupid matter, but you were sensible because of the hormones of every woman ‘that days’. You were crying on your bed hugging you favorite teddy bear while Jr. tried to make you stop.

He carassed your thights and pushed you to him making you look at him in the eyes.

“Just stop babe.. I don’t like seeing you cry” He smiled and wiped your tears with his fingers. “Let’s forget that stupid fight and continue what we were doing.

You hid your face behind you teddy bear before Jinyoung could kiss your lips. He pouted and gave up, getting back to the living room to continue watching the movie. You felt bad. He was right, you should stop crying and comeback to the first movie night you guys were having in months.

Quietly you came back to the Tv room laying down on Jinyoung’s lap. He tried to ignore you but your intense aegyo was too much for him.

“Forgive me oppa?” you asked making you best lost kitten expression.

“I don´t know if you deserve…” He had a serious face, but it felt down a he laughed at your expression. “OK babe, I forgive you.”

Jinyoung was happy that you finally stopped crying, and, while you guys were watching another movie, he promised to himself that would never make you cry ever again.


“I expected more of you miss (y/n)..” Your teacher said as he gave you your math test. That day so far was being awful. One of the popular girls threw your stuff on the school trash can ‘by accident’, your grades were getting worse and your boyfriend was promoting his new album, which means that you wouldn’t see him for at least a whole month.

“I’m sorry Mr.(y/t/n). I promise I’ll get better grades next semester..” You got out of class feeling horrible. You took a deep breath as you walked down the hallway, getting your shoes on your locker and putting them.

“You really are stupid (y/n)..” one of the popular girls that hated you, said behind you.

“That’s nice for me huh? I’m glad that it’s not you the stupid one..” you replied with a bitter tone of voice. “Oh no wait! I forgot that the person who you get the test answers is me.. maybe you are the stupid one for copying me.” The words just spitted out of your mouth.

That girl wasn’t what you wanted right now, you just wanted your home and your boyfriend.

“What did you say?” She asked

“I know you heard me… Now get out of my way” as you passed, she grabbed our hair and pushed it with force, making you hit your butt on the floor.

“NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU BITCH!” She stormed out, finally leaving you alone.

After she leave, you feel tears running down your cheeks slowly. This day was so tiring, and all you needed was your bed to cry everything out….

In home, you opened the door and saw a bag on the floor near the sofa. It wasn’t yours, so that could mean only one thing: Youngjae was back.

You ran to your room and he was there, watching tv relaxed.

“Youngjae?” Your voice trembled

“Jagi!!!” He ran to you and caught you in his arms. You both stayed in the same position for some time, but the feelings hit you again, making you cry once more. “Jagi.. what’s wrong?” Youngjae looked at your face and kissed your forehead.

“It’s nothing…”

“I know something happened! Tell me!”

You couldn’t hide it anymore. You told him everything that happened in the last few days.

Youngjae, lead you to bed, singing some slow musics, calming you down and making sure you stopped crying.



“Never cry again if you’re not in my arms”.

Yep! Youngjae was really all you needed…


“Babe no! Come back here!” Bambam said as you ran into your room. “I´m sorry!”

You guys just had a little discussion when you ‘interrupted’ him while he was heading his way to the game night with the boys. But there was a tiny detail, it was your anniversary! You couldn´t believe he forgot, and even screamed at you.

“Go play games with your friends Kunpimook! They are more important than me!” You yelled at him, making him give up.

“I’ll be at my dorm then.. When you’re ready, go talk to me. Getting locked in your room, won’t help us resolve this”.

You decided to ignore him and buried your face in your soft pillow. Tears fell in your cheeks, wetting the white fabric. You really didn’t want to fight Bambam in such an important day.

As the time passed, you felt asleep deeply, forgetting your sadness. Just to woke up by a pair of arms circling your waist. The hot air coming from the other person’s mouth send chills through your spine.

“Why were you crying babe?” Bambam asked with his soft low voice.

“I didn’t want to fight… I just wanted a romantic night with you. But I over reacted to Kunpimook.. I’m sorry” you said while he pulled your body closer to his own. His lips left a soft kiss in your neck.

Bambam hated to see you cry, especially when he is the one who made you. He just wanted to see you smile again.

“No dear.. I am the one who should be asking for your forgiveness.. I forgot this important day and acted like a big jerk.. Will you forgive me (Y/N)?”

Your lips meet his, in a silence positive response.


“Jagi? Are you ok? What happened?” Your boyfriend tried to talk to you as you entered running into their dorm, going directly to his bedroom to cry yourself out.

“Why are you crying?” He asked again, closing the door to give you guys some privacy.

“I fought with (your best friend name)… I didn’t want to, but she/he just pissed me in a way I never thought she/he could!” you said almost drowning on your own tears. Yugyeom would be a bit lost, since he didn’t quite know what to do.. He prefered to not ask the motive of the discussion, just in case that it might make you worse.

