just listening to the bouncing souls

listen: let yourself stim. pick up new stims. stimming is just as important to your health and happiness as avoiding overload, maybe even more so. life is too short to give a damn about what random jerks think. let yourself walk on your toes and flap your hands and bounce when you’re happy and spin in circles and pet soft things and walk barefoot in the grass and stare at something sparkly as you turn it in the light and jam out to music you like and. don’t limit yourself to tiny discreet stims; feel with your whole body and soul.

i feel like we all, as a fandom, don’t talk about japanese shinee releases enough

the kids aren’t alright


for coping.

for the kids who are just trying to survive and the one’s who will change the world along the way.

inspired by the amazing fic “world ain’t ready” by idiopathicsmile 


1. Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujah) ~ Portugal. The Man // 2. The Kids Aren’t Alright ~ Fall Out Boy // 3. Hot Dad Calendar ~ Cayetana // 4. Youth Without Youth ~ Metric // 5. For Miles Around (Scratch To Void) ~ People in Planes // 6. This Kids Not Alright ~ AWOLNATION // 7. Get On Your Way ~ Sixgun Radio // 8. Kids ~ Sleigh Bells // 9. That Song ~ The Bouncing Souls // 10. Apple Pie and Police State ~ Choking Victim // 11. .Tragician. ~ Frnkiero And the Cellebration // 12. Black White & Blue ~ Ladyhawke // 13. Sacrilege ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 14. Wishing Well ~ The Black Belles // 15. Amongster ~ Polica // 16. Alone and Stoned ~ King Tuff // 17. Young Fathers ~ Typhoon // 18. Transcendental Youth ~ The Mountain Goats