just listen to the sound reel.... I'm crying

Okay, just look at his face. LOOK AT IT.

It starts out with pain. He’s hurt because Molly’s moved on… She’s found someone, and it wasn’t him. He hears her talking about Tom and how wonderful it is and it stabs him in the heart like a hot knife. 

Then he smiles that sad, resigned smile. He’s hurt, but he’s accepted it. After all, that’s what love is, isn’t it? Wanting the absolute best for the person you adore? He sees how happy she is and accepts it, because it’s best for her. 

And then that kiss….. It isn’t a lovers kiss, but don’t you dare tell me that it isn’t passionate. Look at the way he closes his eyes. So tightly that the wrinkles on his eyelids crease, like his trying to hold back the tears, and the way their cheeks touch softly, gently pressing against each other. He wants to be close to her.

Sherlock loves Molly. And you’ll never convince me otherwise. (x)