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GOT7 | Dating Jackson Wang | REALLY LONG |

Request: Yes - multiple

Hope it’s long enough! If not don’t be afraid to ask for more! enjoy :)

  • him always holding your hand
  • like he loves it
  • him holding and putting your hand in his pocket when your hand is cold
  • him saying how cold your hands are
  • him bringing your hands in front of the both of you encasing your hands with his and blowing warm air into them whilst rubbing them
  • snowball fights
  • taking pictures of him off guard/without him knowing and him doing the same to you
  • him posting it on social media
  • whether it be for an anniversary, a tb/to relive a memory, or just to let you and everyone else know that he loves you
  • cute and silly pictures together
  • a cute picture of you shows up when he’s ringing you or you’re ringing him (and vice versa)
  • random calls and specific calls (depending on time zone or schedule)
  • snowballs fights/trying to build an igloo together and maybe failing maybe not

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Prompt: Imagine that the first thing your soulmate, Steve Rogers, ever said to you was “hi”.

Pairing: Steve/Reader - First Words Tattoo Soulmate AU

Words: 1034

Warnings: None? (I didn’t mean to insult anyone who likes Fifty Shades of Grey.)


You looked down at your wrist, reading again the word even if you didn’t need to. You memorized it as soon as you learned it’s meaning.

After all, it was the first word your soulmates were going to say to you. Both of them.


And you were definitely going to slap them for it. 

At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Lots of people had “hi” as their soulmark(not both of them, sure) and still found their soulmates, right? Well, that’s what you thought before your first year of school, when you realized the amount of times you would hear that word every single day of your life. You couldn’t keep freezing every time you heard your friends saying hi to each other, just because you thought it could be your soulmate saying it to you, or ask to check the soulmarks of everyone new that said hi to you.

What if you and your soulmates said very common things and neither of you realized you were actually soulmates, never meeting each other again? Okay, maybe that was dramatic, but it certainly could happen.

So you made up a plan.

It seemed like a stupid plan at first, but as the time passed you noticed that it avoided a lot of confusion. It was simple, really. You just made sure that you said the strangest things to everyone in your first meetings. Everyone.

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A Morning With Yoongi

  • waking up to the noise of rhythmic thumping
  • shifting around to find an empty spot next to you
  • you grudgingly get up, wondering what all the ruckus is and find him seated in his studio
  • silently making your way over to him, you drape your arms over his shoulders
  • he jumps a bit from the sudden intrusion but continues to work quietly boy do those concentrated eyes do things to you
  • you slowly lose patience from him being distracted
  • you tilt your head to give him a chaste kiss on his jawline, your hand snaking it’s way down his chest
  • now that definitely got his attention
  • he turns to look at you and sees your ruffled appearance, reminding him of the unforgettable night before
  • his eyes transition to a darker shade and he presses his lips against the shell of your ear, suggestively whispering
  • you’re just asking for it aren’t you doll?

-Admin Babydoll



WARNINGS: swearing


It was a Friday when the jealousy began to creep its way into Draco Malfoy’s chest.

He had never been one to show emotion - let alone admit to himself that he felt anything besides spite. But whenever he looked at her, his heart palpitated in his chest like helicopter propellers.

That day, in Charms class, Draco began to go mad.

Flitwick had asked the students to turn water into rum, and, like always, Neville Longbottom could not get it right. He tried and tried and tried but his wand did not agree with his wrist. 

Naturally, Y/N had finished first, and was then walking around helping others, as requested by Professor Flitwick. Draco watched her float across the other side of the room. He thought about how her hair fell perfectly onto her shoulders; how her lips were so plump and oh so pink. 

She approached Neville.

“Hi, Neville. Do you need some help?” she asked.

“Hi Y/N.” he replied. “That would be great, thanks.”

Draco swallowed across the room as he watched her wrap her delicate fingers around Neville’s wrist and help him flick his wand right. She was standing so close to him - he could probably smell her hair. A knot formed in Draco’s stomach.

Draco could’ve used some rum right about then.

“Dude.” Blaise Zabini interjected, snapping Draco out of his haze.

“What?” he replied, staring at his friend.

“What’s the matter with you?” 

Draco shook his head. “Nothing, nothing.”

Blaise’s gaze travelled to where Neville and Y/N were now laughing about something, still standing in close proximity.

“You were staring at Longbottom and the Hufflefluff.” Blaise said, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh, shove it, Blaise.”

Over the weekend, Draco had managed to swallow the hot ball of jealousy that had begun to swell in his throat. He didn’t see Y/N, which helped to an extent. But, it did not stop him from picturing her with Neville Longbottom.

On Monday, the pictures in his mind became real again.

It was a bustling, early morning in the Great Hall and Draco had been pushing his eggs around on his plate while staring mindlessly down at it. He had disregarded Pansy Parkinson’s concern by clearly overusing the word tired.

He was just about to scream at Pansy for smothering him when he heard an unmistakable, velvety laugh that came from the Gryffindor table.

His head snapped up, searching for Y/N. He had no clue why her voice wasn’t coming from the Hufflepuff table - but his question was answered very quickly.

Y/N was sat next to Neville, both of them bent over a book that laid open on the table. Their knees bumped as she leaned over and pointed to something in the book. Neville was laughing, and Y/N had a wide smile spread across her mouth.

Draco’s lips parted and he couldn’t quite seem to pry his eyes away from the two of them. His blood felt as if it had tripled in heat; his throat felt as if it had dropped to the pit of his stomach.

Their skin was inches apart. Draco sharply inhaled as Y/N whispered something into Neville’s ear, which resulted in the clumsy Gryffindor almost spitting out his drink while laughing.

Draco couldn’t watch anymore. He got up from the Slytherin table and walked out of the Great Hall.

After a long day of classes, Draco made his way over to the library to check out a book on Divination. Professor Trelawney had informed him that he was on the verge of failing the class, which threw him into an even worse mood than he had already been in.

His heart seemed to stop for a moment when he saw Y/N, alone, browsing the shelves. He was about to leave, but before he knew it, he was walking up to her.

“Hi.” he choked out.

She turned, lips parted in surprise. “Hi.”

“I’m Draco.”

She smiled, causing Draco’s heart to flutter. “I know.”

He swallowed, “Y/N, right?”

She nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Yeah.”

“Um,” Draco said, trying to prevent an uncomfortable silence from forming. “Would you mind helping me find a book? I don’t think I’ve actually used the library before.”

Y/N’s eyes seemed to light up at the mention of books, despite already being surrounded by them. The corners of her mouth turn up into a grin.

Draco then discovered something: Her smile was very contagious. 

“Yeah! What did you want to find?” she said, turning away from the bookshelf so her whole body was facing Draco.

“Something on Divination.” he said, looking down, into her eyes. “I’m… failing Trelawney’s class.”

“Okay.” she said, and started walking to another section of the library. Draco followed.

