just like when i read the book

Looks like drawing these two cuties being cute is good feel-better therapy for me ^_^;; Quickly doodled this up tonight ^_^ I think there’s a thing about Cullen being into books and reading, and I have a thing about Celyse liking reading too, and there’s nothing more fun than reading books and cuddling with an S.O. ^_- So I like to think, when they have time, they do just that!

Hope this brings some fluffy happy to anyone else who happens to be feeling down today ^_^

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i have been reading a lot more lately and it feels nice. i used to read a whole lot when i was younger (my mom is a librarian) but i kind of got out of it and didn’t read for enjoyment for maybe like 5 years, and then even a couple years after my head injury my concentration and memory weren’t really recovered enough to let me meaningfully appreciate a good book. but now this past month i have read 6 full novels and it feels pretty nice to just sit out on my porch with a book listening to the birds and being surrounded by my garden. i think tonight i am gonna bike out to the state park and read by the lake til it gets dark then bike back

You know what’s really sweet?

When your mom reads like 60+ books in two months and wins a $50 Barnes & Noble giftcard from the library for it.

And lets you have half of it to spend.



“Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

-C.S. Lewis

For the last page of my portfolio I did an illustration of me holding my portfolio book outside of The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford where The Inklings met up. Members of the group were writers like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Hugo Dyson. Wonder what kind of stuff they talked about… 

the second image is just of me taking a picture in front of the pub when I was studying abroad in the UK. Thought it would be cool to put the images next to each other :P

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hey! do you recommend any books that i should purchase during first year of med school? either to help study, or just relax or whatever! thanks!

Definitely invest in a series of review books that works for you. I liked the Rapid Review series, but I know people who preferred BRS or High Yield series. Whatever books you like, buy those. Often you won’t have time to read all 800 pages you need to read by tomorrow–that’s when review books are crucial. 

As for what to read to relax, I’m doing a great new series as part of my weekly updates (check out on my youtube channel) about books I’m currently reading. 

I think the big thing is don’t just read pleasure books about medicine!! It’s okay to sometimes, but don’t think that because you’re in med school you ONLY can read biographies of doctors now. 

Read whatever you love! If you want to read romance novels or teen lit to relax DON’T let anyone make you feel bad about it. I routinely pick up the newest dystopian future teen lit book and devour it cover to cover in one sitting when I’m stressed out and need to escape. 

questions from existentialmathematics . for being open i will write things about myself.

1. what is your favourite beyonce song, and why? grown woman. it helps me remember how determined i am and to feel the liberation/energy that comes with that

2. what is the one skill that you would like to try and develop more? i would like to be better at listening and engaging with people in a way that respects their emotional space

3. describe how you feel when you wear your favourite outfit. i feel sharp and soft at the same time and i feel like myself

4. what is your favourite scent, and why? dont make me choooose. i like smell of fresh steamed rice but its not my favourite. just came to mind

5. what was the last book that you read, and what did you think of it? i read a chapter out of sisters of the yam but i didn’t finish. i havent’ read a lot of books recently. it made me feel really centred & the words were healing to read.

6. what colour does your crush remind you of? i dont rly have a crush. 

but if i were to describe my feelings for some people in colours:
large splatter of pink.
big triangle of deep rust orange.
oval shape of honey yellow.
parallelogram of navy.
hexagon of eggplant.
light blue diamond.
dot of forest green. these are some people i care for.
i guess the crush can be a v small cool grey square. friends > crushes

7. describe a place that makes you feel very safe. with friends who care for me i can be anywhere. ichi ban boshi with the dipping noodles make me feel very safe

8. how do you relax and unwind? writing or dancing silly. making tea. going for a walk. taking photos of flowers with flash

9. who is your biggest inspiration? im honestly inspired by my friends showing love to me. i feel really inspired by emotional conversations where i feel free to be myself. im inspired by hearing about other people (anyone!) being honest and truthful. my inspiration comes from that but i know that also comes from myself — im able to see what im inspired by because it’s in myself.

10. what do you do, and why? i like learning things so thats what im doing at the moment and what i might keep doing for as long as it serves me. i like the feeling of stretching and the feeling of gaining experience and knowing new things. i like feeling open and like i can engage with things. so thats what i’m doing and what i think about when i think about what i’m doing. i want to concentrate on caring for myself and others so that’s what i’m doing

questions for others:
1. what is one of your favourite songs (ever!) and why?
2. what is something you really like about yourself, or are proud of?
3. what kind of dreams do you have?
4. who do you feel inspires you creatively, or in terms of style?
5. what would your dream bedroom look like?

taggin anyone <3

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I just finished reading The Blazing Star, and I officially hate Star Flower. At first I liked her, then I started to get mixed feelings, but when she betrayed Thunder like that, I tossed my book away and went "I'm done". Then I picked it back up and continued reading, because that's how this fandom works.

