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Phil is too adorable and feminine to be a top I’ve had many mental breakdowns thinking about who tops in phan and when I finally came to my realisation point I was so happy

Aside from Viktor and Yuuri being parents of the year, their reaction to Yuri’s threats is just on point

My angry little kitten is so cute, trying to be tough. Has Yuuri seen this? Yuuri needs to see this.

He’s fifteen, just smile and nod. Should I pat him on the head? No, no, he might bite. Maybe pinch his cheek? No, definitely will get bitten. God, Viktor’s right, he’s adorable. 

Next chapter/Every chapter ever:
  • Ferid: *approaches Yuu*
  • Mika: *hisses*
  • Ferid: *approaches Mika*
  • Yuu: *hisses*
  • Ferid: *looks at Crowley*
  • Ferid: *approaches him*
  • Crowley: *hisses as well*

Omg cute idea
Surprise gift baskets/bags for your littles/kittens/etc!
You could like, go to the dollar store and only spend a little bit!!
You could get a box or two of their favorite candies, some nice smelling lotions, coloring books n crayons, stickers, glow sticks, balloons, and whatever else your bby would like ^.^
Idk I’m sleepy an little an thinkin about presents hehe 💜

Selfie with my big boy.😭❤️ I’ve had him since he was just a little kitten and he’s my baby, sissys big brother, and the nicest cat you’ll ever meet.💕 he’s so gentle and soft. So here we are just chilling with our tongues out, heeeey!👋🏼😻

The Bet (Part 1) - M.C.

This is going to be a short little three or four part story because I never give Michael enough love and he’s just such a little kitten.

Michael watched her walk by as he sat on the quad with his three friends, Calum being the only one noticing him staring helplessly at the female everyone knew. She was the star striker on the football team, the girl that could never turn down a party, and the girl who had yet to sleep with anyone since her boyfriend had cheated on her six months ago at the end of their second year. The boys had seen her around countless times, mostly because she partied at their frat house every weekend with a few of her friends, one of them most recently becoming Calum’s girlfriend.

“You, my friend, are a lovesick puppy,” Calum said throwing a pencil at Michael’s forehead as he snapped out of his daze. “Ask her out.”

“You really think a girl like that would go out with me? You’re fucking nuts,” Michael said back as she sat at one of the picnic tables some odd feet away right under one of the trees, pulling out a book that looked like it had nothing to do with their school work and losing herself.

“You won’t know until you talk to her, Michael,” Luke said now adding his bit, not bothering to look away from his Calculus book as he finished his homework. Calum watched Michael as something clicked in his head bringing a smile to his face.

“I bet you that you can’t get her to go on a date with you by November, and sleep with her by Christmas. If you do, I’ll do your laundry for the rest of the time we’re at university, including next year,” Calum said as if it was one of those drunken dares.

“Excuse me?” Ashton asked finally speaking up from his English work. Calum brushed him off looking solely to Michael whom he knew couldn’t stay away from a dare. Michael lived for dares, and in the ten years he’s known Michael, he’s yet to back down from one.

“What do you say, Mike? You have a little less than a month until November. I have faith in you,” Calum said with a smirk on his face as Michael looked back to y/n like a lost puppy. He sighed adjusting his snapback on top of his head so it was facing the opposite way as he hopped up from his place in the grass, Ashton glaring at Calum the entire time.

“Are you fucking stupid?” he asked as Calum rolled his eyes. “Say he does get y/n. What happens when she figures out she was a bet? Because she won’t stay with him.”

“We don’t tell her? You’re analyzing this situation too much, Ash,” Cal said back as he watched Michael walk over to the girl at the table.

“Hey,” he said grabbing her attention as she turned her head, a smile appearing on her face when she recognized the boy.

“Hey, Mikey,” she said closing the book as he went to sit next to her. “Pleasant surprise. Wasn’t expecting to see you until Saturday night.”

“I figured I’d grace you with my presence a bit earlier,” he teased causing her to giggle a bit. “Good book?”

“It’s alright. My sister sent it to me. She’s into classic books like A Tale of Two Cities and To Kill a Mockingbird and that’s not really my thing, but I told her I’d read it anyways.” She tucked the book back into her bag before looking up at him. “So, don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you here? You never really come talk to me unless it’s at the frat.”

“Well,” he started as he looked down picking at his nails, “I was hoping maybe we could go grab a pizza or something later tonight, if you’re free.” She looked at him with her eyebrows raised in shock. She didn’t know Michael well, but she knew him enough to know that he didn’t take girls out for pizza. Each weekend she spent at the frat, she’d see him disappear with a girl up the stairs only to return an hour later, newly formed bruises along his neck, as he went back to drinking with his friends. Never once had she seen him at the local pizza shop with anyone besides his frat mates. “Y/n?”

“Sorry, zoned out for a little bit there. I’d love to,” she started, a smile forming on his face, “but can we rain check it to tomorrow night? I have a huge test tomorrow and I’m not sure when I’ll get out of the second session of practice.”

“Yeah, tomorrow’s cool,” he said smiling at her as she returned it. “I can meet you outside your dorm at seven?”

“Seven’s perfect.”

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(neglects homework) I love these headcanons ya'll are putting out, so how about Tanaka or Kuroo?

I already had Kuroo’s written up so I used those, but if you want Tanaka too, just drop us another ask or leave a comment on this~

–Whenever Kenma gets nauseous or throws up, you can guarantee he will too. People call it cliché but honestly, he just loves his little kitten that much.

–Doesn’t catch anything that often at all, but when he does he doesn’t do it in halves. If there’s anything you can credit him for it’s his ability to get ill really really fast. It also hits him suddenly, there’s no prior warning at all, he just starts feeling crappy out of nowhere and loses all energy.

–He gets very clingy and affectionate when he’s nauseous, constantly wanting cuddles and to have his hair stroked. He will curl up next to whoever has been tasked with looking after him and whine until they give in and give him attention.

–However when he’s actually throwing up, you cannot touch him at all otherwise it will overstimulate him and he’ll basically have a panic attack right there and then.

–Hates throwing up, puts it off as long as possible and when it happens it happens very violently, he’s often left gasping for air at the end of it because he barely had enough time to breath. He hates how he can’t control it, plus it makes him feel weak and nothing is worse to Kuroo than feeling weak.

–If he knows he has to, however, he will give in eventually, not particularly bothered where it is that he coughs up his stomach contents as long as he can’t be seen by random strangers.

–His stomach gets very noisy and gurgley when he’s queasy, he also gets very burpy and when he’s close to losing it, he’ll start hiccupping something chronic. If he’s around people he doesn’t want to know he’s ill, he’ll try and act normal, but his playing gets all sloppy and he finds it hard to concentrate.

–He often pretends to be ill to get out of practice if he doesn’t want to go so it’s likely no one will believe him if he’s actually sick. It will take him basically running outside of the gym and barely making it before he vomits a spectacular projectile flood that hits the ground with impressive force for anyone to believe him.

–He needs to learn to not push himself too far, always playing through the burn in his legs and running despite the ache in his lungs. He’s no stranger to making himself sick due to exhaustion, practically collapsing at home on the sofa after exercising.

–Quite probably lactose intolerant, but he doesn’t care at all. He still drinks milk and eats all the other dairy products even iif he knows they’re all going to come right back up in the space of a few hours. Bokuto finds it entertaining to make comments about the cat who can’t have cream.

–Throwing up varies with him, sometimes it’s over really fast, other times he’s hunched over the toilet for ages and struggling to get more than a mouthful at a time. But once he starts, he can’t stop puking until everything is up.

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