She turned into an aisle that almost went up to the ceiling with bookshelves. Y/N strolled through, dragging her thin fingers along the book spines until she stopped, her eyes catching on a book on one of the higher shelves.

She rose up to her tiptoes and reached for it. Draco’s eyes fell onto her waist, where her untucked uniform shirt had risen, exposing a thin sliver of skin. He looked away immediately, feeling guilty for seeing that.

“Here.” she said, handing him a thick book that felt quite heavy.

“Thank you.” he said, turning the book over in his hands. “I’m absolute shit at Divination.”

Y/N hesitated, before saying, “I’m actually pretty good at it. I could help you out, if you’d like.”

Draco had never felt himself smile so wide. “I’d really like that.”

Over the next few weeks, Draco and Y/N became more familiar with each other. They met four times a week, either in the library or on the Astronomy tower. She taught him how the stars aligned in the sky and what the bottom of tea cups symbolized. Draco had evidently improved in his Divination class, and he got happier with each good mark he received on an exam.

And he was convinced that he was falling in love with her.

Draco had picked up a few signs that Y/N might return his feelings, like the way she blushed when he told her how good she was at Divination, or how she constantly brushed hands with him while explaining things in the textbook.

And then there was that day that he completely mortified himself in front of her.

He had gotten a perfect score on a Divination exam, and was ecstatic to tell Y/N at their tutoring session that night.

“Y/N!” he yelled, clambering onto the roof of the Astronomy tower. “Guess what I got on the exam!”

“What?” she said, standing up off the bench she had been reading on.

“A hundred percent!” he said, grin plastered on his face, running over to her.

“That’s amazing!” she said, bringing Draco into a tight hug.

He was caught off guard at the embrace, but squeezed her back right away.

Then he kissed her on the cheek.

The two of them broke away from the hug and stared at each other. Draco felt the heat rapidly rising to his pale cheeks. Y/N turned away, tugging on the yellow and grey striped tie around her neck.

A thick silence filled the air, and Draco attempted to swallow the lump in his throat.

“So… I guess you don’t need a tutor anymore.” Y/N said, softly, avoiding Draco’s eyes.

His heart sank, as he sighed. “I guess not.”

She finally met his blue-grey eyes, and Draco awkwardly bit his lip, before saying, “Well, thank you… for helping me out.”

She nodded. “Yeah, of course.” she said, along with a small smile.

“I’ll see you around.” Draco said, backing up towards the door.

The night air lifted Y/N’s hair off her shoulders as she pressed her lips together and replied, “Yeah. Bye.”


He turned around and left.

Over the next few days, Draco sank back into a state of loneliness and regret. He felt like an idiot for kissing her, as she did not seem to respond as if she liked it.

One day, he was on his way to the Great Hall, when he passed Y/N, who was walking with Neville, in Draco’s direction.

The feeling of jealousy kicked back into to Draco’s chest like restarting a car.

When Y/N saw him, she didn’t look away. She was about to call out to him, but Draco quickly looked away and rushed off in the opposite direction. She sighed.

“You talk to Malfoy?” Neville asked, looking confused.

She shook her head. “Not anymore.”

Draco was shaking with envy. He wanted to scream at her. He had thought that she liked him, but now felt like an absolute moron for even believing in the chance that she might.

He needed closure. If he kept wrecking his mind with the image of her with Neville, and flashbacks of the incident on the Astronomy tower, he was bound to go mad.

He found her the next day under a tree outside the castle. She was alone this time, reading a book. His legs walked over to her before he could ready himself.

She looked up when she sensed his shadow.

“I need to talk to you.” he said, running a trembling hand through his blonde locks.

Y/N closed her book. “Okay.”

He sat down on the grass, crossing his legs and facing her. Draco took a breath.

“I really like you. You’re incredibly beautiful and I get nervous when I’m around you and I want to be with you all the time. And I see you with Longbottom and I get this aching feeling in my chest and you’re so smart and funny and-”

Y/N leaned over and kissed him quickly on the lips.

When she pulled back, Draco’s cheeks were stained a startling shade of pink.

“You’re cute when you ramble.” she said, smiling.

Draco laughed nervously, not knowing what to say.

“And Neville and I are just friends.” she reassured.

Draco smiled. “Really?”

“Yeah.” she said, biting her bottom lip.

And in that moment, Draco was glad Y/N had taught him so much about divination, because he was sure he could see the future unfolding in front of them.

thanks for reading!! i hope you enjoyed. i’m currently working on a bunch of requests: both draco & newt, so look out for those!! xx

(p.s. i have nothing against hufflepuffs & just thought that “hufflefluff” was something zabini would say :) )

“That ‘Magic’ Touch”  ~  George x reader

“Can u do an imagine where the reader is Harry’s older sister and she acts like her dad and looks like her mom so she obviously amazing at pranks and George sees her pull a prank on draco who she hates and and he ends up asking her out and it ends with fluff (ps she’s in gryffindor)” ~Anon

Thank you so much for the request!! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it! I apologize for taking a million years! I hope you like!😘💕



“I said no, y/n!”

Y/n grumpily flopped down on the sofa. “But why? Haven’t I got the right to use Dad’s things, too?”

Harry stood beside the sofa arm. “You’ll make a mess. I know how you are.”

“Fine.” she spat. “I guess that prank on Draco will have to wait.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “Wait… What?”

She sighed sadly, sweet talking a bit. “I guess we’ll never know…"

“What were you planning?” He sat down beside her, interested.

“Well,” she began, “I had this whole thing planned out where I was going to use the invisibility cloak and put a little spell on his hair..”

“How would that be a good prank?”

Y/n gave Harry a look of utter determination. “For one thing, he’d be embarrassed. And two, everyone would laugh.”

He laughed. “And that’s a good idea, why?”

“Because, I would like a good laugh.”

Harry sighed. “Fine. You can borrow the cloak.”

Y/n jumped up happily. “Oh, thank you, Harry!! And the map?”

“I guess. Just be careful.”

“I will! Goodness! Quit acting like you’re my mum!” She scoffed. “I’m not stupid, you know!”

She exited the common room into the hall, checking the map every few seconds. Bumping into George on her way outside, she smiled. “Hey!”

“Y/n! I was just looking for you! Fred and I were wondering if you’d like to throw stink pellets with us and Peeves!”

She giggled. “That sounds fun, but I’m on an important mission at the moment.”

“And what’s that?”

“Just come with me! You’ll love it!”

They made their way to the Entrance Hall. Y/n pulled George aside to a hidden corner and pulled out the Marauders Map.

“What do you need that for?” he asked with a smirk. “I could have shown you all the secret passageways.”

She shook her head. “I’m not looking for places. I’m looking for a person.”

“And who would that be?”

She looked George straight in the eye with a smirk. “If you could prank anyone in the entire world, besides Filch, who would it be?”

He finally understood what she was up to. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“No. Just making sure I still have have that ‘magic’ touch.”