I don’t know how to feel about Star… Its weird that she eventually (SPOILERS FOR A FOREST DIVIDED) hooks up with his dad, Clear Sky…
But I do know one thing, I want her to eventually become leader of Skyclan with the name Starstar -cf

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Do you pair drinks with literature in the same way one pairs wine with a meal? (ex: wine with a romance novel// Whiskey with a comic book)

It’s difficult for me to read, and retain, when I’m drinking bourbon. 

For me, reading and sipping some Islay scotch goes very well together. 

Much like wine, I believe each whiskey is appropriate for a particular activity, you just need to find your sweet spot. 

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So I finished book two a couple days ago and have been just mulling it over and over and over and reading as much meta on it as I can find and I feel like I don't even have coherent thoughts yet because my mind is still blown. however, laurent 10000% knows because no other explanation makes sense and I want to squeeze damen and pinch his cheeks. that's about the only conclusions I've come to so far, the rest is incoherent blubbering about how much they love each other and how they're soulmates

Oh man, I had the exact same problem when I finished the second book. I was like “OMG!” And then there was some screaming. And then some head scratching. And then more screaming. And now I’m just like “WHERE IS THE THIRD BOOK?”

Because yeah, I am also on the side that Laurent knows. But it’ll be interesting to see if that is actually the direction Pacat is going with it, because some of the things she has said about Kings Rising have made it a little unclear. But it really seems like Laurent has to either know or very strongly suspect and is just waiting for 100% confirmation. Idk idk BUT I THINK HE KNOWS. 

But omg yes Damen is a big dumb cutie patootie and they are idiots in love and they just need to get married and unite the kingdoms and be kings together and PLEASE I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW NOW NOW.

Sorry this isn’t under a thingy but i’m on mobile. I think I might try to do stop all my social media for a month. I’m VERY pro social media, but it almost feels like a good deal of what I enjoy anymore is just fucking around on social media. I feel like a lot of the time, I don’t think I have time to do anything, but really I’m just on social media like refreshing and hoping something interesting will happen when I have books to read, movies to watch, things to actually DO, you know? I also, idk, I think it’s also making me forget, like, who I want to talk to and who I don’t, and who I want to talk to about certain things and who I don’t. I just, idk, I know it probably sounds silly but I think it might be good.

Day 12: You are writing your story

Since really delving into the loa work I have noticed more and more what people are saying and than the outcomes. It is so interesting to hear a friend say “I just know when I go on this date that he really won’t like me” or at work when people are saying that someone is annoying and when I am around them they arent that way at all.

I was laying on my hammock today just relaxing and reading “Ask and it is given” and stumbled upon this amazing quote from the book:

“Because, once you expect something, it will come. The details of it may play out differently-but the vibrational essence will always be the exact match.”
- Abraham from “Ask and it is given”

It is so true. 

I also here is a video that captures the essence of this part of the work. 

Tell yours self the story of how you want it to be. 

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I shipped Luna and Neville. Did you ship them, and if so what was your reaction to finding out it wasn't canon?

Omggggg. YESSS i ship them so much?? like in the book and movie when Neville told Harry he gotta go find Luna and tell her now during the final battles, i was literally like fan-girling over it so hard and when Luna sat with Neville after the war ended I was thinking “they are so gonna get married” and guess what, after like years and years later I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY DID I GO AND READ THAT STUPID HARRY POTTER WIKI AND REALISED THEY DIDN’T MARRY EACH OTHER. LITERALLY WAS SCREAMING IN RAGE AND HAD MY FAIRYTALE BROKEN cause like all along in my head when all the books and movies finished I didn’t went to search for more but just assumed that they got together. if i didn’t read that damn wiki i would still be happily living in bliss thinking that they were together. LOL

ASK ME PLSZ - thank you :P

List 6 random things about you and tag 10 followers. Tagged by morefiercethanfire!

  1. I’ve read 73 books so far in 2015 and I’m honestly baffled as to how that has happened? I set my goal at 30 and I usually finish between 25 and 30 a year, but this year I’ve just been reading like crazy.
  2.  When I was younger I was the ultimate homebody/mama’s girl, I didn’t even like spending the night at my friends’ houses. Now I’m still a homebody in that I like to be at home, but I get itchy feet super easily and don’t like feeling stuck, which makes it hard for me to feel really settled anywhere, and I have no problem moving far away from my parents (though I have a fantastic relationship with my whole family).
  3. I still wear my retainer at night, even though it’s been like 10 years since I got my braces off. I just don’t know when/if you’re expected to stop wearing it? The orthodontist never told me! And when I don’t wear it for a few days I can feel my teeth shifting slightly and it’s tight when I put it back in? Caitlin still wears hers too, so I’m not the only one in my family who still wears one!
  4. I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time this summer. I started it in like 9th grade, but never got off Destiny Island, much to Ginny’s chagrin. She’s been trying to get me to play it ever since. I’ve finished KH1 and KH2 and am 1/3 of the way through Birth By Sleep now.
  5. I’ve only ever broken one bone in my life, and it was my middle finger on my left hand (broken playing volleyball). I spent the next month with it in a splint, so I couldn’t bend it and was constantly flipping everyone off. It was great.

