just look at her smile when she's looking at fans

BTS reaction seeing mean looking girl but actually she’s friendly

anon: Could you do a long BTS reaction to them seeing a girl look mean and cold but when she starts talking with friends she looks nice and friendly? Hyung Line first than Maeknea(?) Line. Sorry, English isn’t my first language.

Hope that it’s long enough >    


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Jin walk through the park after practice. He saw attractive girl sitting on the bench. At first he thought that she’s waiting for someone to sock that person because she looked so offended and in nerves. He wanted to come and talk with her but fear that he felt was too hard. When he was thinking about this, still looking at the girl, she catch his sight. She came closer to him and with the most sweet voice which he hear in his life, she asked if she can help him. He didn’t know what to think. Her cold face dissapear and in place of it showed ball of cutness. He couldn’t take his sight away from her. Then she laught because of his weird face expression. Jin slowly backed to his mind. He laught too and realize that maybe it will be nice to start closer relation with her.

“I’m sorry, my name is Jin. Are you waiting for someone?”

Girl: Nah. I were just sitting when I saw you observe me. I’m Y/n

“Yeah sorry. I just thought for a little bit that you are in nerves and….”

Girl: you mean that I look cold,right? Everyone tells me that.

“No,no,no—– Okay. Yes. But now I see how kind you’re. Maybe you want go drink coffee with me?”


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Yoongi was working on new song in his favourite café . It was already 3rd hour and he stalled. His ideas ended and for the worse, group of girls comes. This few girls were making more noise than boys in the dorm. But one of them catch his eye. She came last and she stand alone behind her friends. She have cold looking face and her all black outfit didn’t help to not think that he can be kind of rude and presumptous. But Yoongi liked her style. He was looking at her for few seconds waiting when she’ll be alone to go and talk with her. He hope that maybe you won’t kill him when he would try to talk with you. For his surprise girls started to coming closer to him. They wanted to sit with him in the table becasue rest was occupied. When they started to talking he to liked her even more. She was cute, nice and the kindest girl that he met. When girls stand up and heading to doors, he quickly, softly took her arm and ask about phone number. When she gave Yoongi her charming smile and number, he felt like all his inspiration back.

“I know that you can think that I’m some kind of freak but how about exchanging our phone numbers? Btw- I’m Yoongi.”

Girl: “why not? My name is Y/n. Nice to meet you”


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Group of girls. No great shakes. But one girl captured his attention. She had style, moves like she is walking on catwalk, all proudly and beamed with  class. He couldn’t take away his eyes from her, amazed with everything what she had (lol, it sounds so badly). When Hoseok do steps to go and talk to her, she turned to him and looked deeply in his eyes. He frozee and turn on his heel like nothing happened and come back to his previous spot. He couldn’t believe what he did. He saw attractive girl but he couldn’t believe that her glare and rude expression made him leave. ‘Why the fuck I’m like this?’. When he scold himself in his mind, he hear cute and soft voice behind him. ‘Excuse me? I think that few seconds ago you wanted to come to us,sorry my friends are too shy to ask you’. Then he frozee again. Is this the same girl? He turn to see her and ….. yes, it was her. He didn’t know what to say. After awkard minutes staring at each other  he finally spoke

“Sorry, I just mistake you with somebody”

Girl: “owh. Sure.

“Okay. Tbh I wanted talk to you but I freak out. I’m sorry that I’m saying this”

Girl: no, no. It’s okay. A lot of people are telling me that I look rude but when you meet me closer I’m really nice girl

“Do you want let me meet you closer?”

Girl: that’s why I send my friends to home. I hope for it.

“So from now on I can be your hope.”


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One of the members which don’t care about look. So when he saw cold looking girl he wouldn’t mind it. If he will feel something to girl which make a first impression like- “don’t even come closer ‘cause I’ll kill you with my glare”- he wouldn’t mind it and come talk to her. This day he decided to spend some time alone in ice cream parlor because why not? Hhe catch his eye when she was walking in to place. Atmosphere of winter night which she emit just couldn’t be not noticed. She stand behind him, waiting for her turn to order ice creams. Namjoon was thinking how to speak to her. He was affraid that girl may take him for some kinf of the “player” and that he is always flirting with random girls . When he was deep in his minds he suddenly felt someone small hand on his shoulder. He turn back to see this girl with the most adorable smile that he saw. He forget about his first impression of her being ice hearted person. Monnie awkardly wave to her and saw his chance to ask you out or for phone number.

Girl: I’m sorry that I’m bothering you but I found this wallet on the floor and maybe it’s yours?

“Owh. No, it’s not“

Girl: Aish my bad. Sorry… *pause* Okay, tbh it’s mine wallet. I just wanted to talk with you.

“You too, huh? So maybe we’ll take a seat and meet eachother?”

Girl: Sounds like a nice plan. I’m Y/n.


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Standing in the shop looking for products that Jin wanted him to buy. Two girls stand next to him talking, laughing and making plans for something. One of them was enjoing this conversation the most. Mochi would find this girl pretty and attractive but her face and her eyes that were telling to everyone to better don’t come closer or she’ll bite, slightly deter him. He doesn’t want to eavesdrop on her and her friend but they were speaking really loud. Girls speak about voluntary organization and a charity fundraiser which this two’ll be organizing for kennels. Jimin felt intrested in this girl. Outside she looks cold, mean and pugnaciously but inside she comes across as  really nice person and worth get to know her. Chim eavesdrop when and where will be this fundraising. When this day come he took Tae with him-because this boy love dogs. While Tae was all fascinated with this event, Jimin was looking for girl from shop. He saw her standing alone, asking people for money to her charity box. Jimin go to her, giving money and shyly starting a conversation.

“So how long are you volunteer?”

Girl: It’ll be three years.

“Do you want me to help you?”

Girl: why not? More hands to help.

She go to bring Jimin charity box for him. He turned back and looked how alive angel steps on the ground. *gif*


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Fansign. One of the best way to meet your bias. Taehyung was enjoying fansign more way then ever. Among the crowd of his fans he saw girl with unusal beauty. She looked sad and deppresed for him. Sometimes her face made him felt shudder. Cold looking but attractive and mystery. Still he was intersted in her. Waiting till she will come to meet him and for autograph, he was making scenarios how to talk to her and make her laugh.  But when he was trying, girl just looked at him, slightly blush and go away. He couldn’t forget about her even after fansing. When no one were watching, he quietly slip out unobserved outside. He saw her with 2 others girls from fansign. Taehyung heared how girls were talking about their experience from fansign and reconstruct it over again. Girl, which catch his eye, showed her real nature. She was too shy to make any move when Tae show to her attention. Her cute side make his heart stopped. When she smiled, her dimples showed and she softly blush thinking about that situantion.
Tae without hesitation came to her and started to talk.

“Hii. I think that you’re soo cute. You look like ice queen but in real you’re the cutest angel ever. Let’s go for a walk.”

girl: oh. yeah. Thank you? I can go for a walk with you.


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Day like other ones. It can be like this but now he’s sitting in restaurant, surrounded by girls, all screaming and talking in the same time giving him headache. He wanted to be invisible this time. Telling them to shut up or to leave him alone but he didn’t want to  hurt them and in internet could show articles that fame make him self-important and cocky. When he sadly smile to one of his fans, one girl shouted “Ya all better go home and leave him. This boy can’t even breath”. All of girls looked at her. Her face looks killingly and intimidate. Fans bowed and go away before she’ll frezee them with her sight. Then her friends come to her and start to talkinf emotionally about what she did - “damn girl it was the best action ever! You can be a security guard. This is a positive thing in rude looking girl!” She smiled and started to laught. Kookie still being in shook just stared at her. When he manage to say something, he shyly said “thank you”. Girl smiled and with victory on her face, she go to the door. Jungkookie woke up from his shook and call out her.

“Heey. Wait. Maybe there is something that I can do for you as a thank-you for help?”

Girl: I would really loved to. How about dinner?

A/N: This gif blurb is thought of as being part of the LwR Universe but it can be read by everyone. It takes place 3 months after AJ’s birth at JiB 2016 - Gif submitted by @percywinchester27


Jensen turned to his right to face the next fan in line for questions, sending the rather nervous looking girl a calming smile.


“Hi I’m Sabrina and I just wanted to say congratulation on your little girl,” she stuttered, making Jensen smile widely at the thought of the newest addition to his family.

“Thank you so much,” Jensen responded, watching the girl shift nervously on her feet.

“Actually my question is about Y/N. We know she isn’t doing panels this year but there were some rumours she is still here?” Sabrina looked everywhere but at Jensen when she finished her question and he couldn’t help but smile. He knew she worried she was overstepping a line but actually Jensen loved the affection the fans had for Y/N. He knew they had been disappointed in her not taking active part in the convention, but he had agreed with her decision since it hadn’t been more than 3 months since she gave birth to their youngest daughter AJ.

“She is yes. We are visiting Y/N’s mom when we leave the convention, but she is back in our room with the girls resting. Going from waddling around pregnant to chasing after Becca has been hard on her,” Jensen smirked as the audience awed and laughed. Their amusement gave him the courage to push his luck a little further.

