just look at him cheesin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I’m happy! Happy Jackie!”

A smol appreciation post for a smol yet incredibly powerful ray of Pure Sunshine™, otherwise known as @therealjacksepticeye. His smile and his laugh are the most contagious ones I have ever encountered, and it doesn’t matter how shitty the day is, when he smiles, I smile. It’s a reflex at this point, like when a puppy comes bounding up to you or a baby has a giggle-fit; I can’t not be happy when Jack laughs. Part of me wonders if this should be cause for concern (maybe Septicness is a very real disease and I’m showing dangerous symptoms), but the other part of me is just incredibly glad that whenever I want to feel like the world isn’t such a terrible place, I can turn to this adorable idiot.

(Idk man, i heard him say “happy Jackie” and was like “yes my smol pumpkin u be happy!!! go eradicate the earth w the brightness of ur smile!! kill us all with positivity!! u go glen coco” i’m sorry im just very happy he exists that is all)