just look at his face smiling like a teddy bear

first dates - part two

obviously, again, requested by anonymous
requests are open!

• he’s not really the nervous type, so he’d be completely chill when he picked you up
• he’d have his car and he’d open and close the passenger door for you to get in
• quiet music would be playing while the two of you made small talk
• for your date, he’d probably take you to like, a nice restaurant
• since it was a nice night, he’d want to sit outside
• he’d pull your chair out and push it back in when you sat down
• he’d ask what you wanted and instead of you ordering, he ordered for you
• because even if he’s a greaser, he wants to show you that he’s the biggest gentleman there is
• obviously, when you thought he wasn’t looking, you’d lowkey check out his muscles
• sometimes he would know you’re looking, but not say anything, just get this huge grin on his face
• you two would talk throughout the whole dinner, just about random topics really
• he’d be a little upset that the time seemed to go by so fast with your date
• he would not let you pay for anything
• like if you tried to pay for something, he’d threaten the waiter if he took your money
• “you take her money and I’ll beat you to the ground.”
• because he wants to pay for you and not make you pay
• because again, gentleman as fuck
• the ride back to your house would be quiet, but not awkward. it’d be one of those comfortable silences
• again, he’d jump out of his car and open the door for you to get out, offering you his hand as well
• he’d kiss your hand once he got to your doorstep, before smiling big at you and saying goodbye before he turned to go back to his car and drive home

• kinda like darry, he would not be nervous at all
• because he’s used to girls hanging around him, so obviously he’s a pro
• he’d pick you up from your house, probably borrowing darry’s car so he can seem a bit more classy
• that and he didn’t feel like walking around all night
• anyway, for the first date, he’d probably take you to a carnival that was in town for a couple days
• he’d have to pay for it instead of sneaking in, but he didn’t care tbh
• he’d insist that you pick all the games to play
• and of course, he would beat you at most of them
• but occasionally you would win and he would just give you the biggest pout and puppy dog eyes
• but he’d get over it cause he won at the next one
• and of course, he’d win you a prize
• like imagine the biggest teddy bear at the place
• that’s what he won for you
• you two would be laughing and challenging each other all night long
• as the night was nearing, he’d take you to the ferris wheel
• because that’s romantic af
• once you both got on, he put his arm around you and held you close
• he’d look up at the stars as the wheel started moving, but after a couple seconds, he’d be looking at you
• and just get this huge grin on his face as he watches you, laughing and smiling as it went around
• you’d feel him staring at you so you’d look back at him for a second
• and because this boy is a little shit, he’d lean close to you and gently peck your lips
• he wouldn’t full on kiss you yet, the peck being a sort of a question for permission
• and if you kissed him back, then he’d full on kiss you for a minute
• once you two pulled away, he had a shit eating grin on his face, like a five year old
• he’d pull you even closer to him (if that was possible) until you two got off
• afterward, you two would leave, hand-in-hand as you walked to the car
• you two would talk nonstop as he drove you back home
• once he got back to your house, he’d lean over to you and kiss your cheek
• and he’d probably be like, “I’ll see you again tomorrow doll.” as you got out
• he’d also wait to drive off until you got in the house, wanting to make sure you’re safe

• again, he’s a pretty confident guy, so he wouldn’t be nervous
• he would want to date to be during the day though and into the night, not just at night
• he’d drive as well
• and it’d be awhile of driving, outta Tulsa by a couple miles
• but it’d be worth it, cause he would take you to the beach
• once you both got there, he’d wait for you to walk with him by his side
• at first, he’d just want to walk alongside the beach, just talking with you
• sometimes he might take a joke too far, or just say something that isn’t quite nice to say
• which would cause you to lightly hit him in the chest
• but since he can probably be a bit oblivious sometimes, he’d just go on and do it again
• after awhile of walking, he might get a little bored and lightly nudge your shoulder with his
• which causes an all out war between the two of you
• and you push him too hard cause he falls into the ocean a bit, getting soaked
• you went to help him up, but he just pulled you down in with him when you grabbed his wrist
• this means that now there is a splash war going on between you two
• which ends in you dunking him underwater (only because he lets you)
• and he comes back with picking you up and tossing you into the water
• after all this, you would both get out of the water, obviously completely soaked
• not that either of you cared very much though
• and you guys would just continue walking down the beach as if nothing happened
• he’d probably try to grab your ass or some shit on the walk
• but he’d play it off and just put his arm around your waist right after, pulling you into him
• anyway after a couple hours and when you two were finally dry, you decided to head back to the car
• he’d start the car and start the slightly long drive back home
• but you two talked about things, mostly cars cause that’s what he was really into, but you talked about other shit as well
• once he pulled up to your house, he’d be like “thanks for agreeing to go with me sweetheart, I had a great time” or something
• you’d most likely lean over the seat and kiss his cheek before getting out of the car
• “wait, doll what about the kiss I got for ya?”
• “pick me up tomorrow and you’ll find out.”
• which of course made him grin before whooping (yknow the noise he makes in the movie) before he pulled away to drive home

Teddy bear

Pairing: dean x little sister! Reader Sam x little sister! Reader

A/N: I don’t know how this story came but I like it personally. I hope you guys like it to. O and I’m getting better. I get more ideas for some fics and there are going to be imagine. So I keep you guys updated.

“De-?” You asked your 12 year old brother. “I can’t find my teddy bear” you said with tears in your eyes.

You put you teddy bear somewhere but you don’t remember where. Your teddy bear was your everything you can’t sleep without it. John bought it for you when you turned 2. You was so happy with it that you bring it everywhere with you.

“Where did you last see it?” Dean asked and kneeled down to your height. You just lift up your shoulders. Tears where building up in your eyes and right away you was in deans arms. “Shhh, we are going to find it alright. We going to get Sam and then we are going to look for your teddy.” You nodded.

Sam was lying on the bed with a book in his hand from school. He looked away from his book and saw that you looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Y/N what wrong?” He asked.

“I can’t find teddy. Do you want to help to find him? De is going to look for it to.” You said. Your brother nodded and right away the three of you where busy looking in the motel room.

You looked everywhere but you couldn’t find it. It’s was almost bed time for you but you can’t sleep with out it. Tears where building up again. Dean hugged you tight. “We are going to find it alright. But you need to go to bed now.” You shook your head. You didn’t want to sleep with out teddy. “Come let lay down and maybe you see him tomorrow next to you. Maybe he thought I’m going on a adventure with dad. Come go to sleep and then he is back again alright.” You nodded and let sleep take over.

Later that night john came in the room. Dean didn’t sleep until john came back. He rushed to the impala to look for your teddy bear. And their he is on the backseat of the impala. He came back in the room and put it next to you. John looked confused but he was to tired to ask it and goes to sleep. Dean did the same next to you.

The next morning you felt a soft thing next to you. You opened your eyes and found your teddy next to you. You jumped up and waked up dean. “De! De! He is back!” Dean opened his eyes and saw a big smile on your face again.

“Just like I was saying he come back tomorrow.” The smile on your face was never going to get away. He stepped out bed and looked at you happy body playing with your teddy.

“How did you know that it was in dad car?” Sam asked.

“I remember that Y/N fell in sleep in the car and forgot her teddy bear bring with her inside.” Dean said. “And I just the best big brother in the world.” He said proud. Sam shook his head and walked away from him. Dean looked to you with a proud face. “I hope that it can be this all the time.”

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Request: Anonymous said to jenotebook:can you please do boyfriend johnny? Thanks~ ❤️

Matching moodboard: x

  • Such a clingy boyfriend tbh
  • No matter if you’re tall or small
  • He’s always clinging onto you, literally
  • His arms are always going to be wrapped around you 
  • Johnny doesn’t care who sees
  • He just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you wherever you are
  • And when you’re not there with him
  • He’s hugging his pillow
  • And really it’s funny and cute to see
  • Jaehyun once sent u a snap of it but shhh don’t tell him
  • Which is actually the reason why you bought him a huge teddy bear!!
  • I mean, he’s still bigger than that teddy bear but
  • He’s the type to facetime you a lot
  • And with a lot i mean like A LOT lot
  • “Hey babe, don’t I look great”
  • “..Not to be mean, Johnny, but I can’t even see your face”
  • He then realised that he was still under his blankets
  • And ofc he just laughed and revealed his face
  • Showing you a tired and shirtless Johhny smiling at your through the phone
  • Maybe you’ll choke on your breakfast bcs he looks so hot
  • Who knows
  • Johnny l o v e s to do exciting things
  • Honestly he would probably bring you bungee jumping for your date
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to go bungee jumping yourself
  • You’ll just have to film him then
  • He’s probably gonna scream and laugh at the same time
  • Amazing rlly
  • He also rlly rlly rlly loves it when you listen to him playing the piano
  • And ofc you also rlly love it when he plays for you
  • The way his fingers just move from key to key
  • His concentrated face
  • Truly mesmerizing
  • When you clap for him after he’s finished
  • A smile appears on his face and he’s low-key blushing
  • Ofc he just bows and decides to play again
  • He would probably play Bruno Mars and sing along passionately
  • Making sure he makes you laugh with his funny expressions
  • Honestly, making you laugh i something he loves to do
  • Whenever you’re down, he always has a way to cheer you up
  • He seems like someone who would bring you to amusement park dates
  • Screaming on the rides
  • Srsly there’s never one moment where Johnny’s calm
  • Sometimes though
  • When he’s had a really tiring day
  • He’ll just drag you with him to bed
  • Snuggle up to you
  • And fall asleep
  • He doesn’t even bother getting up anymore to shower 
  • He’s just too tired
  • Not really pleasant to sleep next to a sweaty Johnny
  • But he’s your bf and he’s tired and he kinda looks really cute
  • So
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I feel like Johnny always tells you that he loves you a lot
  • When the relationship is a bit more serious ofc
  • Because even though he’s not always there for you
  • Bcs of his schedule, etc.
  • He wants you to know that he loves you a lot
  • Sending you weird snaps of his face
  • ‘hi babe i lov u n miss u a lot’
  • ‘have u eaten?i ate sushi’
  • he doesn’t rlly cry
  • but sometimes he does tear up a little at the thought of you
  • and that’s when he just hugs the teddy bear that you bought him
  • the moment he’s back with you tho
  • he hugs you so tightly
  • rlly you can’t breathe anymore from his hug
  • but hey at least your bf’s back
  • i need me a bf johnny wow
This Car (His Name is Riley)