“As it turns out AJ also has Y/N’s temper and lungs so there is a lot of calming down a feisty baby these days,” Jensen grinned, before frowning as the audience erupted into cheers. Jensen quickly followed their line of sight to see Y/N standing at the side of the stage with her arms crossed over her chest, sending him her best bitch face with a still amused glimmer in her eyes.

“Shit. Looks like I am in trouble,” Jensen pulled a face looking back at the audience, just as Daniela handed Y/N a mic, with a huge smile on her face.

Y/N uncrossed her arms and pressed on hand against her hip, glaring at her husband as she started speaking, “so this is how my husband talks about me when I am not around? I think I need to start watching panels on youtube.”

Jensen faked panic, making a roar of laughter erupt from the crowd. Jensen turned towards Y/N and send her his best innocent smile, making her smile back at him as he spoke, “I love you sweetheart.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Y/N shook her head at him, “you’re changing diapers for a week.” She warned with a raised finger before leaving the stage laughing as Jensen’s real slightly panicked voice sounded behind her, mixed with the crowds laughter.

“I’m sorry Y/N/N. I didn’t mean it…”

My Kind of Crazy

Summary: Jensen uses a song cover to reveal his feelings for his co-actress. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1515
Genre: Fluff. All of the Fluff. 
Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Followers Challenge! Yes, it’s late, my apologies, Taylor! If you’re not already following her, make sure you do that, you won’t regret it! My prompt was the gif at the top of fic, as well as My Kind of Crazy by Brantley Gilbert. Also, this is the first fluffy thing I’ve produced that I’ve been exceptionally proud of in a while so … yeah. Enjoy!

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You’re the Best Accident I’ve Ever Had

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Word Count: 1,067

‘Of course, it had to happen in America.’ Seokjin thought as he was hurried of to the hospital.

'At least it happened during the end of the concert.’ he tried to remain optimistic, but he still felt bad about his accident.

The concert was hyped, loud, and the fans and the members of BTS were having fun performing and interacting together, even through the language barrier. But he stepped in the wrong place, moved at the wrong time, and he stumbled in his dance, feeling a sharp pain in his ankle that caused him to fall down in pain. The managers were on him in an instant, helping him off stage as the crowd voiced there concerns. He remembered hearing Namjoon assure the fans that he’d be alright before he was shoved into one of the managers vans, zooming off to the closest hospital in Los Angeles. Seokjin felt guilty about his actions and he wished he could apologize to the fans about his silly mistake ruining everything.

He pushed the thought aside when they stopped in front of the emergency room, the manager guiding him in. There was a sign on the reception desk, and with his broken English he could make out “Ask, help, languages, and Korean”. Seokjin assumed that there were doctors here that spoke different languages to cater to the patients needs. He was correct when he heard his manager ask for a doctor that spoke Korean. He was quickly rushed into a hospital room and he sat on the examination table patiently with his manager waiting outside. The door opened and the doctor walked inside.

The doctor was really pretty Seokjin concluded; she was about his age, she wore the long coats that doctors wore and it showcased her legs nicely, and her smile almost blinded him.

’This is the best accident ever.’ Jin thought and he smiled back enthusiastically

"H-Hi! I’m Seokjin.” he spoke slowly in English and the doctor smiled even wider when she heard him speak.

“That was good Mr. Kim, but you understand I can speak Korean fluently, correct?” she said in Korean, her lips quirking upwards when Seokjin blushed and affirmed her statement in his native language.

“So, why don’t you tell me why you’re here?” she started, taking out the arm wrapped to measure his blood pressure.

“Oh, I was performing, and I kinda stumbled during the dance and fell. I think I twisted my ankle.”  he said sheepishly as she took his blood pressure and temperature.

“I see, so you’re a dancer?” she asked. Her tone of voice wasn’t mocking and she seemed genuinely interested in him, which made Seokjin’s heart flutter.

“No, no, I’m a singer. I’m in a band though, and I kinda have to dance during our performances.” he explained, and the doctor hummed in acknowledgement, throwing him a small smile. She placed her stethoscope under his shirt and asked him to breathe in and out slowly.

“If you don’t mind me prying, what band?” she asked, moving the stethoscope around to hear his heart beat in different places.

“BTS.” Seokjin said proudly and the doctor smirked.

“I thought so, my niece has your posters on her wall at home, she really admires you and your group, she always raves about Jimin. She plays your music a lot, 'Coffee’ and 'Outro: Wings’ are my personal favorites.” the doctor said, writing down his pulse rate before grabbing a small chair that, when she sat down, put her in line with his ankle. Seokjin chuckled, a small smile adorning his features when he heard the doctor was a fan.

“Most of the younger girls love our Jiminie. He’s so talented. What about you miss? Since you seem to know our group?” he asked. The doctor looked up at him and smirked, a mischievous glint in her eyes as she pulled up the leg of his pants slightly.

“Let me look at your ankle Seokjin.” she said, examining his ankle carefully. She did this for a few minutes before rising.

“It’s just a sprain. Nothing too bad, I’ll have to wrap it up and you’ll have to be on crutches for a little while, but couldn’t been much worse.” she said, grabbing the wrapping bandages underneath the counter by the sink before sitting back down.

“I’d give you a proper thanks, but I never caught your name.” Seokjin teased, and the doctor clicked her tongue playfully.

“Y/N. Y/N L/N.” she said, wrapping up his ankle in methodical motions. She cut off the wrapping when it was tight enough, and taped it off.

“I’ll be back with some crutches.” she said. When Y/N opened the door, the rest of BTS came storming in, checking up on their oldest member. Y/N laughed and walked out, giving the boys some time.

“Are you alright?” Yoongi asked, hopping up next to him on the table.

“Yeah, yeah, totally.” he said airily.

“Your cheeks are red.” Taehyung teased, poking them gently.

“Yah, respect your elders.” Seokjin said, but his words weren’t laced with harm or seriousness. There was a knock at the door and Y/N returned into the room with the crutches in her arms. The boys looked at her and she bent down into a bow.

“Here. Rest up your foot and don’t move so much, alright.” she said, handing Seokjin the crutches.

“You speak Korean? Awesome!” Jimin said in awe, making Y/N giggle and Jin glare at the mochi-like boy.

“I do. Would you mind if I got a picture? My niece would never let me live if she knew you all were here.” Y/N said sheepishly. The band agreed and posed quickly for a picture in the small examination room.

“Doctor L/N, you never did tell me who your favorite was.” Seokjin said as the guys filed out of the room. Y/N helped him into his crutches, holding him up with one arm, the other hand holding the autographs she had gotten for her niece as well. When he was situated, Y/N looked up at him and smiled.

“You.” she spoke softly. Seokjin’s smile brightened the room.

“Here,” he said, grabbing her hand and the pen resting on the counter, scribbling his number on the back of her hand. “Call me sometime? I’d like to hear from you again.” Y/N nodded, her cheeks lightly rising with color.

“As long as you don’t come back to me with a sprained ankle.” she teased, and Seokjin, still holding Y/N’s hand, kissed her knuckles softly.


That’s My Girl

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 978

This is just something I wanted to write based on “My Girl” by Dylan Scott.

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send in an ask.
A/N2: “Our Girl” requested are still very much open.

Jensen’s Point Of View

           I walked down the stairs of the house and heard Y/N’s voice coming from the living room. I didn’t know what she was doing up so early. She rarely got out of bed before me; she liked to cuddle as long as possible.

           When I walked into the room, I saw her sitting on the couch, her legs under her as she talked on the phone. She hadn’t gotten her makeup on or her hair done yet. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

She looks so pretty with no makeup on

You should hear her talkin’ to her momma on phone 

           “We’re doing great, Mama,” Y/N said, her Texan draw coming out full force as she talked to her mom. I loved it, “Yeah. He’s still taking good care of me. He just walked down the stairs actually.”

           I grinned, leaning down to kiss her forehead, “Hi, Mom,” I said into her phone.

           “Mama says hi,” she said, “We have the day off today,” she told her mom, “Probably just relax. We don’t get to do that enough.”

           I walked into the kitchen to see what I could find for breakfast while Y/N ended the conversation with her mom.

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“So would this be a good time to tell you I’m a big fan?” | Anybody (M)

And here is a smut! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Words: 605

She smiled softly at him when he entered the shower. Why didn’t he leave? She thought. He moved to stand in front of her, looking at her with a look she recognized from the night before. His eyes were so intense, and filled with so much lust. She just giggled a little, “what –”

He cut her off with a kiss. It was filled with so much passion, but there was something more. What was it? She couldn’t think of it, but she kissed him back. As soon as she did, his hands were all over her. He stepped forward until her back hit the wall of the shower. He slid his hands down to her ass, squeezing, and then moved his hand down to where the back of her thighs met with her ass. After the night before, she was hoping to feel that hotness again; everywhere he touched felt so hot – it was driving her insane.

