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hi! i know you like to draw historical hetalia things, and i love when you do little mentions of fdr and churchill bc they're hilarious! anyway, i just read this book called "forged in war" about fdr and churchill's relationship outside of business and it was SUUUUCH a good book! i just thought fondly of some of your doodles with those old geezers and thought i'd mention it to you :)

Oooh I might check that out I love FDR’s And Churchill’s relationship 

honestly the funniest thing for me, as an autistic person, is when people who disagree with me on something special interest-related try to imply that i’m not very well-versed in the subject at hand?? like, “oh, you obviously haven’t read enough comic books,” or “oh, you clearly don’t know anything about star wars lore,” or “oh, you don’t watch metalocalypse very much, do you?” like. it’s the funniest fucking thing just because of the implication that i, an autistic person who gets incredibly over-involved in special interests and ends up essentially becoming a walking encyclopedia for those interests, could possibly be a “fake fan” of anything?? like, i know it should probably be insulting but ngl it’s actually just hysterically funny to me??

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No offense but, be grateful you have followers and readers who cannot wait to read content from you. You're complaining that they are asking you about material when i'm sure most of them are just, eager and enthusiastic? :( If you're acting like this now, that you're writing fanfics, what more if you start publishing real books, with a bigger audience? Tsk.

I didn’t know how to respond to this, but Kayla @narrymusings has some thoughts, because she’s much more tired of me not getting angry with the things people say to me than I am.

No offence, but why do you have to be such an entitled asshole? I mean- Where have you been the last couple of years, and more specifically the last several months? Ryan has always been very grateful for the support he gets. He always appreciates it when people reach out to him talk about his fics with him; ALWAYS. He’s not complaining about people showing interest, he’s simply stating that he doesn’t appreciate the demanding and selfish undertones a lot of those messages have – and rightfully so, excuse you.

Here’s the thing, anon: there is a massive difference between being supportive and being entitled, and there seems to be a lot of entitled people in Ryan’s inbox lately – yes, yourself included.

He started posting twice a week because people were interested, and they asked him nicely, and he wanted to please his readers. Over time, they started to get more and more pushy – to point where they asked for him to publish chapters THREE times a week, which is just plain selfish. Because here’s another thing, anon: his readers are lucky that he is able to publish weekly, because most writers aren’t able to do the same. Some writers have to go weeks between publishing because writing is hard sometimes, believe it or not. His posting twice a week was very generous of him, despite the fact that it meant that he would have to write quicker in order to stay ahead. Asking for a third publishing day, while nice in the sense that it shows that people are interested, is selfish. Nobody is entitled to his stuff. He doesn’t have to let anybody read his stuff, but he does because he enjoys it and he knows his readers enjoy it – and he does so often, yes, but it isn’t an excuse to keep expecting more and more and more.

Then, because of certain things going on in his personal life, he had to cut his publishing back down to once a week. He asked everyone to respect him and let him do that – and yet, here some people are, still not respecting him, by continuing to jab at him with requests knowing that he’s already said that he can’t/won’t.

THAT is what the problem is here, anon. Don’t be ignorant in believing otherwise and having the twisted audacity to claim that he isn’t grateful for the people that are kind and respectful of him.

And- What the fuck is up with that novel comment? First of all, this is FANFICTION. This is something he does for FREE because he enjoys it. This is not something he does to let some people walk all over him - and if you think that he should just roll over and take it, which clearly you do, then you’re just as bad as the people who are taking advantage of him. Second, at least if he were publishing real books, he’d be getting paid to deal with assholes like you.


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What do you do when you absolutely cannot be asked to study? It's like I physically can't.

Hi, everyone will have times when they just lose all motivation to study. This is 100% normal. Sometimes when you feel like this you just have to let yourself rest. If you lose all motivation and are exhausted, then it’s probably your body trying to tell you to go and have a nap! Having said this, you obviously can’t just stop work indefinitely. Gives yourself a day or two, but after that you really just have to force yourself to work. I think the most important concept here is self-discipline. Even if you really don’t feel like working you have to make yourself do it, just pick up the book are read a page, draw that one diagram, what ever it is just to get started. Good luck! :)

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Just three!

