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“Coronation” Part Ten

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: tiny angst, fluff

Word Count: 1150

A/N: Okay, so here is a more fluffy part of the series. My online classes are going great. I have to wait for Government though because there isn’t a classroom open. My permanent taglist is open!

Coronation Series

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Birthdays were supposed to be a joyous occasion. They were supposed to be full of family and love, but James didn’t feel it. Yeah, his mom and dad were there, but it was not the same without his Rebecca. She was always there for his birthday. She would wake him up every morning with a present. Then, every hour of the day he would get another. She loved birthdays. She loved that you could celebrate one person on the same day every year. She was a pro at birthday celebrations.

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Preference: You Get Brought Up During An Interview

Summary: basically what the title says lol

Warnings: Some swearing!
Ashton: The breakup hadn’t gone well. Everyone knew that, even the fans. Both Ashton and you stopped following each other on all social media and all posts made about each other were deleted. It was like (Y/N) and Ashton had never happened. Of course, looking at Ashton, anyone could see that something had happened that had ruined his entire world. Hell, you had been his entire world for almost a year before walking away. Ashton made it very clear to his fans, friends, and family that he didn’t want to talk about you. So when Barbara Walters asked, “Who’s single?”, everyone was shocked. Ashton raised his hand. He licked his lower lip and looked down, his face full of pain. Surely, Barbara wouldn’t ask about you. That would be too risky. All four boys seemed to hold their breath when she did ask, “Ashton, you just broke up with a girl, correct?” Ashton swallows hard and looks at her. Michael jumps in, determined to help his best friend. “You know, maybe we should stick to just questions about our-” He gets cut off my Ashton. “Yes, but she broke up with me. I did something really stupid and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” Calum pats Ashton on the shoulder lightly, but Ashton shrugs him off and looks straight into the camera. “(Y/N) was the best thing that ever could have happened to me. She treated me like a normal person and I took advantage of that.” Ashton pauses, taking a deep breath. “I went on tour and cheated on her because on one stupid drunken night. She deserves a hell of a lot better than me, and I really hope she finds that.” Ashton finishes, his eyes watering. He tries to blink the tears away, but one escapes and rolls down his cheek. But little did he know that you, the one that got away, was watching the interview and crying along with him. “I don’t want to find better, you asshole. I want you.” You say to yourself, grabbing your phone to send him a text.

Calum: “So, Calum, who’s the lovely lady you’ve been spotted with lately?” Nancy O'Dell asks, grinning as a picture of you and Calum walking down the street pops up on the screen. Calum sighs as the other guys laugh. “We’re just friends.” Calum says. “Really good friends.” Ashton says. “So good that he takes her for dinner almost every night.” Luke chimes in, grinning. Calum rolls his eyes. “Well, what’s her name?” Nancy asks. “(Y/N). We’ve been best friends for three years. That’s all.” Calum says, smiling as he thinks of you. Michael smirks. “Well, there was that one time in Vegas-” Calum slaps his shoulder, causing Michael to stop. “Fans seem to like her.” Nancy comments. Calum’s smile grows wider. “Oh yeah, they adore her. They ship us so hard.” He chuckles, thinking of the fans. “Calum wants to get with her, but she’s a little slow on figuring that out.” Ashton says. “Shut up. Just shut up.” Calum mumbles, covering his face with his hand. You laugh from your living room, watching your best friends on tv. “Tell us about her.” Nancy instructs. Calum bites his lip. “Well, okay. She’s amazing. I pretty much know everything about her.” Calum chuckles again. “She comes to every show that she can and cheers us on from backstage. When I’m down, she makes me smile. Her cooking is terrible, but she tries to cook for me once in awhile, which is nice. Her laugh is like music, but way better.” Calum tells Nancy, his smile only growing as he speaks. “See, he’s in love with her.” Luke says quietly. “That’s sweet.” Nancy says, smiling. You bite your lip. Calum knows all the bad things about you and he loves you anyway. Maybe you would have to give him a chance because come on, what could possibly go wrong?

Luke: Everyone freaked out when Luke posted the first photo of you on Twitter. He loved you immensely, but the fans weren’t so crazy about you. They didn’t hate you, but they also weren’t a fan of you. “Okay, so before the show, Luke, you said you have an announcement to make.” The interviewer says. Luke nods, coughing. “It’s about my girlfriend, (Y/N). We’re getting married.” Luke confesses. The other boys grin and clap, as the interviewer frowns. “She’s been dealing with a lot of hate lately. Are you sure marriage is the right choice?” She asks. Luke’s jaw clenches. “She’s the love of my life. Fans need to understand that. (Y/N) isn’t going anywhere. She makes me happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” He says firmly, looking annoyed at the interviewer. “How does she handle the hate?” The interviewer asks. “It used to bother her a lot more. Now, she doesn’t care what people think.” Michael pipes up, saying, “It’s crazy, she makes jokes about the hate and they’re hilarious.” The other guys laugh, nodding in agreement. “I love her. I always will.” Luke says softly, smiling.

Michael: You and Michael were nothing but fuck buddies. Everyone knew that because Michael was very open about it. At first, you both tried hiding it but when pictures kept coming out of the two of you going into hotels, there was just no point in hiding it. “So, how’s (Y/N) doing, Michael?” The interviewer asks, smirking. Michael grins, glancing over at you backstage. “She’s great. We’re great.” The interviewer chuckles, mumbling, “Guess that means the sex is great too.” Your face heats up and you look away from Michael. “Oh, hell yeah it is!” Michael says loudly. “They’re like animals.” Luke mutters, a look of disgust crossing his face. Michael chuckles. “Want some water, miss?” A guy backstage asks you. You smile. “Yes, thank you.” He grins. “Can’t have a pretty lady like yourself getting parched.” You roll your eyes but laugh as he tells you cheesy pick up lines. You glance up when the interview takes a break, seeing Michael coming towards you. “Hey! How’d it go?” You ask, but he doesn’t answer, only grabs you by the wrist and pulls you out to the hallway. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Michael snaps, his jaw clenched. “Um, what?” You ask, confused. “Flirting with that jackass while I’m doing an interview. You’re mine, did you forget that?” Michael asks, his lips attaching to your neck. You bite your lip. “I wasn’t flirting.” Michael growls a little, looking at you. You lick your lower lip and he groans. His lips meet yours in a rough, heated kiss. “You’re fucking mine, do you hear me?” He asks firmly, his fingers digging into your hips. You moan a little, nodding. “What do we have here?” The interviewer asks, leading a camera man into the hallway. Michael curses under his breath and pulls away. He follows the interviewer back inside, pausing only to look back and say, “We’re not done here.”

Perfect ~Jerome x Reader~

// Here is the request I got for a Jerome x Reader to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I hope you like it!


Need to know: Y/n is a part of Haly’s Circus and is best friends with Jerome, (they only really have each other)

Warnings: Mild swearing. One of those cute little scenes that people seem to like; kissin and fluffy stuff. Last few lines were changed so that they could be said to someone…. *gasp*

Rating: Mid-Fluff

Title: Your Perfect. //


I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead
Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet 
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.
Cause we were just kids when we fell in love 
Not knowing what it was, I will not give you up this time

Y/n skips over to Jerome’s trailer, a huge smile plastered across her face as she sees the pale ginger sitting on the steps to the trailer he shares with his mother. He perks up a bit as he sees her heading over and stands up, walking to meet her halfway. He reaches out quickly, grabbing her arm gently and tugging her into a hug. Y/n can tell something’s wrong the second he buries his face in her neck. She can feel the cold wetness of tears on his face, the shaking of his body against hers as he loses all control. Jerome sobs silently and flattens his palms to her back, sniffing slightly. 

“Y/n, y/n, y/n.” He mumbles. She pulls back from his embrace, a bewildered look clouding her features.