He lifted her up, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him. Their waists were perfectly aligned, making his member go in between her folds. He broke the kiss, and tilted his head back and groaned. She whined, she felt so hot all over. At this point she didn’t care that she met him last night, she wanted him so bad. She used the wall to push her waist out a bit, making him groan again – but this time it was lower, and she started to feel a knot in her lower stomach.

She whined, “I want more.”

He put his forehead to hers and looked at her face carefully, moving his hips up and down to create friction. “Fuck, you’re so wet. How much more do you want baby? Tell me,” he gasped.

“Just fuck me,” she whined. That was all he needed, he re-positioned himself and slowly, oh so slowly pushed into her. They both moaned, digging their nails into each other. The knot in her stomach got tighter as he started to move; the tighter the knot became, the louder they were. The sound of his thighs smacking hers filled the bathroom. After a few minutes he started to slow down, and she whined.

“Hold on baby,” he grunted, wrapping his arms around her to pick her up again. He held her as he sat down in the shower, crossing his legs. He lowered her down so he filled her up; she whined and she could feel him twitch inside her. He kissed her, sliding his tongue against her tongue. She moaned into the kiss, flicking her tongue against his. He slid his hands down to her ass; he squeezed and rubbed, encouraging her to move. She broke the kiss and starting to bounce on him – her knot was so tight now, she was so close and so was he.

“Fuck, baby, I’m so close,” she moaned.

“Me too,” he grunted as she started to roll her hips when she went down, “yeah just like that, oh my god.”

They went faster and faster, eventually he started to meet her halfway and push his hips up as she went down. Her knot felt like it was gonna burst – she felt oh so very hot, every inch of her body was in so much pleasure; and his was too. Then she came, he felt her get so tight around him it was insane. She still bounced, riding out her high and giving him his high.

They sat like that for a few minutes, panting. She started laughing, which made him laugh.

“So would this be a good time to tell you I’m a big fan?”

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 9: The Date

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Chapter Summary: It was finally time for your date with Jensen Ackles.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was only two hours until your date, and you could feel yourself growing nervous, second guessing yourself for saying yes. You never had the greatest luck with dates, and you were afraid this one would go as the rest, down the drain. And you really didn’t want that to happen, because it was Jensen, and seemed like a really good man. And if it did go south, you hoped it wouldn’t mess up your working relationship.

There had been a couple of times throughout the long day that you had considered marching to his apartment, and canceling the date. But each time you held back, another part of yourself beyond excited to see where this went. That’s why you let yourself relax in a bath, pampering yourself with scented bath oils, making sure your legs were silky smooth. You had soft music playing in the background, and along with your favorite candles it did the trick, and you felt much more relaxed and ready for the evening.

Before you could turn into a prune, you slipped out of the luxurious bathtub, pulling on your robe, before you began the task of applying make up. It was true, you were a make up artist, but because you dealt with it on a daily basis, and in a lot of quantity, you usually applied the minimum to yourself. But tonight you wanted to look special, so you took your time, applying a light coat of foundation, along with the rest of the works.

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Brad imagine - a fan defends you

Requested by an anon

Your eyes are fixed on Brad, watching as he talks to a group of fans on the street. You smile softly, seeing Brad and the fans all laugh and smile together. You feel slightly jealous that you’re so awkward around new people and can’t really join into the conversation, but it makes you happy seeing Brad interacting with fans. That’s one of your favourite things about him—how he treats and acts around his fans.

“You’re Y/N, right?” a girl says, looking to be a little younger than you.

You smile and nod. “Yup, that’s me.”

“You don’t deserve Brad,” she says suddenly, startling you by the bitterness in her voice.

You frown and glance to him. You can tell that he didn’t hear the girl. She was speaking lowly, and the two of you are a little away from the crowd. “I’m sorry?”

She frowns and folds her arms over her chest. “You’re just using him for his fame. You don’t deserve to date him. He’s way too good for you.”

Your frown gets larger and you feel an anxious feeling starting to form in your stomach. You hate confrontation and arguing in person. “Um … I don’t … I’m not using him for fame.”

“Yeah right.” She scoffs and rolls her eyes. “You’re not pretty, you’re not talented, and you’re not a nice person. You don’t have anything going for you, so you’re obviously trying to use Brad to make yourself liked and popular. Well, it’s not working.”

You bite your lip and look at Brad, hoping he’ll come over and save you from his horrible conversation. He’s still engrossed in his conversation, though. “I’m not using him for fame or popularity. I’m not using him at all. I love him.”

The girl laughs. “Whatever. I doubt he loves you back. How could anyone?”

“Hey,” another voice says from behind you. “Leave her alone.”

You look over and see another girl, this one looking older than the other, standing with her arms folded over her chest.

“This doesn’t concern you,” the first girl says.

“It concerns all of us fans,” the second girl replies. “As fans, we need to love and support the boys, no matter what they do and who they date. Y/N is a really nice person. She’s so sweet to everyone, and she’s so talented and passionate about her hobbies. She’s also so gorgeous, so stop picking on her and leave her alone.”

The other girl looks stunned, as if she didn’t expect to be called out. She opens her mouth but says nothing.

“If you don’t like Y/N, just keep your mouth shut and don’t associate with her. Nobody’s forcing you to like her, but you should at least respect her.” The new girl gives you a small smile. “I think Brad is really lucky to have Y/N. She makes him extremely happy.”

You feel your cheek heat up and you smile slightly. “Thank you.”

The first girl huffs and walks off angrily, obviously at a loss for words.

“Thank you,” you say again. “It was really nice of you to say those things.”

“No problem,” the girl says, grinning. “It’s our job as fans to protect The Vamps and their friends and families.”

You smile. “What’s your name?”

“Laura,” she says.

“Do you have a twitter?”

She nods and tells you her username.

You smile. “I’ll tell the boys what happened, and they can follow you.”

Her eyes grow wide and she smiles widely at you. “Oh my god, really?! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do for standing up for me.”

Brad goes over to you and puts his hand onto your lower back. “Hey babe. Everything okay over here?”

You nod, smiling over at Laura. “Yeah, everything’s fine. Laura and I were just talking.”

Laura smiles and waves. “Hello again.”

Brad grins. “Hey. I saw another girl here. Where’d she go?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Laura speaks first. “I told her to stop being rude to Y/N and she left.”

Brad’s smile falls and he looks at you. “What was she saying?”

“It’s not important,” you mumble. “She was just being kind of ignorant and rude. It’s fine, it’s been handled thanks to Laura.”

Brad looks at her, a look of gratitude on his face. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Laura says, smiling sweetly. “It’s the least I can do after all that you and the boys have done for us.”

“I’m happy to know that there are some fans who don’t hate Y/N,” he says softly.

You bite your lip and take his hand, giving it a small squeeze.

Laura smiles. “I have to get going, but it was so lovely meeting you, Brad. Thank you for the pictures, and thank you for being so kind.” She looks at you. “I’m glad I ran into you, too.”

You give her a smile. “Likewise.”

She looks at Brad one last time before walking off.

“You know I love you,” Brad says quietly, “right?”

You look at him and nod slightly. “Yes, I do. You know I love you too?”

He nods. “Mhm. I just don’t want you to ever feel insecure or worried that I don’t love you or anything like that. Especially not because of girls who call themselves fans when all they do is send hate to you and the other girlfriends.” He kisses your temple and pulls you closer. “I love you so much, Y/N. No matter what anyone may say, never forget that you’re my one and only, and you mean the world to me.”

You're my home

Originally posted by supernatxralgifs

Warnings: Reader is a single mom. (very young single mom). Fluff.

Notes: And here i am with another fluff Jensen x Reader, sorry, that’s my thing. I inspired myself on the story of Savannah and Everleigh Soutas, and in the lovely couple, Savannah and Cole LaBrant, because they are amazingggg!!!!! I hope you like this! (Thinking about opening my requests soon!!!). Special thank you @realdiepie and @bleu-dans-la-nuit

“Are you ready sweetie?” You asked your daughter who was putting one of her stuffed toys in your bag.

“Yeah.” She answered with her cute little voice. She was only three years old, and you already didn’t want her to grow up anymore. “Mommy let’s go!” She said excited making you laugh. 

“Okay, let’s go.” You said locking your house, opening the car and putting her in the baby seat. Since the start of the Supernatural series, you had been a huge fan. You loved the characters, you loved the cast and you loved the show. And now, a convention in your city was finally happening. And since Lottie, your little girl, loved the series too - the episodes you allowed her to see at least -, she was going with you. And it wasn’t like you had anyone to watch her for you if you went alone…

“Are we here?” She asked looking through the window and you smiled, sighing.  

“Yes, Lottie, we’re here.” You said excitedly taking her out of the car. You couldn’t believe this was going to happen! Everything was so surreal. You entered the hotel where the convention was happening and immediately saw a bunch of fans, mostly teenagers, wearing Supernatural shirts, taking pictures and cosplaying. You put a white shirt in Lottie that said “Protected by Sam and Dean", with purple and blue dotted pants; and you worr a black shirt that said  “The hell protected by Sam and Dean. I got this shit" and jeans. 

