just loki being badass

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Post-apocalypse Valki. Thoughts?

Homg. This would be so great?? I’d imagine:

-If it’s a zombie type thing, then they meet stuck in a building. Zombies are surrounding the place so it’s either work together to get out and get somewhere safe or die. 

-If it’s a virus type thing, Val stumbles upon a man in the wilderness. He’s not sick and he doesn’t have the virus. He’s the first person she’s seen in nearly five years. 

-I wouldn’t say they hate each other, but they’re both suspicious of the other.

-Ohhhh I also like the idea of them traveling across the country together. Trying to get to somewhere safe. Or find a rumored safe haven. 

-It wouldn’t take them long to get together, it’s the end of the world. One of them could die tomorrow. Fuck that. 

-Even more protective Loki.

-Val being a complete badass and just having all kinds of guns and knives. 

Lol I’m sure I’ll think of more later.


loki/darcy; gods and monsters

I seriously have no idea what this is… Maybe just Loki and Darcy being badass? Stealing stuff? Darcy being SHEILD agent who is send to stop Loki, but instead she helps him out? Something else? I don’t know. Use your imagination.