just liz being liz

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please


Ming-Na Wen and Iain De Caestecker share ‘hopes and dreams’ for Agents of SHIELD S4. Talk FitzSimmons’ journey, comic book May/Fitz and Ming hiding under the bed while Iain and Elizabeth filmed FitzSimmons crossing the event horizon!?


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin Conclusion
You can turn away and run from it. You can hide from it. And if you choose to do that, I’ll fly away. Or you can face it and confront it. Engage it. And maybe, maybe… you prevail and rise above it.


The Blacklist | fav moments | S2B

 It’s a blackmail file– proof of the existence  of an extraordinarily powerful clandestine organization. If their activities were made public,  some of the most powerful and influential men  would go to prison or be executed. […] the Fulcrum isn’t here, but I believe information critical to finding it is, and that’s what Braxton wants. I’m here to stop it. - The Blacklist, S2E9

10 reasons to why WoSo is like Game of Thrones
  1. Everyone has at least one player that they hate with a burning passion.
  2. You’re in a constant state of “Oh no, please don’t get hurt” when your fave is playing.
  3. You’re basically willing to fight anyone who disrespects your team.
  4. You’ve mastered the art of drinking, all while being able to discuss the game.
  5. Every little detail gets overanalyzed.
  6. You wait all week for the games, and when they are over you feel kind of hollow and just want the next week to go by faster.
  7. Trying to keep your cool, when talking to someone who doesn’t follow it, but asks you about it anyway.
  8. So many underrated players.
  9. No matter how many curve balls they throw your way, and how pissed you get, you’ll always come back.
  10. WoSo fans are about as dramatic as Game of Thrones in itself.

When I dream of a man coming into my bedroom I think, “wow.. you’re such a father figure to me!”

When I constantly stare at a man’s lips I think, “you kissed a woman your own age.. she has to be my mother!! of course!”

When a man says he’s not my father I think, “whaaaat, no way, you’re kidding. oh you, it must be a lie. of course it’s a lie, you can’t keep your hands off me, you’re so my dad!”

When a man’s ex-wife says she doesn’t know where their daughter has gone I think, “I’m right here mom! I might’ve completely changed my whole appearance and body and backstory and literally everything, but I’m you’re daughter! c'mon, believe me.”

When a man constantly says everything with a sexual undertone to me I think, “so paternal.”


Have I enlightened anyone to realizing that Red is not Liz’s father OR a father figure to her? … I really hope so, because I can’t take the people who don’t pay attention to detail anymore.

Literally this is the most awkward thing ever..
Austin likes Liz but is flirting with Jackie for “strategy” which is making Liz slightly jealous while Liz just being near Jeff makes Austin the most jealous man in the world and then there’s the whole Jeff/Jackie thing which who knows what that is