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I hate when I’m looking for Jasper redemption post, I mostly see hate post on Lapis and all of what she did wrong, without any sympathy. I like Jasper, but I like Lapis too. I don’t want to shit on one of them just to have the other get redeemed. Both of them did wrong things, but both of them are trauma victims. Maybe one is worse than the other, but they both are suffering. I feel like there’s just as much hope for Jasper to be happy/get redeemed than Lapis or Peridot for that matter.
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So I just discovered your blog and saw your latest post on Donald Trump. I would like to be informed before I join this whole "dump the Trump" movement. I see everywhere how he's racist and sexist and homophobic, but never have I seen what he's actually done to deserve to be labeled like that. Another thing I've seen, is how hateful these protesters and even your post are, while you criticize Trump for being just that. I come with an open mind, I just want this to be cleared up for me. Thanks!

i dont want to type something long up all of these things been the news everyday for like two years

The wild thing about New York in the Marvel world is like

There’s so many fucking superheroes

You got the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Spiderman who is sometimes an Avenger in his own right, the various offshoots, superfriends, and partners of all the above, Daredevil…

How weird is it to live in New York? Is it like real life, where people from the city are just casually used to all this shit?

Like, “oh, sorry I’m late, the fucking Rhino threw my car at Spiderman again, I gotta start taking the subway.” is a normal thing?

Is there like, a hierarchy of which heroes are cool to see and which are the most common, like with celebrities?

Like, “Dude, I met Daredevil at Mcdonalds the other night. #whydidhegetahappymeal? #OnlyinNewYork”

“Thor threw a robot at my car once. #OnlyinNewYork”

“Spiderman had an argument with my brother about Dragon Ball Z for four hours the other day #FML #OnlyinNewYork”

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okay so my grandparents had to put down one of their dogs today, and i loved that pupper with all of my heart. so in other words i am emotionally wrecked™ and really need some comfort and extreme fluff fics and have scoured the blog for some, can you give me some pointers or anything you've read lately? i just need to get something else on my mind :^/ thank you guys in advance n i love y'all 💕

Oh my gosh I’m sorry that sounds like an emotionally exhausting day. I hope these fics help you out

It’s No Coincidence by IsabellaJack

The kids immediately scream, “Trick-or-Treat” before they see who opens the door.

The strange resident looks between the two kids, then at the adults, and his eyes widen in horror.

“It’s October already?”

Okay, Bucky thinks. This guy is probably high.

Let In the Sun by PR Zed (przed) 

The thing was, even in the middle of a war, things weren’t always a raging shitstorm. The Howlies weren’t always on the frontlines or, worse, behind them. They didn’t always have Hydra attacking them with weapons straight out of a Buck Rogers serial. There weren’t always Nazi panzer divisions threatening to flank their position.

There were calm days, restful days. There were days like this…

Two golden days in the long friendship of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Love and Cherish by wearing_tearing 

“This is the best idea.” Steve grins, lap overrun by eager wiggly puppies, hands busy trying to pet all six of them at the same time.

“They tend to happen every once in a while,” Bucky teases, quickly getting distracted by a wet tongue lapping at his cheek and a cold nose trying to burrow under his shirt.

Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Steve is a wedding photographer in need of an assistant. Bucky is unemployed and in need of a job. Sam and Natasha, in what turns out to be a successful attempt to solve both problems, arrange an introduction.

In a moment of frustrated brilliance, Bucky sets Steve on the path to incredible popularity and the two of them–and their relationship–on the path to complete obliviousness.

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I know your mermaid AU is of Wade as the mermaid (which is absolutely amazing btw), but I would love to see your take on mermaid Peter and shark Wade. After I saw the picture of Peter as a shark, it's been stuck in my head. ;-; It would be awesome to see. ;-;-;-;-;

That sounds adorable! big, scary shark Wade. He’s really excited about things (like boats!) and tries to eat them sometimes.

He brings dead things to Peter and gets confused when Peter doesn’t want them.