“Jerome, calm down. Hey, hey!” She places her hand on the side of his face, forcing him to meet her gaze. “Tell me what’s wrong. Was it your mom? Did she beat you again?” Y/n’s voice is filled with anger as she searches his eyes. “I swear to- if she hurts you again I’m going to,”

“No, no it’s not that. It’s just- I wanted, I wanted to…” He inhales deeply, a smile slowly spreading across his face. “I mean, yes. That bitch did give me a good beating, but that’s not the point. That’s not what’s important.” He begins to shake slightly as he places his hands on either side of her face, his eyes widening and a low, dull craze building behind them. He licks his lips, his eyes misty as he searches her face. “Moms will be moms, won’t they?” He laughs and then shakes his head slowly. He traces his thumb across y/n’s lips, tilting his head. “I wanted to- no, no. I needed to tell you y/n, I need to tell you. You’re so important to me y/n, you’re the only thing I have left. If I were to lose you,” his voice breaks, and he swallows roughly, trying to keep his emotions in check. “I don’t know what I’d do, y/n. I won’t let it happen, I won’t let you leave me.”

“I’m not trying to leave you, Jerome what are you talking about.” Y/n asks.

“No, no, I’m not done, wait.” He moves forward, backing her up against the trailer, gripping her face with one hand, his other sliding down to her neck. “Y/n, you’re better than anyone, anything I could have ever imagined. If I’m right, if I’m right you care about me, y/n.” Her eyes widen.

“How, how…”


Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was, I will not give you up this time
But darling just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Jerome’s eyes light up, taking that as a confirmation. He moves as close as he can, meeting her gaze. “I’ve always thought of you as my best friend, as my only friend. I thought this is how friends feel towards each other, but it can’t,” he shakes his head. “It can’t be.” He tilts his head down, bringing his lips to hers in a soft kiss. More of a question, a whisper; may I? Y/n responds almost immediately, kissing Jerome back slowly, closing her eyes. His heart beats quickly as he lets out a small sigh of relief and content, not breaking the kiss. Y/n brings her hand up and grips the end of his fiery hair, eliciting a small noise from the back of his throat.

When he finally breaks the kiss, he leans his forehead on hers. “I love you…I love you y/n. You’re the only thing I’ve ever loved, I need you in my life.” She places her hand on the side of his face, and he tilts his head, leaning into her touch. Jerome makes a small whining noise, placing his hand over y/n’s and holding it firmly, opening his eyes to meet her stare. “You’re mine, y/n. You’re my y/n,” he murmurs and turns his head, kissing the palm of her hand before pulling it away.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know 
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own 
We are still kids, but we’re so in love, fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling just hold my hand, be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes
Baby I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling you look perfect tonight


Y/n’s lips curl into a smile, and Jerome stares at the ground. “It’s kinda cold out here,” he mutters, furrowing his brows. Before she can say anything, he pulls his sweater over his head, leaving him in a normal t-shirt. He pulls it over y/n’s head, causing her to laugh. “Come on, let’s go inside. I don’t want you getting sick.” He laughs, holding her hand and pushing the trailer door open. He stops in the doorway, making room for y/n to walk past him before he shuts the door. Jerome moves forward, practically tackling her onto the small couch, pulling her to him. 

“W-what are you doing Jerome?” She giggles, burying her face in his chest.

“Cuddling. Apparently, it’s something couples do.” Jerome states in a baffled voice, causing y/n to giggle loudly. “I was thinking, ya know, in those seconds after I professed my love to you, remember that?” Y/n nods. “Good memories…anyhow, like I was saying, I was thinking we should do more…coupley things.”

“Mmh, really? Like what?” Y/n asks, peeking up at him.

“I dunno. I could take you out, if you want. We could watch movies, celebrate an anniversary…”

“Don’t we have to be together a while for that last one?”

“Nah, we could just pretend.” He smiles down at her, and raises his eyebrows. “Or, ya know, we could…” He finishes his statement with a wink and an eyebrow wiggle. The facial expression alone sends y/n into a fit of laughter.

“Jerome, no!” She chuckles, shaking her head and shrinking into the oversized sweater. He rolls his eyes and shrugs.

“I was just suggesting it. Anywho, I’m fine just sitting here. Looking at you, holding you…kissing you?” He phrases the last part as a question, yet doesn’t wait for her to answer. He pulls y/n up to him and kisses her slowly, tangling his hand in her hair.

She smiles against Jerome’s lips, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red when he grips her waist, attempting to pull her closer.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met,” he murmurs, studying her face deeply. “All I need is you, y/n, I need you in my life.”

“Why are you saying that so much? I’m not that dumb,” she jokes, only pausing in her laughter when she sees his face fall. “Jerome? What’s wrong?” He sits up and y/n slides back, sitting in front of him.

“You…you can’t tell anyone.” He murmurs.

Baby I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person….

She stares forward at him. “Jerome what…where’s your mom?” His head tilts back as a smile spreads across his face, standing up and pushing the door open.

“That’s the thing,” he says, leaping out into the small patch of grass and throwing his arms up in the air. Y/n follows him out, her heart racing. “She’s gone!” He shouts out. “I got rid of here, but here’s the thing, the catch.” He turns to her, his eyes darkening. “There’s a cop. Jimbo Gordon…I think he knows I did it.” Y/n’s eyes widen, and she steps forward.

“We have to get out of here-we have to get you out of here, Jerome,” he doesn’t listen to y/n’s pleas, only grabs her hands and pulls her too him, waltzing around the patch of grass. “Jerome-Jerome, Jerome! Jerome please listen to me, Jerome, you’re going to go to jail. This is serious-Jerome!” He dips her which makes y/n yelp softly. When Jerome pulls her back up they spin around for a few seconds before he kisses her slowly.

“I know. I know, but that doesn’t matter righ-”

“If you go, I’m going down with you.” Y/n interrupts, not breaking his gaze.


“I’ll take some of the blame for it, I’m an accomplice, technically. I’ll go wherever they put you, Jerome. I’m not going to leave you.” Instead of arguing, Jerome just smiles and caresses y/n’s cheek.

You look perfect, no I don’t deserve this…
You look perfect…tonight…
” He mumbles, pulling her in for a long, passionate kiss.

For those that still doubt Lauren and Ty are hooking up is in deep denial.

Ty does instagram livestreams several times a week and when people started noticing the Lauren thing, he got asked about her a lot. Several fans saw this and discussed it at length.

When asked if they are doing a collab he answered ‘I don’t know why ya’ll think that’s what’s going on’ and said she has a dope voice and he’d like to collab in the future but there is NO collab for now.

Another livestream he said he’s going to hang out with the girl he likes on his birthday. Fans who were suspicious but hoping it was just a collab from the twitter indirects were waiting with baited breath on his birthday. And guess who he hung out with? LAUREN And she was literally the only girl there.

Besides the bowling video, there was also the videos at home with his family singing happy birthday and Lauren was there too. Like…come on now.
There is no frickin way Ty dolla sign would choose to hang out at coachella with Lauren and her crew which consists of Dinah, their manager, Lauren’s friend from high school, Dinah’s cousin and Lucy’s cousin voluntarily if the only thing going on is a collab hahaha. 

Are you kidding? He looked so out of place with these kids.
Lauren trolled us/Perez by singing along to Ty’s part of Swalla on her IG story. Like, what is that about lol.

Lauren’s dad started following Ty haha. They collabed before and he didn’t follow him. Why would he follow him now?

Ty literally likes every picture Lauren posts. That’s not normal for just casual weed buddies or collab partners.
Too much evidence…

regardless of everything…
leave lauren alone she is just a fucking human being and deserves to live her life whoever she likes an date whoever she wants in privacy

the-bookish-soul  asked:

So could you write a fic where Feysand daughter is hurt like heart broken by a boy and her twin brother is like imma punch this boy who made my sister cry Sorry if this is confusing You can message if you don't understand

Thank you for sending in your prompt. I always like to be challenged, and this one was definitely a challenge. I hope you like it!

