just look at Blake

[Blake sleeps peacefully in her bed as the familliar hand of Yang Xiao Long peeks over the windowsill]

Yang- Blake, holy shit open the window

Blake- [rolls out of bed, landing quietly on her feet] [yawns] Yang ? What time is it ? [opens window]

Yang- Doesn’t matter, just met my mom 

Blake- Isn’t she [looks around the room to make sure Ruby isn’t there] Dead ?

Yang- No, I mean the shitty one

Blake- Ahhh

Yang- Anyway she came by for talk in the middle of the night, and wanted to teach me some things….

Blake- After all these years ?

Yang- She said I was an embarrassment to a clan

Blake- [scowls, whispering under hear breath]…bitch

Yang- Anyway she told me how to do a few tricks

Blake- Like what ?

Yang- Turning into an animal apparently for one……she turned into a bird

Blake- What’d you turn into ?

Yang- She said not to try them outside

Blake- OK…..[sits down on Yang’s bed] Well there’s no time like the present…..

Yang- What ?

Blake- Ruby and Weiss are gone for the night….we’ve got some time to ourselves…..

Yang- Fine [stretches] Let’s get this started [closes eyes]

[Yang concentrates for several minutes]

Blake- ……..

Yang- ………..

Blake- ……….

Yang- ………

Blake - ……is this it ?

Yang- [groans] It’s kind of hard……

Blake- You need some help ? [Blake gets up and walks over to Yang]

Yang- Nope…[grunts] Just some…..

[Blake kisses Yang on the cheek]

[Yang shifts into a fluffy yellow cat]

Cat - [meows]

Blake - [narrows eyes as she looks down at the mysterious kitty] Yang ?

Cat - [walks over to Blake, rubbing herself against her leg]

[Blake leans over and picks Yang up]

Blake- [Brings Yangs face to her own] [serious voice] I’m keeping the fish

Yang- [protesting yowl]


Yang- [sad meow] 

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I’m kind of assuming Blake hasn’t told RWY about her family at all…. so… I just want to see Weiss’ reaction to Blake being….. well….. this like Faunus equivalent of her. XD


Souls recognise each other by the way they feel. (insp.)


after like an hour of struggling to return to my gif making ways. i finally come to you with this little gem. you’re welcome.


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