just look at her smile when she's looking at fans

Fan theory time...about Ladybug's identity

Marinette looks so happy when Cat Noir promises not to tell anyone her secret. She smiles a little at his endearment. It’s so cute.

But when she tells him it’s best no one knows, she doesn’t say it as a fact or even that she would never tell him. She just gets sad and looks away as if she’s ashamed.

My fan theory / now headcanon is that Marinette isn’t scared of people knowing her identity for simply knowing it. I think she’s scared of people knowing it’s her. Just plain, simply, easily embarressed Marinette that she’s afraid of people finding out.

She was happy with how sincere and exctied that Cat Noir wants to know who she is. But she’s afraid once he knows he’ll be disappointed? She’s happy and confident as Ladybug but doesn’t want anyone to find out that she’s really just nobody Marinette. She doesn’t want to let down even Cat Noir’s expectations of her, which she feels would fall short if he knew she was Marinette.

It’s that mental complex of secret identities and even just secrets in general. We all put up a face or persona we want others to percieve. I want my friends to think I’m witty, smart, and cool. All the time. Even though its exhausting to do so. It’s a great mental theme the show is keeping in mind to relate to real teens, and even real people. Everyone goes through this no matter what age they are. And I really applaud the writers, animators, creators, etc. if they really do have that as her mentality because that was well thought out as a minor but important character and animation tick to keep in mind.

Just my thoughts

Camren Analysis - Random Moments
  • 1 theory.

In this interview, the girls are answering fans questions.

One of the questions is: What is your guilty pleasure? Lauren then points to Camila:

She clearly points to Camila, and her expression didn’t let her lie…

Look at Camila’s expression at the time, and realizes she just looked away when Lauren took off her finger.

  • 2 theory.

The girls were invited to sing at a prom one of the students will take pictures and hugs Camila, look at Lauren’s reaction:

Dinah tell them to make a couple pose.

When she realizes the camera was filming she smiles.

Lauren only intrudes when Camila puts her arms on the girl’s bust:

Lauren seems really uncomfortable. Many signs show that, but Camila didn’t seem to notice.

  • 3 theory.

The girls are participating in a program and are playing SingStar, which is a Karaoke game. They are singing What’s My Name by Rihanna.

The verse sung in the end is ‘’Not everybody know how to work my body’’ realize that when Lauren sings ‘’knows how to work my body’’ she points to Camila:

  • 4 theory.

They are playing a game called ‘’Yes/No'’ where they have to answer the interviewer’s questions with yes or no. The interviewer then asks: Have you been in love?

Camila looks at Lauren:

Mani look at them smiling and Ally makes the same:

  • 5 theory.

The interviewer asks what emoji Camila would use if she lost her favorite ring. Camilla replied that she doesn’t wear rings, but would probably do the following emoji.

Before analyzing the moment, let’s remember about the theory of Camren rings.

Both wear a similar ring, where there are theories that the rings are like 'alliances’ that symbolize their relationship.

Lauren is using it in this interview:

Realize that when the interviewer says ‘’favorite ring'’, Lauren quickly looks at Camila:

When Camila says she doesn’t wear rings, Lauren quickly looks at her ring:

Look at Normani’s face when Camila says she doesn’t wear rings:

Make your own conclusions.


Sam had gone to pick up your drinks from the barista and you watched as he started back towards you with two full mugs in hand. Suddenly he was intercepted by a girl you had noticed when you came in. Now her mouth was agape and her eyes were round and wide.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Her face cracked into a smile that was a little bit unsettling–not that she seemed dangerous. She just seemed…overly-intent on Sam. “You’re Sam Winchester.”

“What?” Sam looked perplexed. “Who are–do I know you?” he asked, his voice low.

You could practically see the hearts and stars floating around her head and appearing in her eyes as she looked at him. She let out a small excited noise. “It’s me! Becky! I contacted you about the fan club. Chuck gave me you–”

Now you watched in amusement as Sam’s jaw clenched. “Oh, right. Chuck gave you my info… and apparently somehow a picture of me… Well, it was nice to meet you Becky but I–” Sam was trying to extract himself and maneuver around her. She didn’t seem to take the hint.