This is one of my four entries for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge. My prompt for this entry was #21 “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!” - Mike, Monsters Inc. Quote will be in bold.

Song Inspiration for the Series: “This Car” by Cassadee Pope. 

Summary: You, Dean, and Baby have made a lot of memories together.

Word Count: 1300-ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: This is actually going to be a part of my new “This Car” Series. It’s not so much a continuous series as it is a bunch of one shots set in the same storyline. Parts will jump back in forth in time as I post them but when I organize them into an actual Master List I will be listing them in chronological order. Tags at the bottom.

You eyed the impala from the entryway of the shelter, watching as Dean intently flipped through the pages of some book in the driver’s seat. Apparently, it hadn’t taken him as long as you thought it would to find the information you needed at the library.

You looked down at your new friend to find him happily staring back at you and you couldn’t help but smile, crouching down so you were on his level.  

“Well Riley, looks like we are going to be meeting Dean a little sooner than expected. He’s a little scary at first but don’t worry, he’s really just a big teddy bear. Just let me do the talking and we should be fine.”

You leaned forward, kissing the side of his face obnoxiously before standing to your full height and leading him out of the building. Dean was so absorbed in whatever lore he was reading that he didn’t notice you approaching, but you kept your eyes on him just in case. By the time you reached the back door of the impala Dean still had yet to notice you, and you stole another look down at Riley. His excitement was contagious and you once again found yourself smiling as all your nerves slipped away. 

You threw the back door open and Dean turned, flashing you a smile from behind the glass when he saw it was only you. In that same moment, as Dean turned left to look at you, Riley jumped into the back seat slipping right under Dean’s radar. But once he spotted the man in the front seat all of his stealth slipped away, and the German Shepard began attacking Dean’s neck with kisses.

“What the hell?!”

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Oppa P1

Jungkook x reader

Word count:530+

Warning:Angst,that’s all i can give away ;)

Your heels clicked against the white tile as you walked down to your patient’s room.

You glanced down at the clipboard. Although you have been working with him a year,Nothing has changed.No medicine was working for him.You talking to him through therapy wasn’t work either.
You began to read his paperwork.

Patient: Jeon Jungkook

Just as you began to read the rest you was already at his door.

You opened the door to see Jungkook smiling,standing by the window.

“Hey,Y/n"He spoke with a happy tone.

"Hello Jungkook.”

“You know you don’t have to call me that,You can just call me kookie."He informed you.

"It’s hospital rules,Sorry."You gave him a weak smile.

He nodded and sat on his bed.

"Do you think Hyungs will visit me?"He asked,Smiling wide.

"I don’t think so."You responded, with a small frown.

"Well, you said that last and they came.”

you winched at his statement.

“Y-yeah"You stuttered lightly.

You had how that he would have been at least a little better.

"I’m surprised that Yoongi Hyung forgave me after crashing his car on my 20th birthday."He chuckled, as he told a story you are very familiar with.

"Look,J-jungkook,Have you been taking your meds?"You asked as you began to write on the clipboard.

He shook his head,"No,Jin Hyung said,I shouldn’t and that it won’t help me.”

You cursed under your breath,You never understood how he was able to not take his medicine.

“Where are they?"You questioned him.

He walked to the window and pulled up the wood that was on the ledge and there was all his meds hidden in the wall.

You felt tears pinch at your eyes and walked to him,bringing the security guards to attention.

They didn’t understand Jungkook like you didn’t. He’s a big teddy bear,He wouldn’t hurt you.

You pulled his face to look at you,"Please starting taking your medicine for me.”

“B-but Jin hyung said-”

You quickly cut him off,“Please Oppa"You created an adorable pout on your face.
He didn’t like the word oppa but it was his weakness with you.

He quickly nodded,"Okay,For you,Y/n”

You smiled and rubbed his hand.

“I’ll be back next week to check on you again,Just make sure you are taking your meds."You said as you walked to the door to leave.

He waved,"I promise.”

When the guards closed the door,One of them spoke up.

“I don’t know why you waste your time with him, He’s gonna be like that forever."He spoke with annoyance laced him his voice.

"You need to mind your business,He’s my patient and He’s not Crazy."You gave him a dirty look.

The truth is that Jungkook had no Hyungs. They all died in a car crash on Jungkook’s 20th birthday.He believes they come and see him,But They’ve been dead for over a year.You are so attached to him because your stepbrother was Namjoon. And he was like a big brother to you.And you feel it’s your place to help Jungkook. You’ve always had a crush on him anyways.But that’s a secret from your job.They wouldn’t let you near him if they knew.


This is a small part of a series i want start but idk…let me know if i should continue with this idea :*

and request are open :)


fluff4days  asked:

How would the Sdr2 boys react to their s/o giving them a really big teddy bear for Valentine's Day? Thanks!

Here you go, Fluff! Happy belated Valentine’s Day :’)

~Mod Maki

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this is just me getting out some anahardt feelings bc there’s not enough out there and reinhardt is a huge teddy bear who’s been in love more than half his life

Reinhardt stood outside of the door, swallowing around the lump in his throat as he burned the door’s number into the back of his eyes. 

It was her old room, preserved perfectly after all this time, if not for a fine layer of dust (he used to keep it up a bit better before Overwatch split up and he wasn’t able to visit Gibraltar anymore.) He remembered many a night when he would sit with her in that room, hiding away from all of the drama and tension between Gabe and Jack, drinking her strong Arak or his ale and laughing the night away.

He often tried to remember the last time they had done that. If he had known it would be the last, perhaps he would’ve made it more of a ceremony.

But now she was back, both her funeral and years of mourning rendered moot.

And Reinhardt had really, honestly thought she was dead, so he’d never let himself consider what he’d do if Ana were to ever return, so he was both surprised and unsurprised by his own reaction.

He could’ve been angry, like McCree, or furious, like Fareeha. He could’ve been astonished, fighting back tears, like Mercy, or give great, heaving sobs like Torbjörn. He could’ve even had bright stars in his eyes, zipping around asking questions like Lena, or looks of confusion like the newcomers, Hana and Lúcio.

But when Ana had appeared on their doorstep, with an eyepatch and long, raven hair grayed with age but still as beautiful as the day he’d met her, he was silent, stoic, observing. The others had definitely noticed it because Reinhardt was never silent, not even when he was asleep (Mercy had tried hundreds of tests and treatments to relieve his thunderous snoring, to no avail,) but they were either giving him his space or were too wrapped up in everything to worry about him.

Either way, even if they had approached him, it wouldn’t have changed that he had gone back to his room once all the excitement had died down, locked the door behind him, and wept.

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Our Wedding {Preview}

The two would have been prepared for their nervous ceremony had they known there would be over hundreds attending. After a nice, pleasant, swift face reveal from Jonathan and a shit ton of invites towards local fans, Evan’s friends set up the ceremony perfectly.

The group of idiots sent out twitter invitations, tumblr invitations, Instagram invitations, any form of invitation to any form of fan who knew Evan and Jonathan.

They brought along a shit ton of gifts and many of their own friends and family that Evan and Jonathan had met at previous parties. They also brought an assortment of food and drinks.

Marcel had let Evan know ahead of time before this special day, to discard any plans on food and drinks but to just worry bout the scenery, their clothes, the rings obviously, and their invitations.

Given the brief and somewhat reluctant “Okay”, Marcel went crazy, calling up the guys and telling them to go absolutely insane on their choices and such. He specifically said to go crazy as he would be the one paying for it all.

On any usual day, Evan would have instantly declined, but since it was his wedding with his sweet and beloved husband, Jonathan, he eased up a little. More like a lot actually.