“What should I do?” You asked hugging him.

He responded to your hug pulling your body even closer, kissing your forehead. He entered in a mental discussion with himself, trying to reach the better answer possible.

“OMG What should I say?? It’s better to stay like this or say something bad about her friend?”

“First of all, stop crying! I hate to see you like this”

You stopped and looked at him.

“Errmm.. now.. *he scratches his neck* I think we should forget that friend of yours, and have some cuddling time! Just the two of us!” He smiled, but it fade away when he notice your serious expression. “What? Was it too stupid?” He asks nervous.

Soon you relax and smile back at him.

“I think you’re just right!” You hugged him again, relaxing and stop crying.

Yugyeom breathed heavily, thinking: “That was close! But I never thought it would be that easy to make her stop crying.. Anything for my jagi!”

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Our Wedding {Preview}

The two would have been prepared for their nervous ceremony had they known there would be over hundreds attending. After a nice, pleasant, swift face reveal from Jonathan and a shit ton of invites towards local fans, Evan’s friends set up the ceremony perfectly.

The group of idiots sent out twitter invitations, tumblr invitations, Instagram invitations, any form of invitation to any form of fan who knew Evan and Jonathan.

They brought along a shit ton of gifts and many of their own friends and family that Evan and Jonathan had met at previous parties. They also brought an assortment of food and drinks.

Marcel had let Evan know ahead of time before this special day, to discard any plans on food and drinks but to just worry bout the scenery, their clothes, the rings obviously, and their invitations.

Given the brief and somewhat reluctant “Okay”, Marcel went crazy, calling up the guys and telling them to go absolutely insane on their choices and such. He specifically said to go crazy as he would be the one paying for it all.

On any usual day, Evan would have instantly declined, but since it was his wedding with his sweet and beloved husband, Jonathan, he eased up a little. More like a lot actually.

Evan stood in his dressing room, the vanity mirror glancing back at him with a smile of pride. “Today. Evan Fong. You are going to be a wonderful husband and caring partner of the wonderful male, Jonathan Dennis.”

He tried to keep the butterflies cooped up but they spread like wildfire along his veins and nerves. He took a nervous gulp of water and headed towards the exit.

With a soft sigh, Evan glanced at the dress shoes with black ribbons at the hem of the ankles. He allowed himself another second to calm his nerves before slipping them on and fluttering like a butterfly out the door.

Awaiting his figure outside, Tyler and his father grinned at his outfit. “I’d always pictured this happy day, Evan.” His father smiled proudly at his son, giving him a tight hug.

Tyler smiled, “Let’s get this show on the fucking road, dude!”

The trio began to escape the dressing rooms, heading towards the long aisle of bright blue with contrasting blood specks(not real blood obviously…. I think).

As they made it to the priest, a few guests kept flooding in. Some gazing upon Evan’s suit and crimson tie with astonishment at how good the Canadian Asian looked.

He properly greeted them before giving hugs to those he personally was attached to. After greeting some guests and saying hello to many others, he stood by the priest with his right hand man, Tyler, standing off the the side and speaking to Kelly with a proud grin.

Tyler couldn’t stop speaking of how proud and happy he was with how open Evan had been over the years about his sexuality was different and how he had liked someone in their group.

As this chit chat carried on, the gathering of friends and family and even fans heard soft church bells ringing out in the air. Jonathan would have never agreed to this but since it was with Evan, he would be okay with it.

Before they chose the church, the priest, Evan’s father’s friend, told Evan that his church welcomed gays, lesbians, pans, trans, anybody with value really. It meant a lot to Jonathan especially, it relieved him that there were some churches that were not strictly dickly. He was happy when he heard the news.

Jonathan had been so happy that he jumped in Evan’s arms and kissed him right in front of the priest. And the priest became only even more proud and impressed with the two of them.

As Evan zoned back in, Kelly was mentioning how wonderful Jonathan looked in that blue tie and that black tight suit that clung to his feminine curves and adorable thighs.

Evan smiled instantly, his eyes traveling up to that beautiful face with those gorgeous crystal blue eyes. As the male deemed closer, red petals were scattered out behind his tailcoat with such fabulous suspense that Evan was emotionally drowning in his passion.

A pair of blue teddy bear ears made by one of his fans was delicately placed on his head as he greeted her. She waved back in greeting and melted on the spot as he smiled at her. 

Evan grinned as his lover finally stood proudly on the steps, just one below him. “Hey.”

Evan stuttered, “H-Hey. You smell nice, look nice too.”

Jonathan smirked, “I’m glad, you look like a snack Evan.”

The two males giggled and soon the area quieted down as the priest began his speech. The two only shared the gaze as they listened, filtered with such pride and joy.

Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.2)

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Chapter 2 of my arranged marriage/mafia G Dragon fic! Enjoy! ~Ad.Red

Genre: At one point or another there will be everything. Also, gun and drug mention/use in the future. 

Word Count: 2,161

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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