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About Time

Title: About Time

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,468

Warning: Some slow burn satisfying smut

A/N: I wanted a jealous Sammy and some deliciously satisfying smut, so I wrote this! It’s a slow burn, but it’s worth it. Enjoy!!!

Pushing the door to the bar open a huge smile spread across your lips. It wasn’t every day you convinced the boys to go to a college town bar over a dive bar. Tonight was all about you. A successful vampire hunt, from start to finish, had been perfectly coordinated and executed by none other than yourself and the boys were thoroughly impressed. Hopping onto a bar stool you caught the attention of a cute bartender and got everyone a shot and a drink.

“Well,” Sam held up his shot glass. “To Y/N, the girl who’s turning into quite the badass hunter.”

“Awww, thanks boys. I’ll drink to that any night.”

Slamming your shot you grabbed the boy’s glasses and nodded towards an open pool table. Dean handed you some cash as they went to grab it before it was taken. Sliding off the bar stool you started to weave through the crowds of people.

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Rescue Me [3]

Part Three of Three

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,636

Warnings: Mentions of sexy time, Language, mild violence, anger and fluff.

A/N: The final part!

One - Two


Tears pricked your eyes.

“Bucky,” you said, voice wavering. “It isn’t what it looks like.”

He looked down at the sapphire before throwing it back in the duffel bag. “Then explain it to me,” he said, anger simmering.

You looked down at your feet and crossed your arms over your chest. You weren’t sure what part of the story to tell him. But you didn’t want to lie to him either.

“Julian didn’t hide the bag behind the dumpster like I had said,” you sighed heavily, looking up at Bucky’s angry face. “He buried the bag in an empty lot across the street from the jewelry store. I’m still not sure why he had really told where it was, but he wasn’t lying. I went there that night and dug it up.”

Bucky was staring you, barely blinking, “Why?”

“I’m a writer,” you shrugged. “Curiosity is our… thing.”

He dropped the bag on the bed before rubbing his forehead with his metal hand. “Why do you still have the bag?” He asked, looking at you again. “What were you planning to do with it?”

“I had fully intended to turn it over to the police,” you said, stepping closer to Bucky. “But I got scared. I didn’t want them to think that I was a part of the robbery. The longer and longer I had it, the more it made me look guilty.”  

“Well now I know why those men were after you,” Bucky said snidely.

You reached a hand out to him, but he stepped away. “Bucky, please don’t…”

He shook his head at you, “You had so many chances today to tell me the damn truth.” The hurt was clearly etched on his face.

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Hakuryuu Kija, the white Dragon 

He’s my fav character in my now fav Anime/Manga. Just…beauty and badassery in one person. And as he’s described in Chapter 53, a Death God. Bless you, Kija. Bless you. 

During the cyber monday thingy I bought that drawing program that was knocking about a few months ago, Mischief.  It’s nice for doodling, and it has the neat function to toggle the application’s opacity!  Well, I thought it was neat.

So because I haven’t doodled much lately I did a bit of an expression exercise with a sleep deprived Caboose.  I can’t tell you how many times during the doodling that his face made me yawn.

Too many times.

So I thought I’d give y’all some previews of the five fics I’m working on since I can’t focus today so I might as well do something:

Red Fairy!Tony and Blue Vampire!Steve (Modern Magical AU; magical creatures have colour types that dictate different features):

“Is this true, Fury?!” Tony flew into the room as soon as Coulson opened the office door, coming to flutter in front of the man, furious. “Did you enlist a goddamn leech onto our team?!”

Fury slowly blinked his one eye as he stood, needing to look up at the red fairy who was buzzing in front of him. “We enlisted a vampire, yes, Stark, and it’s none of your business who or what I choose to add to the team.”

Tony buzzed higher, hissing, “It damn well is my business as the only magic bearer on the team and you hired a goddamn blue vampire!”

Fury narrowed his eye, replying, “No one else on your team seems to have a problem with his colour orientation.”

“That’s because they’re not at risk. If he were damn red you know it’d be a problem.”

“You, yourself, are red, fae Stark,” Coulson added evenly, “And you’ve defended its importance repeatedly.”

“Because red attack magic comes in damn handy when you want firearms and repulsors,” Tony protested as he twisted in the air to glare at him as well, “A bit less so when it makes you a bloodsucker.”

“I am sure that you won’t be at any risk, Stark,” Fury said, rubbing at his temple as he sat back down, “Your red magic will be safe.”

“He is a blue vampire. They feed off magic,” Tony stressed as he spun again, “Do I really need to explain how this is a problem? Do you know how often fairies are put at risk by magic feeders?”

“Most fairies are,” Fury countered, “red ones are not. Apparently fae attack magic is not an appealing food source.”

Tony leveled him with a hard flare, then spun around to Coulson again, saying, “There’s got to be some kind of discrimination in that statement.”

Coulson gave a small shrug of his shoulders, answering mildly, “But it’s true, Fae Stark. Other fae denominations have been recorded as more popular when it comes magic consumption, particularly white and pink. Red fairies are rare enough as it is. The other more… delicate colours seem to be more alluring.”

“Or,” Tony contested, “maybe it’s because a bunch of healers and love workers don’t know how to fight. There’s nothing wrong with the allure of red fae magic.”

“Are you arguing that you should be more targeted, Stark?” Fury said, eyebrow furrowed.

“I’m saying,” Tony hissed, “that I will still be at risk because you think that having a defensive powerhouse is more important that another team member’s safety.”

It was then that Tony felt the shift in the air, as if the energy around him suddenly stilled and the warmth in the room dropped by degrees. In the doorway was the impressive form of a broad shouldered, pale skinned blond.

The man was perfectly collected and still, as he were a living statue. He spoke calmly, “I can assure you Mr. Stark, you will not be in any danger from me.”

Tony’s eyes went huge, and he finally landed on the carpeted floor. He looked quickly between all three other men before coming back to the cold bright blue of the blond. “Captain America?! That’s the blue vamp you got?! You’ve got to be kidding me.”

It was unmistakingly him. Tony had seen his father’s photos, had had posters of him plastered on his wall as a hero worshipping child and awkwardly hormonal teenager.

It was hard to miss the obvious features that Tony hadn’t cared about when he was younger, but were noticeably distinct of blue vampires. He had square features, like that of his jaw, and the wide set of his shoulders and broad chest. He was not at all built sharp or lithe like his red blood-drinking counterparts. Even the points of his fangs, still sheathed, were the shortest and least pointed of any vampire type, hardly noticeable when not bared. Finally, like most supernatural folk, there was the small, subtle point of his ears, even subtler than Tony’s own.

It was, in the general public opinion, a less threatening and more reassuring build, with blue vampires often being employed in positions of defense or security. For Tony, it set him on edge, like he was an unbreakable statue that could come to life at any moment, and move faster than he could blink.

Tony’s wings fluttered nervously, wanting to stir up some movement from the odd stillness about him. His senses were completely on edge, knowing that the calm control of the other man was hiding something being very subdued.

Captain Rogers broke the stillness softly with a small smile, saying gently, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Stark. I knew your father.”

Any starry eyed delight from meeting his childhood hero vanished in a second, and Tony felt his stomach drop. “Oh goddesses no, I am not working with him.”

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