“And if we get caught?”

Her expression didn’t change. “How on earth would we get caught?” She held up the invisibility cloak.

His jaw dropped. “Ho-”

She draped the cloak over herself. “No questions. Let’s go!”

George entered the inside of the cloak. Being tall had it’s disadvantages, but they made it work. They walked outside carefully, finding Draco by the beech tree. Y/n pulled out her wand and pointed it straight at the pale, white-blonde haired boy.

“What are you doing?” George whispered, sounding a bit frightened by her actions.

She looked at him with a devious smile. “Just having a bit of fun.”

Casting a silent spell, George would have never noticed what she had done, that is, until Malfoy’s hair turned a bright shade of orange.

“His father will be hearing about this.” she giggled. “How he became obsessed with those redheaded Weasleys.”

People took notice of Draco’s new hair and started an uproar of laughter. Draco was furious that he was the butt of the joke. He didn’t understand why he was being laughed at.

“Nice hair, Malfoy!”

“Obsessing over the Weasleys much!”

Pansy paced toward him and whispered in his ear, which made him run toward the castle. “MY FATHER WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THIS!”

“There it is.” George chuckled.

They took a seat under the tree, still covered by the invisibility cloak.

“That was brilliant.”

Y/n blushed at his comment. “Thank you.”

“You’re brilliant.”


“I-I… uhh…”

She waited for him to speak, but he never did. Instead, he smashed his lips to hers. She was in shock, but fell into a calmer state, placing her hands against his chest. He pulled back quickly.

“I-I… I’m sorry.”

She laughed slightly at his jumpiness. “Don’t be.”

His words were sharper than usual. “I was going to ask you out on a date, but I don’t know if you’d-”

“Well, it never hurt’s to ask.”

“Well, would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked.

Her quick wit came in handy. “I couldn’t say no to someone I just kissed.”

He bit his lip, returning to his normal self. “I’d like to do it again, actually.”

Y/n’s heart fluttered. “No one would see us.” She winked.

Like before, George placed his lips on y/n, but more slowly. He put his hand up to her jaw, stroking her cheek with his thumb. Again, she rested her hands on his chest. They pulled away slowly from each other.

Y/n gasped. “Oh! I almost forgot!”


She pulled the map out of her back pocket along with her wand, tapping it to the paper.

Mischief managed. Now let’s go throw stink pellets with Fred and Peeves!”


A wave of dizziness crashed over the brunette making him stumble a little. He used the cold tiled bathroom wall to catch himself before he could completely fall over. He closed his eyes, breathing in deeply to try and clear his head a little. After several deep breaths he opened his eyes and splashed some cold water on his face, wincing when he saw his reflection. 

Dark circles outlined his eyes, so dark and prominent that it looked like he was wearing guy liner. His naturally tan skin looked paler than usual and his cheeks were a little too hollow. “Fuck, I’m pretty sure the Walking Dead is missing a zombie.” He muttered, lightly tracing the bags that hung under his eyes with his fingertips. 

The brutal conditions of touring had taken its toll on the whole band. Already five weeks into the tour and everyone was behind on their sleeping schedule. Four to six uncomfortable hours of sleep barely kept the other boys moving, just enough for them to do a couple interviews, photo shoots and a concert. But he didn’t have the luxury of sleeping four hours, he was lucky if he got two hours throughout the whole week. Insomnia was a bitch and he never hated it as much as he does now. 

He would lay down and close his eyes, begging for the sweet escape called sleep but it would hardly ever come. The beds or chairs were too uncomfortable, always too hard and too small. Everything was unfamiliar which made him feel paranoid, always standing up to check if there was something in the closet, under the bed, in the bathtub, etc. When he was able to get sleep, he would only be out for two hours max before something eventually woke him up. Add in the jet lag, the concerts and everything else, his body was more than ready to shut down. 

The door swung open and Luke strolled in, letting out a cute yawn. “Hey, make up is calling for you.” Luke looked down at the tired expression on the smaller boy and frowned. “When was the last time you slept?” He asked worriedly.
Calum thought about it for a second, “Three days ago?” Luke gently nudged Calum’s chin, frowning as he got a better look at the smaller boy. Calum removed himself from the grip, mustering up a small smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take a pill tonight." 

Luke shook his head, "It’s not healthy to be taking pills that don’t even work.”
“Well then what am I supposed to do?” Calum huffed, irritated at the behemoth in front of him. 

A mischievous smirk tugged at those thin pink lips, “I could just fuck you for hours until your body has no choice but to shut down and recover.” A dark shade of pink crept up his neck, dusting those prominent cheek bones. He closed his eyes, his breath hitching as he felt a warm breath fan over his ear. “Wouldn’t you like that? I bet you would love to be fucked into tomorrow." 

"W-Wha-Huh?” Calum stuttered, opening his eyes to see icy blue eyes piercing into his own. Large hands pawed at him, shamelessly grabbing his ass to pull him flush to that broad and firm chest. His head spun, but in a good way this time. The delicious scent and cologne that clung to the blonde infiltrated his senses making him weak at the knees. 

Luke grinned, tightening his hold on the pretty brunette. “Can’t you imagine it Cal? All the fun we can have tonight? Imagine being fucked against the wall, bent over the table, on the couch, on your hands and knees, the shower wall and if you’re a good boy we’d even do it in the bathtub." 

"I-I’ll be a g-good boy, I s-swear!” Calum stuttered out, entirely too turned on by the images that filtered through his mind. 

Luke brushed his lips against those soft red ones. Once, twice before deepening it, taking more and more of the brunette while giving just as much. When he pulled back they both panted for their breaths. “I know you’ll be a good boy. After this show tonight I’ll treat you so well Cal, I’ll give you so much pleasure that your body will have to shut down to replenish its energy.” Calum buried his face in his boyfriend’s neck, placing open mouth kisses on the pulse point. “Come on love, we have a show in an hour and you need to head to wardrobe." 

Calum pouted, rubbing his arousal against Luke. "Please?” He whimpered, rolling his hips to increase the friction. The hands that were palming his hands moved to his hips to hold him still. “Lukey.” He whined, widening his eyes to try and get the blonde to give in. He was so turned on and one orgasm couldn’t hurt, right? 

“No Cal, if we start now we’ll never stop. Thousands of girls are waiting to see us, you don’t want to disappoint them, do you baby?” Luke tightened his grip around those curvy hips, “Just two hours baby, that’s all.” Blue eyes begged the brunette to calm down, to just wait. 

“Caaallluummm!” Michael yelled. Calum sighed in irritation, he hated being fucking teased and that is exactly what the blonde just did. He just casually strolled into the bathroom, filled his mind with fantasies and now the stupid blonde will keep him waiting for hours. Finally regaining strength from his legs, he pushed the blonde away and thought about dead puppies. 