Because Lottie was young, you didn’t pay for anything else but the Photo Op with Jared and Jensen. She wouldn’t stand being in the hotel with noisy fans all day. 

“Oh my god, aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” A redhead girl with glasses in line in front of you said when she looked to your daughter and you laughed. 

“Hey honey.” 

“Hello.” Lottie said a little embarrassed. “I like your hair, it’s like mine!” She continued, talking about her strawberry-blonde hair, and the woman laughed looking at you. 

“She’s shy just during the first few seconds, then, she’s a talker.” You explained and your daughter looked at you with a smile and gave a small laugh.

“Thank you! I like yours too! What’s your name?” She asked.

“Lottie! What’s yours?” Lottie answered holding your hand.

“Amy. Do you like Supernatural?” 

“Yeah!” Your daughter answered excitedly and you smiled. You had raised her well. “I looove Dean, but momma said that his real name is Jense.” You and Lottie started to talk to the woman, and for the first time in a long time, you felt like you had a friend. You were only 19 when you got pregnant and your family… well, your family wasn’t exactly supportive. You had to move from your city, and your friends - at least the ones that remained - stayed there. And now between watching Lottie, writing and working in the restaurant, you didn’t have time to make friends.

“Mommy….” Lottie said sleepily, resting her head on your shoulder. 

“I know, I know.” You answered kissing her forehead. You had been in the line for a few hours now, and this was pretty hard when you had a little daughter. First she was running around and talking to everyone, but now she was starting to get sleepy and it hurt your heart that you just couldn’t go home and put her to sleep. Amy was next, so you were almost getting in. 

“Okay, here I go, wish me luck! And please (Y/N), call me, let’s go grab a drink sometime.” She said and you smiled giving her a clumsy hug.

“We sure will, have fun!” You said excited referring to the photo OP and she smiled.

“Bye Lottie, it was so good to meet you!” She said and Lottie waved saying a cute “Bye”. 

“Are you excited? We are next!” You said trying to cheer her up.

“I am momma, but I’m tired.” She said and you gave her a small smile. This broke your heart in pieces. Cliff was there, and you and Amy talked to him a little.

“Is she okay?” He asked when he came back from the room where the pictures were being taken. Lottie started to groan and you felt tears in your shirt. Oh no…

“She’s tired.” You said rubbing her back and her cries started to get loud.

“Oh” He said putting his hand on her back to help to calm her down. “You are almost going in okay?”

“Yeah, thank you.” You said with a soft smile and he smiled. He was a sweet guy and it was so nice to meet him. Lottie started to cry louder and rub her eyes, and sadly you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Lottie we gonna see Dean and Sam, you love them!” You said to her but she didn’t stop crying. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?” You heard a very familiar voice in front of you.

Holy crap.

You slowly looked up to the person who had just talked and gasped in shock. It’s was Jensen fucking Ackles in flesh. He was incredibly handsome, nothing compared to what we saw on the series. He was tall, had the most beautiful green eyes you ever seen in your life (after your daughter’s, of course… she was your daughter after all) and boy did he smell good. 

Jensen stopped when he got out of the room and saw you. He was paralyzed. He never though this could happen just from seeing someone, but you were beautiful, and immediately caught his attention. 

But the little girl’s cry woke him up, making him look at her and his face turned to a hurt face. He hated hearing kids cry, it was the worst sound in the entire world in his opinion. Not because it was annoying or anything like that, but because his heart turned into dust when he heard it, it was like something was hurting him.

“Hey sweetheart.” He said getting close to you, making your heart speed up. You couldn’t open your mouth to even say “Hi”. “What’s the matter?” He asked to Lottie putting his hand in her back and like a miracle, she stopped crying to look at him, still rubbing her eyes. 

“Are you… Jense?” She asked confused, altering her look between you and him. He smiled, and when he looked at you, you felt your legs shake. 

“Yeah I am princess.” He said sweetly holding her hand. “And what’s your name?”

“Lottie…” She answered softly.

“Well Lottie, can you tell me why you were crying?” You didn’t think he could get any cuter, then he turned to you and said: “Can I pick her up?” You nodded, unable to say anything, and when he extended his arms to her, she immediately went to him.

“C'mon inside.” He said to you with a smile, nodding his head towards the door and you two entered.

“I want to sleep.” Lottie answered with a pout making you two laugh. You didn’t see Jared anywhere.

“You want to sleep? Okay, I know a quiet room for you to sleep after this.” He said with a big smile and you frowned. “And tell me, Lottie, what’s your gorgeous mom’s name?” He asked to her while looking at you, and you felt your checks burn.

“Hm…” She started thinking about it and you laughed. “Mommy” She answered and he laughed loudly, you too.

“(Y/N). Big fan.” You said and he smiled, giving you a clumsy hug with the arm he wasn’t holding your daughter and making you shiver.

“Pleasure to met you (Y/N).” Jensen said looking straight into your eyes and you smiled. “Jared just went to the bathroom, he will be back in a second for us to take the picture.”

“It’s alright” You said. Jensen’s eyes locked with yours and if it wasn’t for Lottie, he had a feeling that you would be looking at each other for some time. 

“I looove Dean, he’s so cute.” She said and Jensen looked at her in awe.

“He is? He thinks you’re a pretty little girl too.” He said before coming to look back to you. “She’s pretty smart for a… I’m guessing four?”

“She’s three.” You said feeling proud of your daughter. 

“Wow, just three. Most of the young girls can’t tell the difference between me and Dean.” He explained looking surprised at her, and even though she wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, she gave a little laugh circling her small arms around Jensen’s neck. 

“I don’t know why, but she’s just learned your…”

“SAM!” She screamed looking behind Jensen to where Jared appeared. You looked at him, and couldn’t help but smile. He was so handsome too. You just couldn’t believe you were face to face with them. 

“… Name.” You finished after Lottie’s interruption and Jensen laughed.

“Hello there honey!” Jared said with a big smile when he saw her. “Hello there sweetheart!” This time, the hello was for you, and your smile grew even more when he wrapped his arms around you, giving you a strong hug. He smelled pretty nice too. “You okay?” He asked looking straight into your eyes too.

“Yeah…” You said with a sigh of adoration and he smiled kissing your forehead.  

“Great.” Jared said. “Now, you!” He said pointing at your daughter. “I want a hug too!” He said and she smiled going to his arms. 

“Your daughter is simply adorable.” Jensen said appearing by your side when Jared started to talk with Lottie. 

“Thank you.” You said happily. “You know, sometimes I think that I wouldn’t have found strength to raise her alone if it wasn’t for you guys, you know, the campaigns and all the love.” You said referring to the Always Keep Fighting campaign, and Jensen’s face turned serious, looking straight at you. You gasped in surprise when he just drew you into a strong hug. 

“I’m glad you did.” He said still hugging you. “The guy who left you was a douche, you are so beautiful and amazing, he doesn’t know what he is missing.” He said making tears come up in your eyes. It was the most beautiful thing someone could’ve say to you. 

“What do you think about taking that picture?” Jared asked excited, and you shook your head trying to prevent the tears from falling before agreeing. You stayed in the middle of them, Jared’s arm that wasn’t holding Lottie circling your waist and Jensen’s arm in your shoulders. You smiled and you heard Chris snapping two pictures. Lucky you.

“Thank you.” You said first to Chris, who smiled to you. “Thank you guys, you have no idea how much this means to me and to Lottie. We really appreciate it.” You said turning to them, and they smiled. 

“Thank you.” Lottie said quietly and they both looked at her in ‘awe’. “I love you guys. This much!” She said opening her arms and you laughed.

“We love you too.” Jensen said and opened his arms. “This much!” She laughed and Jared put her in the ground after he kissed her forehead. Jensen bent down to give her a hug while Jared hugged you whispering “thank you, I love you” in your ear.

Jensen stood up, and hugged you strong, kissing your cheek, taking more time than necessary. Not that you were complaining. 

“So Cliff is gonna take you to a quiet cast room for Lottie to sleep a little bit until the panels start. Are you going to see ours?” Jensen asked and your eyes widened.

“Oh… I didn’t pay for anything else other than the OP, I didn’t think Lottie would be able to stand it.” You explained surprised, and he and Jared exchanged looks.

“You want to see our panel?” Jared asked while Lottie held your hand. “Cause we can arrange that." 

"If you think Lottie can handle it after getting some sleep, you can stay.” Jensen said, hoping that you would. Why the hell was he so intrigued about you?

“Oh my god guys, really?” You said surprised feeling your heart beat faster. “You can do that for me?" 

"Yeah, definitely!” Jared said smiling and you smiled too.

“Well… What do you think Lottie?” You asked looking down at her, and she smiled excitedly.

“Yes!” She said happily and you looked back to them with a smile.

“I guess we will stay then!” You said happily and both of them smiled, feeling satisfied with your answer. Especially Jensen…

Part 2

What the fans think of you...#7


Saying the fans were happy was an understatement. They could not be happier that their Niall has finally found his princess after so many heartbreaks. Many pictures of Y/N and Niall have surfaced and it has been nothing but positive feedback. You can see the way Niall’s eyes sparkled when he looked at her and the way her smile lit up her face just by looking at him. The fans caught her and Niall shopping one day and found out that she was super sweet even when the cameras weren’t around, which made them even more happy if possible knowing that she wasn’t there for the fame. The first picture together is what got the fans started and now they can’t get enough.