Evan stood in his dressing room, the vanity mirror glancing back at him with a smile of pride. “Today. Evan Fong. You are going to be a wonderful husband and caring partner of the wonderful male, Jonathan Dennis.”

He tried to keep the butterflies cooped up but they spread like wildfire along his veins and nerves. He took a nervous gulp of water and headed towards the exit.

With a soft sigh, Evan glanced at the dress shoes with black ribbons at the hem of the ankles. He allowed himself another second to calm his nerves before slipping them on and fluttering like a butterfly out the door.

Awaiting his figure outside, Tyler and his father grinned at his outfit. “I’d always pictured this happy day, Evan.” His father smiled proudly at his son, giving him a tight hug.

Tyler smiled, “Let’s get this show on the fucking road, dude!”

The trio began to escape the dressing rooms, heading towards the long aisle of bright blue with contrasting blood specks(not real blood obviously…. I think).

As they made it to the priest, a few guests kept flooding in. Some gazing upon Evan’s suit and crimson tie with astonishment at how good the Canadian Asian looked.

He properly greeted them before giving hugs to those he personally was attached to. After greeting some guests and saying hello to many others, he stood by the priest with his right hand man, Tyler, standing off the the side and speaking to Kelly with a proud grin.

Tyler couldn’t stop speaking of how proud and happy he was with how open Evan had been over the years about his sexuality was different and how he had liked someone in their group.

As this chit chat carried on, the gathering of friends and family and even fans heard soft church bells ringing out in the air. Jonathan would have never agreed to this but since it was with Evan, he would be okay with it.

Before they chose the church, the priest, Evan’s father’s friend, told Evan that his church welcomed gays, lesbians, pans, trans, anybody with value really. It meant a lot to Jonathan especially, it relieved him that there were some churches that were not strictly dickly. He was happy when he heard the news.

Jonathan had been so happy that he jumped in Evan’s arms and kissed him right in front of the priest. And the priest became only even more proud and impressed with the two of them.

As Evan zoned back in, Kelly was mentioning how wonderful Jonathan looked in that blue tie and that black tight suit that clung to his feminine curves and adorable thighs.

Evan smiled instantly, his eyes traveling up to that beautiful face with those gorgeous crystal blue eyes. As the male deemed closer, red petals were scattered out behind his tailcoat with such fabulous suspense that Evan was emotionally drowning in his passion.

A pair of blue teddy bear ears made by one of his fans was delicately placed on his head as he greeted her. She waved back in greeting and melted on the spot as he smiled at her. 

Evan grinned as his lover finally stood proudly on the steps, just one below him. “Hey.”

Evan stuttered, “H-Hey. You smell nice, look nice too.”

Jonathan smirked, “I’m glad, you look like a snack Evan.”

The two males giggled and soon the area quieted down as the priest began his speech. The two only shared the gaze as they listened, filtered with such pride and joy.

Type: Imagine

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Prompt: Damon is your boyfriend. However, after getting turned into a vampire yourself after Katherine kills you, you find out that Damon had been compelling you to forget his feedings on you. Angry, you storm away from him, breaking up with him. This leads to this confrontation a few days later.


“Hey, Elena? I’m just gonna chill in my room tonight. I’m not really in the mood to party or whatever.”

Your younger sister gave you a concerned look, making you internally sigh. Here comes Ms. Perfect, to try and save the day.

“(Y/N), you should really get out more. I mean, I know that the breakup with Damon was bad. But, he was really bad for yo-.”

“Elena!” You interrupt her, voice angry as you lose your cool. She gives you a startled look. “Leave it alone, okay? It’s none of your business.” You hiss before stomping up the stairs, adding extra emphasis to make your frustration and desire to be alone more obvious.

While looking down at your phone, in mood for Chinese, you begin to type in the familiar number by heart as you enter your room. While kicking the door closed behind you, you looked up casually, only to scream in surprise.

Your ex, Damon Salvatore, was on your bed, holding your teddy bear Mr. Markimoo.

“Damon!” You hiss, ending the call and slipping the phone into your pocket unable to turn your gaze away.

He turns to you, smirking before holding the teddy bear up to cover his face. “Hey, (Y/N)! It’s me! Mr. Markimoo! You know, I really think you should forgive Damon. He was a complete dick-Uh, I mean jerk. But, he is really sorry.” His voice was high-pitched and he controlled the bear’s hands to make it seem like it was moving.

You tried to hide the smile and smother the laugh, but it was difficult. You raised a hand to cover your mouth. Just thinking of the big bad Damon Salvatore speaking through a teddy bear is already hilarious. But… to imagine is one thing…  you’re looking at it.

Managing to contain your laughter, you crossed your arms and leveled him with an disinterested stare.

“Damon? Get out.”

Giving up on the teddy bear act, he placed it beside him before jumping to his feet. Striding towards you, you proceeded to back up against the door staring up at him.

Placing his hands on both sides of your head, he leaned forward pressing his forehead to yours. Your eyes widened as you were forced to look him in his gorgeous blue eyes.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, the regret and guilt in his voice making you blink. “I’m sorry. I know that I shouldn’t have fed on you as much as I had. I know that I shouldn’t have fed on you for so long even. But…” He leaned closer, tilting his head so that he could kiss the side of your neck softly. This made a small sigh escape you, your head lulling to the side slightly.

“I want to have us be even… as much as I can.” He mumbled against your skin before pulling away almost making you mumble in protest. You were so weak when it came to him.

Damon looked down at you, clearly contemplating something before shrugging off his leather jacket. Your head tilts in confusion that quickly becomes realization when he takes off his black shirt revealing his naked upper body.

Your mouth falls open a bit as you stare shamelessly at his upper half. Damon smirks at you before speaking. “Go ahead. Bite me. Anywhere you want.”

Biting your lip as the possibilities run through your mind, you settle on the place he bit you at the most.

Stepping closer cautiously, you move until your close enough to touch him. You place your hands on his chest, tracing the contours of his abs and chest before you apply enough pressure to force him to sit down on the bed. He applies with your silent demands, letting his arms hold himself up as he eyes you in a form of anticipation.

Biting your lip, you move closer and straddle his form, sitting in his lap. His hands go around your waist pulling you closer. “Your game, princess.” He says with a grin, clearly anticipating your next move.

Nervousness aside, you use your fingers to move his head to the side to bare his neck to you. His fingers trail up your sides before going down to caress your thighs. You shudder slightly before leaning forward and pressing your lips to the juncture between his neck and shoulder.

You pause, feeling hesitation overtake you. Damon, feeling your nervousness, spoke. “Babe, don’t worry about it. I fed on you and compelled you to forget. Used you as a blood bag. Lied and deceived you. I’ve… developed feelings for you. So, in order to make you feel better, I want you to bite me back. It’s okay. It’s the only thing I can really do to give you some form of payback.”

You felt your heart warm at his words, comforted in the way he opened up to you and told you about his real feelings. Decision made, you pressed your lips to his neck once more before you allowed your fangs to elongate before sinking your fangs into his neck. You heard him suck in a breath as his blood entered your mouth.

Your eyes snapped open, whites black and veins exposed. You let out a moan when the taste connected with you. It was one of the best things you’d ever tasted. Pulling him closer, you sucked greedily at his neck taking in more. And it was only through the haze did you feel his arms encircle your waist pulling you closer and the moans that escaped him. Moans that were a mix of both pain and pleasure. He was enjoying it as much as you were.

About a minute later, you pulled away from his neck, blood dripping from your mouth. You gave Damon a bloody grin. Damon, after studying you, seemed unable to control himself as, in literally the speed of light, he had you on your back on the bed with his lips hungrily tasting yours. Your legs encircled his waist, pulling him closer to you as your hands ran through his hair, tugging on it.

“I love you.” You mumbled as he peppered kisses down your neck. Pulling away, he looked you in your eyes, studying and searching them. When he was satisfied, he gave you his signature crooked smirk.

“Love you too, princess.” He stated, making you beam in return. You moved your hands to his neck, tugging him down to resume your kiss.

GOT7 Reaction to see you crying after a fight.

This is my last one for today! Enjoy~



“I said I want to spend more time with you.. Or I’ll break up with you. ” your convict words got him surprised.

“Why (y/n)? What I have done wrong? I spend a lot of time with you! ” you noticed that he was getting a little nervous, and not in a good way…

“You don’t have time for our relationship! I spent valentine’s day alone and you didn’t even bother to call me to say at least one ‘I love you’! You know how much it hurts Jaebum!?”

He stayed there frozen, without words for the first time. He took a deep breath and looked at you, his eyes burning with anger.

“That is what this stupid fight all about (y/n)? You want to broke up because of this selfishness of yours? YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT I HAVE A JOB THAT DEMENDS MOST OF MY TIME (Y/N)! WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? ”

You ran to the bathroom to cry yourself out. Jaebum really hurt your feelings with his words. You knew that he couldn’t spend all his time with you due to his busy schedule, but not coming home for 2 weeks and almost no calls from him, made you rethink your relationship.

