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“I WILL TAKE US DOWN TO A COSMIC ADAM AND EVE” | An AU where Arkadia doesn’t burn, there’s not enough nightblood serum to save everyone, and, and humanity divides into an uncertain future as those who have taken the serum remain outside, and some inside dozens of scouted bunkers. With the doors to Arkadia shut for five years with the radiation and black rain shutting down radio communications with the other groups, the directive inside becomes that everyone has to start having babies. And while Marcus and Abby didn’t plan on making a personal contribution to the cause, little Eden comes along anyway. The doors open shortly after her fourth birthday, and it’s a big wide world to explore in the coming years with the help of Mom and Dad… who are looking for praimfiya’s survivors. 

Yes, Cass is the only houseguest who has said she wanted to go after Neda but I still think this is a weak move. 

1. Neda got immunity week one so she has no clue how many other people would target her if they could.

2. Cass sucks at comps and no one trusts her. Why waste a HoH on someone you could get out whenever? Or if you were nominated next to, would ensure you survived eviction?

3. Neda could make a huge move without fear of retaliation. She could get out someone like Kevin or Bruno and spend her next week of safety mending any bad blood created during her HoH.

4. Her logic is that Cass is coming after her and she wants people like Kevin and Bruno in jury to vote for her to win. My issue is, with 5 weeks of immunity, she needs to make huge moves that would compensate for her help from Canada. Nominating Bruno and Dillon (since she’s close to Kevin) and getting one of them out would be better than getting out can’t-win-a-comp Cass or I’m-shaking Jackie.

How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable

Alex Going Rogue on Emily

“Look, Alex, I just wanna be alone, okay? It’s not… it’s not you, I just… I just need to be alone.”

Alex swallows rage and Alex swallows the desire to scoop Maggie into her arms and never let her go, ever. To kiss her every scar and to extract her every pain.

But she needs to listen better.

Because Maggie needs to be heard.

So Alex hears, and Alex drops her off, and Alex kisses her good night, and tells her to call if she changes her mind.

She knows she won’t.

She thinks about heading home herself for about .38 seconds. But she’s driving to the Baldwin before she even consciously decides to.

She leans on a pole and she checks her watch and she tries some of those breathing exercises from this morning to keep her somewhat calm, to keep her able to talk instead of punch, to keep her able to speak instead of scream.

Even though her blood boils when she sees her. Even though her body is running through all one hundred six ways she knows how to kill someone with her bare hands.


God is she suddenly grateful for those damn yoga breathing exercises.

“Alex, right?”

“Yeah. I wanted to come… see you. I wanted to talk to you, just to see if…”

She takes a step closer and she’s almost grateful when Emily starts speaking, because she might have just punched her instead of finishing her sentence.

“Look, if this is about missing dinner – “

“Why didn’t you show up?” Her voice is low and her voice is death, and she can’t sink her fists into Maggie’s father, so Emily will have to do. For now.

“I should’ve, but… the whole situation, it just brought up too many painful memories.”

“What about Maggie? All the things you said to her back then, that wasn’t painful?” She wants to say more. She wants to say so much more. Do so much more.

She doesn’t, because she doesn’t want to make things worse for Maggie. But god, god, god, does she want to.

“Everything that I said to her, she had coming.”

“She dedicated five years of her life to you, and you bailed on her.” Her voice feels like it does before she splits her knuckles on prisoner’s faces, before she drops bombs that blow up buildings she’s still standing in.

“I bailed on her? Seriously, that’s – that’s what she told you? – she cheated on me.”

The bottom drops out of Alex’s stomach and the fight goes out of her gut.

And suddenly she’s picturing Maggie in bed with Emily, in bed with Darla, hell, in bed with her yoga instructor, naked and writhing, screaming someone else’s name.

Someone’s name that isn’t hers.

She gulps and she hates herself because she’s done it again.

Caused someone pain. Again.

Failed. Again.

“I’m sorry, I… I didn’t know.”

She can’t look at her, at this woman with hair that’s only just a little redder than hers, with a voice just a little deeper than hers, with a body just a little more perfect than hers.

This woman who Maggie apparently cheated on.

And Alex knows it’s true.

Knows because she knows Maggie.

Knows because she knows what Maggie is like when she’s scared.

Knows what Maggie is like when she hates herself more than she usually does.

“I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Alex isn’t looking at her, so she doesn’t see the way Emily’s eyes run up and down her body, just once, quickly. Just once, imagining Maggie underneath her, on top of her, whatever she’s feeling these days, and she can see why Maggie chose this woman. This woman who just wanted to defend her.

This woman she’s apparently lying to.

And she knows Alex knows it, because when she looks up, her eyes are wide and terrified and regretful.

“I just… really wanna forget about it.”

Because that shell-shocked look on Alex’s face?

She wore that look for almost two whole years.

She only just recently stopped wearing it all the time.

Alex looks off to the side because she can’t look into the eyes of the woman Maggie slept with, spent five years probably doting on, and then cheated on.

“Sorry, I… I’mma go.”

She doesn’t give Emily a chance to say anything else.

She can’t hear anything else.

She just walks.

She walks and she walks, and she takes out her phone and she calls her sister.


In which Kate is literally us, and Emily actually resorts to the “hey, what’s that over there?” diversion tactic [and I’m cackling in the distance]

ok, this is my courier, whom i adore with my entire being

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