Gripping the handle, he yanked open the door and almost ran straight into the black haired boy. “Hey, there you are! Wardrobe man.” He pushed past Michael and headed to the dressing room, ignoring the ‘prick’ comment that came from his band mate. He was angry now, and maybe it was the lack of sleep talking for his sudden change of emotions but he didn’t give a fuck, he was still pissed. 

He stayed as far away from the blonde the whole night, ignoring all the attempts the younger boy did to try and capture his attention. He hated being teased and maybe this’ll be a lesson for the blonde. 

He smirked when he saw the look of irritation cross those blue eyes. Oh Luke knew what he was doing, there was no doubt about that which just happened to make the whole situation ten times better. He liked having this little bit of power. He liked knowing that he could make the blonde frustrated just by ignoring him. It sent a rush through his body and he loved every fucking second of it. 

When the show finished they all got into the van to take them back to the hotel. It was an incredibly tense car ride that neither Michael or Ashton wanted to break the silence. He stuffed his hands in his pocket to hide the slight shake, he knew he was going to get it as soon as they were in the privacy of their suite. 

As they walked down their hallway he contemplated whether or not to turn around and crash in Michael and Ashton’s room. It didn’t matter because pretty soon they were at the door and it took him several tries to get the key in the slot. 

He wasn’t even two steps into the room before he was pulled back by the collar of his shirt and slammed into the closed door. His squeak was swallowed by rough, demanding lips. It didn’t take him long to start kissing back, whimpering when those lips traveled down his jaw, nipping along the way. 

Hands rubbed beneath his shirt sending delicious shivers up and down his spine. He gripped those soft blonde locks and tugged until their lips met again in another fiery kiss. “You think you can just ignore me?” Luke asked, smashing his lips against the already bruised lips before they can respond. 

“Y-You fucking t-teased me, I don’t l-like being teased.” Calum gasped when he felt the most delicious friction, their jeans rubbing against each other heightening the pleasure. 

“I was going to go easy on you tonight, take time to prepare you but I don’t think you deserve that. I think you deserve a little pain, don’t you think?” Luke rolled his hips again, sucking little love bites on the column of Cal’s neck. 

“F-Fuck Luke.” Calum moaned, throwing his head back against the door in pleasure. 

Luke stopped what he was doing, and backed away. “I asked you a question love.” Calum whimpered at the sudden loss of contact, “Ye-Yes! P-Please Luke, no more teasing.” Luke smirked and started unbuckling his pants, pulling them down just enough for his erection to spring free. “Suck.” He commanded, pushing down on the brunette’s shoulders. 

Calum dropped to his knees, taking the head of the dripping member. He swirled his tongue around the head, sucking lightly before taking a couple inches into his mouth. He bobbed his head, putting a little more in his mouth each time he went down. 

Luke let out an embarrassingly loud groan, tangling his fingers in the straightened black highlighted hair. He pushed Calum’s head down a little further, trying to stop himself from bucking up and choking his beautiful lover. He felt the brunette still for a second before taking his whole member into his mouth and throat. 

It was tight, wet and warm. The suction felt amazing and he couldn’t help but snap his hips in time with that mouth. He looked down and muttered a quiet 'fuck’. Those deep brown eyes were staring up at him as they took his whole member in their mouth. After a minute of this he pulled out of that sweet warm mouth, there was no way he was going to blow his load before entering his lover. 

He unbuckled the brunette’s jeans, pushing them until they reached mid-thigh. He wrapped his arms around those muscular thighs, lifting the smaller boy and pressing him against the door. “Please Luke, please.” Calum begged, squirming when he felt the head of Luke’s dick against his puckered hole. 

It was too much, this pretty boy was begging to be fucked and who was he to deny this little boy? With one quick thrust he was inside the older boy, groaning at the tightness and heat. He waited a minute for Calum to get used to his length before slowly pulling out and slamming back in. 

The spit and precum made it easy to slide in and out of the tight hole. He set a brutal pace, slamming the brunette into the door with every rough thrust. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight.” He gritted his teethes, the walls hugged around his member perfectly, almost as if it was made for him and him only. 

Calum groaned, “L-Luke, s-so good, so g-good.” He moved his hips, meeting the blonde with every thrust. He felt so full and with every thrust, something new was touched and felt so much better. He wrapped his legs around the blonde’s waist, moaning when he felt Luke go deeper than before. 

“You just loved being fucked, don’t you?” Luke sucked and nipped at those beautiful collar bones, his tongue trailing the path he created. Changing the angle of his hips, he found that little bundle of nerves that made his lover scream. He kept pounding into that area and brought his hand between them, moving his hand up and down Calum’s length with the same pace he was fucking into the brunette. 

“C-Close, s-so close.” Calum stuttered out. A couple more thrusts later and his whole body tightened around the blonde’s member, cum splashing on their shirts as the name 'Luke’ fell out of his lips like a prayer. 

It wasn’t long before the blonde finished, plunging himself as deep as he could into the brunette and stilling, dumping his load against the smaller boy’s prostate. Calum shook with over sensitivity, tightening even more around the blonde, his whole body shaking slightly from the over stimulation. “Fuck Cal.” He moaned. 

Luke stayed lodged inside of Calum while both of them caught their breath. He kissed the brunette again, this time a sweet and caring kiss. “Let’s see how long you’ll last before you pass out.” He muttered against the red bruised lips.
Calum smirked, “Tonight’s gonna be fun.” He smashed his lips against the blonde, tonight was definitely going to be fun.

That night ended up to be a blast. Calum lost count of how many orgasms he had that night after the fifth. Towards the end he wasn’t even shooting anything but it was so worth it because he got eight full hours of sleep! The last thing he had remembered was Luke hitting his prostate sending him over the edge once again before blackness. 

The next morning was hell though. It hurt so much to walk, sit and lay down, so basically he was fucked. His ass was sore, he was littered in love bites and his legs hurt from being spread apart for so long. He had to take three Tylenols and that took an hour to fully kick in. 

Luke was in a better shape than him though. The only part that hurt was his stomach, it felt like he had done a thousand sit ups and he’s pretty sure that he had a six pack to prove it. He had brought the brunette breakfast in bed since the poor boy couldn’t move from being fucked properly. 

They both had to go out later that day to buy make up to cover the dozens of love bites that littered their neck, arms, and jaw. YouTube was their savior that day because who knew that bleeding make up could be so fucking hard? 

That night when they arrived at the stadium they were going to play at, they were pulled aside by a pissed off manager. Apparently he had gotten a call earlier that day from the hotel and he was close to murdering the two hormonal teenagers from the news he received. 

They had wrecked the hotel room. 

The headboard had broken in the middle of one of their rougher rounds, denting the wall behind it. The dining room table had collapsed under their weight but even that didn’t stop their activities, in fact all Luke did was fuck Calum into the splintering mess. The couch’s armrest was split into two. Luke had fucked Calum just a little too hard but in his defense it was because Calum’s ass was just begging to be ruined. 