Harry’s announcement of his relationship on social media nearly broke the internet for good. Anyone who is a fan of one direction is secretly in a relationship with one of the boys in their head or just super protective, but for some reason Harry’s fans were incredibly protective and aggressive when it comes to him dating. Some were balling their eyes out and some were hateful at first. Some had speculated he might’ve been taken though, due to him being photographed with a dozen roses or random gifts or just this smile that no one has ever seen. Harry had asked y/n- nearly begged her to join him on the red carpet event he was to attend. Y/n didn’t want the fans to think that she was in any way using him for fame or attention. Harry assured her that even if they did think like that, he and she know that that’s not true in the least bit. Eventually she agreed. As they made their first appearance as a couple, paparazzi were going crazy and so were fans and interviewers, they were dying to see who would get to interview them first. Everyone seen and even heard how supportive and how caring she was of him and the way he held her, and whispered in her ear making her blush and or giggle. The way she’d look at him and how they kissed. The sparkle in his eyes that haven’t been seen in a long time, and his smile was true and not the least bit forced, he was so protective over her all through the night people seen that as he showed the world his precious baby. Everyone knew how real and serious this was for him as he’s never done this with anyone ever before. He’s never been public with his relationship. He even said himself that night that she was the one that stole his heart and stopped his world. Ever since that night he and y/n were one of the most influential couples and role models for all. When Harry and y/n were spotted sometimes the fans just wanted to have pictures with y/n and that made Harry smile. Not only did he have his personal friends and family’s approval but his fans as well. Not that he needed it but it still felt great.


At first, when Liam showed the world his sweetheart, the fandom was not too happy together. They wanted to protect their puppy dog eyed, toy story loving man. After everything he has been through, the fans just want what’s best for him. But the more pictures and videos of the two that got released, the more the fans started warming up to Y/N. what really sealed the deal was when Liam broke his wrist again, and Y/N was there with him, by his side every step of the way until he was fully recovered, showing that she truly does care about him.


The fans love y/n and Louis together. Out of all the girlfriends Louis ever had, y/n was the one that had the fans most approval. Y/n nurtured Louis back to life and they saw that. She had helped him so much and got him through that horrible patch of life. He looked more lively, healthy and truly happy. He stopped the drugs, and drinking, he stopped partying so much. Every time they were spotted and how they’d look at each other they seen how much they truly cared about one another. When fans catch them some times, y/n would always offer to take pics for them with Louis by their side or sometimes even make friends with them which Louis found incredibly amazing.

 **Credit to @bbygprincessblog for harry and Louis’s parts



Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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This is the first thing like this I’ve ever posted on a place so public, so please be kind! Yes, I find myself in the realm of fanfiction. It’s been a great outlet after a rough start to the year.

“Daryl! Run!” You shout, the enemy closing in behind you. You hear a bang and then you’re down on the ground, blood pouring from your shoulder.
“No! (Y/N)! Stay with me, please. Open your eyes, open them!” Daryl screams at you, tears falling down his face as he carries you to the waiting car.
“CUT! That’s great, let’s take a break and we’ll shoot the car scene after lunch.”
Norman stands there, still holding you in his arms.
“You can put me down now Norm,” you laugh.
“Oh I can? What if I don’t want to though?” He walks to the lunch tent with you draped across him, your hands now around his neck.
“No! Put me down!” You protest, not wanting to be carried into a room full of your cast mates.
He stops right outside the door.
“Fine, I’ll drop you here shall I?”
You nod, and he gently puts your legs down on solid ground. As he goes to straighten up, his hand brushes your hip, and you get butterflies in your stomach. His other hand still rests on your lower back and when he’s standing upright again he looks directly into your eyes. You stay there looking at each other in comfortable silence for what seemed like forever until he started leaning down towards your face. You leaned up slightly to meet him half way and just as your lips were about to connect, Andy came bursting out of the door behind you.
“You coming in yet guys?”
Norman looks up at him and sighs.
“Yeah, one minute man, I was just talking to (Y/N).”
“No worries, I’ll save you two a couple of plates.”
He retreats back inside, looking at you both through the door. Norman leans down again, kissing you quickly on the lips. He then moves round to your ear and whispers.
“I’m sorry, I just needed to do that. Talk properly later, yeah?”
“Yes, definitely.”
He guides you inside and you both sit down opposite one another to eat. Every time you look up at him his eyes are on you, and you both can’t help but smile through chewing. You accidentally kick him under the table as you cross your legs, and you mouth ‘sorry’ at him, then rub your foot on his leg to try and make up for the kick. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat and has to push your leg down for you to stop as he gets a little too excited by your gesture. You look at him questionably, and he widens his eyes and nods down to his crotch.
“Oh shit!” You say out loud.
“You okay (Y/N)?” Andy asks.
“Uh, yeah, I just remembered I have to ring someone. Sorry.” You ramble as you run out of the tent. Your day started off so normally, and now Norman has kissed you and it seems like he has feelings towards you that would suggest more than friendship. This is pretty much what you’ve been dreaming of since the day you started and now you have absolutely no idea what to do. You start walking towards set again to try and clear your head. You sit on the bonnet of the car you were going to be shooting in soon, and lean back against the windscreen.
“Hey, you okay?” Norman asks softly, standing next to the car.
“Yeah, fine. Just tired.”
He goes to say something else and reaches out his hand when he’s interrupted.
“Right, back at it guys! Norman, (Y/N), back in position please!”
You get up off the car, he picks you up, and one of the make up people adds more blood to your bullet wound and over Norman’s arm.
The scene starts and you go limp in his arms, your head lolling back and forth as he runs to the car door with you. He places you inside and climbs over you as Danai starts to drive off.
You have to keep pretending to be unconscious while Danai and Norman say their lines, but you start to feel slightly sick with the rhythm of the car making you rock sideways and you try and keep your head fairly still, but as it’s hanging off the edge of the seat that’s almost impossible. You suddenly retch, nothing coming up luckily, then again.
“Stop! Stop the car!” Norman shouts, lifting your head up and helping you to sit properly. “Are you okay (Y/N)? What’s wrong?”
Norman has his arm around you, the other tucking your hair behind your ear. One of the show’s runners passes him a bowl and he puts it on your lap, holding it in place. Danai runs around to your side and opens the car door letting air into the vehicle. You welcome the breeze, but retch again into the bowl a couple of times.
“Can we get a medic please?” Norman asks the runner. They nod and radio for a medic to come on set.
“I’m fine, feeling better after that last one, honest.” You mumble, the nausea finally passing.
“You need to get checked (Y/N). Look at me,” Norman says, panic in his voice. He lifts your head towards him. “You don’t look well, you look pale, and one of your eyes is bloodshot. Have you got a migraine again?”
“I had one yesterday, but it went. Only got a little throbbing today.”
The medic comes to your side of the car and asks if you can get out. You nod and swing your legs out of the car. As you go to get out your head spins slightly and you fall back into the car. Norman jumps out and runs round to hold onto you and help steady you.
“Jeez, I’m fine,” you mutter.
He sits you down on a chair and the medic take your blood pressure.
“It’s very low. Have you been drinking enough fluids? It’s very hot, and migraines need water. Lots of it.”
You look at him sheepishly.
“I’ll take that as a no then. Okay, you need to come with me and we’ll get you rehydrated.”
“Can I come too?” Norman asks the medic.
“If you want to, yes you can.”
You look up at him, wanting to protest, as this was embarrassing enough already, but when you saw his face it was contorted with worry, his hand rubbing his face anxiously. He looks down at you and catches your eye; his expression softens and he smiles.
“Come on sick girl, let’s get you better.” He lifts you up from the chair, puts a hand around your waist and takes your arm to wrap around his neck. You hobble to the first aid tent and he gets you on one of the comfy chairs. Another wave of nausea hits, and you put your arm out, trying to signal that you were going to retch again. Norman holds the bowl in front of you with one hand and gets your hair out of the way with the other. You gag, making a horrible sound, and your eyes start tearing up as a reaction. Once the feeling has gone you sit back up and nod to him thanking him. He passes you a tissue and you wipe your eyes and mouth.
The medic comes over and gives you an anti sickness tablet and some water, along with a drip to get you rehydrated quicker.
“You’ll be out in a couple of hours, don’t worry.” The medic says.
You give a thumbs up and rest your head back on the chair, now feeling very tired. You fall asleep very quickly, and when you wake up Norman’s fingers are interlinked with your own, and he’s fallen asleep as well. Your hand twitches and he slowly opens his eyes to see you looking at him with a soft smile.
“Hey, you okay? Feeling any better?”
“Yes, much better thanks.”
He keeps his hand in yours as he sits up and takes a close look at your face.
“Hmm, you do have more colour in your cheeks. I don’t think you should shoot anymore today though.”
“It’s not a long scene though, I can do it, honest!”
He moves closer, squeezes your hand and kisses you. You close your eyes and lean into him. He pulls back hesitantly.
“One condition,” he whispers, “you do not leave my side. And I mean you’re coming back to mine after filming so I can look after you.”
“I think I can live with that.”
You head back to set after being checked over once more and having a rehydration drink. When you arrive holding hands, Danai looks round at you both and gives a big smile.
“(Y/N)! How are you feeling now? Did Norman nurse you better?” She winks.
“I’m feeling much better thanks, and he did pass me a tissue when I needed it if that counts,” you joke.
“You should really see this photo actually.” She says, guiding you over to her seat and fishing around in a bag for her phone. Once it’s in her hand she gets a conversation with Tom up on her screen, and a photo of Norman sitting next to your chair in the first aid tent as you’re fast asleep. He’s got your hand clasped in both of his, leaning right next to you, kissing you on the forehead.
“He really does care for you, you know. Tom came to check on you and found Norman fussing around you, propping up your pillow, checking your temperature, making sure you had the fan on you. It’s not the first time though is it (Y/N)?”
You look at her, thinking back to all the moments before where Norman had looked after you, always been there when you needed someone to talk to, if you felt unwell, or were just missing home. Just as you go to say something, you’re called into position again. You nod at Danai and she smiles back.
“(Y/N), we’re going to keep in some of you being ill and pick up from there if that’s okay? I hate to say it, but it kind of worked.”
“Ha, that’s fine, no problem.”
You get into the back of the car again, Norman beside you, and he holds your head like he did before.
You complete the scene without any nausea this time and finally get to wrap up for the day. As you head toward your trailer to pick up your things, Norman catches up with you.
“Hey, what did I say about not leaving my side huh?”
“I was only going to get my things and head over to your trailer. You don’t need to worry about me so much, honestly.”
“But I do (Y/N), I can’t help it. How can you tell someone to stop worrying about the person they love?”
You both stop still and look at each other.
“Love?” You ask hesitantly.
“Yeah, I love you. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.”
“I love you too.”
“You don’t have to say it just because I did you know.”
“I’m not. I would never do that to you. I love you Norman. Have done since I started here.”
“I never knew. I didn’t think.. I mean, the age gap. Might have put you off.”
“Never. That doesn’t matter to me. If anything I thought it might put you off me.”
“What? No way! I couldn’t give a shit about that stuff.”
“So, what now then?” You ask, moving towards him and closing the gap between you both. He leans down and kisses you lovingly, you hold on to each other to steady yourselves and explore each other’s mouths for a few minutes. You pull apart finally and he looks into your eyes.
“Well, I still think you need taking care of after what happened earlier, so it’s back to mine as planned and plenty of water for you.”
“Sounds good to me.”