“Jagi.. please come out! I’m calm now.. I promise I won’t shout anymore.. we’re both tired and…” You heard his voice through the door. Tears running down your cheeks.

“I want to broke up Jaebum” this time your voice was weak. It was a hard decision, but you were able to see that this relation couldn’t go any further the way it was now. His job was his life and his dream, not you, and loving him too much made you realize that you don’t want to stay in his way.

“What?! No!” Jaebum slammed the door trying to open it. You flinched hearing the loud noises.

“Stop it Jaebum! Just go away! I won’t stay in your way anymore! ”

He stopped and breathed heavily.

“Just open it jagi…” he seemed broken. You opened the door and never saw him like that. He had tears in his eyes but he had a sad smile with it. His arms wrapped you in a thigh hug, whispering soothing words in your ear as you cried in his chest.

“How could you say that? I would never leave you and you are part of my dream too. I love you, and I’m sorry. I’ll change and..”

“I love you too Jaebum. I’m sorry too. Let’s both change to get our relationship back on track!” You smiled at him and he kissed you sealing your promise.


‘I won´t talk to her, I won´t talk to her…’ Mark thought while sitting on the sofa off your shared apartment, his fingers moving in his legs nervously. ‘She needs to be alone right now.. But I want to make her stop crying! Aish! I have no idea of what should I do!”  He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling useless.

You have been crying alone in your room for a couple of hours because of a fight you just had with your parents. They decided to move away to other country, without even talk to you first. You were sad and didn´t know what to do next.

Your face was lying on the soft pillow, and the only thing that could be heard was your quiet sobs and hiccups.

Mark, after a couple of minutes finally decided to go see you. It broke his heart to see you at this state and he wanted to help, but he wasn´t sure how to do it. Quietly, he sat on the bed and pulled you into his arms on a thigh hug. Mark kissed your forehead tenderly, a simple action that made you smile a bit for the first time today.

“Are you ok dear?”

“I´m a bit better now…” your voice was still trembling, but at least you stopped crying.

“That´s it.. Pretty girls shouldn´t cry like that! I like you more when you smile.” His big smile warmed your heart.

“You think they are abandoning me Mark?”




“But why?”

“They are moving on dear.. You have me now, and I think they already noticed that you don´t need them close all the time anymore. We have our life now, and they have theirs too!”

You breathed heavily and held his hand on yours. Mark was right. You were an adult now, not daddy’s little girl!

After a couple of minutes just cudlling and thinking, you decided what to do. Your boyfriend’s words helped you, and his quiet but lovings actions calmed your messy thoughts.



“Will you go with me apologize to my parents?”

“Of course (y/n).. Anything to make you happy” Mark them kissed you gently on the lips, before taking you to your parents house.


“(y/n)? Are you home?” Jackson asked while putting his bags on the floor. As the answer didn’t come, he decided to search for you in the bedroom. With fast steps, he reached your bedroom and saw an unexpected scene.

You were sitting on the floor, crying, with your cellphone placed right beside you.

“Baobei! What are you doing? Why are crying?” Jackson almost jumped to your side hugging you and kissing your cheeks, trying to wipe away your salty tears.

“(your ex name) just called me.. and..”

“And what?” Jackson was getting angrier as he heard your ex name.

“Well he wanted me back, but I said no and he screamed at me and then we fought..” you were sad, because all you wanted was to forget your previous abusive relationship.

“I can´t believe that dick head called you again!” Jackson was burning with anger. It wasn´t the first time your ex called you, trying to make you come back to him, and he knew all the things your ex did to you.

“It´s ok now Jackson… I dumped him. Again.” You tried to smile reassuring your position. Your boyfriend’s expression softened a bit.

“I’m glad that you still want to be with me (y/n).. now stop crying or I’ll have to go catch that jerk and make him beg for your forgive!”

“OK OK! I’ll stop crying.. I don´t want to take you out of jail because of (y/ex/n).” You said as you smiled wider to Jackson’s happiness. He caressed your hair tenderly kissing your cheeks.

“That’s my girl!”


“Stop crying already! I already said sorry!” Jinyoung whined.

You guys fought over an stupid matter, but you were sensible because of the hormones of every woman ‘that days’. You were crying on your bed hugging you favorite teddy bear while Jr. tried to make you stop.

He carassed your thights and pushed you to him making you look at him in the eyes.

“Just stop babe.. I don’t like seeing you cry” He smiled and wiped your tears with his fingers. “Let’s forget that stupid fight and continue what we were doing.

You hid your face behind you teddy bear before Jinyoung could kiss your lips. He pouted and gave up, getting back to the living room to continue watching the movie. You felt bad. He was right, you should stop crying and comeback to the first movie night you guys were having in months.

Quietly you came back to the Tv room laying down on Jinyoung’s lap. He tried to ignore you but your intense aegyo was too much for him.

“Forgive me oppa?” you asked making you best lost kitten expression.

“I don´t know if you deserve…” He had a serious face, but it felt down a he laughed at your expression. “OK babe, I forgive you.”

Jinyoung was happy that you finally stopped crying, and, while you guys were watching another movie, he promised to himself that would never make you cry ever again.


“I expected more of you miss (y/n)..” Your teacher said as he gave you your math test. That day so far was being awful. One of the popular girls threw your stuff on the school trash can ‘by accident’, your grades were getting worse and your boyfriend was promoting his new album, which means that you wouldn’t see him for at least a whole month.

“I’m sorry Mr.(y/t/n). I promise I’ll get better grades next semester..” You got out of class feeling horrible. You took a deep breath as you walked down the hallway, getting your shoes on your locker and putting them.

“You really are stupid (y/n)..” one of the popular girls that hated you, said behind you.

“That’s nice for me huh? I’m glad that it’s not you the stupid one..” you replied with a bitter tone of voice. “Oh no wait! I forgot that the person who you get the test answers is me.. maybe you are the stupid one for copying me.” The words just spitted out of your mouth.

That girl wasn’t what you wanted right now, you just wanted your home and your boyfriend.

“What did you say?” She asked

“I know you heard me… Now get out of my way” as you passed, she grabbed our hair and pushed it with force, making you hit your butt on the floor.

“NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU BITCH!” She stormed out, finally leaving you alone.

After she leave, you feel tears running down your cheeks slowly. This day was so tiring, and all you needed was your bed to cry everything out….

In home, you opened the door and saw a bag on the floor near the sofa. It wasn’t yours, so that could mean only one thing: Youngjae was back.

You ran to your room and he was there, watching tv relaxed.

“Youngjae?” Your voice trembled

“Jagi!!!” He ran to you and caught you in his arms. You both stayed in the same position for some time, but the feelings hit you again, making you cry once more. “Jagi.. what’s wrong?” Youngjae looked at your face and kissed your forehead.

“It’s nothing…”

“I know something happened! Tell me!”

You couldn’t hide it anymore. You told him everything that happened in the last few days.

Youngjae, lead you to bed, singing some slow musics, calming you down and making sure you stopped crying.



“Never cry again if you’re not in my arms”.

Yep! Youngjae was really all you needed…


“Babe no! Come back here!” Bambam said as you ran into your room. “I´m sorry!”

You guys just had a little discussion when you ‘interrupted’ him while he was heading his way to the game night with the boys. But there was a tiny detail, it was your anniversary! You couldn´t believe he forgot, and even screamed at you.

“Go play games with your friends Kunpimook! They are more important than me!” You yelled at him, making him give up.

“I’ll be at my dorm then.. When you’re ready, go talk to me. Getting locked in your room, won’t help us resolve this”.

You decided to ignore him and buried your face in your soft pillow. Tears fell in your cheeks, wetting the white fabric. You really didn’t want to fight Bambam in such an important day.

As the time passed, you felt asleep deeply, forgetting your sadness. Just to woke up by a pair of arms circling your waist. The hot air coming from the other person’s mouth send chills through your spine.

“Why were you crying babe?” Bambam asked with his soft low voice.

“I didn’t want to fight… I just wanted a romantic night with you. But I over reacted to Kunpimook.. I’m sorry” you said while he pulled your body closer to his own. His lips left a soft kiss in your neck.

Bambam hated to see you cry, especially when he is the one who made you. He just wanted to see you smile again.

“No dear.. I am the one who should be asking for your forgiveness.. I forgot this important day and acted like a big jerk.. Will you forgive me (Y/N)?”

Your lips meet his, in a silence positive response.


“Jagi? Are you ok? What happened?” Your boyfriend tried to talk to you as you entered running into their dorm, going directly to his bedroom to cry yourself out.

“Why are you crying?” He asked again, closing the door to give you guys some privacy.

“I fought with (your best friend name)… I didn’t want to, but she/he just pissed me in a way I never thought she/he could!” you said almost drowning on your own tears. Yugyeom would be a bit lost, since he didn’t quite know what to do.. He prefered to not ask the motive of the discussion, just in case that it might make you worse.

“What should I do?” You asked hugging him.

He responded to your hug pulling your body even closer, kissing your forehead. He entered in a mental discussion with himself, trying to reach the better answer possible.