The towel rack in the shower was on the ground instead of on the wall, unable to support Calum’s weight every time Luke thruster up into the brunette. The tub ended up being alright except that there was water everywhere, every-fucking-where. The faster they went the bigger the splashes got and some water might have accidentally gotten into a plug, blowing up the circuit in the bathroom. On top of all that, there were cum stains on all of the surfaces they had fucked which was practically every surface. Yeah, the cleaning crew were not happy at all. 

After getting their ass handed back by their manager and an embarrassing talk over the phone with their parents they were finally able to escape to wardrobe. The embarrassment didn’t stop there as the make up artists tried to dig for gossip on who the lucky ladies were that left all the bite marks on their necks. It was extremely embarrassing when they had to reject the tank tops, switching them for long sleeved shirts. “Damn, what the fuck did you guys do last night, have sex with a vampire?” One of them muttered when they saw more bite marks along their bodies. 

Once the show was over they were dragged again by their manager to the side. As their punishment for trashing the last hotel room, they had to stay in separate rooms until the end of the first leg of the tour. So Calum had to crash with Michael and Luke with Ashton. 

Of course the two little fuckers had to ask why there was a change with the sleeping partners. Both boys got a good laugh when they heard the entire story because how could it not be funny? Two horny teenage boys trashing a hotel room just by having sex, it would have been headline news if customer confidentiality wasn’t a thing. 

A hand wrapped around Calum’s, squeezing his tightly. “Hey.” Luke muttered, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. 

“Hey.” He whispered tiredly. It had been four weeks since they’ve been separated and he hasn’t been able to sleep again. The dark circles were back, more prominent than ever making him look like a panda. 

Luke frowned, rubbing the bags beneath Calum’s eyes with the pad of his thumb. “You didn’t sleep at all last night did you?" 

Calum yawned, "No.” He had tried to fall asleep but his body wouldn’t simply just shut down. He had taken two sleeping pills and drank some hot chamomile tea yet that didn’t do shit. 

“When was the last time you slept?”

His brows furrowed in concentration, “Four days ago? Maybe five, I can’t remember.” The last few days had been a blur, things were mushed up and there were black spots in his memories making it was hard to remember things. 

“Have you tried running, tiring yourself out?” Luke bit his lip, if Calum stayed up any longer than his body will start to shut down at any moment to try and replenish itself. 

“Yes, I’ve done everything!” Calum huffed in irritation before sighing. “Sorry, I’m just really snappy.” Another yawn escaped the pretty brunette’s lips. 

“It’s okay baby, I know you’re just really tired. We can see if we can switch rooms tonight, maybe it’ll help having someone to cuddle with.” Luke suggested, rubbing slow gentle circles on the brunette’s back. Calum lent into the touch, resting his head on one of those broad shoulders. He had no idea what Luke just said, it sounded like baby talk in his mind so he kept his mouth shut. They stayed in that position until Ashton came, telling them it was time to go on stage. 

It took all his strength to get up, his knees threatening to buckle beneath his body. A wave of drowsiness hit him making him stumble into the behemoth of his boyfriend. “Maybe you should sit out.” Luke suggested lightly, knowing that anything could trigger his boyfriend at the moment. 

Calum rubbed off the comment, “I’m fine, just tired.” Luke opened his mouth to say something else but a firm glare from the brunette made him keep his mouth shut. Luke held open the door for him and he tried to control the shakiness in his every step. 

One of the tech guys handed him his bass and he almost fell over. Was his instrument always that heavy? “Cal, I don’t think this is a good idea.”
“M'fine!” Calum snapped, glaring at the stupid blonde prick that he was dating. 

“When was the last time you slept?” Michael asked, just noticing the dark circles. 

Ashton looked up at the younger boy and frowned. He was sure that Calum had slept at least a couple hours last night since he hadn’t gotten up in the middle of the night. “Didn’t you sleep at all? You didn’t move or walk around like you usually do." 

"I don’t remember.” Calum muttered, noticing how there were a lot more gaps in his memory than he realized. They couldn’t question him more because the music had started and they had to run on stage. 

It took a lot of strength to continue playing the bass. His fingers felt numb and heavy making it almost impossible for him to move them. He opened his mouth to start singing his solo, moving his fingers up and down the neck of his bass. “Next day out, Everybody thought you were so insane…

The beginning beat of Disconnected made him mess up. His heart was pounding in his chest, they were just on End Up Here so how the fuck were they on Disconnected already? His little fumble made the others stop playing and they were all giving him concerned looks. “You alright Cal?” Michael asked. 

“W-Why are on Discone-we on End uh ere-” The words came out as a jumbled mess and was interrupted by a tired yawn. It was getting harder to move his lips and tongue, he couldn’t even feel his arms anymore. His limbs felt like lead and his knees were shaking slightly, threatening to buckle at any second. He stumbled back a little after seeing a black shadow in front of him, blinking a couple times and sighing when he realized that it was just his brain playing tricks on him.

“Cal.” Luke started moving towards the small brunette, worry etching his features. 

His breath was getting more labored as he saw two shadows appear in front of him. “H-help.” His legs finally gave out and he let the blackness envelop him. 

Luke barely got there in time to catch the small brunette. His guitar scraped against the floor and he held back the urge to flinch, that guitar cost about five thousand bucks and it was his baby. Moving his attention on the important matter at hand, he lifted the brunette into his arms, hugging the body tight to his chest. 

“Calum!” Michael yelled, throwing his guitar onto the floor and ran to his best mate. He bit his lip to stop himself from crying at the sight in front of him. Calum was extremely pale under all the lights. He held a sickly complexion and add in the hollow cheeks and dark circles, He looked like he had cancer. 

Ashton was no better, throwing his drum sticks to the side and knocking a couple of the stands as he ran to his fallen band mate. He felt guilty, he should have forced Calum to sleep or something along those lines last night. 

Luke ignored the frantic crowd and walked off stage. One of the crew helped remove the guitars off the both of them and he set the pretty brunette on the couch as they waited for an ambulance. He squeezed Calum’s hand, praying to God that he’ll be fine. 

Two minutes later, two paramedics came in with a gurney. They strapped Calum to the gurney and loaded him in the back of the ambulance, stopping Luke when he tried to enter. It took everything in him to not hit one or both of the paramedics, trying to remind himself that they didn’t know they were together. 

The ride to the hospital was nerve wrecking. His legs wouldn’t stop bouncing and he was seconds away from having a panic attack. When they arrived at the hospital he rushed to the front desk, “Calum, where’s Calum Hood!” He demanded. The nurse looked up at him in shock, not used to people talking to her like that. He was going to climb over that desk and search that damn computer himself if she didn’t start talking. 

“Sir, please back up.” He slammed his hands on the counter making the poor nurse jump in fright. Two sets of arms pulled him back but he was bigger than both of them making it easy to free himself from their hold. 