MAJIM One Shots - The Multiverse Theory

A one-shot based on @majimforever’s short fiction. To all the Majim shippers - our ship’s not dead.

“So I just got off the phone and the flowers are all okay now, just had a last minute issue with the suppliers but they got that all straightened out,” says Melissa.

Jim was staring out the window of his New York apartment, deep in thought. He didn’t hear a word that his bestfriend just said. He was still unsure about telling Mayim of his important announcement. This is a big deal for the both of them and he knows telling her will not be easy.

“… and then Beth finally confirmed that they’re coming so I can close the final guest list unless you have some last minute changes?” She looks up from her iPad and realized that Jim wasn’t even listening. She walked to where he was and looked out the streets of Gramercy Park.

Jim notices and looks at her with furrowed brows when he was met with her raised eyebrows. “What?” he asks.

“Your mind’s not even here. I was asking about the guest list. Anyone else you want to add?” she asks him.

He looks down on his phone. He pushes the power button to check on the time. She should be in Manhattan by now…

“Yeah… let me just make a few phone calls and I’ll get back with you.” he answers.

“Alright, well I’m heading out for lunch with Ken. Want to go or do you want to wait for Todd?”

“I think I’ll stay in. Thank you, though.” says Jim.

With a hug from Melissa, he was finally alone in his apartment. He went to their study and sat behind his desk. Looking at his phone again, he noticed a notification. Mayim was live on Instagram. He quickly opened the app to to watch.

A smile quickly brightened up his features. She looked radiant - her dress makes her look like an angel. She was telling people how much makeup she had on and he couldn’t help but frown at her dismissal of her fans’ compliments. Without realizing it, he started to type the words, ‘You look very very pretty’ and posted the comment.

He blinks once, twice, a few more times when he realized what he just posted. He waited for her to notice, but with the constant comments coming in, she never did. The live video ended and he placed his phone on the study table. “She looks like she’s having a nice day…”

Even when he said the words, he knows that he wants her there. How he wished Melissa never told him about Mayim’s feelings. Granted, their co-star only revealed it accidentally, but still - he wished he didn’t know.

He decided to call her later that night. When the day is done. She still has a lot on her plate for him to interrupt her thoughts.

Mayim just started getting comfortable in her hotel bed when her phone rang. Reaching for it, he noticed who was calling and smiled.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to call me since I got here,” she rushes answering the call.

“Hey. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy too. How are you?”

“ A little tired, but I’m having so much fun, so that balances it quite nicely. And you?”

“I’m doing great. Thank you…” Silence followed his words. He needs to tell her.

“So when are we having dinner? I can only do evenings this week since I still have a few guestings.”

“Yeah… I don’t think that’s possible anytime soon. Listen, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, go ahead.” She tried to play it cool even though she felt like her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Which was irrational since she had no idea what this was about. But the tone of his voice…

The silence that followed was defeaning. Mayim broke it by asking him what’s going on.

“I’m getting married this Saturday. Todd and I are getting married.” Jim said, point-blank.

Mayim was shocked. Her mouth was agape and for a second she didn’t know how to respond. She quickly recovers and managed to get a few words out. “Co- congratulations! Oh my goodness, that’s - that’s great news! When? How did this -”

“We just - I just decided after we filmed the finale. I wanted to keep it from Todd till everything was sorted out and when I told him, he was so happy and I was happy and… This just feels right. He deserves this.” Jim explains, interrupting her.

She was trying to blink back the tears and keep her voice from sounding like she was choking. “That’s great. Again, congratulations,” was all that she could say.

“Will you be there? We would greatly appreciate it.”

“Of course. Yeah… Jim, I should go. I think Heather wants to discuss something about tomorrow’s schedule,” she lies.



“Okay. I’ll send you an email about the details. Good night.” Jim disconnects the call.

He knows… Of course he knew. Was it that obvious? But why was he so hesitant to tell her? Was he being considerate of my feelings or… She shakes her head. She’s not going to that place. She’s been burned one, too many times. He obviously doesn’t share the same feelings. Otherwise he wouldn’t be marrying another person. She laid her head on the pillow and turned off the light. The bustling traffic is muffled and the city lights glimmer through the window of her room. In the city that never sleeps, a sad soul was lulled into unconsciousness by her tears.

The venue looked incredible - no doubt a work of Jim’s friend. The flowers and the arch under which the couple will stand under in a few minutes was the best one she’s seen. Out of all the weddings she’s been to, that certainly made the number one spot.

Mayim didn’t know how she managed to even get up at all, today. While this event will probably change a lot between him and Jim, she couldn’t be any happier that her friends are finally taking this step. It’s been a long time coming and if she were being honest, she knew that it was only a matter of time. Like all other times, she needs to and will be there to support Jim and Todd.

“Mayim!” A familiar voice came from somewhere in the crowd and she looks in time to see Simon walking towards her.

“Simon! Hi,” exchanging a hug and peck on the lips, Simon and Mayim quickly jumped into discussion about the wedding and her book tour. Shortly after, the guests were ushered in to the room for the wedding.

The music played, signalling the start of the procession of the grooms. When Jim came in, Mayim couldn’t help but admire how handsome he looked - how radiant his face was. Happiness. It was etched on his face. Her eyes moistened and took a deep breath. When he was about to pass by their row, Jim caught her eyes and he nodded with a solemn smile. She did too. She will not let her own feelings ruin this for her or for Jim. This was a special day, for a very special person in her life.

The ceremony went by, the reception program commenced - everything about the wedding was beautiful. The couple looked every bit as happy as all newlyweds should. From her table, Mayim was watching Jim dance with his sister. They were whispering and making each other laugh.

The evening went by quickly and before everyone knew, it was coming to a close. Jim hasn’t seen a Mayim all night and wanted to thank her for coming - that and he wanted to see how she was. He looked around and saw her exiting the room.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he tells Todd and a few other guests.

Jim made his way through the crowd and dodged a few well-wishers to follow Mayim out in the balcony. When he was finally outside, he spotted her at the very end of the walkway. She was just admiring the view with one drink in her hand. He makes his way towards her and she looks up to see him, looking at her with a blank expression. They stood side-by-side, looking at the New York skyline, not saying a word for a while.

“Lovely wedding. Everything was beautiful about today. Including you and Todd. You both look great,” she says, looking up at him. He, in return, looks down and gives her a smile.

“Thank you. And really, thank you so much for being here today.” Jim tells her.

