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does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me? how can i write love into reality?

A Little Surprise.

Cedrick woke far too early that morning. It was extremely unlike him. He was always one for sleeping in, and Venreena was always the early riser. Especially as of late. Too many times had he been woken up to her being atop him and snuggling into his chest, only to abandon him in her oh-so cynical manner so that she may get ready for the days events. 

It was torture to the poor man, truly.

But this day? He woke before even Venreena. In nothing more than his undergarments, he strode down the stairs of the townhouse and into their kitchen area.

The Duke heaved a sigh. He hated cooking, but it had to be done. For his lovely wife, so that she may rest and enjoy a meal, a home-cooked meal, however disgusting it may be in the end. At least some effort was put forth?

To start, Cedrick prepared eggs. Specifically scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of fresh cheese on the top. To accompany it, he cut up a few pieces of cold cooked meats. A bit of fish and beef. Lastly, he finished it off with a slice of bread. Once completely finished, he prepared their small table and made them both a cup of hot tea.

After the table was set, the rogue made his way back up the stairs and into he and Venreena’s bedroom. Cedrick slipped back into the bed and over to her side. He brushed a gentle hand down her cheek, “Good morning..” the nobleman whispered to his lover, “…I have a little surprise for you..” 

Venreena grumped quietly and whined as she began to wake.

A light smile touched at Cedrick’s features, “Mmm, yes, I know.. you are so very tired.. “

“Uh huh.. so let me sleep.” she huffed.

“..but… breakfast.” Cedrick responded with, cheekily, “..you need it.”

Venreena’s eyes opened and her brows quirked in curiosity, “You cooked? Since when do you cook?”

He rolled his eyes, “Uh huh, I did. And if you’d get that perfect ass of yours out of the bed.. you’d know that.”

The redhead scoffed playfully and rolled over so that she may smack Cedrick on the chest, “So very snarky, my Lord.”

A quick kiss was planted to her lips then, “See you downstairs then…?” Cedrick grinned.

“Fine….” Venreena groaned.

Without a second thought, Cedrick slipped from the bed and made his way back downstairs, Venreena soon to follow, so that he may enjoy an excellent morning with his wife.

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Happy Birthday, darlin’ Joanna!!!

You once called yourself a sensitive bore, yet you painted such beautiful pictures with your songs and created worlds where my heart goes to rest. There’s so much love and wisdom in those places. Your worlds are an abundance of color of sounds and images and words, where you can board a little ship and sail away to lands of California, Paris or New York, where you can look up into the night sky and see the story of monkey and bear unravel, where cosmias and kingfishers live by the rivers and the seas, and clams, crabs, cockles and cowries are surrounded by many spiders, blossoms, fields of yarrow, heather and hollyhocks, where all the birds and flowers congregate and create a peaceful world of divine musical magic. There, no one is afraid to travel through time and space with their lovers. There, everyone is ready to scrape their knees: it is only skin.

Your songs are my little Garden of Eden. They ease the pain in my old and tired soul, they soothe my fearful beating and yet still hopeful heart. They make me feel, they awaken my numb mind. They drown me in complete sadness and grief, just to let me clasp and embrace that all-consuming happiness and love for the people and the world. They can move me to tears when your magic voice sings about the nullifying, defeating, negating, repeating joy of life. Your art means the world to me, my dearest darlin’. Thank You.

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I disagree with you slightly. I do believe that tension is important to drive stories forward, but tension does not equal angst. You can have action and conflict without dipping into angst. And also, one example of angst-free multi chaptered fics are fics that explore the development of a relationship. Maybe not the longest out there, but friends-to-lovers and slow-burns are entire genres of fanfiction.

they all have angst! they do i promise!! friends to lovers will have a dip in the middle which is angsty, it makes the resolution sweeter. 

honestly, i would call the fic im writing now the closest i have ever gotten to non-angst lmao. it’s barely got any, it’s just the smidgen it needs to make it interesting. it just wouldn’t be a story without any worry for the characters. 

im gonna prove this to you with some technical stuff now because im a writing nerd and ive studied story-writing for years

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I remember the night he asked me out, because I was crying.

it was unplanned and ineloquent; I was shaking and he was pulling Band-Aids from beneath cupboards, and he leaned forward and said, “will you be my boyfriend?”

and not to say that I don’t go speechless but I’ve often got too many things to say and this time I had none; because not only had the pathway from my brain to my mouth been cut off but I’d entirely short circuited from top to bottom, and I remember thinking, could he have picked a worse time?

but i remember the way that he said, “now you’ve seen me at my worst, so you can have me at my best.” and how beautiful it was to be ugly with someone else, and still love them for all that they were. not despite their flaws, but partially because of them.

i remember saying yes, as though i had been waiting lifetimes to. as though he’d turned an awful day into a perfect one, as though we were pinky swearing before they’d become the rotten apples in a barrel, and our love was sacred and untouched.

i remember laughing through the last of my stray tears as he pressed adhesive to skin.

me watching all my mutuals interact and form friendships with each other while I’m in the corner too scared to even say hi

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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D

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hey remember the thing where otayuri and victuuri had to live together well i really liked it and was wondering what would happen if either otabek/yuri/viktor/yuuri left their s/o with the others for a night while they went out or something

the hobbits with Aragorn: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s!
Aragorn: there’s food at home
hobbits, muttering: I fucking hate this family

the hobbits with Gandalf: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s!
Gandalf: [pulls into drive thru]
hobbits: [cheering]
Gandalf: one black coffee please

the hobbits with Boromir: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s!
Boromir: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s!


Gif tutorial: How to create a clean gif

Ever wonder how those super clean gifs are done? This tutorial covers everything from colouring to save settings to get the most grainless result when making gifs.

You can find the tutorial here