Michael groaned when an elbow landed straight to his gut. “Fuck Luke.”

“Where the fuck is Calum.” He demanded once again. This time two other sets of arms wrapped around him, effectively pulling him back from the frightened nurse. “Let me go! Fuck, if you don’t let me go I’ll fire your fucking asses!” He snarled, thrashing in the body guard’s arms. 

“Luke, calm down!” Ashton’s words fell on deaf ears as he tried harder to get out of his stupid body guard’s hold. 

“Please, just let me go! Where’s Calum? I need to see him, please.” He begged and stopped struggling, pleading the nurse with his eyes. 

She sighed and started typing and clicking every few seconds. “He just go in ten minutes before you came in. They put him under some meds to knock him out, room C624." 

"Thank you.” The body guards let him go and he was sprinting for the stairs, taking four steps at a time. It was easy to find the correct room thanks to all the signs on the walls and roof. He quietly opened the door, his heart speeding up when he saw the pretty brunette lying on the bed with wires hooked up everywhere. 

He pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down, grabbing Calum’s hand in his. A tear fell down his cheek as he saw just how fragile the smaller boy was. “God Cal.” He pushed the strands of hair back, knowing how much the older boy hated it when it got in his eyes. 

Michael gasped when he saw one of his best friends laying on the hospital bed looking so pale and sick. “Jesus.” Ashton came in right after, looking at the younger boy with guilt in his eyes. 

They stayed silent, just merely listening to the heart monitor and looking for any signs of Calum getting better. A knock on the door an hour later finally broke the silence. “Hello, I’m Dr. Mason.” He introduced himself, never looking up from the file he was reading. “Calum hasn’t been getting the proper rest he needs so his body has been working overtime and today it finally shut down. We put him in an induced coma for now. His blood pressure is still too high for any strenuous movement and we don’t want to risk him getting heart disease later on in life." 

"How long until he wakes up?” Luke asked. 

“Two to three days at least, maybe longer. It depends on how fast his body recovers and even then will he have to be careful. If his body didn’t shut down when it did he could have died, sleep deprivation is a very serious thing boys.” The boys stayed quiet, it was hard to hear that Calum could have died just from not sleeping. The stress of touring probably made everything worse and it hurt to hear that the thing they loved the most could also kill them. 

The next few days were extremely stressful. The tour was canceled for the next few days for obvious reasons and they had to record a video to explain why to the fans. The press were making all kinds of rumors about him and Calum dating from the video that someone recorded of him making a scene in the front desk. 

The fans were crowded around the hospital making it impossible to get out without being hoarded. The police were called but it still wasn’t enough to stop the teenage girls from entering the hospital and sneaking up to see their idols.
“I’m gonna go get some food.” Luke muttered, standing up and placing a soft kiss on Calum’s cheek. 

“Take Dave with you.” Michael said while scrolling through his phone. 

Luke exited the room and motioned for Dave to follow him. They walked to the cafeteria and he kept his head down, trying to act as conspicuous as possible. He grabbed a sandwich and water from one of the smaller restaurants, handing over a couple bills to pay for it. 

He turned around when he heard some giggling and sighed when he saw the phones in their hands. Dave stood in their way, blocking their shot of him. “Luke, can we please have a picture?" 

"I love you Luke!" 

"Girls, this is a hospital, please just give him his space." 

Luke sighed, people were already starting to turn around and look at the commotion. "It’s just one picture Dave.” The girls squealed and wrapped their arms around him, pressing their whole bodies against his side. He held back the urge to roll his eyes and attempted to smile for the camera, key word attempted. 

They both made their way back to the room after spotting a couple more teenage girls heading their way. That was the problem, if you took one picture, you had to take a thousand pictures. It was time consuming and exhausting.
“Any signs yet?” Was the first thing out of Luke’s mouth when he entered the room. 

“Zip.” He rolled his eyes, Michael was probably on his phone the whole time he had been gone. He sat back down in his seat, eating the sandwich he bought from the cafeteria. Light snores came from Ashton, shifting in the uncomfortable hospital chair every once in a while. 

It was about five hours later when the heart monitor started to speed up. Luke jumped up, worried that something was going wrong and pressed the help button. A nurse rushed in and after doing a quick check on everything she delivered the good news that Calum was finally coming around. 

They watched Calum anxiously, looking for any signs of him possibly waking up. “Come on love, open those pretty brown eyes.” Luke squeezed Calum’s hand and was surprised when he felt a soft squeeze back. “Time to wake up pretty boy.” A groan escaped those chapped lips as Calum’s eyes started to flutter before opening. “Hey." 

Calum opened his mouth to respond when he started choking on the tube. The nurse removed the breathing tube and handed him a glass of water which he graciously gulped down. "H-Hi.” Calum croaked out. 

“How’re you feeling?” Luke pushed the hair away from his eyes, “Still tired?”

“I feel like shit, like a giant piece of horse shit. Ugh, what happened?" 

"We were in the middle of a show when you passed out from exhaustion. Your body couldn’t take it anymore and shut down. If you stayed awake for any longer some serious side effects could have happened." 

"It’s not my fault I can’t sleep.” The brunette snapped, defending himself.
Luke sighed, “I didn’t mean it like that.” He took a deep breath, “God, I was so fucking scared. You looked so pale and when the doctor mentioned you could have died-God Calum." 

Those puppy brown eyes softened, "I’m fine now Luke. I feel like I’ve slept for days, it feels so amazing to feel well rested." 

"Four days Cal, that’s how long you’ve been out.” Calum’s eyes widened, he was expecting three, four hours max, not four days! “Just lying on the bed, barely breathing." 

Calum thought on how to respond but when words failed he reached out and pulled with the little strength he had on Luke’s collar, pressing their lips together. It was sweet and loving, only lasting a couple of seconds but that was enough. "I’m sorry for making you worry.” He said once they pulled back. 

“You’re fine, that’s all that matters.” The sound of someone clearing their throat made his face turn an embarrassing shade of red. 

“I’m sorry, I should have made sure you got enough sleep and you didn’t and now you’re here and I’m so fucking sorry.” Ashton rambled, gasping for breath once he got it all out. 

“It’s not your job to make sure I sleep Ashton. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re in the band too which means you don’t get that much sleep too." 

"I kno-”

“Great! Mikey, stop looking at me like I’m fragile. I passed out, big whoop you dumbass." 

A grin spread across Michael’s face, he missed hearing the sassiness from the bassist. "S'good to see you awake jackass." 

"Lukey.” The pretty brunette whined, pressing open mouthed kisses all over the blonde’s jugular. 

It took all of Luke’s will power to not grab the smaller boy by the hips and fuck him into the couch. “Not now Cal, we have a show in ten minutes. We have a room waiting for us in two hours, two hours Cal." 

