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Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!

Since many people only watch the Swan Queen scenes, I thought it was interesting to point out that even in the later half of the season they were still showing Hook & Emma’s relationship in a dubious light and using parallels and story elements that queer people specifically would notice. They also put hints in the narrative that suggest Emma will be back, so like before, until this show is over… it’s simply not over.

First we had this dialogue with Henry, where Emma says she needs to leave and lay low…

…then there is a death and resurrection…

…but because it is followed by the Last Supper - an event that in the Bible happens before Jesus’ death - it could mean that this was a storytelling device giving us a summary of what is actually still to come.

They spent more time emphasizing how much pressure Snow put on Emma when she confessed to planning her wedding ever since they met…

…or by having her mother walk her to the altar in a dress that could not be more out of character…

…or letting her mother sing about this being her wish coming true but not necessarily Emma’s.

They kept hinting the marriage was doomed when they warned us that seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck…

…and then made sure that happened…

…after turning Snow/ Emma’s dress black.

Seeing Hook burn didn’t snap Emma out of it…

…nor did the flashback scenes to the marriage - but beyond that they used special effects commonly associated with horror and trauma to evoke a negative feeling.

Then there was Hook taking on the pose of Judas in the Last Supper, marking him as a potential traitor in the middle of this new book. 

We also had Regina who couldn’t look at Emma when mentioning her marriage - masking her pain…

…when promising to make sure Emma would get a good wedding…

…only to cut to a song that can be summed up as “Screw love, I don’t want to feel it anymore.” Just look at her face when Granny sings about princess Emma…

…or the Queen ripping Emma’s baby blanket while singing love doesn’t stand a chance.

If Regina’s song is relevant to her present day feelings then so is Hook’s. He sings he doesn’t care about Snow & Charming’s rank… but they never offered him a title in the flashback. Marrying Emma in the present would actually give him their rank, riches and their most important treasure - their daughter…

…but even in the present he hasn’t let go of his revenge and grabs the first opportunity to go after the Dark One. She doesn’t let him help, he doesn’t keep his promise to let her handle it.

Meanwhile Emma and Regina agree they don’t want to raise Henry alone, work together and we see Emma hypothetically co-adopt Zelena’s kid…

…and Regina jumps on the opportunity to take Emma out after Hook leaves…

…once again drawing our attention to the fact the character that has made the most progress doesn’t approve of the man her friend is marrying but supports her regardless…

….and yet there is no resolution, so why write those lines at all?

Or finally show us Hook is a murderer right before the wedding after seasons of just telling us?


There was also Jasmine’s forced marriage to Jafar because she felt she had to do it out of duty…

…while the real solution proved to be giving in to love between the thief and the princess - coincidentally wearing Regina’s coat… 

… at the same time they had innuendo heavy dialogue like “We know each other in various ways…” between Jasmine and Ariel…

…and gave them the most romantic moment from the Aladdin movie…

…then had Ariel ‘come out’ to Eric.

Then there were these two who qualify for a “Find someone who looks at you like Tiger Lily looks at Fiona when she trusts her with her baby…” meme…

…and that’s without mentioning the gal pal level fierce loyalty Tiger Lily has toward her fairy godchild’s mother.

Of course we all saw Regina’s pained face when she heard about the proposal…

…and Emma’s face daring her to say anything…

…and that brief flash of pain on her face as she lets go.

So yes, that’s just a short list of interesting narrative choices made by creators who already knew more or less what’s next…

…so maybe this split in Lucy’s new book with somebody out of the picture and Emma, Henry and Regina bathing in light is entirely intentional?

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Smut prompt: David and Killian are best friends and Killian's "lady of the night" is Emma. But he doesn't know emma is davids little sister.

*unbeta’d so sorry for mistakes*

Just a silly, baby bit. Ended up being smutless ;).

They’d met a month ago. She was chasing some guy (part of her job) and had turned up at the bar that he worked at. The guy was a bust - had left hours ago - but she was not.

She was interesting, enigmatic and beautiful.