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Do you ever watch old cute Camren and just start thinking with frustration "WHAT WENT WRONG THAT NOW THEY COULDN'T EVEN BE FRIENDS?" I do, and surprises me more because also the family doesn't get along. Because you know parents are like "they'll fix their thing, that's things girls go" but no, parents also don't talk anymore or hangout. Like damn :( beautiful thing to end like this it really breaks my heart

Stop hurting yourself like that sweets - I stopped over theorizing everything after a while and just accepted the fact that right now we’re completely in the dark about what is happening between Camren and between 5h - all we can do is wait and see what will happen next - I have a feeling CC1 is gonna be Camren as fuck so I’m really excited about that - but all in all just keep having hope, and like I’ve said a while ago, Lauren and Camila are young, they still have the rest of their lives to find their way back to each other.

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ok guys. im not even gonna put myself on anonymous cause i don't give a shit bout all the hate i would probably get. i wanna start of by saying that- all the things I'm about the say r not coming from a negative/hateful place. im not trying to be rude to anyone. but this shit is gotta stop now. its really upsetting to see lauren like this, and i bet even if camila doesn't address this as much, im sure she is just as uncomfortable and feels just as uneasy as lauren-

cont. u can ship camren for as long as u desire but please stop getting the girls involved. its clear AF that EVEN IF they had something in the past, its more than over now. stop adding the girls, its disrespectful to both and rude. lauren was outed and camren was pushed infront of her face constantly. imagine if that was u, imagine u feeling uneasy with ur sexuality and have people screaming LESBIAN. ive been there and its terrifying. ship it, but please be respectful, this is enough

can we stop fighting pls

DISCLAIMER: I am cis and white, I’m a majority, have biases, I know that. I don’t want to speak for a community I’m not a member of, these are just my opinions. It’s not my intention to offend or upset anyone.

I get why so many Clexa shippers were devastated by Lexa’s death; it wasn’t at all JUST about representation and seeing a celebrated same-sex couple, especially one involving a lead character, it was that they truly believed they were suited, soulmates, true love etc. If that had happened to Fitzsimmons or somethin I’d have lost my shit. But I shipped Bellarke from the beginning and as much as I loved Lexa I just didn’t see that ‘meant to be’ thing in Clexa. I will attribute that PARTLY to subconscious bias; I lean more towards the heterosexual end of the spectrum, and as such I am basically cis. I guess I liked Bellarke more because I couldn’t personally identify AS EASILY with Clexa (that’s not to say I can’t identify with same-sex relationships on an EQUALLY deep level (MALEC!!)).  However; I’m part of the majority, I get to see my sexuality celebrated every day, I get to read about it and see it and experience it without fear of mis-representation or anything like that. I do think I can more easily identify with hetero relationships. I do ship same-sex couples, it just doesn’t come to me as quickly or easily (particularly in female same-sex couples as while I can be attracted to women, I don’t think I could fall for one…) I don’t identify with it immediately, and unlike members of the LGBTQ+ community, I get to see my sexuality represented daily. Maybe that’s unfair or hetero-normative but its the truth.

BUT I also believe that for many people, including myself, that’s only part of the reason why they ship Bellarke over Clexa.

My shipping Bellarke is also about the characters. Like I said, I shipped them from the beginning because I LOVE a good redemption arc and that’s what I saw in Bellamy and his relationship with Clarke. I could see mutual growth in their relationship. I could see instant chemistry. The other part of the reason I didn’t ship Clexa was because I felt that Clarke was running from her people and into Lexa’s arms, which is fine, but also frustrating. I was frustrated with Clarke, and to me Clexa became an obstacle not to Bellarke necessarily, but to Clarke facing herself and her people, to Clarke going back to her people. I loved what Lexa did for Clarke in helping her heal. I LOVED LEXA and I was sad when she died. I didn’t want her to die. And the way she was discarded, the way their relationship was discarded was hurtful and disrespectful. Clexa means so much to so many people, and having that ripped away not only from the fans but from a beloved character like Clarke was horrific and painful.

It’s 4:01am right now, but I just want this rant to let people know that there are so many Bellarkers (and no doubt Clexa people) who just want the hatred and the fighting and the insults to stop. It’s, for lack of a better word, disgusting. Tumblr can become a kind of echo chamber sometimes, and I think it’s important to just be respectful and try to spread the positive side of the 100 fandom, the side which came together to grieve and be angry, regardless of who they shipped. If you’re one of those people, please reblog so we can spread the word?