“OMG What should I say?? It’s better to stay like this or say something bad about her friend?”

“First of all, stop crying! I hate to see you like this”

You stopped and looked at him.

“Errmm.. now.. *he scratches his neck* I think we should forget that friend of yours, and have some cuddling time! Just the two of us!” He smiled, but it fade away when he notice your serious expression. “What? Was it too stupid?” He asks nervous.

Soon you relax and smile back at him.

“I think you’re just right!” You hugged him again, relaxing and stop crying.

Yugyeom breathed heavily, thinking: “That was close! But I never thought it would be that easy to make her stop crying.. Anything for my jagi!”

This one was a bit bigger than the others! LOL

Gif credits to their original owners!

~ADM Panda

Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.2)

A/N: Ch.1     Ch.3     Ch.4     Ch.5     Ch.6     Ch.7     Ch.8     Ch.9     Ch.10     Ch.11     Ch.12     Ch.13     Ch.14     Ch.15      Ch.16

Chapter 2 of my arranged marriage/mafia G Dragon fic! Enjoy! ~Ad.Red

Genre: At one point or another there will be everything. Also, gun and drug mention/use in the future. 

Word Count: 2,161

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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Imagine Watching a Horror Movie with Jacksepticeye

Originally posted by gauz3y

You shuffled into the living room, popcorn bowl in hand while Jack skimmed through the horror section on Netflix. You sat down next to him, handing him the bowl and grabbing the nearby blanket, draping it over the two of you as he smiled.

“Are ya ready for the most boss horror marathon ever?” He said with a grin, making you roll your eyes and smile.

“You always pick dumb horror movies, can’t I pick one this time?” You begged, reaching for the remote which he reluctantly passed over. You smiled triumphantly as you scrolled along until you found one that looked slightly intriguing. You picked The Conjuring and set the remote down in front of you. Jack quickly pulled you back into his arms, hugging you around the waist as the movie started.

It started off okay, nothing too bad, but by the end of it, you felt like you were being watched. A jumpscare occurred on screen and you jumped back, screaming because you weren’t expecting it. Jack reacted mostly the same way, screaming loudly and pulling you closer to him like you were a teddy bear.

“Tell me again why we do this!” You gasped out, turning to face the youtuber who tried to look like he was brave but was faltering.

“B-because it gives me a reason to hold onto ya and not look clingy?” He muttered, looking anywhere but your face. Your cheeks lit up as you realized his true intentions and couldn’t help but smile widely at the revelation.

“You know you can just hold me when you want to… I won’t judge.” You mutter, leaning forward and quickly pecking him on the lips. He smiled and quickly pulled you back down to kiss you more deeply.

The horror movie in the background quickly faded from your minds as you snuggled up to his chest and he laid back, running his fingers through your hair happily.


Juuzou, Mama, Love and Trauma.

So in preparation for what I knew would be an…interesting chapter, to say the least, I wrote a meta last week. This one will be building off of that one. 

Let’s start here:

There’s so much going on in this panel. On the one hand, we have Juuzou and his subordinates chasing after Big Madam, clearly intent on killing her. Desperately, Madam calls out first to Juuzou, then to Rei. Now we know that “Rei” is the first name that Juuzou had, the name that he had before Madam dubbed him “Juuzou,” which was his scrapper name. She uses the two names interchangeably, but it seems that “Rei” has always been the softer, more childish side of Juuzou. He talks to Rei as a self-soothing mechanism in Tokyo Ghoul, and he gave up the name of Rei when he became an investigator, opting instead for his scrapper name, Juuzou. 

When she yells the name, Juuzou does not react. He makes a subtle hand motion, which his team is precisely attuned to. As I pointed out last week, Juuzou’s squad is disciplined, and they clearly respect him tremendously. Juuzou, against all odds and expectations, is a good leader. This is, in my opinion, deserving of an entire meta in and of itself, but here I will just say that I am interested to see if we get more information about that in the future, because damn it’s something I would like to explore. 

Anyway, Madam is getting desperate. When the name Rei doesn’t elicit a response, she tries to appeal to Juuzou’s memories of her, to the fact that she raised him, to the fact that she is the only parent that he has. She asks him if he has a grudge, because hatred is just as strong of a connector as love. But she’s hedging her bets on the wrong horse; in reality, Juuzou still cares about her, and he still considers her a parental figure. We see evidence of this here:

Hanbee is sorry to have to cut her. Why? Because no one (who is currently ambulatory, sob) cares about Juuzou the way that Hanbee does. Hanbee studies Juuzou, he frets over him, he adores him. And he knows that Juuzou does not hate his mama. 

Her bid fails; Juuzou cuts off her kagune without hesitation. Notice that he does not kill her…he neutralizes her. 

(Isn’t he gorgeous in this panel? I nearly cried….)

Again, she makes a bid for his mercy, this time offering him “anything he wants.” 

It is difficult to imagine what she could possibly give him, at this point, and it is a desperate measure. It is also unsuccessful. Because Juuzou doesn’t want anything that she can give. Juuzou hasn’t forgotten what she did for him. Juuzou does not hold a grudge. But he does have his memories.

Here we see Big Madam acting like…an actual parent. And I love this, because it takes a relationship that we all conceptualized as purely monstrous and complicates it. Which is more accurate. Almost everyone who has been abused by a parent or parental figure knows this pattern–the abuse isn’t constant. It’s broken up with episodes of normalcy, even coddling. Here we see that Big Madame held Juuzou gently, like a parent, read aloud to him, played toys with him. Juuzou was not entirely feral. And I think that’s a wildly important thing to note regarding his character. He suffers from tremendous CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder, differentiated from PTSD due to the fact that the trauma is incurred over an extended period of time, and the person experiencing the trauma is or feels trapped in the situation, with no hope of escape). 

I think this is such an important scene. Because Juuzou, like many survivors, did not spend every waking moment of his experience being abused. He was trapped in a situation that was violently abusive, in a situation where he was taught that pain was just another form of approval, in a situation where he was mutilated and forced to live as another gender, in a situation where he was forced to kill and praised with scars. These are the fires that shaped him, but that was not the sum total of his relationship with his mama. And he still doesn’t hate her. 

Juuzou’s feelings in this moment are so intensely complex. His posture reads that he is sad, that this moment is poignant for him. He tells her the truth without exaggeration or theatrics–she left him with nothing but scars, and the scars are all that he remembers. Because even in those moments when she treated him tenderly, there was an implicit violence. Look at the knife in the teddy bear. Look at the blank expression on his face. He was trapped, but he was not unaware. He carries her with him on his body. He will never lack the evidence of what his mother was to him. 

But…he’s smiling. He’s smiling very genuinely, sweetly. There’s no killing rage in that expression. He’s just doing his job, and furthermore…he’s glad to see her. Even like this, when Juuzou said that there was someone here that he wanted to see, he wasn’t being sinister. He wore the bell that she put on him. He smiled when he saw her the first time. He came to see her. He had to know it would be the last chance that he would ever have. Regardless of the scars, she raised him. She’s the only parent he’s ever known. 

Cornered, out of appeals, she turns on him, yelling her abuse, trying to scar him one last time, because she’s a monster, because she can’t relate to him any other way. Because she’s vile. Because it is all she has left. 

Juuzou’s team sweeps in to end her, but Juuzou does not. He closes his eyes, and Hanbee covers his ears and tells him, “You wouldn’t have wanted to hear that.” 

Juuzou’s expression in this panel is not one of happiness; it’s a look of sorrow. His mama is dead. And he says:

Father. Otou-san. Why? 

Well, I can not be sure that we will find out why. Was Big Madame a natal male who presented/identified as female? Perhaps, but my partner has another theory which I would like to share. Juuzou only ever had one parent, growing up. Big Madame was both his mother and his father, and there’s a chance that he identified different aspects of this as being more maternal or more paternal. It could be that he identified her more abusive tendencies with a paternal identity, just as he identifies his more violent side as Juuzou. It’s just a thought, but I found it to be an interesting theory. 

I think that this series of events lends a whole new layer to Juuzou’s character. Even I had assumed that he was going to the auction to seek revenge, or at the very least, closure. But after seeing that, Ive changed my mind. I truly believe that he knew it was likely that Big Madame was going to die during the course of this raid, and I truly believe that he wanted to see her one last time. He was happy to see her, and he was sad when she died. That didn’t stop him from carrying out his duties, however, though he was not the one to kill her. Would he have killed her? Yes, I think so, if there had been no one to help him, he would have certainly done so. However, in this instance, he was not alone. 

And this is where I must again point out Juuzou’s team. Not only are they adorable (they are so fucking adorable though), but they move with insanely deft precision. They don’t speak, they just act, attacking in perfect synchronicity, eyes on Juuzou, doing as he needs them to do without hesitation. Again, pointing to the fact that as a squad leader, Juuzou really is quite skilled. 