- Tara

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She was sitting by the window, watching her father spar with Uncle Cassian in the snowy lawn. The wind was brisk as it came flowing through the open glass, but Olive didn’t shiver as she took in the weather of the Winter Court. Father had become close with Kallias, the High Lord of the frosty territory, since Olive and her brother had been born seventeen years ago. They vacationed at the Winter Court multiple times throughout the year, although Olive preferred to stay in Velaris. Although Luc loved the snow and the ice, Olive was at her best when she was underneath that starlight.

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It was a simple request. It was a very difficult undertaking.

“Will you… help?” Cassandra asked, looking down at the pen and paper in her hands. She was shaking ever so slightly, terrified of what could happen.

“Hm? Yeah, sure Cass. What d'ya need me to help with?” Basil asked. He was trying to avoid the name Clayface, and Cassandra was happy to oblige, though she had to remind herself every so often.

“Words. I don’t…” she clenched her hands tight, crinkling the paper’s edge. Everyone knew that she couldn’t read or write, but that didn’t make asking for help any easier. Admitting that she needed help, that she wasn’t capable on her own, it took far more bravery than jumping into a fight.

“Ah, gotcha,” Basil said with a reassuring smile. His form shifted as he pulled clay in, shrinking until he was the height of an average man. Mud became hair, skin, clothes and teeth, and soon a normal man was smiling at her. One who nobody would recognize as a former supervillain. One who she recognized as her friend, from pictures and movies from before his accident. He reached out, and she put the pen and paper in his hands, before taking a seat at the belfry’s table. Basil set the objects down on the table as he sat next to her, pushing the pen in her direction. “You write, I’ll help.”

Cassandra looked at him, the anxiety she felt clear on her face from just a glance. Still, she took it in her right hand, and brought it to the center of the paper.

“What do you want it to say?” Basil asked.

“It’s, um, it’s for… Batman,” Cassandra told him, pausing as she looked for the next words. “Want… thank him.”

“Ah. Well, here, how about you tell me the words, and I’ll guide you?” He offered, along with a gentle, reassuring smile.

She nodded, then concentrated. “Thank you… saving…” she paused, and brought a finger up to her mouth, pulling at her lower lip as she thought. “Soul. Saving… my soul.”

Basil said nothing at first, thinking about what must have happened between Cass and Batman. She had been a hero for only a few months before Batman and Batwoman approached him, and even now, Basil didn’t know the story of how she met them. It wasn’t a story to ask about now, however, and so he pushed the thought away.

“Here, we’ll start with a T. Just make a line going down…” he explained, guiding her hand downwards, then guiding it again as she crossed the letter with a shaking hand. They continued onto an H, then an A, and so on. Her handwriting, even with his arm guiding her’s, was hardly legible, but that was to be expected. Even as he told her about the letters, she didn’t understand how they corresponded to the words, nor would she remember them in just a few hours. She was grateful all the same, for helping her find a way to express how she felt in a way her mentor could understand.

The simple task took them nearly half an hour to finish, but she was feeling better by the end of it. She hugged Basil tight, squishing his chest into mud again and making him laugh. He patted her on the back as they looked at her handiwork.

“How’s it feel? Getting it out?” He asked.

“Good,” Cassandra answered. “Feel good.” She picked up the piece of paper, folded it, and put it in an empty pocket of her utility belt.

Bruce looked down and across the street, to the entrance of Gotham’s newest nightclub. He knew it was a front for Mad Hatter, but he still needed hard evidence. To his side sat Cassandra, watching intently with him. He thought it would be a good idea to give her some one on one mentoring, outside of the team. She was the youngest, after all, and he wanted to keep her close after everything that had happened with the League Of Shadows. Working with her like this had shown him a few things, such as the fact that she was more like him than even Damian. Her mannerisms, taste in music, food, and how she dealt with criminals. It all reminded him of himself. Some nights, he had even caught her repeating things he had said in the past.

“Still with me?” He asked, noticing her dozing off. She giggled a bit and nodded, then readjusted her position in an attempt to stay alert. He noticed her pulling something out of her belt and peek at it, a note of some sort. She quickly slipped it back in, and he wondered what it must have been. She couldn’t read, after all, so it must have been a picture. She had been missing Stephanie and Tim, so maybe a photo of them? Regardless, they were here for a reason. He pulled his binoculars up again and took another look at the club’s entrance. Still nothing.

It was a few minutes later that he felt something, or rather someone, fall into his side. Looking over, he saw Cassandra, fast asleep against him. Smiling gently, he wrapped his cape around her and let her rest. All of his sons had done this in the past, so he wasn’t surprised to find another teenager doing the same. But then he noticed the piece of paper in her hand. She had been looking at it again. His curiosity got the better of him, and he slid it out of her grip and took a look as she snuggled into him.

Unfolded, it seemed to be a letter, addressed to him. A thank you, for saving her. He thought back to the night they first met, when he had told her that she could be a hero, that she didn’t have to be who her father had tried to make her into. When he had become the first person to hug her, to show her true compassion. When he had saved her soul. Beneath the shaky, chicken scratch letters was a drawing. It was of a figure, with a cape and cowl not unlike his own. The cowl, however, had it’s mask stitched shut, like Cassandra’s. The symbol was his own, but the costume was black rather than grey. He smiled softly, and slipped the paper back into Cassandra’s utility belt.

He picked her up, careful not to wake her, and walked back to the batmobile. Nothing was happening that night, and he could always come back the next. For now, a young girl needed a soft bed to sleep in, and he was only happy to give her that, and hopefully more. When they pulled into the cave, she began to stir, but she quickly fell asleep again. He brought her up to a spare bedroom, pulled off her mask, and let her sleep.

When she climbed out of bed in the morning, Cassandra was confused. She didn’t recognize her surroundings, but she did recognize the butler who offered her a change of clothes and a plate of breakfast. He was Batman’s butler, and when she saw her mentor, dressed in his civilian clothes, she understood. It was his home, far bigger than the studio she lived in, or Harper’s apartment.

“You fell asleep last night, so I figured I’d give you a more comfortable place to sleep,” Bruce explained.

She tried to apologize, but he told her she didn’t have to. That he had something he wanted to ask her. He was nervous, no matter how much he tried to hide it.

“I’d like for you to stay here,” he said, looking at her and offering a gentle smile. “To be part of my family. You deserve more than you’ve been given, Cassandra. You deserve a normal life, outside of our line of work. If you’d let me, I’d like to provide that for you.”

“You saved me…” she whispered, just barely loud enough for him to hear. Before he could respond, she wrapped her arms around him and held on tight, crying happily into his chest. He thought that she saved herself, but he didn’t say it. Instead he held her tighter, and when she pulled away, he told her that he had an idea for her costume.

“How would you like to make a few alterations?” He asked. The smile she gave him was all the answer he needed.

Chap Stick (Peter Parker)

Request:  Can you write an imagine Peter’s in love with popular reader and she’s waiting for him to make a move but he’s oblivious? They slightly know each other but not like besties or anything. One day as Peter stares her across table she texts him something sweet and flirty? you can take it from here to anywhere, I hope you would write it thank you so much <3

Requested by: @imaginesyes 

A/N: I’m so happy you requested this! Honestly big privilege to write for anyone! I changed it a little to when Peter has only just got his powers so he still wears his glasses! Also, the text is a little more flirty than sweet and (Y/B/F/N) can be male or female, personally I imagined male, but it’s up to you :)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Nada, cheesy flirting maybe?

I was listening to My Type by Saint Motel, you can listen to it here.

Words: 1437

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She Was Mine// Bellamy Blake

Requested by : Can you make an imagine where Bellamy and the reader are a couple? When Murphy hangs him, she is also there. Murphy is in love with her, so he starts touching her in an uncomfortable way for her. When all ends, Bellamy hugs her and both of them cry?

Word count: 964

“What do we need gun powder for?” You asked Jasper, sitting down in the drop ship.