“I have fantasized about this moment for so long,” she said. You bit your bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Sam only nodded and smiled awkwardly and a little abashedly. “Yeah. It was  nice to meet you…” he said, trying to escape yet again. 

“Let me buy you coffee! Coffee and a muffin! And lunch!” she squealed. “Please!”

He gave you a desperate look but you only leaned on your hand and grinned back at him in amusement and wiggled your eyebrows. “Uhh… Becky, right? Becky, that’s really kind of you but I’m, uhh–” he gestured with the two drinks in his hand. “I’m kind of already having coffee with someone,” he said, tilting his head in your direction.

Becky spun around and caught sight of you, leaning your elbow on the table and with a smile curving your lips. Her face was blank and you felt like she was looking you up and down. You laughed and waved at her. “Oh.” She spun back around to look at Sam. “Well, if you change your mind, I’ll just be right over here,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him, the doe-eyed smile returning to her face.

“Erm… okay…” Sam said, finally extracting himself from her with a murmured ‘bye’. “Gee, thanks for the help there, Y/N.”

You laughed. “I figured you could handle the 90 lb girl…”

“No, you were just enjoying me being uncomfortable too much.”

“Maybe a little,” you said, sipping your coffee. “And don’t look now, but your super fan is still staring.”

Comic Con impressions

Am I the only one who noticed a lot of arrogance from Ashley during all the Comic Con interviews? There was this one interview I watched with just Ash and Shay and the whole time Ashley was making Shay answer all the questions while she played with her hair and rings and starred into the distance like she didn’t want to be there, and not smiling either. And when she did answer questions it was like one/two/three word responses. In a way she actually had a ‘pissed off’ look, like a “get me out of here” look. She just looked like the type of person where if a fan said “can I please take a picture with you” she’d do it, but roll her eyes once the photo is taken. Ash was very different to everyone else at Comic Con. My favourite was Troian. She wouldn’t stop speaking! I fking love Troian!!! Always smiling. Always got awesome, positive things to say. Love her sense of humour too. I will follow and watch any project Troian ventures onto after PLL. And Lucy and Sasha were awesome too. Sasha is only 19 and she was talking with such confidence! Love her so much. And Lucy is just gorgeous <3 But Ashley kind of annoyed me in her interviews. I actually didn’t want to watch her anymore. Which is weird because I love Ash to death and Hanna is one of my favourite characters (first favourite is Spencer, duh). Maybe she was just having a bad day or isn’t good at the intensity of having questions fired at you every second. Maybe the one interview I watched of Ashley was the last one of the day and she was tired from a long day and wanted to go home (fair enough). Don’t know what the point of this post is. Any one comment please. Anyone else notice this from Ash or am I the one having a bad day!!? Hahahahaha

Exo Reaction to Another Member Telling Them That Their Crush Likes Them Back


“I’m telling you,” Chanyeol said as he yawned and stretched in his seat. “She said she likes you.”


“She said she thinks you’re hot,” Chen said with a shrug as he flipped the channel on the TV. 

Chanyeol looked down at him with a smirk. “I know she does.” 


Kai touched his shoulder and told Chen what he had overheard the girl he liked say to Baekhyun. Chen smiled and then began to whistle as he bounced where he was sitting, celebrating to himself. 


When Kris happened to mention knowing how the girl he was interested in felt about him in return, Kai smiled to himself before doing a small dance. Now he just had to figure out how to talk to her about it. 


He smiled after Kyungsoo whispered to him quietly, looking into the fans at the signing. She said she would be there and she was, hands folded in front of her and a shy smile upon her lips as she waited in line. 


He was eating when Lay sat across from him at the table and admitted what he heard his crush tell Luhan. He picked his lips up into a smile as he looked towards Lay. 



Luhan leaned towards him and whispered lightly in his ear, telling him about what the girl Lay had been hanging around lately had confessed to him. Lay smiled as he let out a small giggle, clapping his hands together a couple of times because of the excitement. 