And one last thing: Hanbee. I could write an entire meta on Hanbee (and I am sure that I will), but for now, I just want to say that the way that Hanbee cares for Juuzou is really quite touching. In this instance, he helps protect Juuzou from a further trauma, shielding his ears from the sounds of his first parental figure dying, as Juuzou closes his eyes to the image. It’s a really telling moment, showing us how much Hanbee cares for Juuzou, and also that he’s not hesitant to put his hands on Juuzou when the need is there. We know from Joker that Juuzou has protected Hanbee many times, and even saved his life on several occasions. Now we see the other side of that relationship, when Hanbee is the one protecting, and Juuzou accepts it. 

This arc has given us so much information about Juuzou–throughout everything, he has been calm. He has strategized and fought smartly, not running in haphazardly, not throwing himself into death-trap situations. We have seen the way that he moves in tandem with his incredible squad, we have discovered that he harbors no ill-feelings toward Big Madam, despite acknowledging that she’s hurt him and scarred him. And, we’ve seen him accept the care of another.

That…that is character development. And incredibly brilliant writing. I can’t wait to see what happens with this boy next. 

ETA // My partner pointed out to me that his theory was that Juuzou associated the maternal with violence and the paternal with coddling, which is why Shinohara was able to get through to him. This would also explain why he said goodbye father, if he associates the paternal side with love and education. Additionally, whenever he has a flashback, he says “Mama,” further promoting the idea that the maternal is what he associates with pain, and the paternal with love.

Somewhere Close To You (Part 13) - Thomas Imagine

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁ 

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: Date Night
Masterlist for this series
Warning: None on this part, I think?
Word count: 1486

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Oh-uh, so that means Jensen is in deep shite then 😆

Jensen talking about Misha:

* “But it’s nice because I feel there’s this angel standing over me”~ (blushing bby)

* “I remember hearing two distinct pops in Misha’s elbow”~ (concerned but masking it as a joke)

* “He'a so cute, isn’t he? He’s like one of those little teddy bears, you just wanna stuff him in your pocket and take him home with you”~ (whipped expression on his face)

* “Jared found Misha’s cellphone and decided to make a few calls to Japan. I’m not sure who he called, but I’m sure that phone bill was nice”~ (silly smile on his face)

* “Sometimes I just go like this (Puts on the big boy face)

* “I’ll take Misha, that’s good”~ (very satisfied look on his face)

* “I come up to CAS and I order something from him, let’s just say that I change my order a few times on his coverage”~ (a very mischievous smile, dirty man 😆)

* “I love you Misha, from the bottom of my heart and it’s not stopping” (face tilted down and blushing crimson 🙊)

* “Unless Dmitri is in the back and wants to ask a question? Is Dmitri…? Dmitri? (The man just loves his indiarussian accent)

* "He’s you know, like a little puppy. You just bat him around.” (The most fond and soft expression on his face)

There’s plenty more, but I’m typing from my cell, so it isn’t very convenient 😚
You are welcome to add more if you want~

Superman v. Clark Kent pt. 3 (Derek Luh)

Part 1

Part 2  

Derek’s POV:

 I wake up with a headache and someone next to me. For a minute, I get excited because I think it’s Y/N, but then I remember last night and why my head hurts. Who runs into a fucking door frame? 

 I look over at whoever’s next to me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep with them, since I just laid on the ground till I fell asleep after hitting my head. The question is how’d I get here and who’s next to me. All I can see is a puff of hair. 

 She starts to stir. I watch as Lucy turns around. What the hell is she doing in my bed? 

 She rolls her eyes, “Calm down, we didn’t sleep together.” 

 “I know,” I say. It’s easy to tell Y/N and Lucy apart. Lucy’s boobs are a little smaller, and Y/N has higher cheeks. Plus, Lucy’s eyes always look kind of defiant, and Y/N always looks at peace. Y/N just gives off this vibe that says that nothing and no one could disturb her, which was why I talked to her in the first place. Lucy just kind of gave off the vibe that she was lost or looking to be.

 I get out of bed and say, “How did you get in here? How did I get in here? And why are you in here?” 

 “I just walked in, sorry. After the whole thing with my sister I got really wasted and I guess I just ended up here. And I think Nate was the one who pulled you off the floor and put you in bed.” 

 I just stared, before realizing I had somewhere to be, “Whatever. Where can I find your sister?” 

 “She’s probably in class now,” she says, checking her phone. 

 “Well, when does she get out?” 

 “I don’t know. Soon. You got any Advil?” 

 “Only if you tell me how I can find Y/N. I have to talk to her about last night.”

 “Get in line. Sisters before misters.” 

 “Not if misters get to her first,” I say. 

 “You don’t even know where she is. And besides she probably wouldn’t even talk to you. I don’t even know if she’ll talk to me. God, she looked so upset last night. She told me it was just a hookup.” 

 “It was not just a hookup! We spent hours talking, I do not deserve this.” 

 “Y/N is great at understanding people, but when it comes to things like this she’s clueless. I’m sure she still thinks we slept together,” she says, looking guilty. 

 “Yah, why did you come on to me like that after I’d just been with your sister. I know I’ve heard you trashing other girls who go in to get ‘sloppy seconds’.” 

 “I don’t know. It’s just that I’d tried to get with you and you turned me down, then came on to her. I don’t even like you like that, I was just frustrated that she could have something I couldn’t.” 

 I sat there for a minute, silent. “You can go talk to her first, I guess,” I can’t believe I just said that. 

 “It’s not like there was ever a doubt, but thank you,” she said. 

 “But could you at least give me her address. If she won’t talk to me I’ll send her a little something,” I say. 

 “Fine,” she writes down the address and heads out. As soon as she leaves I get in my car and drive to the store. Instead of sending something, I’ll just hand deliver it. 


Y/N’s POV: 

 I squint my eyes as I walk outside after my Classic Literature class. Last night I called one of my friends and she let me rant on for half an hour as I tried to sort out my feelings. After a while I felt better, still angry, but I didn’t want to cry anymore and I felt like I could get over it all. Eventually. 

 As soon as I walk in to the cafe I see Lucy. I put my head down but she calls out to me. I try to ignore her as I wait for my order, but she walks up. 

 “Hey, I’ve been texting you the whole morning.” 

 “My phone was off for class,” I say. I grab my drink and thank the barista. 

 “Oh, okay… well I got us a table. You want to come sit?” She suggests. 

 “No, I’m just gonna head home today,” I say. 

 “I’ll come with!” She says with excitement. 

 “No, Lucy, not today,” I say. 


 “Look, I’d appreciate it if you just gave me some space for a while. Some air to breathe. I’d also appreciate it if you never dragged me to one of those dumb parties again, you saw how last night went.” 

 Her face drops, “Okay,” she says. 

 “I’ll call you or something when I want to talk.” I leave the shop and head to my apartment, feeling guilty all the way there. But this is what’s best. As soon as I get to the right hallway I see someone standing at my door. 

 It’s Derek, with a lot of flowers and a big teddy bear. 

 He struggles to adjust everything in his hands so that I can see his face. “I know you said you liked fruity candy too, but I only have so many hands.” 

 I’m finding it hard not to smile at this. I just look at him. 

 “Can we, uh, go inside so I can set this down?” 

 “Sur- wait. How did you figure out where I live?” I’m not letting some stalker in my home. 

 “Your sister told me,” he says, breathless. 

 “Oh,” I roll my eyes. I open the door and he sets all the stuff on the couch. 

 “We need to talk… while we’re both sober.” I finally come to my senses. 

“Nah, I’d rather not.” 

 “Too bad. I really like you, Y/N. And I want to try to be something with you,” he said. 

 “After you slept with my sister?” 

 “I didn’t sleep with your sister. I’d never! It’s you I’m into and I told you that when we first met.” I remember that. 

“Well still, you can’t even tell us apart,” I say. 

 “I was shitfaced drunk, and desperate for you. It won’t happen again I promise.” I still just stare at him warily. He comes forward, and I want to say I was strong and moved away but I can’t because that not what happened. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me behind the ear. “I really like you,” he whispers, “and I’d like to take you out today.” Another kiss. 

 “Well, not now because I’m gonna take a nap, but maybe later.” I open the door and hope he gets the picture. 

 He closes it back, still inside, “Ooh a nap sounds great, and we can cuddle..” he says. 

 “I’m serious about a nap Derek, I’m not having sex with you now.” Even though I want to so bad. I head to the door and begun to tell him to see his way out.

 “Of course not, we won’t have sex until the third date,” he says. 


 “Well last time we had sex after one night, you left me without so much as a good morning kiss. So I figure if we wait, I’ll have a better chance of keeping you in bed with me.” 

 This is just ridiculous now. “You were trying to get with my sister just last night and you still think I’d want to be with you?! You’re sick.” 

 His eyebrows raise. “Woah, I did not sleep with or even try to sleep with your sister. I told you that before we were together and I won’t say it again, I’m into you, not her. She’s not you.”

“Really? Because it sure didn’t seem like it last night.” 

 “Jesus you have a thick skull. I already said this, I thought it was you! I tried to get drunk so I could forget about you, then she showed up and I was too far gone to notice the difference. I’m sorry,” he said. 