“Raven wants them to make more landmines.” Jasper said, putting some in different pot. You started going to the bottom of the drop ship, catching Murphy pulling a bag from Myles’ face. 

“He stopped breathing, I was trying to help him.” Murphy said, moving the bag away. 

Jasper eyeballed the gun, about to reach for it when Murphy grabbed it, aiming it at Jasper. 

“Murphy, put the gun down,” you said, raising your hands. “It’s cool, it’s alright.”

“No, it’s not,” he said as you slipped your hand into your pocket, pressing the radio button. “You know what’ll happen to me if you tell Bellamy.”

“Tell Bellamy what?” His voice rang in from the radio in your pocket. You sighed, clenching your teeth.

“Give me the radio, y/n.” Murphy said, extending his hand to you. You pulled the radio from your pocket, backing up before quickly speaking into it.

“Murphy has a gun! He killed Myles!” You said before he snatched the radio from you, your back hitting a wall. The drop ship door started to close and you knew you were screwed. 

“Murphy! Open the damn door! Murphy, what the hell are you doing?” Bellamy shouted into the radio.

“You try to be a hero, y/n dies.” Murphy said, the gun trained on you.

“Murphy, I know you can hear me,” Bellamy said through the radio. “All our ammo and food is in the middle level. You know that. You’re leaving us vulnerable to an attack. I can’t let that happen.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, you’re not exactly in control right now.” He said, putting a gag over your and Jasper’s mouth.

“You don’t want to hurt y/n, you want to hurt me. So, what do you say? How about you trade her for me? All you have to do is let her go, and I’ll take her place.” Bellamy says.

“No!” You yelled, the gag muffling your voice.

“You open the door, I walk in, she walks out. Simple.” 

“You try anything, one goes in her leg.” Murphy says as he unties me, standing me at the door. 

The doors opened and Bellamy came in, then the doors started closing and Murphy pushed you towards it but you pushed back, yelling for Jasper to go. He hesitates before running and going outside. 

“Y/n, what the hell you doing?” Bellamy asked, grabbing your arm.

“Nope.” Murphy said, putting the gun between you. He makes Bellamy connect too ends of a seat belt together, putting it into a noose. He made you sit down, tying your hands behind your back.

“What do you want? You want me to apologize?” Bellamy said. 

“You got it all wrong, Bellamy, I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then-then I want you to die.” 

“No!” You yelled, tears burning your eyes. 

“Bellamy, put your head in,” Murphy orders, but Bellamy objects and Murphy points the gun at you. “Put it around your neck.”

He caved, putting the belt around his neck, Murphy holding the opposite end. He pulled it, the belt tightening around Bellamy’s neck.

“Stop it!” You screamed, your eyes connecting with Bellamy’s.

“You know, I wouldn’t be as mad as you would usually think someone like me would, but that fact that you stole the one girl I knew I loved,” Murphy said, coming over to you. “I have been in love with you since the moment you walked into that cell block, but you fell for him.”

“For him?” he yelled angrily. “I hadn’t done anything but be a good friend to you and you repay me by getting with Bellamy Blake, who is about as heartless as someone could be.”

“You’re wrong,” your voice sounded firm rather than shaky. “You were never my friend, you stalked me, you wouldn’t leave me alone, John, that isn’t normal.”

He came over, his hands finding your face. “Bellamy loves with the fullest of his heart and doesn’t do anything he doesn’t think is right.”

“Him?” he said, looking into your eyes. “What does he have that don’t?”

“It’s just-”

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours. You squirmed against his hands as they gripped your hips, making you uncomfortable. 

“Hey, you son of a bitch!” Bellamy yelled, starting to get off of the stool but Murphy jumped up, pulling the belt.

“She was mine!” Murphy yelled, pulling the belt tightly. “You don’t deserve her!”

He turned and looked at you just as Bellamy started to get off, but John stopped him, kicking the stool from underneath his feet.

You jumped up, screaming at the top of your lungs. “Bellamy!”

Murphy grabbed your waist from behind, holding you in place. “And you’re going to watch your lover die.”

You squirmed against his hands just as the drop ship door opened, your eyes locked on the struggling body of Bellamy.

Murphy ran to the middle level of the drop ship as ran to the door. “Untie my wrists!”

Jasper cut the rope from your wrists as Octavia cut Bellamy down.

You ran over and dropped down to your knees beside him, your shaking hands hovering over his closed eyes. 

“Bellamy? Bell? You gotta breathe, Bell.” You sobbed softly. His eyes opened and he took in a deep breath, his eyes landing on you.

“Y/n.” He breathed, his arms wrapping tightly around you. 

You sobbed into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his torso. He pulled back before pressing his lips against yours. He looked into your eyes, a small tear falling down his face.

I love you.” He whispered, brushing a piece of hair from your face. 

I love you too, Bell.”

RFA + V/Saeran with a self-conscious MC

This is fairly self-indulgent. I’ve always struggled with self-consciousness and feeling like I don’t deserve happiness (lemme tell you guys, divorce does not help this feeling at all) and I know our Mystic family would not be having any of that. So, any fellow self-conscious readers out there, this is for you too. :)

Requests are open.~


  • doesn’t understand
    • “You’re always saying you don’t deserve me…why?”
    • “I just don’t understand what you see in me, Zen…”
  • he doesn’t get it
  • you mean the world to him and he just wants you to see yourself how he sees you?
  • constantly showering you in compliments
  • he’s going to keep doing it until you believe it well…more like forever tbh
  • will always correct you if you say you don’t deserve him or if you say he’s too good to you
  • you got him through the Echo Girl drama, helped him reconnect with family and even befriend Jumin
    • “You changed my life…made it worth something. You’re amazing and I wish you could see that, Princess.”
  • he feels so lucky every day to have you
  • and he won’t give up on trying to make you realize how special you are


  • he’s struggled with a lot of insecurity himself
  • after Rika died, he lost his way and that was no secret to anyone
  • until you came along, he was doing nothing with his life and that caused some lowkey self-hatred
  • but he still struggles to understand why you feel that way
  • you helped him and RFA so much?
  • he is literally willing to die for you?
  • but your first instinct is to blame yourself for things that go wrong
  • you feel a lot of guilt over Yoosung’s eye
  • he is always quick to wrap his arms around you and tell you he loves you
    • “You are amazing and I love you so much. You make me a better man and I regret nothing that happened because it brought us together.” jfc when did he get so grown up
  • lots of daily reminders that he loves you and that you’re amazing


  • she also dealt with a lot of insecurity growing up
  • her aunt was not kind
  • so even though she thinks you’re perfect she understands
  • she also gets how it can come in waves
  • how you’re fine one day - maybe even one minute - but not the next
  • and she also knows how far words of encouragement can go i mean look at her
  • she’ll gently grab your shoulders
  • give you a soft smile and warm words
    • “MC, whenever you’re feeling self-conscious…just look at me. Look how far I’ve come.”
    • “I’m not you, Jaehee…I’m just a normal person…”
    • “No, you misunderstand…look at how far I’ve come, and it is all, one hundred percent, because of you. Never forget that.”
  • she believes in  you and knows you can believe in yourself again someday too


  • he’s still pretty new at the whole “emotions” thing
  • so he doesn’t really understand why you’d be self-conscious
  • and thinks it’s utterly ridiculous when you make an offhand comment about not deserving him
    • “If not you, who would deserve me?” you laugh, but he’s being totally serious
  • he realizes his arguments aren’t really convincing you of the truth
  • but how to show you what he already knows?
  • you put up with him figuring out his emotions
  • you didn’t try to escape during his overprotective streak seriously you are an angel
  • and yet you still don’t think you deserve him? how
  • wraps his arms around you
    • “You are the only one who helps me untangle these threads. If you need help untangling your own, I am happy to return the favor.”