⭐️ Rex low key fancies Kotone. 
Oh wait they had to be headcanons? Oh- hang on, then, I’ll use another one.

⭐️Rex will read The Sea Dragon cover to cover. She struggles to read anything at a stretch, but she will try her hardest, even if she needs to sheepishly ask Iris for company or help focusing.

⭐️When Rex gets better at carpentry and sealing wood to make it water tight, she’ll make Kotone a tiny pair of sea dragons that will float on water. She doesn’t say they’re bath toys but they’re absolutely bath toys. Similarly if Kotone ever gave Rex anything even remotely lion shaped she’d be quietly over the moon.

⭐️ If Rommie isn’t there for some reason with her when Rex and Kotone are walking anywhere, she’ll offer her arm in gentlemanly fashion for Kotone to take, and quietly remark that while she’s smaller and probably a lot, lot more hairy than Rommie, she hopes she’s at least a warm enough windbreak until Kotone is back with her dashing rogue.


As Sevella sat down beside him, Brennan put down his book and focused on her. She was never late for their meetings, as a punctual person himself, he admired that in her. 

Sevella: “What book is it tonight? It seems you are reading a different one each time I see you.”

Brennan: “Hello to you, too. And I probably am, I read a lot. The title of this one is Winter’s Mantle.”

Sevella: “Is it good?”

Brennan: “Yes. Very good. If you want, I can loan it to you.”

Sevella: “Sure, then we can compare our likes and dislikes and rate each one based on a system that we create. Sounds fantastic.”

Brennan: “Are you always sarcastic when people attempt to be friendly towards you, or just with me?”

Sevella: *pauses* “Pretty much everyone. It’s kind of my thing.”

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My biggest issue is when I see edits of Annabeth and the hair is straight.

idk i don’t see her as a model period that ppl just choose her b/c she’s a tanned white that looks pretty like she’s def athletic not generally what’s seen as model thin

like reading the books i felt that her intimidating eyes and curly hair was always described whenever anyone described annabeth, like those are her 2 most integral qualities 

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Relationship Status: Single and ambivalent

Favorite Color: green!! orange is really good too.

Pets: I have a westie who is the best dog in the entire world. She lives with my parents tho ;_;

Last song I listened to: We Will All Go Together When We Go by Tom Lehrer

Favorite TV shows: Shows that are currently playing?? I like cartoons, Star Vs. and Steven Universe and the like. Also the Flash show!

First Fandom: Inuyasha, I’m pretty sure.

Hobbies:  Reading, drawing, very very occasionally writing, baking! Also video games, when I have time. Also!! Avoiding all of my responsibilities and thinking about my future. That’s the big one.

Books I’m currently reading: I’m trying to get through Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and Snake Agent by Liz Williams

But I just uh. Picked up…maybe 60 new books at the book sale (10 cent day is my weakness)? So I might pick up a random one out of that pile before I’m done with what I’ve already got going. 

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Today I went to Town Hall to update my address for election day but ended up just voting early and calling it done, and when Geordie gets back I’m gonna coerce him into reading more of my book while I read more of his.  I’m listening to a track off Mouth Silence and thinking about complacency, and how my appetite for mindless entertainment is pretty unfathomably large, and how to some degree that appetite feels like a product of my culture.  (This is not to say that Mouth Silence is mindless entertainment, oh my god, no, it’s a brilliant work of art and @neilcicierega is wickedly clever and just, idk, an impressive human being, go listen to Mouth Silence.)