Calum pouted, widening his eyes and looked up at his boyfriend. "They’ll understand.” They had came out after a photo of them kissing got leaked. Sure they might have lost some fans but it seems like they got more fans because of their sexuality. 

Luke raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow at the brunette in his lap. “And what will be our excuse? The hormones got in the way?" 

"Sure!” Calum said energetically. The prescribed sleeping pills did a wonder to him, allowing him to get six hours of sleep every night. With his new found energy, he was always up for sex. It didn’t matter when and where, the pretty brunette was always demanding for the blonde’s attention, driving Luke up the walls at times. 

“No Cal, just wait two hours. Remember the last time you waited two hours?” A blush crept up Calum’s neck, blossoming in those chubby cheeks. “Two hours babe, just two fucking hours.

The brunette huffed, crossing his arms across his chest. "Fine, two hours, but you’re going to pay for making me wait two fucking hours.” With that, the brunette got off the blonde’s lap and stormed off to God knows where, leaving the blonde speechless. 

“Fuck.” Luke cursed, he was going to have to put on his begging pants again. Oh, the things he does for the pretty brunette.

AN: Either this chapter went pretty well or terribly wrong. I tried writing smut after I saw @flameretardent123 answer a question on tumblr. So yeah, that was my pathetic attempt and I’m never doing that again, like ever. 

This was requested by @mazeikaite_ and I liked the idea. So props to 👆🏻for being the first person to request something.

Punk/Pastel AU

(AN: I’M SO FUCKING LATE OMG SORRY!!!! Anyway, Baz is very soft and insecure in this one. It might seem a bit out of character sometimes, but I just wanted to try it. Also, Simon is a punk somehow, but still awkward.)


I try to go to the library as often as I can. Which is way to often (that’s what Agatha says). But I feel safe when I’m there. My anxiety is always smaller after I’ve been there.

Today I can hardly think about anything else. I’ve been in this classroom for too long, the air is stuffy and my butt hurts. I can feel people staring at me from behind and just hope that they’ll not try to kick my ass after this period. I’ve had enough of that yesterday.

When the teacher finally ends the class, I basically storm out of the room. Having long legs might be helpful, but there’s no better way to become a fast runner than being half-Egyptian and gay. Trust me, running is going to be one of the first things you’ll learn after starting school.

The bus ride is short and quiet. I look out of the window, counting every dog we pass. When I step out of the bus, I’ve counted 9 dogs. It makes me a bit sad, considering my personal record is 26.

I inhale deeply as I enter the library. Excitement fills me while I walk towards the little corner in which I always sit until the day outside gets dim and I have to go home. I have a little game where I try to finish a book before I have to leave. Once, on a Saturday, I sat here for 7 hours. The only flaw in this game is that I can’t cry when I’m finishing a book. It would make me seem like an even bigger geek, and believe me when I say that I’m already pretty far up there.

There aren’t many people in the library today. Normally, this would be the perfect atmosphere to start a book, but it seems to be one of these days where I can’t decide what to read. Nothing feels right. I sigh, sitting down in the green armchair, opening a book I know will be good, but the tingling I usually feel when starting a new book is missing.

Half an hour has passed and I’m not even halfway through the book I’ve picked. But that isn’t what makes me look up. Someone entered the library and I can tell that they’ve never been to one before. They are ruffling around, pulling books out of shelves and accidentally dropping things. I can’t even see them yet, but as I hear someone stumbling over a pile of books, I roll my eyes, deciding I don’t even want to see them. But as always, life is not on my side.

I haven’t even focused on the words on the page again, when someone walks right into the gap between the two rows of shelves where I’m sitting. I snap my head up, ready to glare at the person, but as soon as I lay my eyes on them, my mouth goes slack.

It’s a boy. No, that’s not right, it’s the sun in person. If the sun had a lip ring and wore shaggy jeans and Doc Martens.

His hair is spun gold and his skin is caramel, with freckles and moles dotted on it like tiny sprinkles of chocolate.

I must be staring at him with eyes like saucers, but he doesn’t even notice me. Currently, he’s pulling a book out of a shelve, just to put it back again. In the wrong spot. I frown, looking down on my book again because I don’t want to be caught ogling this guy openly. Still, I sneak another glance at him. He’s studying the back of Hamlet, looking slightly confused. Then, he puts it into an empty spot, between two books by Charles Dickens.

I don’t know what’s happening until I’m standing right next to him, clearing my throat.


Someone clears his throat behind me, and I try not to jump. When I turn around, I am confronted with the cutest dude I’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a pastel blue shirt, light blue jeans and white converse. His black hair is put up in a top knot and I nearly miss the blush under his olive skin.

“Uh, yeah?” I stutter, running a hand through my curls.

His eyes are darting around, like he doesn’t know where to look. Finally, his gaze fixes somewhere over my shoulder.

“That doesn’t belong there.” he mumbles, and gestures towards the bookshelf next to us.

I just stare at him, my brain working harder than ever. What is he talking about?!


The boy bites his lip and I am very proud of my self-control, because all I want to do is to kiss those pink lips right now.

“The book. Hamlet. It’s supposed to stand there next to the other books by Shakespeare.”


“I didn’t know!” I say, trying very hard not to sound like an absolute imbecile.

His brows are pressing together when he looks up at me. The only thing I realise is the extraordinary shade of grey in his eyes.

“Have you ever been to a library before?” he asks.


The boy’s cheeks flush beautifully and I have to tear my gaze away from his face before I do something silly. Like kissing that mole on his right cheek.

“To be honest, no, not really.” he confesses, fiddling with the hem of his Nirvana shirt. There’s something about this guy that makes my insides flutter, but he looks very straight and I’m not known to flirt with boys as cute as him. Actually, I’m known to not ever flirt.

I nod, and after that we spend talking several more minutes about how to behave in a library. When I’m halfway through lecturing him how to find the exact book you’re looking for, his hand brushes against mine. It sends something akin to a shock through my body and I can shut my mouth quickly enough so that I don’t gasp.

This boy is going to be the death of me.


I’m not sure how much time I’ve spend talking to this guy who laughs at my bad puns, talks passionately about the history of this library and shivers every time our hands collide.

But I’m very sure that it’s time to step this up a bit. I really don’t want to leave, not knowing whether I’ll ever see him again or not. (Because I absolutely want to see him again.) So I open my mouth before he can start with another paragraph about the importance of an organised bookshelf.

“By the way, I’m Simon. Simon Snow.”

He looks surprised for a second, but composes himself quickly.

“Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.” There’s a cheeky flicker in his eyes.

“You’re kidding me, right? This can’t be anyone’s real name!” I exclaim, watching him grin with wide eyes.

“I’m being perfectly serious. You can call me Baz though.”

I nod, while trying to straighten my expression.

“Good, your full name would have been way to long as a contact name. Plus, there’s no way I could have remember that. I’ve already forgot it. You’ll have to type it in yourself.” I say, handing him my phone.

