just like when i read the book

Someday, you wouldn’t have to stop by our tree anymore, the one where we carved our names when we thought we’d last forever.

Someday, you wouldn’t have to turn the radio off anymore as you drive when our song starts to play, the one I sang to you that night we promised to always stay.

Someday, you wouldn’t have to slam your book shut just because you’ve read something that sounded a lot like what I would whisper to you when we make love, my calloused hands on your skin.

Someday, it would not hurt anymore to think about me. And it’s okay. It’s okay, I understand. Someday you wouldn’t love me anymore for things to hurt. I understand.

But someday, I hope you pass by our tree and just smile even just a bit; smile at the thought of what we had, smile at the thought of what we thought we could.

Someday, I hope you would let our song be the sound that covers up the loud beating of your heart as you drive to the place where you will meet your new love; I hope you remember how someone sang it to you before and how much you loved it.

Someday, I hope you would keep reading the book with the lines that sound a lot like me with a hint of wistfulness and remember how they once calmed the insecurity in you when you made love with this one guy whose hands were covered in callouses but feel so soft on your skin.

I understand. I understand that, someday, you won’t love me anymore. But please, remember me. Let some parts of me stay in your mind. Remember me and remember all the good things we had.

I understand, someday I will stop loving you too. But, someday, I will still smile to the though of you, to the thought of us.

—  It’s okay to get over the love,
just don’t forget about me.

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x21 “Dark Dynasty”

GUYS! I’M GETTING REAL NERVOUS! We have 3 episodes left in the season and I don’t know what’s going to happen! Which is the way it’s supposed to be. The only prediction I have is that it’s going to hurt and I probably won’t like it! I’m serious though, my tummy started to hurt when I began to write this. I don’t think I can handle anything like last season ever again and Jensen and Jared seem to think it’s worse! Or more intense. Which sounds worse! I’m nervous! 







Right. Now. Let’s just crack into this impending mess of dooooooooom!
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 Do you have any tips on marketing library music to patrons?

If you are able, mix media on displays. Pull some music biographies or other books on music or dance, and mix it up. Libraries don’t always like their formats touching, which makes sense for shelving but not for displays. Whenever there is a push for staff recommendations or other marketing materials, remind people of media collections. My library just made “What I’m Reading” buttons for librarians to wear, and I had to gently suggest “What I’m Watching” and “What I’m Listening To” versions as well.

There are a lot of ways to tie music into other parts of the collection. Book “sound tracks” are so much fun; many authors list on their blogs what music they listen to when they are writing. Fitness books can go with DVDs and workout music. Try pairing cookbooks and themed dinner-party music, Downton Abbey DVDs with read-alikes and music of the period, or pioneer romances and folk music. Your patrons will love it and thank you for reminding them that the library has always been a place for books—and more.

Pshhhhh people who think Jason would be the troublemaker between him and Tim.
If those two had grown up together, Tim would be getting into scrape after scrape and not only get out of it, but get JASON in trouble.
Like can you imagine how many time outs Tim earned and Jason got them instead?? So like six year old Jason is in the corner all pouty and angry at Tim who booked it to the library. And Bruce feels SO bad because Jay won’t talk to him for HOURS after his time out (and when Bruce goes to read Jason a bedtime story he ignores him) and it just breaks Bruce’s heart (“Am I a bad father? I’m a bad father. I’m unworthy” “Master Bruce, one time out does not determine one’s parental worthiness”)
Meanwhile Tim has climbed three bookshelves, broke one vase and hid the evidence, and gone stair surfing with Dick.

I received the nicest “just because” gift from my-laughing-heart, like seriously I almost teared up opening this. I completely forgot she was going to send me something and I was so confused when I found a package in my mailbox. But this random assortment of things by far just made my week. I mean how cute are those socks?! I am definitely wearing them to Pilates tonight, just to show them off. The book looks super interesting and is something I haven’t read, so I’m completely excited to get into it. The candle smells amazing and the fruit leather is delicious. But my favorite part is the bath products, which also smell wonderful, because I love baths but no one ever gets me any type of bath products (and I am usually not financially stable enough to splurge on buying them for myself). Thank you so much for being so sweet, this really meant a lot to me.