“Of course. I’m really happy for you. You both are dear friends of mine. I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she responds with teary eyes.

“Mayim, I - ” he starts. He wanted to tell her so much, but he cuts him off.

“I just need to know one thing. How long have you known?” Mayim asks.

Jim looks at her. She was back to admiring the lights in front of her. He knows what she means. He knows what she was asking. He may have found out by accident, but she deserves to know.“

"A couple of year,” Jim tells her.

She nodded. The tears she was trying to hold back just rolled down her cheeks and Jim hugs her. She allowed the tears to fall down - to let it all out. They were silent tears and it broke Jim’s heart to see her like this. She may be tough most of the time, but there are times when even the strongest, let their guards down. He just never imagined he’d be the cause of her pain.

“You know I feel like I need to apologize to every host or media correspondent who asked me if I ever learned any Physics. I lied. There’s one that actually stuck with me,” Jim says, rubbing her arms, while his head rests on hers.

“What’s that?”

“That theory about multiple universe existing along with this one that we’re living in.”

“Why do you think it stuck with you?” she asks, dabbing her eyes with a napkin.

He looks away, up at the sky and back at her before answering. “Because I believe that a universe exists where we are together - in that universe, I am yours and none of these complications exist,” looking away, he writes Mayim on the glass panel in front of them. “In all other lifetimes, in any other world where there’s you and me - we belong together.” As he said those words, tears fell from his eyes.

They held each other for a little while longer. They knew they would have to come back inside to face their friends and for Mayim to congratulate Todd too. But they stayed in that moment for as long as they could. One last time before they come back to reality, one last hug filled with honesty before they embrace what this universe they’re in, holds for them.

At least they both believe that somewhere, out there, a place where they can be more than just friends, exist. That was enough for Mayim.

When SEVENTEEN meets Joshua’s little sister for the first time

Thank you for the fun request! I hope this is just as enjoyable as the reaction and I’m super sorry about how long I took to do this T-T I’m embarrassed about how long it took me ><

[Seventeen reaction to meeting Joshua’s younger sister who’s similar to Seungkwan]

i did this a little differently than normally because i feel like it was easier for me to write it like this for some reason… i hope y’all don’t mind! ><

Words: 1393

i have no clue what to call this, it’s not fluff and not really comedy either… i guess… the only way to describe would probably be Slightly comedic idk that sounds weird, DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP THO

Requested by anon ♥

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Joshua glanced over his shoulder to look at the young girl who was sitting on the backseat of the empty-looking van. She was looking out of the window next to her and he smiled at how excited she looked. It was his younger sister. He had picked her up from the airport with his manager.

“Are we there yet?” she asked.

“Five more minutes,” he answered with a grin. “Are you really that excited?”

“I’ve been curious about them for a long time already,” she said. If she hadn’t had the seatbelt on, she probably would have been all over the place.

About five minutes later the manager who was driving stopped the car. “We’re here,” he announced.

Before Joshua could react, his sister had already exited the car. He chuckled and got out too.

“You live here?” she asked her brother while pointing at the building in front of them.

“Yup,” Joshua said and walked to the door. “Let’s go.”

Trying to keep his laughter in, Joshua introduced his sister to his members who all looked a little nervous or were smiling at how adorable his sister was.

“Nice to meet you,” she bowed to the guys who did the same.

“Should we greet her with our group greeting?” S.Coups asked the others and everyone nodded a little hesitantly. It was a bit awkward to do the greeting to a member’s family member. Still, they still did it despite it being painfully awkward. Joshua joined the greeting too.

“Wow,” his sister clapped excitedly while smiling widely after they had done the greeting.

The guys introduced themselves quickly which wasn’t necessary since she had already learned their names beforehand. She had memorized them during the flight since she had been too excited to sleep.

“Want to see the rest of the dorm?” Joshua asked after everyone was done introducing themselves and she nodded, excited.

“Did you guys clean here because I was coming?” she asked before anyone could move, catching the members off-guard.

“Of course we did,” Jeonghan stated. “If we hadn’t, you wouldn’t be able to walk here. That’s how messy it is usually.”

“Oh, then I guess I made the right choice when I decided not to surprise you guys,” she chuckled. “I would have loved to see you guys’ faces though. It would have been hilarious to see you all trying to clean up the mess as fast as possible.”

“Yeah, it’s good you decided to tell us beforehand,” Joshua put his hand on her shoulder. “I would have told you to go back home if you did that.”

“Really?” she asked.

“No, but don’t ever even consider doing it, please,” he said with a serious tone, making the others chuckle.

Hoshi was the one to lead the group in to the first one of the bedrooms. Joshua looked at how his sister looked at the pictures the guys had attached to the wall. Most of them were there just for memories, some were gifts from fans and some were just meant to be there for the visual.

“Is this from a fan?” she asked when she saw a picture of Dino hung on the wall. It looked like the picture had been taken during a concert or an event of the kind.

“Yeah,” Dino answered the question.

There was a silence for a few seconds during which she observed the photo. “Ah, it’s this dance, right?” she asked and started doing the Pretty U chorus dance.

Joshua laughed while the others looked at her with surprised smiles.

“Wow, you’re good!” Hoshi held his thumbs up when she stopped the somewhat weird dancing.

“Oh, please,” she laughed. “I literally watched the performance like once.”

“Maybe but you did a lot better than I would have ever expected,” the performance unit leader said, still looking surprised.

The guys gave the girl a tour of the whole dorm, showing her every room they had and saying the same thing every time they opened a new door:

“Normally this room looks disgusting.”

They were maybe overly dramatic about it: their dorm was never really that dirty. The word messy would be a better way to describe the dorm in its usual form.

“Are you tired from the flight?” The8 asked after the short tour was over.

“Not really,” she answered. “Or could be that I’m just too excited to notice it,” she grinned.

“Hungry?” Jeonghan asked.

She nodded. “A little.”

That was enough for him to take her to the kitchen - the others followed behind. After making her sit down on one of the chairs in the kitchen, a few of the guys started to look for something to eat.

“We didn’t have time to go grocery shopping,” Joshua explained to her. “We’ve had a pretty packed schedule for a while.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine with anything,” she smiled. “As long as it’s not something that has been in that fridge for like a year or something. I don’t intend to get sick.”

“Aw, dang it,” S.Coups said after hearing her comment. “That’s exactly what we were planning on making you eat,” he joked, earning some chuckling and a few nudges from the others.

“How about we order something?” Wonwoo suggested. “Would you be fine with that?” he asked her who nodded immediately.

There wasn’t an actual dining area in the dorm so everyone just ate wherever they wanted. Most stayed in the kitchen, Joshua, his sister and a couple of other members ate in the living room.

“Seungkwan you are unusually quiet,” Joshua pointed out, a tiny bit amused by how weirdly shy - or maybe awkward would be a better way to describe him at that moment - the boy looked.  

“It’s not like I’ve had a chance to say anything since everyone has been so loud from the beginning,” Seungkwan mumbled, leaving everyone amused.

“No one’s talking right now,” Vernon pointed out.

“Food is more important than talking,” Seungkwan stated and the girl sitting opposite him started laughing. That made him feel a lot better immediately, it was almost like he gained some self-confidence after hearing her chuckle.

“You are the entertainer of the group, right?” she asked.

“Well, you could say that,” he said, feeling a little proud.

“He’s also in charge of being one of the loudest members along with a few others,” Woozi - who had just entered the room after finishing his meal - said. “He never shuts up,” he said in a joking way.

“But it’s not just him, we are all quite noisy, especially when we’re together,” Joshua chuckled.

“True,” Woozi agreed with a grin.

After eating everyone kind of just gathered in the living room. Seungkwan and Joshua’s sister started talking and soon the conversation became a “show”. The two had the others laughing so hard they were having trouble breathing. They were a perfect match in terms of humor: their jokes matched perfectly and their bright personalities made sure that the mood didn’t go down even for a second. There wasn’t even one quiet moment and everyone was loving the mood.

The others took part in telling jokes and making witty comments. DK was probably the most active one out of everyone since he was pretty much the third person who was leading the “show”.

“She is adorable,” Jeonghan said to Joshua who smiled in response. He had sat down next to Joshua who had been sitting on a couch while listening to his sister and Seungkwan.

“I wish I had a sister like her,” Hoshi - who was sitting on Joshua’s other side - said, chuckling at a joke. Joshua felt proud hearing that.

Meanwhile in the corner of the room, Jun and Wonwoo had sat down on some pillows and were watching the “show”. They both laughed, though Jun was laughing only a little. After a while, Jun and Wonwoo welcomed Dino - who had been chatting with Hoshi about something - in to their small gang. Now there were two people in the corner that pretty much kept laughing all the time while Jun just sat there, letting out occasional chuckles.

“Isn’t she hilarious?” Wonwoo nudged the youngest one and Dino nodded immediately.