Baz blushes furiously, but starts typing anyway. When he looks up at me again, the smile on his face is shy, but so sweet I feel my heart begin to swell.

Our fingers touch for a heartbeat when he gives back my phone, and he reddens even more.



Simon practically beams when I tell him to call me. There’s a small noise at the back of my throat, but I keep my mouth shut.

I missed the bus, but I don’t even mind walking home twenty minutes. Not when I remember every time Simon glanced at me when he thought I couldn’t see it and how warm his hand was whenever it touched mine.

He might look like a homeless person who joins demonstrations every weekend, and for how much I know, he could be one, but I don’t want to miss this feeling ever again. It’s way too good to give up just because Simon looks not like any guy I’ve ever seen.

He might actually like me and hell, I’m sure I really like him too. I’ve never been more sure of anything.

And he promised he’d call me.


The Powercut.

Sam x Josh

Sam was staying over at the Washington’s house as Hannah, Beth and Josh’s parents had gone away for a romantic weekend away. It was nine o clock and the girls were already in their pyjamas, lounging in the front room watching tv.

“There is literally never anything good on.” Beth moaned, pressing the button, flicking through the music channels and then the movie channels, trying to decide what they could watch. All of a sudden they were in complete darkness.

“What the hell…?” Sam sat up on the chair, grabbing her phone and putting her flashlight on her phone, “You guys okay?” She asked, the bright light shining on the two girls. Beth stood and ran to the window, looking out a long the street.

“I think it’s just us, the rest of the street is lit up fine.” She furrowed her brow in confusion. Walking to the stairs, she leaned against the bannister, “JOSH! JOSH, COME DOWN HERE!”

After a few moments, Josh came down, rubbing his eyes and yawning; he had been asleep for the past hour. “Whats up guys?” He asked, stretching out. He was dressed in a pair of boxers and a white vest, showing off his toned and muscular arms. “How come it’s so dark in here?”

“The power is out, so you need to go down to the basement and fix it, only you know how and I don’t want to go down there…it’s a bit freaky. Please go down there, please?” She pleaded with him, rushing to a cupboard next to the stairs and pulling out a torch and handing it to him. “We will be eternally grateful big brother.”

Josh took the torch from Beth and rolled his eyes, “Okay, fine. Sam, mind coming with me? Doubt either of these pussies will come.” He turned to face her, tossing the torch in the air a couple of times as he waited for her to respond.

“Erm, yeah sure, why not, I’ll be glad to help.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she walked towards him, keeping the torch on her phone light. “Lead the way.”

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SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 11

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>


So the artist Leo and Piper were so excited about was missing in action. Jason smiled. Minor inconveniences like this were kind of endearing after the last few weeks. Sure, it was going to be a shame if the painter had skipped out before the presentation, but it didn’t really matter much. He wondered absentmindedly what might have caused him to disappear. Stage fright was the most likely answer. He could have had too much to drink or used his fifteen minutes of fame to make out with a celebrity. A guy about to graduate college would be a little younger than him, and without the kind of life and death experiences or scrutiny being Tempest brought. He could probably still afford to goof off or shrug obligations.

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Apple Juice, Chips, and Bandages

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Every time he comes in he gets the same three things. A bottle of apple juice, a bag of chips, and bandages.

It’s almost always late at night too, around closing time. You don’t know where he lives, but sometimes you catch sight of him crossing the busy highway in front of the store. You don’t know how long the pattern had been going on for either. You only started noticing because Kankri got a job and your dad doesn’t want you home alone for six hours after school, so you’ve had to start staying with him at the shop.

It makes you wonder what kind of parents are cool with their kid walking across a highway at ten thirty at night three times a week.

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Dancing Demons | Pietro/Reader

So this is my first character/reader fic so be gentle on me. I would love any constructive criticism on those who have a history with writing reader fanfiction.

Got this prompt from qulcksilvers

Prompt:  “We take a dance class together and our next routine calls for partnerwork, and we got put togeth-STop standing on my foot!” AU

Y/N= Your Name | E/C = Eye Color | H/C=Hair Color | H/L= Hair Length

“Dammit, Pietro!” You cried out as he stepped on your foot for what had to be the hundredth time. “If you step on my foot one more time, So help me –” you started to threaten, only be silenced with a deadly look from Natasha. 

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen the disney film "Dumbo"? That piece of shit Walt is indeed racist. Even in the more recent films, like "Princess and the Frog".... You're such a fan... You should know why they made Naveen look the way he did😒

I won’t argue with you that early Disney films had some stuff that, by today’s standards, is racist. But back in 1941, the racist things in Dumbo weren’t considered anywhere near as offensive as they are today. You’re blaming people who didn’t know better at the time. And yes PEOPLE, not just Walt. An entire team of people went into creating Dumbo. With the exception of one, the crows were even voiced by African American men who were members of the Hall Johnson Choir, an all black choir. And I know work’s hard to find for actors in general, and back then it was even harder for African Americans, but if they were seriously offended to the degree that YOU seem to be, don’t you think they would’ve walked out? 

Besides which, you’re acting as if Walt held the same set of ideals and beliefs throughout the entire course of his life. Do you think and feel the same way about things as you did 5 years ago? Probably not. And Walt Disney was the same way. You sit there and judge someone’s life and who they were having a top down view of their timeline without even thinking about the growth they experienced as a person throughout their lives. No one lives for 65 years, touches millions of lives, and things the same things when they’re 60 as they did TWENTY YEARS later. Like, the time between when Dumbo came out and when Walt Disney turned 60 is the same amount of time that I’ve been alive. And i can guarantee you that I’ve changed as a person in the last 20 years, and the world and its views have changed tremendously as well. For all you know, if we plucked Walt Disney out of the 1950s and showed him how things are today, he might’ve been completely okay with our views and embraced them. And we can’t know that he wouldn’t embrace our values because he didn’t live long enough to see those values take form.

Walt Disney is dead. All we have to go on are the accounts of people who lived and worked beside him during his life, and those people are becoming fewer in number every day. If Floyd Norman, an African American animtor who worked for Disney from 1956 until Disney’s death ten years later, says that Walt wasn’t racist, then I’m inclined to believe him because I didn’t know Walt Disney. I never met him. Neither did you. Neither one of us is fit to pass judgement on him.

Also, what the hell is wrong with the way Naveen looks?? Because he’s lighter-skinned than Tiana? You know that people, even black people, come in many different shades, right? There’s not just one shade that signifies “black”. And in all likelihood, Naveen could be half black and half latino (judging by his accent). In which case he’s a member of TWO minorities. (Also making Naveen the first biracial prince, and the first latino prince, as well as the first black prince) Princess and the Frog does a really good job of incorporating all of those shades. Tiana’s parents don’t have the exact same skin color either. And Tiana and her mom are BOTH lighter than Tiana’s dad. Also Naveen is actually darker than BOTH of his parents. So I don’t even get what you’re trying to prove here??