 “You aren’t into me, okay? I’m just not the one to be into. She’s taller and skinnier and more graceful and she knows how to keep up a conversation. She’s outgoing and confident and open to anything but I’m not. I’m the total opposite of all of those. She’s like Superman and I’m Clark Kent.”

 Derek tries to interrupt but I stop him. “No, all I do all day is write and eat and sleep and repeat. You’ll get bored of me real fast. So don’t come in here trying to be all sweet and romantic when we both know this,” I gesture between us, “would never last. It hurts.” I open the door, “You can see yourself out.” 

 He comes towards the door, leaving all of the stuff. As soon as I think he’s going to walk out of the door he grabs me and kisses me.

 I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed like this before. His entire body was touching all of mine and his arms were around me so tight it felt like I couldn’t breathe, but at the same time like I had all of the air in the world. A part of me said I should push him away but I ignored it because nothing has ever felt so good.

 After who knows how long, he finally pulled away, he started speaking even though he was out of breath. “You are not boring. I don’t think I could ever get tired of you. Everything about you interests me. Besides, if I’m in your paper I want to read it. And stop comparing yourself to your sister. I don’t care if she’s fucking Beyoncé. I’m here because I want you.

 "I want your cute little laughs, and your fancy words, and your way of looking at things. I want your advice, and I want to hear more stories about your life and I want to tell you more of mine. I want to be with you and I promise it won’t be a short term thing. Please, just let me show you. Let me take you out.”

 I put my arms around him, “Fine. A date.” 

 He smiles and kisses me again, shortly. “And don’t ever doubt that it’s you that I want, ever again.” 

 I just nod. 

 3 hours later, we’re coming back from the date he took me on. We went to his favorite diner, and then saw a movie that he let me pick, which of course was Deadpool. Then we walked around the city until we got back to my building. 

 As I opened my door, I bit my lip. “So, you gonna come in?” 

 He nods and follows me inside. I turn and kiss him as soon as I take my shoes off. Shortly after, it gets heated, and we’re biting each other’s lips, exploring each other’s mouths. Moans are all you can hear. I reach down to rest my hand on his crotch but he groans and grabs it. 

 “Mami, I was serious when I said I wasn’t gonna sleep with you again.. yet,” he whispers, out of breath. 

 “What?” I say, still in a daze from the kiss. 

 “We can’t sleep together tonight. I came in because I wasn’t ready to say bye yet.” 

 “But…” I say, desperate. 

 “No buts,” he says, “especially not that one,” he gestures to my ass, “It turns me on too much.” 

 “Please,” I say, “I’m not leaving this time. I can’t, it’s my apartment,” I say, trying to move my hand back to his crotch. 

 “No, mami. I’m trying to prove a point here. I’m into you for who you are, not anyone else.” 

 “I know that now!” I say, frustrated. “Can’t you prove that some other way then? I want you so bad.” 

 He bites his lip and it just makes me want him more. I kiss him. “I want you so bad too,” he says. 

 “Then come on,” I say dragging him to my room. 

 “I’ll come, but we’re just sleeping, okay?” 

 I roll my eyes, “Fine, but tomorrow, you’re gonna get it.” 

 “And I’m looking forward to it.” 

 I take off my clothes and he takes off his so we’re both in just our underwear. We both get in bed and he pulls me half on top of him. He’s on his back, I’m on my stomach and one of my legs is in between his. 

 He leans down and kisses my forehead, “Goodnight.” 

 “Goodnight,” I say, resting my head on his chest. 

 After a minute, his breathing is still short and uneven and I can feel his hard-on against my thigh. I move it up and down so it rubs against him. 

 “You’re point has been proved.” 

 “I can’t take it anymore,” he says, and flips himself over so he’s on top of me. 

“Oh thank God,” I say, as he kisses up and down my chest. 

 That night we made love too many times to count. And this time I didn’t leave in the morning. Waking up to Derek was better than I could’ve imagined. About a week later, he told me to talk to my sister, which I did. She told me about how she felt and why she did it. Surprisingly, she was jealous of me. She said that I had Derek whipped and I was successful in school and I had my own place and she didn’t have anything like that. We agreed on liking ourselves and loving each other. Now Derek and I were more in love than ever and I couldn’t be happier. He was mine to keep. 



 A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. This was the last part. I’m sorry it took so long to get out, it’s just been a stressful week with my birthday and my dad’s birthday, and all of my exams. There was also that I mainly upload from my iPad but Tumblr is glitchy so I had to do it from my phone. But now I’m free for the summer. Next week I go in vacation but I’ll have plenty of time to write. 

 Also to anyone who made a request, it’ll hopefully be written by 5/24/16, so hang in there! Peace, Shay.


(Requested by Anon)

You had been sat on the sofa crying for what felt like hours by the time Emmett got home. You weren’t entirely sure what made you come to the Cullen house when you got the bad news, possibly the thought that it would be empty today but you couldn’t be sure, it just seemed like the right place to go. 

Emmett strolled in whistling a happy tune to himself and dropped his keys on the hall table before he noticed you. Which was odd, considering he was a vampire and all but then, Emmett had never been the most observant of vampires. 

“Y/N? What happened?” He was by your side in under half a second, sitting right there on the sofa next to you. “Y/N? Talk to me please.” He murmured, his voice sounding more than a little strained. 

Emmett placed one large hand on your tiny shoulder and turned you to face him, the second your eyes met his, your emotions came pouring out like a dam bursting and you threw yourself into his lap. Curling up, crying against his broad chest, you told him everything. 


He didn’t say anything for a long time. He simply wrapped you in his large arms and let you cry. You had no idea how much you needed a hug until you were getting one from a life-sized vampire teddy bear. 

When your crying had finally ceased Emmett sat in silence, just holding you for a while longer. You were just starting to drift off when a large finger poked you in the ribs. You shuffled even closer into his embrace. Another finger poked you again, right in the ribs at your tickle spot. You shuffled again. “Emmett don’t.” 

Completely ignoring you, the huge, child-like vampire poked you again until you looked up and met his eyes a watery smile on your face. He crossed his golden eyes and stuck his tongue out at you. “Stop.” You muttered, no real feeling behind the words. 

With a grin, he began tickling you. No matter how much you wriggled Emmett had you firm in his grasp until a small giggle burst through your lips. It was like someone had flicked a light on inside Emmett, a hundred kilowatt smile bursting onto his face. 

“Come on.” He announced rather suddenly, setting you on your feet, standing himself and then taking your hand and tugging you towards the door grabbing his keys on the way. 


You ended up in Seattle, doing all the touristy things people who visit Seattle on holiday do. Except you weren’t on holiday, you came all the time at weekends, still you couldn’t deny it was nice. You were currently sat having dinner in an expensive restaurant and thinking back on the day you realised just how much you’d enjoyed it. You hadn’t thought about your bad news once. 


”Come on, let’s stick our heads through those stupid wooden tourist things!” Emmett bubbled with excitement as he pulled you towards the photographer. “One for me and the wife sir!” He announced almost pushing your head through the hole himself. 

“Honeymoon eh?” Asked the photographer an old man with a kindly face, yellowing teeth and a scruffy white beard. “Well good for you kids, me and the wife have had 40 happy years now.”

Emmett had paid for the photograph before pulling you off towards the photo-booth which took the strips of pictures as you tried to wave off the photographers well wishes. 


After six sets of funny face and cute face strip pictures you’d finally said, “Emmett you can’t keep telling people we’re married that’s the third guy today!” 

Emmett grinned and then placed an exaggerated kiss on your cheek making you jump in shock just as the camera went off again, “Why not?” He asked, pressing ready for the next photo. 

“Well it’s not a credible lie for a start, we don’t have rings for one thing!” You messed up his hair as the camera flashed. 

“You want a ring Babe?” Emmett grinned like a loon, dimples showing. “I’ll buy you a ring.” 


Four jewellers later and the two of you had walked out with the most expensive wedding rings you’d come across. Tasteful and silver, but with black stones all embedded in yours and one set in the centre of Emmett’s. You’d also got a large black diamond engagement ring to match.

“Emmett those rings came to $8,000!″ You said shocked. “And after today they won’t even fit the right fingers!” 

Shrugging he replied, “We’ll have them resized.” 

“For $2,000?!” 

“Babe. Chill.” 


Emmett gleefully spent the rest of the day showing your new ‘wedding rings’ off to anyone who would listen. He also won you a large stuffed monkey at the arcade which of course, you named Em. Rather than being offended, he carried it on his shoulders with pride declaring it was time to buy souvenirs for the family.

A whole set of Seattle souvenirs later and a good deal more laughs later too, Emmett found the fanciest, most overpriced restaurant in town and insisted on dinner there. Honestly the way he went on you’d think it was him that was actually going to eat.


After finishing the ridiculously strange and overpriced meal Emmett had ordered for you, you were finally back at the Cullen house. It was still empty when Emmett had pulled the jeep up and you walked through the door. The silence in the house only served to remind you of all the crying you had done while you were here. Putting the purchases down on the living room table you went to meet Emmett in the hall. 