  • this boy is no stranger to this kind of thinking
  • he’s constantly taking on too much and shouldering the blame for things not his fault
  • he had wondered why you were so quick to believe he didn’t have feelings for you
  • it took until you made a comment for him to realize you didn’t understand how anyone could have feelings for you
  • he knows how you feel…but doesn’t understand how you could feel it
  • like, you’re perfect to him?
  • he’s been in love with you from the start
  • considering how much he pushed you away at first, he knows it’ll take a lot to convince you how amazing you are
  • and he always regrets his initial reaction to you, how he pushed you away, what if he made it worse?
  • but he’ll never stop trying to show you how perfect you are
    • “You made me realize I deserved love. I’m gonna make sure you realize you deserve it, too.”


  • this cinnamon roll has been through the ringer
  • he gets it
  • all that manipulation from Rika had basically killed his self-esteem
  • she made it his fault: that he didn’t save her, didn’t love her enough
  • and then you came along
  • and you showed him he was worth being happy and that everything he’d been blaming himself for wasn’t his fault
  • literally hurts him whenever you talk down to yourself you can see it on his face
  • the fact that you think you’re not worthy of him kills him tbh
  • he felt that way with Rika and he never wants you to feel what he felt
  • he is always offering gentle words and encouragement but when he realizes you feel the way you do, he does it even more
    • “You have brightened my life, in so many ways. You are the light in my darkness. You are warm and bright and loving and you deserve the world. I hope you’ll allow me to try to give it to you.”


  • he was constantly being told he wasn’t good enough
  • and the praise of his “savior” was very conditional
  • so he fully understands your mindset
  • why you’re constantly putting yourself down casually in conversation
  • why you’re always so eager to please
  • he doesn’t…really have any answers bc he gets like that still too
  • but he hates that you have to go through it as well
  • when you get sef-conscious he will just hold you and tell you you’re wrong
    • “No. You saved me. Even after I tried to trick you. If anything, I don’t deserve you.”
  • it’s simple but it’s how he feels
  • he loves you and he’ll find a way to show you how special you are

anonymous asked:

Alec spends the night at Magnus's and wakes up next to him in the morning only for them to be interrupted by Jace and Izzy busting in needing something

Send me all the Malec prompts

Whenever Magnus let him spend the night, Alec’s heartbeat sped up in excitement. It meant he would get to wake up to see him sleeping. And there was nothing like watching Magnus sleep. His face was completely lax, no worry or stress, and would sometimes mumble quietly. He never knew what his dreamed up musings were about, but it gave Alec a sense of pride. This was something only he got to see, no one else, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Every time Alec saw Magnus like this, it felt like he had fallen in love all over again.

So when he heard his brother and sister enter Magnus’s loft, he was more than a little irritated. Was it really too much for Jace and Izzy to leave them alone in the morning? Alec groaned low in his throat and reluctantly got out of bed. He hoped he could at least keep them from waking up Magnus; he’d been over working himself these past few weeks.

“What do you want?” Alec tried to speak as quietly as possible, but he hoped his siblings could tell how annoyed he was. Gently closing the door behind, he walked into the living-room where Jace and Izzy stood waiting for him.

“Sorry, big brother,” Izzy whisper with little sister voice, knowing it would win Alec over quickly, “But we really need to talk to Magnus.” Alec stared at her; he already knew that.

“It’s important.” Jace added in a not so quiet tone. Alec just rolled his eye at both them. Everything Jace asked Magnus for or about was important; even the stupid things. If he didn’t love his brother so much he would have kicked his ass for being such a bother. But he did love both Jace and Izzy very much, and he would do just about anything for them. So he sighed before running a hand down his face and doing what he always does.

“What is it?” Alec tried, really tried, not to sound as annoyed as he felt.

“Magnus said he would make some potions for us.” Izzy was speaking quickly now, she knew how quickly Alec could change his mind, “They’re to help us with a mission later tonight.”

“Told us to come by in the morning, when they’ll be ready.” Jace wasn’t trying to whisper. He didn’t like bothering his brother and Magnus when they were having alone time, but he was too tired to put that much effort in just whispering.

“It’s only 6:30.” Alec’s voice was completely deadpan.

Jace looked at Izzy, who just shrugged, before speaking. “So?”

Any love he once felt for his siblings was gone. “Your portion won’t be ready for another four hours.” The potion they asked for needed at least twelve hours to rest or wouldn’t work properly, if at all.

“How do you know?” Jace almost sounded offended. A punch to his face was sounding more and more appealing to Alec.

“Because,” Alec spoke tersely, “That what Magnus told me after he called you last night. You know, when told you come by at ten?” It sounded like a question, but Izzy knew it wasn’t. Even she was annoyed slightly now; not everyone liked waking up with the Sun like Jace did.

“Jace, you said we needed to hurry.” She looked over Jace with all the irritation in her body; at least she was still whispering, “Why didn’t you let me sleep?” she might actually be more pissed than Alec was; Izzy loved her sleep.

“We have other things to do today,” Jace ignore the way Izzy was looking, which only set her off more, “And I didn’t think it would matter when we got it. The sooner the better.” Jace had the air of pride that only he could produce. Normally, Alec would just brush it off, but right all now he was staring daggers into him.

“It’s a good thing you’re pretty.” Izzy nearly growled out as she kept Jace by the elbow and Alec felt love for her once again. She started pulling him to the door with ease; it was obvious Jace knew he had made a mistake judging from the look of confused guilt on his face. Alec would have felt sorry for him for the verbal beat down he was about to receive from Izzy, but Alec didn’t. Jace deserved everything he was about to receive.

Once he was sure they were gone, Alec went back to Magnus’s bedroom. Magnus, of course, had woken up some point was watching him climb back into bed. His poor Alec looked more worn out than he felt. After Alec had settled, Magnus wrapped an arm around his chest and laid as close to him as possible.

He didn’t need to say anything; neither of them did. Alec was more then happy to let Magnus hold this way. It made him forget about everything else as he felt Magnus’s warm breath on his sink. Laying here with Magnus filled Alec with a sense of peace; so when Magnus fell back to sleep he quickly followed suit. Knowing that Magnus would be there when Alec woke up was an added bonus if he was being with himself.

anonymous asked:

um, concept: pike and scanlan have been together for a long time and he keeps proposing and every time she laughs it off. so like he will take her out to a nice dinner and show and will attempt to propose and shes like "no, not here, it has to be perfect." and then eventually theyre laying in bed together just staring at each other, an average night, and pike goes "marry me?" and scanlan is like... "but it had to be perfect.." and she says "it is."

“Pike, will you marry me?”

Pike pauses, lowering her forkful of food. She looks around and surveys the area, taking in the other couples at the fancy restaurant they’re at. It’s date night, and they decided to catch dinner and a show at the local theatre, maybe get some dessert afterwards. All things they had planned before-hand, so needless to say, she’s caught off guard. She wasn’t expecting, well…this. 

She turns back to Scanlan who’s now watching her intently, leaning forward in his chair with bated breath. 

“Here?” she asks. “You’re asking me right now?”

Scanlan jolts up. “Sure, why not!” He smiles, grabbing Pike’s hands in his. “I mean, we’ve been together, what, four years now? Five? Why not take that next step?” He releases one of her hands and waves his free one into the air, looking wistfully into the distance. “Just imagine the ceremony we could have, it could be in one of your temples and we can invite all of our friends, Kaylie and your family would be there too of course, and we-”

Pike zones out and stares at Scanlan, then stares at her hand intertwined with his. Marriage…she’s thought about it, from time to time. Played around with the idea of what it would be like to make that next step in their relationship, to make their five years of being together “official.”

She laughs and blows it off. He’s not serious, right? I mean…sure, they’ve been together for quite some time now, and that’s usually what couples who’ve been together for so long do, right? Just tie the knot? But Scanlan doesn’t seem like the type who would be serious about marriage, someone who wants to be “tied down” by such a concept. He’s a free spirit at heart, always looking for fun and adventure and never looking to be in one place for too long or to lay down roots. He doesn’t need to be tied to her for the rest of his life. She doesn’t want to do that to him. She loves him far too much to do that to him. 