Sehun leaned towards him and crossed his arms as he looked towards the girl that was speaking to Suho with a small smile on her face. 

“She said she’d date you if you asked,” he told him quietly, his tone making him seem disinterested. 

“I know.” 


Inside he was happy and wanted to jump around with excitement because he had been trying to subtly get her attention for a month. However, he reacted calmly otherwise, almost bored as the news was shared with him. 


“Suho, she told me that it was true,” Kai told him, agreeing with the rumour Tao had brought up. “She wants you to ask her on a date because she thinks you’re cute.” 


Xiumin told him quietly, hand over his mouth as he whispered into his ear. They looked at the barista as she made their coffee and then watched as she brought it over. She looked at Tao kind of strangely when he put his sunglasses on inside, looking up at her with a smug curl to his lips. 


Baekhyun nodded his head furiously. “Hyung, I am not lying. She said your eyes are pretty and she likes it when you laugh.” 

The sight of her eyes made my skin crawl, because she looked totally like an alien!

And my father…
I can’t help but feel that my father’s illness started when that freak came to our house!
I’m not sure if I can keep smiling around her any longer…
Up until now I’ve done my best to like her…

But I just can’t!
No matter how hard I try…


meaningless short fluff piece because i can

He found her lying on the grass behind the compound. Hands folded delicately over her stomach, hair fanned out beneath her. He wanted to sketch her, right then and there. Her face was a mask of tranquility. She wasn’t smiling, neither was she frowning. She was just…breathtaking. 

Klaus lowered himself beside her, lying on his back in the grass. He turned his head to look at her, seeing the hints of a smile on her lips. Klaus smiled, turning up to look at the stars. There wasn’t might light this side of the city and when the house grew dark, like it was now, the stars shone clearly and brightly above them.

“I used to look at these same constellations when I was a boy.” He spoke after several minutes, neither of them looking at each other. “They were…a bit different. Brighter. You could see more of the stars then.” She saw him smirk out of the corner of her eye, “Less light pollution.”

Caroline smiled as he fell silent. “I like looking at them.” He forgot how soft her voice could get, how soothing. As if it was an inherent reaction, his body relaxed. “It just, it makes it all so meaningless.” He smiled, remembering thinking the same thing when he was still new at this life. When everything seemed so overwhelming. “I used to care about winning Miss Mystic, or how parade floats looked. I used to stay up all night thinking about how I would dress for school the next day. Now I just…” She shrugged, her fingers pulling apart as she rested her arms on the grass beside her. 

She fell silent once more, and Klaus broke the silence once he was sure she was done. “How many stars do you think there are?” She looked at him then, her brow furrowed in confusion. He smiled, “How many stars do you think there are up there?”

“I don’t know. A billion?” He smiled at her. Sometimes he would forget, forget why he was so enamored with her, or how deeply he loved her. It was for moments like these.

“Over a hundred billion,” She let out a small breath, looking back up at the sky. “In our galaxy alone. And there are countless more galaxies Caroline.” She stayed silent, listening to him talk as she moved slightly closer, her fingers touching his. “There are trillions of stars that could hold planets like ours, hold life like ours. When you look at it that way,” He smiled, turning his head to face her completely now, enjoying the smile on her lips as she stared up at the stars. “Everything seems meaningless. And yet, at the same time–”

“Nothing does.” She finished for him, turning to look at him and smiling, feeling her mind ease as her hand slipped into his, fingers entwining between his as she looked back up. 

I agree! & I noticed he does stare a lot lol it’s funny, but some times he’s so shy he trys to look, but he doesn’t, it’s just a lot of side eye. Like with Jenna (side gif) he stared at her for so long that when she did look up, he couldn’t look away fast enough, so he smiled and bowed instead, and I watched that video a lot and even before that moment he stared at her, he barely looked at the other fans lined up beside her..hmmm…

+they go the same places Korea, China and Japan, they should travel more. + I want more encounter stories/staring stories.