just like... one of the best entrances ever

One of the best villain entrances ever. And this is pretty much the only time I am not going to make disparaging remarks about the fishing lure cape and the hair doily because in this moment, for our first introduction to the Evil Queen…it actually works.  It’s ridiculous and over the top and there are at least ten EQ outfits that I like more than this one, but for this moment they needed something iconic. Something that had hints of the cartoon Evil Queen but gave us a new twist.

And I love the completely over the top glide down the aisle.  Complete with menacing music and cowering extras.

It’s just epic, you guys.

You have a conversation with Farkle about the two best friends. He loves them both, and you used to wonder how, because one is sun rays and warmth, a beautiful princess whose heart blooms sunflowers and honey sickle. She’s the one who will always make you feel safe; the umbrella in the rain, blanket in the cold; the redness in your cheeks and fluttering in your stomach.

And then there is the other one.

The other one is electricity; the ocean: dark and deep and so undiscovered and dangerous, but tantalizing to discover. She’s full of thorns, but worth the wounds to feel her. She’s the prick of the spindle, alluring him close with enticement and beauty, entrancing his mind with her deep sapphire eyes until he’s mindless—just gravitating towards her like a creature belonging to the moon.

You recall the phone calls with your best friend from Texas about the other one, deciding that he’d be the only person you could ever discuss her with. You name her ‘the blonde beauty’ and says she’s fierce and full of fire, trying you’re best to remain platonic and casual, but still getting teased nonetheless.

Farkle says he’ll take the one you don’t ask out, and you know, practically, that you’ll ask Riley out. But still, you like the idea that there is some chance, to Farkle at the least, that you have a chance with the other one. You like that the idea is out there, floating around in the universe, however unrealistic and out-of-this world it is.

—  from a fic that i’m currently 15,000 words deep in that i’ll probably never finish

i did like the way jdm played negan, but i was expecting more from his entrance. i think it was greg nicotero or maybe even andy who said it was the best intro the show’s ever had.

…he just stepped out of the r.v.

like??? i was expecting maybe the saviors to part to make way for him as he slowly approaches. or them all cowering as he makes his way to the group with the camera only focused on the bat over his shoulder before revealing his face.

but all he did was hop off the r.v like :D

there has been no intro that has topped this iconic moment