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i think one of the things about athos as the beast is it really captures the scale he has from a. being an angry alcoholic to b. trying so hard to be gentle with the people he loves even if he's not always very good at it but it's all wrapped up in both having a hard time being vulnerable and presumably significant amounts of self hatred like.. he really sees himself as a beast

i really did not plan to log onto tumblr dot com and cry tonight but here we are

listen ….. u just served some high quality meta right there so i cannot leave this without trying 2 reach your level

one of my favorite things about athos’s arc in the series is how he is never shown as seemingly incapable of love, or anything like that. too often with the Dark and Broken Man With The ManpainTM trope, u have a character who pushes everyone away and has all these Walls and is perpetually angry and bitter and mean. athos is not like that. he is a tremendously private person, and he is most definitely not very open with his emotions. however.

athos loves his friends. from the very first moment the show BEGAN i had no doubt of that in my mind. he was very much capable of loving, and SHOWED it. not loudly or obviously, but very clearly, through his words, sometimes, but through his actions always. he cares. he care so very deeply – like, gosh, he cares for milady very deeply all through the series, despite everything – and that’s why he’s been so thoroughly hurt.

and what’s really great about this concept is that yes, his friendship with aramis and porthos, and then with d'artagnan, is good and pure and genuine, but to a degree they enabled him to retreat back to not-quite-healthy coping mechanisms whenever he needed to. like, yes, they definitely challenged him when necessary and often protected him from himself (and, once or twice, milady), and there is not a single doubt to be had about how deeply they love him. kind of like adam’s servants in the movie – loving and supportive always, but they don’t really know what to do to help. like the household, the rest of the inseperables and constance are there for him, and challenge him when necessary, but they respect athos’s need to Not Talk About Things to a degree where his healing was kind of … left to grow … naturally and subtly, yes, but not really actively. passive, rather than active. 

and u don’t realize how much he’s really healed and grown as a person until sylvie.

sylvie is what triggers the catalyst of athos realizing “oh. i can do this. i can be this person” when he really hasn’t been for so long. sylvie with her wide-wide smiles and blunt honesty and tremendous amounts of compassion and stubborn spunk. it’s like. when your old grandma always pinches your cheeks and tell you you have such a nice smile, but u kind of don’t believe her until a random stranger on the subway says the same thing genuinely and you’re like “… really? i never thought of that”

that’s kind of how i see athos seeing his own growth, the grandma being his very loving friends who are basically family, and the genuine stranger on the subway being sylvie

like really that bit where he’s like HANG THE LAW is truly. such a Moment. such a defining Moment. bc he has come all this way that he believes in the truth of his own love for someone Good enough that he is willing to publicly denounce his duty, which up until that point he has insisted is the only thing that makes him a worthwhile person – his ability to perform his duty well (and it’s interesting bc there’s this added layer of athos renouncing his aristocracy, but that’s also likely one of the reasons why he has so much difficulty Dealing With Himself, because he was never really taught to. his emotionally charged rebellion in his youth led him to marrying milady, which caused him nothing but heartache and devestation) – and here he is outright renouncing it because he has finally learned how to love himself and others, openly.

(it is, if i may be That Person, kind of like that bit where the beast tells gaston that he’s /not/ a beast like. what a good. what a good.)

(uuuuuuugh does this mean i really have to actually write this lit au, if only just to fill up the tragically empty athos/sylvie tag on ao3)

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white people fetishizing asians is a thing. an extremely common thing. some of us are tired of seeing relationships between white people and asian people being propagated as inherently progressive. mixed people are a different story but in my opinion white characters can never be progressive, no matter what relationship you stick them in.

so i guess it just sucks to suck for all the brown kids with white parents who would like to see a representation of that particular family dynamic that at least resists its inherent toxicity, huh?

what you are failing to understand is that it does not matter to the child consuming the media that white characters “can never be progressive.” it matters to a child that they see themselves, and their existence as a mixed race person, normalized on screen. what you are advocating for is the disregard of the needs of children because you don’t like the politics of their parents’ existence.