I tag queenbitchstardust, hubbletelescopes, blindcinema, thenworld, circlesandwaves, sylviequeenofcrepes, felicedellarovere, and whoever else want to go for it.

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The prologue is a cheap trick to rope people into the new series but what's terrible is that newcomers to TDA (like kids just turning the target age and think it's a standalone series) will most likely have to read COHF for TDA characters backstory but in order to read that they will have to deal with a 6-book series that also has a prequel series. Most kids probably won't do that but some probably will. It's just so stupid.

It’s honestly kind of brilliant, marketing-wise, so I wouldn’t call it “stupid”. It is pretty dishonest, though, since different series (even when in the same universe) should be independent enough that you can understand one without reading the other. But hey, ethics are not CC’s strong suit.

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Hi, I like your blog, because I love books, and I want to recomend you the last I read, is "The Lover's Dictionary" from David Levithan, and what is your favorite book? I want something good to read

hi lovely, 

I LOVE THE LOVER’S DICTIONARY. i read that back when i was 18 (wow, that was so long ago). 

my favourite book right this very second would have to be: everything leads to you by nina lacour, cause it was the last book i read and fell in love with


i’m going to get real emotional about harry potter here

because it’s his birthday. 

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter. I was 10 years old when they first came out (yes, i’m super old to be running a fan blog, but whatever), but my parents didn’t let me read them because “witch craft is evil” and bullshit like that. (to this day, i really regret missing out on everything. it makes me really sad.)

So, fast forward to high school and through college when I probably could have read the books in secret. I just never got around to it. I struggled with depression and really low self-esteem all through these years. I had a lot of pent-up anger and self-hatred. It came out in pretty self-destructive ways. 

Now, fast forward to a few years after college. I’m now working as a music therapist with people with serious trauma in their lives and mental health issues. My friend living in Chicago told me that he was re-reading the books through audio book, and that it made his commutes so much better. As I had just started a job with an hour-long commute each way, I stopped by my local library, and the rest is history. 

I work with kids who are maltreated by the very people responsible for caring for them and showing them love. It often makes me hate people, because I see so much ugliness in other human beings. But then, I read Harry Potter, and here is this protagonist who has witnessed and experienced so much pain in his life. And the story is filled with other characters who have also experienced so much. Who have lived through a war. Who have suffered and lost. 

But there is so much love in this story. There is so much hope, no matter what. And there is the message that it’s okay to be angry about life, because life is fucking hard sometimes. And it’s okay to be bitter about what happens to you, and it’s okay to speak out against injustice, and it’s okay to be smart, and it’s okay to be weird, and it’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to not cry, and it’s okay to miss your friends, and it’s okay to question authority, and it’s okay to be poor, and it’s okay to be in love even if there’s a war going on, and it’s okay to not be perfect on the surface, and it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay to have regrets, and it’s okay to not be happy all the time, and it’s okay to be alone, and it’s okay to be who you are.

And that gives me hope. because i never got those messages growing up, and even as an adult, i needed to hear those messages so badly. 

one last thing, and i’ll stop being so emotional. last year, I worked with this little boy who’s father abused him. and the courts kept ruling in the father’s favor, even though the mother was trying everything to get full custody. and the kid was just stuck in this abusive situation, and it broke my heart because there was nothing short of kidnapping him that i could do. but this kid loved harry potter. and harry potter gave him hope that even if it takes a really long time, that there’s good people in this world that are trying to protect him. and he identified me as his hagrid because he came to my office every week to talk to me and he knew i cared about him, and honest to god, whenever i think that i can’t handle being a therapist anymore, i remember that moment. and it gives me hope. 

and that’s why i’m part of this fandom, and that’s why i have this blog, and that’s why i’ll always be so grateful for harry potter. 

Read This: one YA writer’s response to fan who complains about gay characters

Chuck Wendig is a sci-fi fantasy writer, who just released The Harvest, the third book in young adult series The Heartland Trilogy, which deals with a dystopian society, as all young adult series must. But when a fan wrote to Wendig to complain that, “I didn’t like that you had a main gay character reviling [sic] in a homosexual sexual relationship,” Wendig decided to respond publicly on his web site.

In an open letter titled “Dear Guy Who Is Mad Because I Wrote A Gay Character In A Book,” Wendig attacks every angle of the homophobic argument, starting with, “I suppose the more pleasing alternative to you would be for the characters to suffer in loveless abandonment,” and, “why weren’t you mad that [another] character’s straightness didn’t matter and affect the story?”

Wendig also attacked the common criticism that including a queer (or nonwhite) character amounts to diversity for diversity’s sake. “I do like to think it’s important to write books that feature people who aren’t me because I really, really hope that my readership is not just a room full of beardo white dudes… I also think it’s vital to read books that aren’t by people like me so that my own perspective is opened up. You should try that.”

Full story at avclub.com