“No,” she says frankly, cutting him off mid-fantasy. “Not here. It has to be perfect.”

She could’ve sworn she saw a flash of disappointment cross his face, but it was quickly replaced with his usual bright eyes and charming grin.

“Alright, fair enough,” he sighs, releasing Pike’s other hand as he looks at his unfinished plate. He’s not hungry anymore, he decides, and pushes away from the table. “Well, ready to head out?” 

Pike nods and he gets up, walking over to her with an outstretched arm. She hooks hers with his and they continue on with their date, both paying no more thought to the event that just occurred. 


It’s weeks later and he asks for a second time. And then a third time. And then maybe a fourth? She couldn’t tell that time, they were drinking and he just sputtered the words out before passing out.

It’s about then that she thinks maybe he’s serious about this, but each time she says no, saying it isn’t the perfect moment. She’s lying, of course, but she’s hoping that if she keeps saying no he’ll stop asking. Marriage is not the life he deserves, she reminds herself.


One night while they’re lying down together, relaxed and enjoying each other’s company, Pike looks over at Scanlan.

He’s watching her, but not with the intensity that he normally does. There’s a softness to his face tonight, a warm glow that makes her feel like she’s falling in love with him all over again. He gently moves a hand over to her face and caresses her cheek, and she sighs. She loves these moments. She loves just being able to relax with him like this, where the world feels still and it’s just them, together, in harmony. 

She tries to fight the urge, fight the beating of her heart that she can feel in her throat, but it’s too much. 

“Marry me?” Pike chokes out. She stops, eyes wide, realizing what she had just said. She stares at Scanlan and waits.

And Scanlan stares back. She can’t tell what he’s feeling, and he’s too good at hiding it. He looks her over, opens his mouth to say something, and stops. Finally his face cracks and his brow furrows slightly in confusion, and he opens his mouth once more. “I..thought it had to be perfect?” 

Pike takes a breath she didn’t know she was holding, and laughs. She thinks of the years they’ve spent together, every perfect moment they’ve had and every perfect moment they’ll continue to have. Of course he was serious when he asked all those times, and of course he would never think she was holding him back. He’d follow her to the ends of the earth and be wherever she decided to be, and she knows she would do the same for him. They would never tie each other down. 

She moves closer to him and he wraps his arms around her waist, still looking confused. As their foreheads touch and she moves her mouth closer, she smiles against his lips. “It is,” Pike whispers, as they seal the deal with a kiss. 

ej-techie  asked:

Inquisition companions/advisors reactions plus the Chargers (if that's *way* too much - which is so understandable, just Krem please) to the Inquisitor being drunk. (As in, not so drunk that they can't walk but drunk enough that they'd boop a dragon and giggle about it before being eaten.)

Josephine: She quickly hurries the Inquisitor away from the main hall and the nobles who always linger there. This is not something that needs to be seen by the whole world. If Romanced: She giggles and leads the Inquisitor away. She takes her lover to their room and gives them lots of water. She watches them and listens to their drunken banter/flirting while giggling to herself. No one else needs to see this, but she sure does.

Cullen: That’s… highly inappropriate. He gets Josephine to take the Inquisitor somewhere private. This is not a good image. If Romanced: He sighs and takes her somewhere private. He gives her lots of water so she doesn’t get a hangover, then tucks her into bed. He may join her if he doesn’t have too much work still to do that night.

Leliana: How cute! She just sort of lets it play out but makes sure someone is always ready to steer the Inquisitor away from real trouble. Maybe seeing the Inquisitor as a real person like this will be good for people.

Iron Bull: It was probably his fault that the Inquisitor is drunk in the first place. He’ll follow them around and laugh at their antics, completely unapologetic. If Romanced: Yep, this is good. His kadan needed to unwind, and sex wasn’t going to cut it this time. So drinking it is! He keeps the Inquisitor out of the worst trouble, but otherwise just follows them around and laughs.

Dorian: If he wasn’t the cause, he is definitely reaping the benefits. He laughs and wraps an arm around them, pointing out ways to get into just the right sort of trouble. The kind of trouble that won’t reflect badly on the Inquisition but will be such fun to watch. If Romanced: Tevinter wine is either the best or the worst discovery to have made. His amatus is drunk and silly, and this is perhaps the most fun he’s ever had watching a man stumble around and get into trouble and giggle so hard he falls over. Naturally, Dorian is the same level of drunk, so the shenanigans are doubled.

Cassandra: This is not appropriate. She marches the Inquisitor right to bed with strict orders to go to sleep and wake up sober. If they’re hung over, then maybe they’ll learn. If Romanced: She’s much gentler about getting the Inquisitor to bed. She gives him plenty of water, but still orders him to get some rest. He’s just a little too drunk to be trusted at the moment.

Blackwall: It’s not his problem. It’s not his job. If the Inquisitor wanders into the stables in their drunken state, he’ll watch what happens but not interfere. What the Inquisitor does with their down time is not really his business, unless he’s invited. If Romanced: Wood carving while drunk is not an acceptable activity. He gently steers her away from anything dangerous and towards her favorite mount. He shakes his head with a smile as he watches her talk at the creature and play with it. It’s pretty cute.

Vivienne: Well, that’s just unseemly. But then again she understands that what the Inquisitor is going through is enough to drive anyone to drink. She sends Josephine to do damage control, if she isn’t already.

Solas: He smiles and shakes his head but doesn’t disrupt his own work to deal with it. Someone else will make sure the Inquisitor stays out of trouble. If it seems like no one else is getting on that, he’ll send a message to Josephine. If Romanced: When she staggers into the rotunda, giggling madly, he looks up from his work and smiles. When she plants her butt on his desk, right on top of whatever he was working on, he sighs but doesn’t shift her off. He crosses his arms as she attempts to tease him or slurs as she asks him to explain whatever he was doing that she’s now sitting on. He’ll indulge her for a night. After all, she gets so little time to just be a normal person that she deserves it. If she comes to him in the morning with a hangover, he’ll even heal it for her.

Cole: He spends enough time in the tavern to know that the Inquisitor is drunk. He’ll flit around and keep them out of trouble while also keeping them entertained. At the end of the night, he helps them into bed and makes sure there’s a glass of water on their bedside table. They’ll need it later.

Sera: She laughs. She was secretly refilling the Inquisitor’s cup when they weren’t looking. Pranks are always best with some drink in you! If Romanced: So many pranks. They are both giggling and drunk and running around Skyhold trying to get into as much trouble as possible without getting caught. Once they start sobering up, it’s time for sex!

Varric: He’s been watching the whole thing. This is great material for his book! Like Bull and Dorian, he follows the Inquisitor around just to watch. Like Dorian, he may make a suggestion or two. Like Bull, he keeps the worst ideas from bearing fruit. But in the end, he just loves to see the Inquisitor let loose for a while!

Krem: He watched the whole thing play out, from Bull suggesting a drinking game to Sera refilling the Inquisitor’s cup when no one was looking. He figures he should probably say something or maybe suggest a slightly lighter drink, but in the end he decides to just sit back and watch what happens. The boss’ll keep the Inquisitor out of the worst of it. Probably.

Your Savior - 11

Link to Chapter 10

Thanks again for stopping by! I could never begin to express how grateful I am for each and every read, reblog, comment, and message!

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of past sexual assault

Chapter 11

You were obviously still flustered from your encounter with Negan when you arrived back at the laundry room; your cheeks were flushed and you were overly distracted. Brianna was quick to notice and asked “Is everything ok Y/N? You seem upset. Did your visit to the clinic not go well?”

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Title: The Exception
Summary: in a town taken over by fear, a young couple tries to make their way back to each other.
A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted something, and I gotta say it was all my fault for being too lazy during my free time XD This one is based on what Lili said about the cute moments we’re gonna have while Reversal faces the civil war, and I really hope we can get a similar scene!! Hope you enjoy it, and I’m already sorry about what you’re gonna read! Please, tell me what you think!
It was a cold and silent night, as Elizabeth Cooper made her way through the southern part of Riverdale, with nothing but her uncharged phone in hands. She was all alone in those empty streets, facing shadows that extended for miles, and even if she was trying her best not to be afraid at that moment, Betty failed miserably whenever her ears captured a sudden noise her smart brain just couldn’t identify.