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So, you mentioned a Wayne Tech science fair. So, of course, this means Bruce would have to meet smol Alex. Can you tell us about the scenario were Bruce's is like "this kid's good" and Kara is all "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, BATS"? (Meanwhile, Diana has wandered over and is now instructing a tiny, gleeful Danvers on the finer points of swordplay)

Of all the things Kara expects to see at the WayneTech Young Innovators Expo…

Bruce Wayne is not one of them.

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The thing that really gets me is that I try so hard to explain my symptoms, but people don’t listen. If I feel myself getting angry or splitting I say to people, “I’m getting really upset now but I know it’s not rational, it’s a symptom so please bear with me”, but they still get pissed off and shout at me like I’m the bad guy! Or if I tell someone, “I’m feeling really anxious about doing this thing and it makes me not want to do it” I get called weak and lazy!

Like people don’t care that I can’t always control BPD. They don’t care how hard I’m trying, or how well I’m dealing with things. They just see all my symptoms as evil.

bias (sometimes approaching outright propaganda) in american schools’ history curricula is often talked about but one thing i dont see discussed very much is how in the US the eastern front in WW2 and the USSR’s role in defeating nazi germany are all but entirely ignored, and its even rarer for american students to learn about Generalplan Ost or the Hunger Plan. (if you don’t know, nazi germany’s primary motive for starting the war in europe was to ethnically cleanse germany and invade eastern europe and ethnically cleanse those territories too, not just of their jewish and roma populations like we all learned in school but also of their native slavic populations as well. and then to relocate the good racially pure germans to those newly cleared lands so that they, the humans who are worthy of existence, can use the land to feed their racially pure civilization and repopulate the continent. that plan is /literally/ the heart of the second world war.) but nope that would have made the brutal savage godless communists look even the slightest bit sympathetic so noooooooo we cant have that, lets talk instead about how the americans (along with a handful of brits and canadians tagging along) stormed the beaches of normandy and singlehandedly saved the world from the nasty germans! USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!

One Piece 860 thoughts

Another chapter! Oh dear Oda! Thank you! These past few weeks - and probably the next ones too - I’ve been so fricking busy I barely find the time to even read OP! This is so unfair yep FWP but whatever

Getting right to it. Aladdine’s ship reminds me so badly of the remodeled Baratie… or maybe I’m just seeing things, between this and all the other ships there isn’t a single normal one. Though let me just point out the absurdity of fishmen on a ship, like… a submarine, at most? Aren’t they more confortable underwater? And shaped like a ship! Though this makes a little sense because we humans shape figureheads as, well, humans … or mermaids at most. DOn’t tell I’m the only one baffled please. 

Flashback to what happened earlier, but not too early… hence the grey

Praline is so pretty

Aladdine must be a macho for fishmen standards - not IMHO though

NOW THAT EXPLAINS IT! I never wanted to believe Jinbei would simply play the coward, because now we know that the loves of his crewmates were at stake as well. Uncalled for, but thanks sensei.

Now… personally, I was never against Jinbei joining the crew, and not because I like him particularly - I’m rather indifferent to him honestly. A friend of mine, when he basically forced me to read OP - though to this day I thank him for it -, explained me why Jinbei would eventually surely join the crew, though now I’m not going to list all the reason - hint: HE SAID HE WOULD. 

Not, though yet again many denied it until the very last moment, it’s official. So whether we like it or not, let’s deal with it. If I really could have chosen, I’d rather have had another girl in the crew - ahem… Carrot? you there? - but this a is a shounen and I’m a girl.

Besides I don’t deem, as many do, he’ll ruin the monster trio, as he is now, Sanji is still stronger, not to mention that the three of them are young and relatively careless, while Jinbei’s old, seasoned and savvy. He wouldn’t fit. It wouldn’t be the monster trio anymore.

My only problem with him joining is this: he KNOWS he’s putting his homeland at risk - as if it weren’t before already with the whole Luffy and Big Mom thing in Fishmen Island arc, but whatever -, Aladdine knows it, Praline , as she looks with dreamy eyes at her husband, knows, everybody knows it. He knows she’s cruel. How many of you wouldn’t expect Mama, who sends severed heads as presents, to pose a huge threat to Fishmen Island now that its Knight has betrayed her? This is kinda fishy to me - sorry couldn’t resist. 