“Thanks Em.” You were breathless, but smiling. “I had a really great time today and I needed it.” 

Emmett’s brow pulled down, a look of confusion appearing on his face as he placed his keys on the table and Monkey Em on the floor with his right hand whilst tucking a stray wisp of hair behind your ear with the left . “Who said it was ending?” 

Gaping like a fish you stared at the burly vampire who looked utterly gorgeous in his black leather jacket, which he’d yet to even get off. “I thought I was going home now…” You muttered, trailing off.

A smirk clawed it’s way onto Emmett’s face, amusement dancing in his eyes. “Like hell, go grab a blanket.” He gestured up the stairs.

“What for?” You asked confused and more than a little bemused too. 

He sighed heavily in false exasperation, cocking his head to one side .“Babe just go grab a blanket.” 


Confusion gave way to amazement when you came downstairs to see that Emmett had laid the whole table out with popcorn and drinks, the floor was covered in squishy duvets and pillows and the DVD player was set up ready for a long movie night.

Emmett ran a hand through his curly hair sheepishly and lifted a blanket for you to join him. You crawled under and curled up to his side as he began the first movie. 

One thing was for certain, when you went to sleep that night using Emmett’s chest as your pillow, his arms encircling you making you feel loved and safe, you didn’t even remember to take off your fake wedding rings, let alone remember to dwell on your bad news.

Emmett Cullen was something special. Something of an overgrown cherub.

How Did I Get So Lucky?

Author: carry-on-my-pretty-weeper

Character: Reader and Dean

Relationships: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 457

Warnings: Fluff like overload of fluff

Author’s Note:This one is for @bookishdorito thanks for the request I had a lot of fun with this fluff!

85. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

86. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please,” Dean said kissing your nose. You two were snuggled up on your bed. “If I said no would you stop?” you said giggling. “No,” and with that another kiss.

“Deeeaann I have to get up,” you said playfully.

“No, just stay with me,” he whined.

“But I’m hungryyy,” you grumbled as you started to get out of bed. Dean grabbed you and pulled back and started kissing you more. “Dean!” you giggled, “I got to go eat!”

“Please stay in bed a little longer,” he said wrapping his arms around you. You tried to wiggle your way out but it didn’t work. Finally you have to resort to bribery. “Dean if you let me go I’ll make bacon,” you said in a sing songy voice.

“Fine,” he said kissing you on both cheeks. He reluctantly let go of you as you got up to go make breakfast. When he entered the kitchen you were cooking your second batch of pancakes. He walked up behind you and placing his head atop yours saying “You know, you’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”

“Is that why we’re dating? So you can have somewhere to rest your head?” you asked jokingly.

“That and you’re not that bad looking,” he said with a cheeky grin. You two burst out laughing, after the laughter subsides you went back to cooking while Dean watched you. You look over at him “Why are you at me like that?” you ask giggling.

“When was the last time I told you I loved you? I think it’s been too long,” he said trying to kiss you.

“You told me like ten minutes ago and no kisses while I’m cooking!” you said with a playful smile on your lips.

“Ten minutes? That’s way too long,” he said, “y/n?”

“Yeah?” you asked.

“I love you,” he smiled affectionately. Gosh if people knew that the big bad Dean Winchester was actually just a teddy bear. “I love you too,” and with that you set down a plate filled with pancakes and bacon. “Dig in!” you said excitedly. You went over to make your own plate and then sat down right next to Dean. While he was stuffing his face he still managed to look like a freaking god. “Babe,” you whispered, “your gorgeous,” Dean looked over at you with a little red in his cheeks and he placed a kiss on your forehead. “Thanks,” he whispered back. He always was a little flustered whenever you complimented him. It made you do it more so he got used to believing that he’s beautiful. “How did I get so lucky?”

A puppy named Gabe.

A/N: what am I doing with my life where I have the sudden idea to write this at 3 am. I was having a dry spell of writing so I guess this will kick me off.

Summary: the reader secretly brings home a new friend.

Pairings: reader x TFW (friendship)

Warnings: none. Cursing I suppose. A bit of sadness maybe? In a good way? Idk.

Word count: 1053


Okay let’s get one thing straight, you are a hunter. A ruthless, cold hearted, bad ass hunter that can slice and dice any monster put in your path.

You punched a 6 foot 5 guy in the jaw once for disrespecting you. Yea you had to jump a little to reach him but that’s not the point!

The point is you’re not afraid of anyone, especially not the Winchesters. Not because they were your friends, but because you knew you could take them if they ever tried you.

So why were you hiding a puppy under your shirt as you made your way down the bunker stairs? Let’s just say you didn’t want to explain how you got him or why you were missing your shoes.

A small bark came from your abdomen and you quickly shushed it.

“Y/N?” A confused Sam got up from his seat in the library and made his way towards you. Shit. Another bark came and you tried to hold your now wiggling abdomen still.

“I uh.” You looked around panicking “DIARRHEA!” You screamed before sprinting past him to your room.


You slammed your door closed and locked it. You walked to your bed and carefully set him down. Curly brown fur covered him making him look like a teddy bear that came to life.

He sniffed around your bed and walked towards the edge ready to jump off. You quickly pulled him away from it and sat with him on your lap. Watching him wiggle around and nibble at your fingers you laughed.

“Gabriel.” You said scratching his head “I’ll name you Gabriel.”

You thought back to the angel which you oh so missed. Remembering his whiskey eyes and brown hair, just like your new found puppy.

You smiled and held him in front of your face. “My angel.” He lightly bit your nose before licking it. Yep definitely a Gabriel.


You opened your door a crack and looked behind you. Gabriel was fast asleep on a pillow next to yours. You slipped out of your room and made your way into the library. Sam and Dean where sitting across from each other each engrossed in their own laptop while Castiel read.

“Hey guys.” You said as casually as possible sitting next to Dean.

“How’s your diarrhea?” Sam said smiling. Dean made a gross face and glared at Sam “dude, too much!”

You rolled your eyes “fine tha-”

You were cut off by a small bark followed by a howl.

You coughed trying to cover it up but it was too late.

“What the hell?” Dean said pushing his chair away from the table and standing.

You quickly got up along with Sam and Castiel. “That was my tv, I left it on.” You said walking back to your room.

“It’s an animal.” Castiel said squinting at you.

“Yea I was watching animal planet.” You kept walking not turning around.

“No I mean it’s an animal in the bunker.”

You stopped and turned around. Castiel was still squinting,
Dean was frowning,
And Sam was, smiling?

Shit, he knew! They all began to walk towards you and you practically ran toward your room, stopping just outside your door.

“My room my business!” You said crossing your arms and standing firm.

“Y/N is there a dog in there?” Dean said standing right in front of you now.

You put your hand on your chest and a shocked expression on your face “how DARE YOU! After all I have done and you accuse me of-I just - this is an outrage!”

“Move.” He said reaching for the door handle.

“This is my personal space and if you come in ill never be able to trust you again!” You quickly said practically mashing your words together.

“Y/N, you have until three.” He said locking eyes with you. Did he really think that would work?

“One.” He has got to be kidding.

“Two.” Who in the hell did he think he was talking to?

“Three?” Oh so now what Winchester?

“Cas.” Shit.

Castiel grabbed both Deans and Sams shoulders before disappearing. What the- “Y/N!”

You slowly opened your door and gave a small smile “surprise!”

Sam was sitting on your bed smiling while holding Gabriel. Castiel sat on the other side silently watching and Dean stood glaring at you.



“No!” Dean cut you off “we can’t keep a dog.”

“Why?” You said stomping your foot like a child.

“We have too much to think about already without adding a dog to the mix.”

“I’ll take care of him!” You said walking forward “I’ll walk him, feed him, bathe him, I’ll do everything just a let me keep him!”

You felt like a kid trying to convince their parents to let them keep a new pet. “Besides I think he likes Sam and Cas.”

You both looked over to your bed. Gabriel was running between the angel and the man occasionally stopping to jump on one or bite the other.

“Y/N-” Dean groaned

“Dean please. Maybe he’ll help us! This place needs something to make it a home and we all need something like this in our lives.” You placed a hand gently in his arm “please?”

He sighed and closed his eyes before shaking his head and throwing his hands up “fine! But if I see any poop-”

“You won’t I promise!” You hugged him but quickly let go to regain your composer.

You both sat on your bed and you all watched and played with your new family member.

“So what’s his name?” Dean said while playing with him, letting him bite at his fingers.


Everyone seemed to still, even Gabriel, until he started barking again and rolling around.

Castiel was the first to break out of the trance and pick up the dog and lay him in his lap. “Gabriel.” He said almost to himself “such a wild spirit, it suits him.”

Dean patted the dog and Sam smiled. You all sat there and watched as Castiel held Gabriel and smiled down at him, finally feeling as if he had his brother back. Feeling as if there was another angel in the room tonight.


Sam suddenly frowned and looked at you “hey why weren’t you wearing shoes when you walked in?”