It’s just an animal, she would tell herself. A cute, defenseless animal and not the dangerous man who shot Fred Andrews and was entitled Angel of Death after spreading fear and horror around the whole town.

Oh, It was probably just a squirrel.

As she made her way to where her boyfriend was— which she was almost positive to be around that area— Betty remained alert for any sign of trouble. Her sea green eyes were widened, looking around the entire perimeter surrounding her as in a protective measure, and at the same time she was doing everything she could in order to get warmer, her perfect, pure mind couldn’t stop cursing mayor McCoy for not giving the Southside a decent street illumination.

She was definitely going to write an article about that as soon as she got home. During the long time she would eventually spend grounded, the Cooper girl would continue to do justice with her own words.

The idea of spending the next couple of months in partial house arrest, for as bad as it could seem, didn’t scare her, let alone made her regret the decision she made earlier that night. Thanks to the immature, civil war declared by the adults of Riverdale, both Betty and Jughead, for living in opposite poles of the same, small town, ended up being dragged into the middle of that mess. People gave him weird glares whenever he was around the North, and her presence around the South wasn’t really welcomed by everyone either. That situation created an indelicate discomfort whenever they visited a place that’s not Pop’s, and even if both of them loved that diner, it was impossible not to see that things were just getting worse around them.

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yo people

I just had an idea for a cc Percy Jackson au??? tell me if this is already a thing but I don’t think i’ve seen it,,

also if you have any ideas tell me pls cus I haven’t read the books in ages and ive probably gotten the characterisations all wrong

but like

max: possible son of Poseidon?? Poseidon’s super moody and stuff and for some reason I can see that??

preston: Apollo. Literally. Poetry and all that stuff.

Neil: Son of Athena?? with like the battle plans and science and inventing

Nurf: Son of Ares. He is a child of war and inner turmoil

Nikki: maybe like persephone,, cus she love nature,, she would have babies with nature,,

I cant think of the others help

Like david is a satyr and helps the kids make it to camp halfblood. He calls himself the camp counselor and is so overly cheerful its painful. He probably thinks they could talk it out with the monsters instead of killing them straight away

Gwen is a wood nymph?? i guess?? help me out here I haven’t read the books in years,, She helps look after the kids with david and likes chilling with the campers. Shes so tired,, being a tree is hard

Max has been at the camp the longest and is kind of like the camp veteran. David asks him to give the kids a tour of the camp and he just talks about how much it sucks being a demigod and tries to convince them to turn back.

the flower scouts are the hunters of artemis,, fite me on this. They deserve to be badass too. They are probably all daughter of Aphrodite and decided to change cus they were tired of the normal demigod rules or something and got bored.

David had to stop the cabin rule because Nikki would sneak out to FEEL THE NATURE and max would just pace and not sleep so now theyre in groups and sleep with whoever not mattering their parents.

Cameron Campbell is like Diosynus and basically leaves at every given opputunity leaving gwen and david to deal with everything

If you have ideas please tell me!! id be so happy to hear what you think and I’m kinda digging this au

doodles to come,,,

Badass (warren x reader)

A/N. Reader’s mutation: light purple skin, absorb/transform into what they touch (think Darwin from Xmen First Class), empath (feel others emotions)

(Y/n) and Warren walked out of the mall, Warren’s arm- and wing- draped around her shoulder. He couldn’t stop looking at her, and she knew it. It might have had something to do with his jacket wrapped around her. Actually, it had everything to do with his jacket wrapped around her.

“This was fun.” She said, tilting her head back to rest against his shoulder with a small smile. “We should do it again.”

“Yeah?” Warren smiled slowly. Getting a date with (y/n) had taken weeks of planning and the help of Peter, Scott and Kurt. And Ororo. Actually mostly Ororo. The boys had been planning an elaborate scheme involving kidnapping and the danger room, and something to do with paint. Ororo had smacked all of them, walked across the room, and asked (y/n) if she wanted to go out with Warren. To which she said no. If Warren couldn’t ask her out himself she didn’t want anything to do with him. He had asked her out three days later.

“Yeah.” She smiled at him.

“That’s, that’s awesome.” He was grinning as they walked through the parking lot, heading towards one of the cars they had “borrowed” from the school. “Yeah, we definitely should. If it weren’t for this stupid curfew–” He slowed down when he saw the four men leaning against a car near theirs, tugging (y/n) to a stop with him.

“What?” She asked, looking around. She didn’t seem to see the rowdy group of humans, and they hadn’t noticed the couple either.

“On your left.” Warren said quietly. She craned her neck, looking over her shoulder.

Warren rolled his eyes with an affectionate laugh. “No, your other left.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You mean my right?”

Warren felt the tips of his ears heat up. “Shut up. Just look.”

She smirked and looked to her right, eyes widening as she caught sight of the group. “Ah. I see the problem.”

“Yeah.” Warren made a face. “Want me to fly us home?” That was actually a great idea. Why hasn’t he thought of that before? He could have flown them here too, and he would’ve gotten to carry her and stuff, damn he was an idiot.

She shook her head. “We shouldn’t be afraid to go to our car at seven in the evening in a well lit parking lot. Besides, your wings are still recovering. Let’s just walk past them.” She looked over at him. “Is that okay?”

He but the inside of his cheek. “Xavier said I should stay out of sight, since, you know, people are still mad that I tried to destroy the world a while back. This date wasn’t exactly faculty approved.”

“Okay.” She nodded understandingly. “You wanna fly home or call Scott to pick us up?”

“Hey mutant freak.” One of the men shouted, a drunken slur to his words. “This is a human only parking lot.”

“Oh really?” Warren called. “I don’t see a sign.”

“Yeah, cuz we assumed you ugly fucks couldn’t read.” Laughed another man. “You should know you’re not welcome.”

Warren tensed, but (y/n) put a hand on his arm. He looked down at her and she shook her head. “We don’t want any trouble.” He said through his teeth, hands curling into fists at his sides.

“Well we don’t want to have to look at you mutant freaks.” Snapped one of the men, throwing a bottle. Warren jumped back as it shattered in front of them, dragging her back with him. “Looks like neither of us are gonna get what we want.”

“Look,” (y/n) called, ignoring Warren’s panicked look down at her, “do you really want to fight a lady? And a boy recovering from serious injuries? How is that gonna make you look cool?”

The other men laughed, and the speaker got even more angry. “Shut the fuck up freak. You’re no lady.”

“Alright, that’s it. I’m gonna kick your ass.” Warren’s wings rustled angrily against his back.

“Come at me bird freak.”

(Y/n) grabbed his arm. “Warren stop.”

He stared at her with wide eyes. Did she not want him to defend her honour? Wasn’t that a boyfriend thing to do? “Don’t tell me you don’t want me to–”

She shrugged out of his jacket. “Hold this.” She shoved his jacket and her shopping bags against his chest. “Warren,” she leaned close, looking into his eyes. He hadn’t realized how pretty her eyes were. And her mouth was right there. “After I beat up some thugs, how about dinner?”

His mouth fell open, and while he struggled to find some response that made him seem somewhat intelligent she moved towards the men.

“I think you need to apologize to my friend.” She said casually. “You see, he’s recovering from an accident, and what you said was hurtful.”

The man laughed. “Fuck you bitch.”

She shook her head. “Now you need to apologize to me too. But I’ll forgive you if you apologize to him.”

“Alright.” The man looked angry, face darkening as his friends laughed behind him. He slammed the bottle against the hood of his friend’s truck, holding the broken end menacingly. “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

(Y/n) grinned. “Honey don’t tempt me.”