The Vinsmokes assembled. They all are quite elegant and I loove Reiju’s suit - but Ichiji, you could’ve worn a jacket, you’d still be an asshole, but an elegant asshole. And speaking of assholes, it’s adorable how they still prove to be such individuals on every single chance Oda gives them to speak. The big sister is obviously unaware of the plan, or she would try to stop Sanji from rescuing her and them - really, along with their mother Sora this self-sacrifice tradition is a family thing. 

A bunch of new strange characters. As far as I can tell, no-one was anticipated. But the girl is someone I’d like to say a few words about. 

If we meet women in OP, they tend to have tragic stories/backstories and not to be very powerful, in terms of strenght or political power, in their own good. Boa Hancock is an exception. Stussy is here is notable for the fact that she holds power,  for the fact she’s the Queen of the pleasure quarter - whereas it’s much more common to hear of males leads in such roles - and for the mention that “Pleasure quarters” themselves exist. Oe Piece is very chaste manga. Recently in an SBS Oda confirmed subtly that Doffy and Viola were in a relationship - but since she, well, detests him, I’ll let you imagine what kind of relationship - and the fandom has suspected for a while now that the Boa sisters suffered sexual abuse during their slavery days. The baristas Big Mom sent to the hateful Vinsmokes were probably sent for that purpose.In other mangas this is much more explicit. Here, not quite, and remeber that the target is teenage boys after all*. So I’d say it’s at least worth a mention. We’ll see why later on.

*and yet most of the commentators here on tumblr are females lol

However, Prospero arrives, sends them up on a magic escalator and off we go with two whole pages. This chapter seemed so short because of all the double pages, and in general I like them, but not when I’m dying to know what’ll happen. 

Then another character tries to force his way in the ceremony. I wonder was he even got a name tag if he was supposed to last so little. He’s either not dead - unlikely - or we’ll meet someone who knew him later. 

Guy: so you know, I knew Jigra, th Organ dealer…

Capone: oh. He eas shot dead before me. 

Guy: wh…

Capone: condoleances. 

…something like that…

All for the purpose - poor Jigra, sorry, you’re but a deux ec machina of the lowest kind - of introducing

Now call me a psycho but I FRICKING LOVE HIM. It’s not the punk attire - I’m past that phase already, if I ever went through it -, it’s the … oh, I don’t know. Maybe the Zoro-esque hair. Or am I just a victim of the Cool Dark Guy clichè? Yeah, I could be. 

But more than that, his observation haki!!! Can’t fricking wait to see him in action - against Sanji, please!!!!

And while Smoothie pours what I fear being yet again actual human smoothies to the guests, the party begins. How lovely. We even catch a glimpse of our splendid groom - WHO MUST NOT RECITE THE FRICKING VOWS. 

Not with her, at least <3

listen,, my social standing cannot take anymore tdm updates,,, it just Can't™. every time i see something new posted about this movie i almost eject into the sun or perform a one-woman-musical that consists of me screeching loudly about how PERFECT everything is and embarrass myself in front of the rest of the normal human population. do u know how much restraint,, it takes me,,,, to not scream at people, about the cast being all cute and adorable and the facT THAT THEYRE FILMING AND THERE’S A RELEASE DATE and.

honestly. i Do Not have chill anymore. i cannot do normal people things like ‘being calm.’ my recent tags are all varying numbers of exclamations points and that is IT. just exclamation points!! because of this movie!!! and these books!!

breaking up (is hard to do)
i saw gareth in my dreams
he was disgusted with me
“we didn’t come here to cry”
did your song lie?
or is it just my foul, crazy mind
going cuckoo like a clock?
tell me, who’ll answer
all these questions?
who’ll untie my arms
and let me finally fly?
it seems unfair, i see you
but you want to be so far away
it seems unfair, i’m near you
but you’re miles away all the time
it seems unfair,
not to know a single thing

breaking up as in, falling apart mentally, emotionally, not breaking up with a person

heavily inspired by the music of Los Campesinos! // i saw their lead singer in my dreams, it was Wild