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*Viciously ignores canon because forehead kisses are my weakness*


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

She’s the kinda girl you spend all day thinking about but then when you finally meet her face to face you can’t find the words to tell her what she means to you. She can put a smile on your face just by looking your way. She can tear down your defences with a simple “hello”. The kinda girl who after you’ve had your chance with her no other can compare; she set the standard for everything you want in a person. She’s…my kinda girl

I just want to hug whoever decided Jace’s reaction to the Malec kiss was going to be this!! This proud but also kinda emotional smile is SO precious!!

We never got to see Jace’s initial reaction to Malec in the books, and I just think not only was it great that he was included in the kiss scene, but he had the most gorgeous reaction too! I mean not that I ever doubted that Jace would be happy, but just the fact that he looks so damn proud of his big brother for finally choosing himself after everything they’ve been through and Alec has been through within himself, and he kind of looks a little emotional too, you just know that Alec’s happiness is one of the most important things to him!

It just makes me super emotional to see Jace and Alec’s relationship, and to have this reaction from Jace to one of the biggest moments in Alec’s life, especially when it didn’t happen in the books, is just lovely!

Popcorn’s explosive pop looks pretty cool in high-speed video, but just watching it with a regular camera doesn’t show everything that’s going on. If we take a look at it through schlieren optics, the kernel’s pop looks even more extraordinary:

The schlieren technique reveals density differences in the gases around the corn–effectively allowing us to see what is invisible to the naked eye. The popcorn kernel acts like a pressure vessel until the expansion of steam inside causes its shell to rupture. The first hints of escaping steam send droplets of oil shooting upward. The kernel may hop as steam pours out the rupture point, causing the turbulent billowing seen in the animation above. As the heat causes legs of starch to expand out of the kernel, they can push off the ground and propel the popcorn higher. As for the eponymous popping sound, that is the result of escaping water vapor, not the actual rupture or rebound of the kernel! See more of the invisible world surrounding a popping kernel in the video below. (Image credits: Warped Perception, source; Bell Labs Ireland, source; WP video via Gizmodo; BLI video submitted by Kevin)


9x11 “First Born” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”
Knight of Hell & Prince of Hell: Immunity

Just because… well… they sure used everything about Cain and the way he lived and the whole storyline as an inspiration when creating Ramiel…

A noona fan called in, not telling who she was a fan of at first. As she described the member she likes, one of the things she mentioned was “his dad ran a bakery”. While the other members didn’t know who, Sehun was the only one who immediately looked at Jongin and knew who she was referring to (and that tiny smirk on his face as the other members wonder who bYE). x

So. I’ve been quite obsessed with Yuri!!!on Ice lately, and my blog is not even about yoi, but i really need to post this.
Maybe i’m overanalizing this scene, but hear me out.
I want you guys to look closely at Victor’s right arm.
At the end of this sequence, he is skating backwards. And his body follows him.
Everything but his right arm.
It just stay there, it doesn’t move as the rest of the body. And what does that mean?
In what situation does a body do that?
When you’re pulling someone towards you.
Plus, we can say that he’s looking at somethig (someone?) right in front of him. (and that little smile he makes? 💗)
I would like to add too that in a promo like eight months ago, you can also see Yuuri in an ice rink with the same lighting, skating. Idk guys, but to me it seems like something that would explode in our faces for having it but not noticing.
So yes, I firmly believe that he will skate “Stay close to me” with Yuuri, maybe in Hasetsu. We’ll see.
Again, maybe I’m overanalizing. But I wanted to share because I’m so hopeful for this to finally happen.
(is my grammar ok? hope it’s ok. I’m just a poor foreign fanboy with so much to share)

EDIT: I just fixed something. This scene was actually in ep 1. In the promo what you can see is Yuuri dancing, but not Victor. Still, they seem related because of the lighting and the perform they are making.

Ok so I’m watching the extended cut of Suicide Squad and if you look behind Harley you see the Joker through the window hitting someone repeatedly with what looks to be a crowbar. 
Now we know the Joker asked Harley for help for something (we assumed it was to break out of Arkham) but what if it was for something else? She also keeps telling him ‘I’ve done everything you asked’ that sounds like she helped him do more than just break out. 
Could this be where Harley ‘assisted in the murder of Robin’?

So, what I want to talk about in regard to the moment above is why can’t Steve lift it? Why can he only move it slightly? This is my theory;

We all know Steve Rogers is the epitome of a good human, the best. No flaws. All strengths. But if you like I love to look between the lines, behind the smiles and masks, you’ll also know him as an incredible sad, broken human being who has lost everything and still is expected to soldier on.

Now, a few days ago I read an amazing meta on Steve Rogers and his suicidal tendencies; crashing the plane, jumping about twenty stores out of building and down in another with a shield as his only protection, jumping out of a plane without parachute (a thing that is insinuated to be reoccurring ‘Did he just jump without a parachute?’ ‘Hehe, yeah’), dropping his shield and not fighting back when he fought with Bucky, there is nothing that makes him happy (’What makes you happy?’ ’I don’t know’). There are countless of other incidents but right now I can’t remember them. The important thing to take from this is that Steve Rogers, the grand Captain America, is depressed, suicidal and so guilt ridden over what happened to Bucky (and knowing Steve, he probably blames him self for hurting Peggy over and over, when she rediscovers he’s alive ’It’s been so long, so long’ too).

But he is still Steve Rogers, he is still an amazing person with principles, he never bends. His morale isn’t compromised like Natasha’s is. He doesn’t fight for his country, he fights for its people and for freedom. For what’s right. If anyone is worthy of wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, it is Steve; the sickly, little kid from Brooklyn who were to dumb not to run away from a fight.

So why can’t he lift, why can he only move it slightly? Because Steve Rogers is depressed, because he blames him self for every bad thing in this world, that he maybe could have prevented if he had powers like Superman, because Steve Rogers doesn’t believe he is worthy and certainly not of lifting the hammer of a god. And I believe that not only do you have to be worthy, you have to deem your self worthy of lifting Mjolnir. And Steve doesn’t see what we see, he doesn’t see his amazing gifts; he sees all his mistakes, he sees Bucky falling and the destruction of both New York and DC hears Peggy crying and there’s no way those actions and fall outs can make a man worthy of lifting Mjolnir.