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I think every artist has their own personal drug. Van Gogh ate his yellow paint to make him happy inside. Beethoven drank wine like it was water. Edgar Allan Poe had his depression and sadness and in a way it was his drug, it was the one thing he used as a clutch to keep on writing. I think I’ve discovered my drug and although it’s not as bad as the rest, it’s just as deadly. For you see, my drug has stars for eyes and a devilish smile.

~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #149


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10 Things that make you happy!

I was tagged by lovely @my-space-and-all-within to write 10 things that make me happy - thank you!!

1. My fluffy little sweet doggo 
2. Greg Lake!!!!!! Everything about him!!!!!!!!
3. Music. I just… I can’t even describe how helpful music is for me and I won’t even start to count the bands\artists because it will never end!!
4. 19th Century things like art and literature .. Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe etc. 
5. Books!! Classics and horror (Stephen King!!!!!) and other random genres….
6. Being on tumblr (look mum! I do have friends!! >:( )
7. The fact I started learning German &Russian again after months of being Too Lazy to find my Duolingo password (also, don’t expect me to know anything bc I …… Don’t)
8. My bass guitar Sandy !! she’s my life 
9. Learning new stuff - mostly applies to certain artists and to some of the weird stuff of the 20th Century classical music (honestly my Music History class this year was such a pleasure - my grade was actually improved from around 65-70 to 90+ this year!!)
10. proving Pretentious Fucks that I know the music of their time better than themselves (view this post for example)

11. Bonus - the fact I have actually created a link on tumblr for the first time??? I hope it works

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What's your favourite book?~♡

That’s so hard to answer! Okay, I’ll just give you a list of books I keep coming back to.

  • The Harry Potter series
  • Gulliver’s travels
  • The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
  • The Norse myths. (I don’t remember the editor or edition. Oops.)
  • The complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe
  • The comedy of errors (it’s a play but whatever)
  • The lord of the rings/the hobbit
  • Little Women
  • Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard, the sword of summer
  • Heroes of Olympus, the son of Neptune
  • The adventures of huckleberry finn

That’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I read a lot of things, so there’s probably more.

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Hi! It's for a match up! I'm a chubby girl, 5 feet tall, short blackish hair and small brown eyes with glasses, cancer sign. I'm an introvert with the love of books and some love for yaoi (oopss), mystery and I'm kind of just a little thinks of bad things in life, and extrovert that loves shopping and Instagram. A ball of cuteness and sunshine says my friends, like rain and blue skies, music. I don't like spicy foods, people that don't listen to me. that's all thank you~~ I heart you~~ ;)

You’re welcome:)

*drums rolling*  I match you with Edgar Allan Poe

  • He loves you for who you are.He secretly likes gently ruffling your hair when you’re asleep.
  • When he discovered your love for books especially mystery ones little did you know how happy he was.
  • He spend two whole night thinking about a story only for you to go in his book and solve the case.
  • Damn girl,when he discovered your love for yaoi he was speechless.
  • He wanted to put holy water on him and forget about what happened.
  • He doesn’t really mind you reading it though.
  • On sunny days,you guys often go in a park to read you favorite books together.And on not-so sunny days Poe prefers to cuddle with you while listening to the soothing sound of falling rain.


(Edgar Allen Poe Calligram)

Hey guys! Since this piece is mostly illustration, I figured I would take the time to discuss a current trend I admire: custom illustrations. I always enjoy seeing a “hand made” aspect to any form of design whether it be on an advertisement or even an album cover. Its like you are getting to know the artist just a little bit through their personal style and (to me at least) its a wonderful thing to have that interaction with an audience. In a way, I hope all of you have that state of mind while viewing the piece above or anything else I happen to post of mine.

“Nevermore” design, featuring Edgar, the Gentleman Writer

I may have just started playing “Don’t Starve” and I may be a little excited about it and I may have a thing for Poe :-)