just look at his beauty

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WhoawhoawhoawhoaWHOA. Did Tony just step out of his armor in the Spiderman trailer, looking like this beautiful angel, while wearing his own casual equivalent of Loki's all black suit??? IS THAT WHAT I SEE? I NEED ALL THE FANWORKS ABOUT THIS.

He had to rush out to help Peter and accidentally grabbed Loki’s suit instead of his own. This happens regularly so Loki just has his clothes magicked so that if Tony does do this they shrink down to fit him perfectly. 


A nice Choukei dump for the soul.
1. Osomatsu is whiny, wants attention, and wants to be called niichan. Karamatsu just wants to look at his beautiful self in peace.
2. Osomatsu is Karamatsu’s #1 supporter, no matter how much he teased him. If someone makes him want to change Oso will be the first to defend him.
3. I dunno, they’re probably plotting something.
4. They’re drunk and complaining about being underappreciated.


That was probably the wrong answer…


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.


he feels so surreal i can’t believe 😭💘💥