just look at his face jfc

alright I’ve run into some revealfic that has given me this sudden and terrible and cruel thirst for a set-up in which Marinette tells Alya, Nino, and Adrien that she’s Ladybug because [insert literally any valid excuse here; I make no pretenses about caring, none at all]. Alya flips out for all the obvious reasons and Nino’s just like “jfc this explains so much” and both their minds are, like, blown and it’s all a big old fuss like “MARINETTE WHAT THE HELL AND ALSO MARINETTE HOW THE HELL DID WE MISS THIS”. 

And meanwhile Adrien is just, like. Sitting there. Sitting there very quietly in the middle of all the chaos, with his hands folded in his lap. Marinette gives him this nervous little look, worried about how he’s going to react, and Adrien puts on his Model Smile™ and beams at her, his whole face lighting up. 

“You’re amazing, Marinette!” he says brightly, absolutely fucking heartbroken.

Because Marinette told her secret identity to Alya, and Nino, and him, who she’s held maybe half a dozen semi-coherent conversations with and barely knows outside of his good son act. 

But Ladybug didn’t trust Chat Noir with it. 

jim loves calling spock his boyfriend……… like even after they get married occasionally he’ll still introduce spock like “and this is my boyfriend, spock. we’re married” and spock will be like “we are also bonded” with a soft look on his face and jim just grins really brightly at him and the person theyre talking to is just thinking “holy starships i have never seen any couple more in love jfc”

In Chapter 551 Alone
  • Gintoki waits for Hijikata specifically to spend time with him
  • Has a bittersweet smile on his face when he looks at Hijikata
  • Hijikata expresses concern that Gintoki will be staying in Edo
  • Hijikata promises Gintoki he’ll come back to him
  • Hijikata holds Gintoki accountable for the good things he has done 
  • Gintoki acknowledges his own growth as a character thanks to Hijikata
  • Gintoki makes a point that all he wants from Hijikata is his time when he returns 
  • Gintoki tells Hijikata that when he comes back he won’t be alone because they’ll be together
  • It’s heavily implied they’ll miss each other
  • The Shinsengumi repeat multiple times that Edo is their home, their home is with the people they care about most
  • This chapter fucked me up bad

so like u know in the second toby maguire spiderman movie that scene on the train where he got his mask taken off and he’s unconscious and the people on the train all go like “hes just a kid…” and crowd around him to defend him from doc oc? okay u probably dont but that description is literally all u need 2 know about it lets go

Basically imagine that but like. Either marinette’s miraculous gets taken away completely or her transformation wears off and shes too weak to hide while she’s changing back (maybe the villain of the week is actually *surprise!* competent, maybe its hawkmoth idk) but anyway so she changes back at her school in the process of defending the kids? and the kids are like “holy,,, shit shes. i know her. shes in my english class. thats marinette. holy. holy cannoli. jesus christ.”

and the baddie is demanding that they hand her over but theyre like …no. They crowd around her and protect her and even somehow manage to fend them off until chat noir shows up. 

imagine even chloe standing up for her. 

imagine like, one scenario where shes not the biggest bitch possible.



Next time, we’ll win and make you say, “I’m mad,” or, “That was fun,” instead of just, “Sort of.”

I look forward to it.

  • *Misha's livestream post*
  • Misha: Guys, come join me for this amazing and educational livestream! We'll tour the set! I'll answer questions! We'll have fun! It'll be great!
  • *Misha after Jensen's gets involved*
  • Misha: Oh look here’s Jensen yep here he is here’s his face just look yep that’s his face wow Jen you’re so funny guys we’re hilarious heart eyes and thumbs up woW HAHAAA

“I see a bunch of familiar faces…..and what in the hell is going ON??” 

(For the Fishman Island Festival, hosted by ask-jinbe)

((So um hi, I just managed to finally land a steady internet connection, and I don’t know if I’m gonna try to keep up with askblogging again or not, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to join in on this crazy lil party, but this is a great excuse to draw Arlong in a yukata and jfc y’all look like yer having a blast with these event things, y’all are hilarious))


be good.