TheBookHangover Book Swap Reveal Post

OKAY, YOU GUYS, I’M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE I THINK MY MYSTERY PARTNER IN THEBOOKHANGOVER’S BOOK SWAP READ MY MIND OR SOMETHING. I gave my mystery swap partner my entire 350-book-long to-read list on Goodreads, just like I did for my Books&Bloggers swap partner, so that should give you some perspective on the odds of this happening.

First of all, my partner sent me not one, but TWO books, because they are clearly the most kind and darling human being on the planet. Second of all, remember how I just got a copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in the Books&Bloggers book swap? And you know how I’m co-hosting a U.S. traveling book project right now? Well, when I got my first copy of Gone Girl, I was considering sending it out for the TBP, but I didn’t want my only copy of the book to be annotated. Maybe I’m weird, ‘cause obviously an annotated copy sounds amazing, but I like the idea of having my own, clean copy as well. It turned out to be a moot point because our particular TBP is only for books of ~300 pages or fewer (Gone Girl is over 400 pages), but I still liked the idea of doing a TBP with Gone Girl.

AND DUDE, NOW I CAN. I CAN SEND OUT THIS COPY. I DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER COPY, I JUST GOT ONE! I can’t host another TBP anytime soon, not while this one is going on, but I am definitely going to gauge interest in this idea later in the year. Send me an ask if you want to be in the loop about this idea!

And I cannot forget to mention the other book I received from my ersatz Secret Santa: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. I’ve read Matson’s Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour so many times that the book is in terrible shape, and I only found out last month that Matson had a third book come out last year. I adore her, I adore her writing, and I’m so, so excited to dig in to Since You’ve Been Gone.

THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, WHOEVER YOU ARE, I’M ALMOST IN TEARS OVER THESE BOOKS. I’m not 100% convinced you haven’t been reading my private e-mails (^_~), but you now hold a very special place in my heart. I hope you reveal yourself to me at some point!

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I'm a Luke girl and twins run in my family and I can just imagine him finding out you're pregnant for the first time AND IT'S TWINS and being like "HOLY SHIT WELL WHAT DO WE DO NOW" lololol he would freak out SO HARD

Omg Luke would be such a nervous bean. But like seriously in the ultrasound when the doctor said that there were two heartbeats without yours Luke would be sitting there, jaw on the floor. His hand would squeeze yours so tight and he’d apologize like “Sorry sweetheart, d-did I hurt you?” and rub his palms on his jeans and just take a shaky breath.

Poor guy, you’d have to rub his shoulders and assure him that he’s going to be a wonderful father to twins. Oh Lukey…gosh he’d buy every book possible and read up on all the online articles about birthing twins that he could find. You’d have to drag him back to bed and he’d be spitting out some new facts that he learned, half awake.

I really wasn’t expecting to have this much fun tonight! Honestly now, I didn’t think I would come home to people talking smack about Riko when she’s right there having seen my thread with Aomine-mun. You are all such lovely people who brighten my day, each and every one of you god i love all of you please. I’m not talking just about the people involved too~ seeing all the likes on the posts/dash commentaries I’ve read regarding whatever happened with the idiots really made me happy! I wish I could’ve gotten to other replies but… the crack kinda steered me towards that, I apologize.

In any case, while all of that was going on I did study super hard for STAAR test tomorrow it’s so dumb I’m grumpy we’re not even allowed to bring AP books when we’ll be done early~ and then I have a two hour lunch which I will spend diligently studying for my next three AP exams the rest of the week. Thursday I have AP exams all day thus meaning I sleep early tomorrow night, as well as Thursday night because of the APUSH exam Friday morning. Speaking of which, I’ve noted that a few are also taking that. In case I’m not coherent enough to wish it Thursday night, GOOD LUCK ALL YOU WILL BE ABSOLUTELY FINE I HAVE FAITH IN YOU.

