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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x13

Season 1, Episode 13: “Savoureux”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Ok moment to talk about the “Previously On Hannibal”, if you can believe it, because they used the clip where Abigail asked Will if Hannibal had told him about her involvement with her dad’s murders and Will responding that he hadn’t, which, u may recall, I was fantastically floored to discover was a conversation that took place all in Will’s head. So the Previously On has ALSO gotten so wrapped up in Will that his imaginings are presented as part of the factual objective recap, and that’s marvellous to me. Because god, we’re in “Savoureux.” It’s the finale of Season 1, things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and from here on out, the relationship this show had with Will is fracturing. What tilting ice sheet are YOU gonna jump on as the glacier breaks apart?

LET’S FEEL IT OUT, as is our way.

Live Feed:

NOPE NOPE NOPE, T minus nope seconds into this and it’s THE BULLROARER. And that thing travels RIGHT down my spine to the tune of nOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOOOPE. Curse these nice headphones, fucking MONSTER TUNERS.

It sounds like hunting and the Gods and being encircled. All of that. I mean it’s, pun-intended, pitch perfect for where Brian Reitzell is using it, don’t get me wrong, that’s WHY I’m so upset. Because here’s Will, oh Will Graham, finally trying to hunt down the monster always in the corner of his eye. And he chases the Ravenstag, until at last he finds —

the Wendigo, hunched by a tree in the enchanted forest like Voldemort feeding on a unicorn. Angular and so hungry, crimson wet pools in the leaves. Will, run.

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