I introduced myself to my neighbor Cindy today, by way of the grapes on a trellis outside her apartment that I’d been munching on (seeing as the leaves were all dead and none of the grapes had been picked).  We had one of those conversations where one party kinda just keeps talking and the other just affirms what’s being said, which is usually a pretty crappy form of social interaction, but for some reason it was pretty easy to just nod and agree today.  Cindy’s fighting several battles, and idk, some of them are battles I also fight and some are battles I can sympathize with and some are battles I’ll never fight, but even though she doesn’t seem like someone I’d want to hang out with in a relaxed social setting, I might reach out every so often and check in or make her a meal or something.  I feel like I talk a lot about the importance of local community but don’t always contribute to my own local community in ways that don’t involve me getting paid, and idk, that sort of hypocrisy was evident to me today.

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1. Last movie I watched: i think it was finding dory ??????? i watched it in the cinema like 3 weeks ago i cant remember if i watched any other movie since then whoops

2. Last song I listened to:  memories by one ok rock !!!!!!!!!!

3. Last show I watched: the get down honestly this show is so good pls watch it aaaaaaaaaaa i also started watching yuri on ice the other day and rn its a bit blurry what happend when (im sorry im a bit sick and very sleep deprived)

4. Last book I read: im rereading moon palace by paul auster again rip me

5. Last thing I ate: some pasta with pesto just now

6. If you could be anywhere at the moment, where would you be? im currently in my bed and i really really love being here but i would not be opposed against my bed being located in a less cold and wet climate tbh

7. Where would you travel in time? idk actually because at most points of the past i probably would have gotten killed or smth but for some reason maybe the 1920ies idek  

8. First thing you’d do if you won the lottery: hmmmmmmmmmmmm… i kinda have no idea tbh i would probably buy a lot of merch or smth

9. Fictional character I’d hang out with for a day: can i just hang out with maki and maybe hold her hand or smth ,,,,,,, 

10. Time right now: 17.43

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Just found this :) Jane Eyre. This is my favourite book .I’ve read this when I was 15 and I literally fell in love ,with the story and the characters. This summer when I went to my grandmother’s house I found this and I literally freaked out.I also like old books because of how they smell and look (I know I’m crazy: )) and this was printed in 1990,when my mom was only 16.


9-year-old Anaya Lee Willabus, is youngest published ‘chapter’ book author in U.S. history

“Brooklyn’s Anaya Lee Willabus loves reading more than anything she can name.

What’s her favorite book? Well, that’s easy. Her own.

Anaya is 9 and the youngest published author in U.S. history to write a chapter book. Her page-turner The Day Mohan Found His Confidence about a boy’s struggle to balance life at home and school has inspired students from New York to Guyana, where her parents were born.

 Anaya was one of several local residents feted Thursday at a Brooklyn Borough Hall Black History celebration honoring young community leaders.

“I like to read all genres, of books,” Anaya told the News. “I love both reading and writing. They both have something that I love in them.”

Don’t get her wrong, her mother, Dimple, said. Anaya watches TV, eats candy and fights with her siblings like any other kid. But when it comes to books, there’s just a certain magic that happens.” (via nydailynews)

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funny story

So one day I was walking around, just chilling with my friends when I see this guy reading a book. He was new there but the book was a book I read and LOVED.
So naturally I approach this boy hoping to make a new friend and bond over the series. Being the socially awkward fail I am I planned out ahead of time what I’d say: “Hey, we’ve [my friends and I] wanted to come over to say hi cause I say you were reading a book I liked and I hope we can talk more in the future.”
But no.

Once we got to him I panicked and just hAD to blurt out “We’ve come to hello you.” and I think my voice cracked and I almost started to cry.
Never gonna talk to them again.


I’ve never read a book that treated its characters with more tenderness, generosity, and sympathy than Benjamin Sáenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Even when the characters don’t think they deserve it, especially when the characters don’t think they deserve it, the narrative holds out cupped hands full of love and patiently waits for them to take it. It makes my heart ache so much; it’s a book that genuinely makes me aspire to be a kinder person.