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At this point, you either got used to the roll of constant events that bring new content and cool stuff, or you understand the simple concept of NOT. PLAYING. THE GAME. AND REST. NO ONE FORCES YOUR HAND, NO ONE MAKES YOU PLAY, AND I HIGHLY DOUBT YOU LIKE EVERY SINGLE LAST CHARACTER TO WORK FOR THEM ALL.

ok, so you know about bowerbirds, right?

they’re these neat birds that build these fancy installations called “bowers” as part of their courtship rituals; they typically involve hoarding a whole bunch of similarly-colored things they think look neat and building a fancy nest-thingy and clearing an area of the forest. for example:

which all look neat!

usually the stuff they take is just random neat-colored but worthless things they find nearby, but sometimes it’s like:

anyways! so my first thought is, you know what hoards cool-looking, often expensive stuff for some mysterious reason?


so my first idea was going to be dragons whose hoarding behavior is basically bower-making.

but then it occurred to me: dragon lairs are pretty often, like, elaborate dungeons, involving a bunch of other species collaborating and stuff.

so my second thought is that to dragons, both the hoard and the rest of the lair are all descendants of this elaborate courtship ritual that they had many generations ago; that, in essence, they construct this elaborate micro-society around themselves at least partly because it makes them feel Nice in the same way that bowerbirds probably feel Nice making their bowers

and basically the difference between “good” and “evil” dragons tends to have to do with whether and which humans are included in their bower-society.

i think that would be neat :3

A smol plant

You are challenged by gym leader Zen!

@thecatsmeo and I talked about a Mysme Pokemon AU she instantly pointed out that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Zen. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head after that, so here we are… <3

it’s weird when exclusionists say “you’re lgbt because of your transness and bisexuality, not because of your asexuality,” like being ace is something that can be removed from the rest of my identity. i’m demisexual, which has had deep and lasting effects on my relationships. it’s intertwined with my being trans – for a long time i was afraid i’d never find romantic love because of (a) the shitty way cis gay men treat trans mlm, and (b) the fact that attraction is so unreliable and strenuous for me to even develop, takes so much time and energy just to happen. 

for me being ace AND trans means i grew up thinking “no one will love me because my body is undesirable, and my sexuality is undesirable too.” i can’t separate that from the rest of me. i just can’t. 

and then when i mention stuff like this to those in the Discourse, i get called a “cishet” like … good job! you just called a real live queer trans man a cishet! and it’s usually cis people calling me a “cishet ace” which just … what the fuck? 

So I’ve seen a lot of hcs of Hunk cooking for the rest of the paladins and even Allura and Coran to help alleviate their homesickness and help them feel better, which is good, but please consider:

The rest of the group sneak into the kitchens to make something for Hunk for a change.

Allura and Coran have absolutely no idea what Earth food should look or taste like but they help the paladins identify alien ingredients similar to what they’re looking for.  Plus they’re both really exciting to learn how Earthlings cook - the paladins demonstrate cooking techniques and steps and when Allura and Coran make their attempts, it’s to mixed results.

Keith and Lance get really competitive in the kitchen and they make everyone else judge whose food tastes better, whose cooking technique is better, who can clean their station the fastest (which is ruined when their competition devolves into a food fight).

Pidge is a mad scientist in the kitchen and attempts to create flavor combinations resembling those on Earth.  Some of the attempts are downright horrifying (Lance is convinced he’ll never taste again at one point and Keith could have sworn that pile of food goo moved).

Shiro is attempting to organize a cohesive meal, which is kind of like herding cats.  Or at least herding mechanical lions (trying to rein everyone in may have turned a few more hairs white).  He’s also the one most responsible for teaching and explaining to Allura and Coran about Earth food and culture. 

When the paladins reveal their meal to Hunk, he cries. It’s half because of how thoughtful they were and half because of the disaster that is now the kitchen.  The food tastes kind of terrible, but Hunk claims it’s one of the best meals he’s ever eaten (though he insists on helping them next time). It becomes a regular occurrence for them all to cook a meal together and bond.