So yes that is my status. I may be able to do a reply or two but they probably won’t be as quick, as I stated…. um, when was my last OOC post about this. Sunday? Today’s Tuesday which was a nice day for me, but then I get back into gear. Peace out, yo, stay safe and healthy. <33

Bookish Questions Tag

Tagged by storybook-souls! ^^ Awesome questions, btw!

1. Quick! First couple that comes to your mind when I say OTP! Solangelo!

2. What’s your Hogwarts house? Hufflepuff! But kind of a “Gryffinpuff”, actually. ^^ I usually get like 95% Hufflepuff and 5% Gryffindor as a result from all the sorting tests, but when I joined Pottermore it asked me which one I wanted to be. :’D I chose Hufflepuff.

3. A favorite childhood book? The Hobbit! ♡

4. What’s your favorite poem? I don’t really have just one! I like Oscar Wilde’s works in general… And all the poems and songs in Tolkien’s books are breathtaking. And Tumblr is full of great independent poems, too!

5. What’s your favorite short story? Not really just one favourite here, either!

6. What book have you read recently that really disappointed you? Hmmm… An Abundance of Katherines wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped… Still definitely worth it!

7. What’s the funniest book you’ve ever read? What can I say to this… Hmm… All of Leo’s POV chapters in The Heroes of Olympus crack me up. :’D And the series has really great humour altogether!

8. What book had a plot twist that made you go “wait… that’s stupid.” (don’t tell us what it was!) Holes.

9. Which book had your favorite plot twist? (don’t tell us what it was!) Too many of them! To say one… Allegiant (if you’ve read it: YES, I’m talking about that thing).

10. Most badass character you can think of? Reyna from The Heroes of Olympus HANDS DOWN! ♡

11. Book or series that you liked when you were younger and now you’re like “why…”? Well, many children’s book series I’ve like have been quite stupid or poorly written now that I look back at them, but I think the important thing is that I read SOMETHING. :3

My questions:

Character(s) you headcanon as aro and/or ace (because yes)?

Last time you stayed past 1 a.m. to read a book?

Which book was it?

Do you like to read outdoors?

Is your bookshelf worryingly close to being full?

Have you ever thrown away a book that was in a good condition?

What is your most worn-out copy of a book?

What was your first word and/or sentence?

How many pages did the last book you read have?

Have you read books in more than just one language?

Do your family members read a lot?

I tag poppunkreyna, letthebookbegin, autumn-blatt, readinsolitude, moonymarauderr, bibliochor, alex-loves-books, pollyandbooks, buttermybooks, and completelybooked!

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List 20 facts about yourself! It could be about anything, like your favorite color or a weird trick you can do. Now send this to your 3 of your favorite people that you follow when you're done!

i’m just gonna do 10 bc i’m lazy lol

1) i love shopping whoops

2) i very much enjoy reading (i need more books to read so hmu if ya got any good ones)

3) i also enjoy writing

4) i love boba so much, i buy it at the grocery store and cook it up at home for myself

5) i play violin

6) and guitar

7) and ukulele

8) i’m going to a yo-yo ma concert tonight and i’m pumped

9) i just started watching parks and rec and i love it

10) i also love the office


Does anyone else read books in honour of fandoms?

Right now I’m about halfway through ‘Nausea’ by Jean-Paul Sartre, who is a super famous philosopher/novelist. I got a copy second-hand a few months ago but hadn’t read it yet, and I just started it because it seemed like a book that Carmilla would read (it’s really good btw).

Last year when I started watching Orphan Black I read ‘On the Origin of Species’ in honour of Cosima. Does anyone else do that kind of thing?