The room was filled with laughing. Jun rolled his eyes a little. I mean, she is fun and all but she isn’t THAT funny guys…

Being a famous idol and meeting Blackpink


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It would depend how old you are. If you’re older than her Jennie would be super nervous but excited to meet you. She was a big fan of your group and wanted to make a good impression. If you were her age she’d be a little nervous but mostly happy to meet you and she hoped you two would become friends. 


Originally posted by dahyun

Oh Jisoo was a nervous/excited mess. “That’s really (y/n)? (y/n) wanted to meet us? Really?” She was a bit of fangirl for your group and she didn’t want to say something embarrassing around you. When she met you she had lisa’s arm gripped so tight that she left a mark. She wouldn’t shut up after she met you. The whole ride back to the dorms she’d be like “I can’t believe we really just met (y/n).”


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Rose tried to be professional but the second you came up and greeted the group she started blushing like crazy. She looked away from you and covered her mouth. When you told her that you loved her voice she’d smile nervously and thank you. Afterwards, she’d turn to Jennie and bury her face in her shoulder. “(y/n) was too cute I couldn’t even look at them!”


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Like Jisoo she was a fan of yours so she was nervous meeting you. When you greeted her Lisa just kind of froze. You said hi and she just smiled back at you for like three seconds. Everyone looked at her. Lisa snapped out of it though and asked you to take a selfie with her. When you left her groupmates asked her what had happened. Lisa shook her head. “I literally forgot how to speak when I saw (y/n).” But she was so glad she’d gotten a selfie with you she made it her wallpaper for a week.

Hard To Get [Ch. 1]

The cast welcomed you with open arms. One of the perks of joining the theatre community is that you’re instantly a part of the family.

And just like family, there were some members that you couldn’t stand.

One of them, actually the only one, being Daveed.

You didn’t really seem to know why. It’s like hate at first sight but completely one-sided. He was nothing but a doll to you, helping you with lines and making sure your costume was impeccable.

Yet, there was something about him that turned you off from him.

“You’re going where?” He asked, leaning on your dressing room door, arms crossed over his chest.

You sat at your mirror, fixing you hair up into a messy bun. “I’m meeting some of my old college buddies at a nearby cafe.”

You turned to face him, his face blank as he stared back. With a slight roll of your eyes, you picked up your backpack and pulled the strap over your shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back before showtime tonight. And Renee is going with me, so I’ll definitely be back on time,” you reassured him, locking eyes with Renee as she entered your room.

She took the same approach as you, wearing yoga pants, sneakers and a loose tank. She waved her wallet at you. “Ready to go?”

You nodded, picking up your phone as you walked towards her.

“Can I come?”

You looked up at Daveed, his head tilted as he awaited your answer. You were going to ask him why would he want to meet them. Renee already knew and met them before so she was an exception.

“Sure you can,” Renee told him. She looked to you for confirmation. “I don’t see why not. Some of them are big fans of you and your rap group.”

Internally, you screamed. Of course you couldn’t say no now. You’ll look like an asshole. Trying your best not to sigh, you agreed with Renee that he could tag along.

He smiled. “Great. Let me just grab my wallet.”

Renee turned to you after he entered his room. “Give him a chance.”

You decided to okay dumb with her, asking what she meant. She just shook her head at you, dropping the subject when Daveed met back with you two.


“I was hoping you wouldn’t show your face.”

“I was hoping that you would be less of an ass.”

You stood defiantly in front of one your longtime rivals/best friend. His light green eyes bore into your own, hints of amusement sparkling behind them.

“Still have that attitude of yours,” he sneered, flicking your nose.

That was it. You flung yourself at the taller male, swinging yourself so you were on his back, pulling at his hair.

“Fuck you, you French look-a-like!”


French look-a-like was right. Daveed stared at a carbon copy of himself, who had a heavy french accent, being attacked by [F/Name].

He watched as she was effortlessly plucked of his back, held in front of green-eyed him and cussed at him like a sailor.

“I’m short. I get it. Put me down!”

Renee stepped up beside Daveed. “Uncanny resemblance, no? His name Is, surprisingly, Jefferson. But everyone just calls him Lafayette because of his accent.”

Daveed raised an eyebrow, turning to look at her. “You don’t say.” She elbowed him in his side before continuing.

“Anyway. They’ve been like this the second they met. So if it looks like they’re about to kill each other, it’s most likely harmless.”

“Most likely?” Daveed questioned, Renee only shrugging at him nonchalantly.

“It’s their thing,” she added, moving to the other three young adults that stood outside the cafe. They waved at him, him waving back before meeting them half way.

Daveed couldn’t help the rise of bile in his throat as he watched [F/Name] and Jefferson bicker with one another.

georgiegirl70  asked:

Do you think there is any symbolism with the balloons? Not just the balloons, but who held them and their placement at various parts of the clip?

Hmmmm, I rewatched it but I don’t think who’s holding it means much other than to contrast the social party group with Sana and to allow for some direction play.

First, Elias brings the balloons and hands them to Vilde. I think it’s Vilde who’s been pressuring Sana into partying with her brother the most, wasn’t it? So it’s telling again of the relationship excluding Sana.

Then, in the train, the balloons visually amplify how much Sana is excluded from the group by adding colours to the group (vs Sana’s black and white) and having the balloons physically obscure her.

Then, they change purpose and, in the scene where she exchange looks with Yousef, reminds me of a fan placed strategically in front of a woman’s face in period dramas

while, simultaneously, the balloons lift up to reveal her face just as Yousef leaves the group to go talk to her. He sees her and so do we.

(I love this scene so much. The exchange of looks and smiles between Sana and Yousef with the balloons popping in and out of the frame is one of my favourite SKAM scene yet. It’s fucking lovely.)

And then, when they exit the train, I think it’s again to highlight the partying group against Sana.

So yeah. In themselves I’m not sure they symbolise much. But in terms of direction, they were used brilliantly.



You and Jisoo relationship has been kinda rocky because of her always being busy. She ended up having a day off and she was very tried and just wanted to lay in bed all day, but because you haven’t seen her in a while you wanted to do something special. You kept asking her to get out of the bed and sudden she looked at you and say “I think we need a break.” She went on and on about how her busy life isn’t good for you and she doesn’t need to be in relationship at the moment. You were hold back your tears but as soon as you saw one leave her eyes, you started crying. You just hugged her and say “I don’t care how busy you are, I’m not leaving.”

After a couple of hours of her crying and you crying, she would kiss your nose saying “If I ever tell you that we need to break up again, just tell me to shut up and kiss me.” she laughed.


Jennie was forced to choose between you and Blackpink. She knew she could never leave Blackpink,not because that was her dream but also because she would never let her members down. At the same time, she didn’t want to leave you.She has never been so happy with some, never did she think she would find someone to love her. Now, that she did she has to break up with them.

You had walked into the house smiling when you saw Jennie sitting in a chair looking at you. “Y/N, we have to break up.” she said. You heart was broken but you knew something was up because you two have been so happy, she has been happy. “Why?” you asked. She looked down and let out a sigh. “Why Jennie? Did I do-” “YG, said I have to choose between you or my job.” You hugged her. “I can’t leave you, I need you.” she cried into your arms. “Don’t cry. we will figure this out.” 

“I’m so stupid, I choose my job over you.” she whispered. “No, you choose your hard working dream over me. I’m perfectly fine with it too. I rather you be living your dream than be with me, than me being the reason you don’t live your dream.”  You say,


She had gotten off the phone with her parents and walked to you wrapping her arms around you. Her parents didn’t want to accept her relationship, they didn’t like you. She didn’t want leave as you were the reason for her smile and happiness. “You know I love you, right?” she asked, never looking at you. “I know, I love you too.” you say. “Then know I wish I didn’t have to do this-” You stopped her by kissing her. 

When you pull away you see tears in her eyes, “I don’t care if they don’t accept me, I love you, and you know the real me and that should be the only thing that matters.” She smiled at you “Thanks for shutting me up before I broke up with you, I would have cried myself to my death if we broke up.” 


You ended up getting hurt by fans trying to protect her from the wild fans. Your lip ended up busted and your arm ended up getting broken when you fell and they just climbed over you. After coming from the hospital, you and her were in bed cuddling and she was super quiet. You looked over to her and saw she was looking up. “What are you thinking about?” you asked. “I think we need to break up, being with me you are going to end up seriously hurt, I can’t let that happen.” “I might end up hurt Lisa, but it’s worth it if you come out safe.” “I just want you safe, I don’t like the idea of losing you but-” “Lisa!” she would giggle and kiss you saying “I’m stupid for trying to break up with you.”


170224 — Hyuna in Toronto

I had the privilege of seeing Hyuna in Toronto tonight on the second stop of her North American Tour, and oh my god. She is absolutely the sweetest, most talented, genuine woman I have ever seen. Hyuna went on every end of the stage, kneeling down in front of fans, posing for them, blowing them kisses, holding their hands, and making hearts for us. When the time for the high-touch/photo op came, she smiled brightly at everyone even though she must have been tired from just performing. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me. She looked into everyone’s eyes, I think, wanted to make them feel special and loved, and know that we’re just as important to her as she is to us. Hyuna is an incredible performer and an even more incredible human being. I love Kim Hyuna.