just look at emmas face

Ok so everyone is talking about Regina saying “Maybe I need you” but like…can we discuss how after Regina says that, Emma looks up like she has just seen the face of God?!!! 

Like Emma literally looks like Regina might as well have said “I love you”. She just can’t believe Regina admitted that she needed her and that she’s actually going to let her come to New York with her and you can see it in her face that she realizes that what Regina said meant something so much deeper than just “I need you”, but that it was Regina saying I will not let you become who I used to be. I will protect your heart at all costs. I will never leave you lonely. You WILL beat Rumple because I’ll be right by your side. And when you think about the fact that Regina knows EXACTLY how Emma’s feeling and what she needs and how she never had a friend to be there for her, so she’s determined to be there for Emma and I just….


what we really need is for elsa to come back and tell everyone it’s going to be okay seriously she made 4a shine so brightly she was like a massive positive beacon maybe her radiant glow of hope and refusal to give up on the people she loves would be infectious and tumblr would become a happy place again

Ohmigod, I just watched the Once Upon A Time where Neal dies and I mean, I knew he died at some point cause I remember a friend being really pissed about it, but this was just so..so..so tragic! 

Cause he died and Rumple can’t do anything to save him or avenge him or anything and Emma just looks so defeated and the look on Henry’s face.

Cause the thing is Henry doesn’t know Neal anymore. He’s reacting to what Emma’s actually saying and her pain. He’s not reacting to anything more than that…and he’s still crying over it. This kid is so empathetic.

And I’m gonna miss Neal. And I’m really looking forward to watching Zelena pay.