Basically I’m just a massive nerd and I’ll take any excuse to read books.

lucyfxrがあなたの投稿に返信しました:You guys just “like” my posts but don’t talk to…

I can’t stop reading horror stories either, but on Reddit. Who’s not sleeping tonight? Us! At least me!

English is okay but it takes me a while to get through it compared to when I read stuff in Japanese! It makes it a little hard to re-read The Best Book In the Whole World but that’s okay.

Anna-san! Hello hello!

What’s the scariest thing on Reddit you’ve read.

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Was the idea for radio silence already in your mind when you were writing Solitaire, or was it kind of like 'oh wow I'm an author and I can write more books' kind of thing that led to you planning it? idk if that made any sense at all, but I can't wait to read Radio Silence anyway!

definitely the second one! i’m not very good at balancing multiple book ideas at once - once i have one i just stick with it! so after i’d written solitaire it was like omg what the frick am i gonna write next!????

Things you must never say to the fandoms
  • Doctor Who Fandom:I stopped watching that after David Tennant left
  • Sherlock Fandom:You only have nine episodes?!
  • Supernatural Fandom:I don't ship Destiel
  • Merlin Fandom:Knights, castles, magic, aren't you a little old for that
  • Hunger Games Fandom:The fight to the death concept is stupid
  • Divergent:That's just a Hunger Games rip off
  • The Mortal Instruments:Vampires, werewolves, I know Twilight when I see it
  • Harry Potter:I love those films, no I haven't read the books, no I don't plan on reading them
  • Percy Jackson Fandom:I love those films
  • The Big Bang Theory Fandom:I don't like Sheldon
  • How I Met Your Mother Fandom:I don't like Barney
  • Disney Fandom:Aren't you a little old for kids films
  • Me:Go sit on seraph blade, you pudding brain

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how do I fucking get over my lazyness and start a fucking workout routine and stop telling myself that I'm "too exhausted" after a day of classes, so I will finally get into shape instead of being a fucking blob lying on the couch?

I have two pieces of advice when it comes to working out:

The first is actually Terry Crew’s advice (link). Treat the gym like a spa. Go there all the time, even if you’re not working out. Just chill and read a book, but make a habit of going to the gym (if you have one). Pretty soon, getting there will feel effortless and you’ll start actually working out. He explains it better. Also, look at him, he’s fucking ripped. He knows his workout advice.

Secondly, start small. Don’t commit yourself on day one to a workout. Just commit yourself to like five sit-ups. It will take less than a minute of your time. That’s less time than you probably spend in the bathroom. Then tomorrow do five more. Spend one minute of your time each day for a week doing this. Then five minutes. Fit it in whenever it works for you, even if it’s just during commercial breaks (assuming you still watch actual TV instead of netflix). Slowly build up to a full workout. It’s a lot easier to find one minute in your day than it is to find one hour, especially when you’re not yet dedicated to working out.

Anyone notice how casually comfortable and relaxed Regina was with Emma?  Even when Emma was moody as hell.  I was super impressed by Regina this entire episode with how well she was able to handle Emma.  Regina never snapped at Emma, never got mad, knew when to drop a subject, and changed her approach so Emma might answer her or calm down.  Regina spoke to Emma and Emma listened.  This was absolutely so beautiful to watch because of how much Regina has changed and how much Regina and Emma’s relationship has developed.  Regina read Emma like a book.  Knew what she was thinking and paid attention to her.  

At this point in time, I’m not sure how they can even show Hook trying to help keep Emma sane.  Regina is doing such a fine job.  I honestly think Hook may just screw it up.   Remember when she told him and her family to leave her alone and her grabbed her arm making her magic go all crazy.  Then the repercussions of that almost hurting her father?  Yeah, case closed.  He might try and help Emma, but he will not be able to. He just chases her around. The only one canonically able to help Emma is Regina.