Warren was left standing dumbfounded as she crouched, pressing her open palm against the concrete. Her skin rippled, darkening and hardening to match the ground. The man charged, glass weapon held high, and she laughed. The glass shattered against her arm and she grabbed the man by the throat, tossing him across the parking lot.

She walked towards him slowly. “I said apologize.”

“Fuck you bitch.” The man spat.

She punched him in the face, once, knocking out three teeth and breaking his nose. His head hit the pavement– the real pavement– and he blacked out. She looked up at his friends. “Anyone else? I don’t think he can really say much anymore.”

“L-look lady,” one man stammered, “we’re sorry alright?” He turned his panicked gaze to Warren. “We’re sorry man. Call her off. Seriously. We–” They all panicked, jumping into the car and speeding away.

She turned to look at Warren, sighing and letting her skin return to normal. She was smiling, but when she looked at his shocked expression her smile fell. A blush darkened the purple of her cheeks and she looked between him and the ground.

“I’m sorry.” She said quickly. “I didn’t mean to do that, I just– he insulted you and, and I know bad that would have gotten, and I know how upset you were so I wanted to make them apologize because you don’t deserve that, and–” she shut her mouth with a snap when Warren surged forward, coming to a stop right in front of her.

His eyes were wide, searching her face. “When did you get so badass?” He breathed, looking her over hungrily.

She laughed. “I’ve always been this badass. Why did it take you this long to notice?” She smiled.

He was grinning. “You wanna know something?” She nodded. “All day, I thought the hottest thing ever was you wearing my jacket. But now,” he laughed softly. “Now I know that you, taking off the jacket and kicking some dude’s ass is even hotter.”

“Well,” she smiled, “I’m glad you think so.”

He leaned down, wings curling around her back and pressing her against him. “I’m gonna kiss you now.”

She grinned. “Okay.”  

Hold me Down


You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Word counting: 699
Pairing: Dean X Reader
Chapter: 1/23
Chapter name: Prologue

Series’ Masterlist

“So…” John looked at her. “You’re really leaving?”

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Y/N smiled sadly. She had been with the Winchesters ever since her father (and only family) died on a hunt, John saved her life and, as his close friend, didn’t hesitate to adopt the young girl and raise her with his two boys.

Now Y/N was past 21, almost 22, had her own car (a red 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS that belonged to her father) and stuff, and her own plans, and just as he couldn’t forbid Sam from going to college, he couldn’t stop her from to follow her own path.

“Just for a while.” She promised. “Maybe I’ll meet you guys in a hunt, and we can work together again, maybe I’ll come back… I just need to find out how I want to go from here.”

He nodded and she looked at Sam. He was leaving too, but different from her, he was going to Stanford. He wanted a normal life, with a normal girl and a normal family. He wanted something he never had.

He offered it to her too. ‘I could help you study and we could go together’. He had said, but that wasn’t a life for her.

Inside the car, Dean watched them, not pleased. He was, somehow, feeling left behind.

When Y/N leaned over the window to look at him, her heart was a little tighter.

“So I don’t deserve a kiss goodbye.” She looked at him and he raised his gaze at her. His green eyes were full of pride and anger, just like I spoiled child.

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost


There was one of her reasons to leave. Dean was unreachable. Ever since they were kids, they were best friends and it kept going on their lives, but somehow in the later years, he was distant. At the beginning, their conversations were shorter, and soon she couldn’t tell him any secret or touch him. Now, they were basically strangers.

Y/N gave up, standing and hugging John and Sammy before entering the car.

“Goodbye guys.” She sighed. “And good luck too.”

And she left.

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You Pull Me In

He didn’t expect to meet so intriguing woman. But what he learnt about her surprised him a lot. Will it be only one time meeting or something more?

Warnings: Language 


Oliver was sitting at the bar looking down at the glass of  scotch in his hand. He was slowly moving the glass in a circle looking how the alcohol swirled inside the glass.

He was so disappointed in himself. And he was tired. Maybe he was even more exhausted than he thought because when he moved his back his sore muscles let him know about his failure.

He heard the whispers. He knew people were talking about him, but he honestly didn’t care.

He should be upstairs in his room being yelled at by every person in his life but instead of that he was sitting down here drinking, well technically he was just holding the glass because he didn’t drink at all.

He has been sober for 5 years and he decided to stay that way.

But he liked to look at the brownish liquid and imagine how it would taste on his tongue.

For some it would be a torture but not for him. He was well trained to deny himself a lot of things.

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anonymous asked:

How about some fluff for our super adorable Izuku! Headcanon or scenario ((whichever is easier for you :3)) On how he would propose to his s/o?

My beautiful Anon 💕 Thank you so much for your ask! Originally, I intended to do a scenario, but I couldn’t wait any longer 🙈 I need some Deku fluff 🌌 I hope you’ll enjoy this!

  • This adorable boy is thinking about it for a while now, asking his s/o the big question. Of course, he took his sweet time with it, considering every pro and con more than just once
  • S/o is the light of his life, his save haven, his own personal hero. It is clear as day for him that s/o is the right person, but would he be the right one for his s/o? He tries to drop subtle hints a long time before his planned event, just to make really sure that spending the rest of their life with him is what they want
  • Izuku consulted his mum and All Might so often, they almost went to his s/o. He nearly drove them to the brink of sanity with all his questions and muttering
  • Boy has everything planned from bottom to the top! From the location to s/o’s engagement ring
  • After doing some research on engagement rings, he actually decides to ask Momo if she couldn’t make one for his s/o. It’s not because he’s short of money or he doesn’t want to spend it on his s/o, he just wants it to be as customized as possible. After all, it’s his s/o and they deserve only the best
  • BONUS: Momo thinks it’s super cute and assists him without any questions
  • When the day finally arrives, he doesn’t want his s/o to know what’s going on and tries to make it look like a normal, casual date
  • After what seems like an eternity and a lot of fountain crying, he is reassured that everything will work out. Hopefully
  • First he takes his s/o on a lunch date to their favorite bistro, before he casually visits all the places with his s/o where they made some special memories together

On the way he treats his s/o everything they want

When they arrive at those places, he will bring up some of those special memories, mentioning how happy he is that they experienced it together, how funny something was and how much he hopes they’ll make a lot more of them in the future

Will mentioned that he’s looking forward to look back at all those memories when they’re old and grey 💕

  • For the grand finale he takes his s/o to the sea side, watching the sunset with them

When the cotton candy clouds starting to be tainted in a firework of a magical purplish-pink, he realizes that the time for the big question has come. He starts to be super nervous again, his hands becoming all sweaty. When he looks into his s/o’s eyes and sees the fiery reflection of the last sunbeams, he is completely taken aback by their beauty. Feeling his heart swelling with all the love he has for them, he decides it’s now or never. Taking in a deep breath, he starts with his well prepared speech. However, his head is all fuzzy and the butterflies in his stomach are starting to take a toll on him. In the middle of it, he is losing it completely, starting to murmur, spitting out totally incomprehensible sentences. When he starts to realize that he ruined it, he’s almost on the verge of tears, but his s/o takes his head in their soft palms. “Calm down, love”, they smile “I already know what you want to say” “You do?” “Yes, how could I not?”, a sweet chuckle escapes their lips. “All your questions about having a family and buying a house, then this wonderful day, completely dedicated to me”, their eyes sparkle with the utmost adoration. “Everything for you, love”, he says, finally calming down. “Then I want you to say it, just simple”, they caress his check softly, making the butterflies in his stomach dance again. “Will you marry me?”, and he gives them the brightest smile the world has ever seen.

Heart Of A Girl

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 4,660

Summary: Jason’s girlfriend has a rough night with her self-esteem, and he helps her feel better.

Warnings: Negative self-esteem, negative self-talk

Written For: Self Insert Week 2017

Note: This is complete and total self-indulgent fluff. And sorry again for the length. I think I’m incapable of writing a short one-shot.

Tagging: @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added to my taglist? Send me an ask!)

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