She explained she was new to town, so he insisted on buying her a drink. They talked until it was closing hour, the  other bartender picking up the slack for the totally beguiled Killian.
(She seemed just as smitten, Will his coworker had teased the next day.)


Moving back to Storybrooke had been a fresh start after a bad break up. Her brother had coaxed her home after many years of trying, wanting to mend their fractured relationship. But that was still in it’s infancy, gently working back into each other’s lives after almost a decade wasn’t simple.

And meeting Killian was a not expected development.

She’d not dated in forever. Really thought that maybe that part of her life was over: too many assholes leaving their mark. But he was different. He was warm, funny and devastatingly handsome.

Perhaps she should have declined the offer of a drink, but she was technically off the clock and she found she wanted to (despite herself). They were so similar yet different all at the same time.

Three days later she returned, hair curled, a floral dress that toed the line between casual and dressy was topped with her ever present leather jacket. She took a seat at the bar and waited for him to notice her.

He smiled and she was already falling for him.


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About Last Night

They shouldn’t have slept together. But they did. Now for the aftermath.

Also on AO3/FF.NET 

unbeta’d. All mistakes my own…


A prompt from @distant-rose: best friends secretly pining plus locked in a closet by other frustrated, impatient and exasperated friends. A baby ficlet dedicated to @nickillian

Emma Swan: expert at running away from shit. That’s what her obituary would say.

And by shit it would mean anything remotely resembling a situation where her emotions would be exposed and she would get hurt. Which was why she was currently hiding in Mary Margaret Nolan’s den.

“I’m failing to see the problem,” the brunette mused over a steaming cup of tea.

“Ms - I slept with Killian.”

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He glanced over at Emma. She was leaning down over her horse’s mane, long legs curved around its sides, her brilliant hair flying like a banner. Behind her rode Cristina, who had her hands in the air and was shrieking with happiness. “Emma!” she shouted. “Emma, look, no hands!”
Emma glanced back and laughed aloud. Mark, who rode Windspear with an air of familiarity, Kieran clinging to his belt with one hand, was not as amused. “Use your hands!” he yelled. “Cristina! It’s not a roller coaster!”
“Nephilim are insane!” shouted Kieran, pushing his wildly blowing hair out of his face.
Cristina just laughed, and Emma looked at her with a wide smile, her eyes glowing like the stars overhead, which had turned to the silver-white stars of the mundane world.
Shadows loomed up in front of them, white and black and blue. The cliffs of Dover, Julian thought, and felt an ache inside that it might be over so quickly. He turned his head and looked at his brother. Mark sat astride Windspear as if he’d been born on a horse’s back. The wind tore his pale hair, revealing his sharply pointed ears. He was smiling too, a calm and secret smile, the smile of someone doing what they loved.
Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of silver-black fields, shadowy hills, and luminous, winding rivers. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not have been an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to have given up the sky for his sake.
—  Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Right now, I just feel too guilty… . [Regina] lost someone she really cares for because of me.” (4x01)

CS One-Shot: The Moment

@georgianablythe16 requested something from this prompt: “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…” This got VERY feels-y and it’s almost TOO fluffy. Hope it helps with the angst! Set post Underworld. 

Emma stared into the crackling fire, her feet curled up underneath her and her head pillowed on Killian’s chest. His hand stroked her hair as she listened to the steady rhythm of his (their?) heart and let out a contented sigh. It had been a day full of family fun in the freshly fallen snow. Little Neal tottering around in his snow suit while Henry and Killian ambushed Dad with snowballs only to be sent running when Mom joined in the fray. Snow White had deadly accurate aim. Now tucked together enjoying a quiet moment Emma thought of another day spent in the snow what felt like ages ago. Killian in his long black pirate coat catching her around the waist and breaking her fall. Snow in his hair and eyelashes while he grinned up at her as she lay atop him. She smiled at the memory.

“What?” Killian asked as if sensing her thoughts.

“When was the moment you knew?”


Emma sat up to face him. “About us.”

He smiled softly. “Ahh. When did I know that I was madly in love with you?”

Emma’s grin grew. It didn’t matter that their kiss had broken a curse, that their heart literally beat as one, she would never tire of hearing him say it. “Yes. Well no. I mean was there a moment when everything just came into focus? The world fell away and you knew in your soul that we were meant to be? Like fate or destiny tapping you on the shoulder and saying ‘this is your future’?”

Killian chuckled. “Swan I thought you hated the very idea of fate and destiny.”

She gave him a smirk. “Recent events have made me more open to the idea. Now answer the question, pirate.”

He cocked his head as if thinking it over but a smile tugged at his lips. Emma was pretty sure they both knew when his moment was but she loved hearing him tell the story of how their kiss in Neverland changed everything.

His expression shifted and Emma knew he was lost in the memory. She nudged him with her shoulder. “Tell me.”

“Alright, love.” He reached out and played with a strand of her hair as he talked. “Now you already know that from the moment you held that dagger to my neck I started to fall for you. Though I hardly realized it at the time each of our moments built upon the other until I was half-way in love with you without even realizing it.” His hand slipped from her hair to cup her cheek. “It was quite the shock I assure you.” She giggled thinking of his face after their kiss. He had fallen much sooner than her but that kiss had still rocked her world.

“So I knew I cared for you long before a moment such as you described occurred.”

Emma crinkled her forehead. “Really? It wasn’t the kiss in Neverland?”

“That was a delightful moment and one I am more than happy to reenact.” He waggled an eyebrow and she gave him a light smack on the shoulder. He gave her a false pout before continuing “However it wasn’t until I spent a year apart from you thinking I would never see you again that I realized the depth of my feelings and that I would do anything to be with you again.”

Emma felt tears sting her eyes. She knew exactly what he meant, had felt the same in the long days without him and the days in the Underworld searching for him. His hand found hers and she bit her lip as she met his eyes.

“My moment was in New York City when you opened the door in those delightful pajamas.” She smiled remembering how confused and freaked out she had been by the man in the pirate costume. “It was like my whole life had led to that time and place and it was so clear to me that you were my True Love, and I wanted to be with you forever.”

Emma remembered the look on his face that day. The way his beaming smile warmed her heart and made her question her own memory. Because how could a man look at her like that if he didn’t already know her? She also remembered his attempted kiss and realized how caught up in the moment he must have been.

“Oh Killian.” She surged forward and kissed him; kissed like he probably wanted that day at her door. She tangled her hands in his hair and sighed into his mouth and practically climbed into his lap. But he stopped her and then slowed the kiss. Emma let out a whimper when he pulled away that caused him to smirk.

“Now Swan. I told you mine. It’s only good form for you to share your moment.”

She blushed suddenly shy. “It’s not as good as yours.”

He shook his head. “Nonsense. It’s not a competition, love.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She twisted in his embrace and placed her head back on his shoulder as she closed her eyes and conjured up her moment.

“You remember when Elsa was trying to apologize for the ice wall and she turned the park into a winter wonderland?”

“Aye. Just after she almost killed you but before we discovered the Snow Queen.”

“Yeah. You remember how you slipped and we fell to the ground. You rotated so I landed on you?”

He chuckled. “And you laid on top of me staring into my eyes until I thought for sure you were going to ravish me right there.”

“But instead I jumped away and said I had to go pick-up Henry.”

She felt his body shake in silent laughter. “You were as skittish as a colt.” She was happy he could laugh about it now but she knew that at the time her inability to give him clear signals had been very difficult. She faced him again.

“That was my moment. You had twisted so I could have a soft landing and I was crushing you and it was freezing but you just smiled like there was no place in the world you would rather be. And I just knew. That you would always give me a soft landing, that you would always want to be with me, that it was forever.”

“And in true Emma Swan fashion you commemorated the moment by running away.”

She went to punch his shoulder but he anticipated the movement and captured her arm and pulled her to his lips instead. They didn’t speak for several minutes but they didn’t really need to. They had a whole lifetime to talk. Right now they were living in the moment.