Slime 101

•Slime WILL become sticky if it’s not played with for a few days or if it’s neglected. The more you play with it the better consistency it will have.

•You should ALWAYS wash your hands before and after playing with slime. This keeps your slime clean and keeps any harmful stuff in it, like boric acid, from getting on your face.

•The foam beads in floam WILL float and gather at the top if left alone for more than 6 or so hours. That’s normal. Just squish them back down into the rest of the slime/floam.

•Fishbowl slime can get super sticky if not played with almost every day (in my experience) and the glass beads will usually collect at the bottom. So again, just give it love and attention and it should stay at a nice consistency.

•Iceberg slime, if stored in an airtight container, will eventually become soft on the top. All you have to do is remove the lid and let it sit for a few hours or overnight for the top to become hard and crunch-worthy again.

•Orbeez slime will eventually turn into a kind of mush, because the orbeez continually absorb/release moisture and water into its surrounding slime. So it definitely has a shorter lifespan than normal slimes. I’ve managed to keep good orbeez slime for no more then a week and a half, but that’s just my experience.

•Slime with a significant amount of corn starch it in can become thicker and kind of powdery/crunchy if neglected and not kneaded regularly. However, a bit of corn starch may be exactly what you are looking for if your iceberg slime isn’t getting hard/crunchy enough on top.

•Clear slime can take three days to a week or two after being made to become completely transparent. Again, I’m pretty sure this is normal.

•I’ve yet to have a non-messy experience with liquid black food coloring and slime. It’s just…messy. Not necessarily a problem if you wash your hands properly, but still, something to be aware of.

Okay… There’s been a bunch of Silent Hill stuff popping up on my dash and I just feel like flailing about something.

So even if you’re not super familiar with the series, if you’ve seen anything, you’ve seen this guy:

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Pyramid Head.

He’s kind of the big boss of Silent Hill 2, and regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t (mostly doesn’t) make, he appears throughout the rest of the series and the movies. He’s the biggest, baddest, and most overtly malevolent force in the whole of the Silent Hill universe.

Want to know how he’s first introduced?

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Like this.

No cut scene.

No jumpscare.

No swell in the music that sounds like someone either tased the entire string section or pushed a percussion cabinet down the stairs.

You just sort of find him behind an unsettlingly out-of-place set of prison bars.

And he just stands there, impotently staring at you while your radio goes ballistic with static. You’ve never seen him before. You’re not even really sure what he is at this point… just this reddish shape at the edge of your flashlight beam.

This, my friends, is how you do subtle horror. You make the player do the work for you. Because trust me, at this point in the game (which is a few hours in) your imagination is on overdrive, along with your heart rate and blood pressure. 

It remains one of my favorite things about this series. It wasn’t afraid of being oblique and subtle. The creators of Silent Hill understood that horror is probably one of the most voluntary of narrative experiences. You have to suspend the so much belief to get the full experience. 

So they have to seduce you. This is a seduction through and through. A tease of ankle under the hem of a very long skirt. They make you want to see more, even as you’re already white-knuckling the controller. 


Okay, but what if, and just hear me out here, what if. In season 2, it actually looks like Shiro’s gonna die. He’s trapped, helpless, and the rest of the paladins are somewhere else, too far away to help him. He’s doomed.

And then Matt motherfucking Holt explodes through a wall, guns blazing, Galra soldiers falling like dominoes before him, and quite literally swipes Shiro off of his feet and caries him off to safety.

Eh? Eh? Who’s with me?


.:Mystic Messenger Mythology:. - 707 (Thoth - Egyptian)

707 likes…. cats, Arabic, stars and space, other Earthly beings, numbers and puzzles, advanced technology, booby traps, and one of the guests he wants to invite is a mummy. …… I rest my case. I’d bet Seven likes Egyptian stuff too. Heh heh. I have a couple ideas for the others as well.

I was really feeling some pent up frustration and just wanted to do some traditional watercolour to vent it. Since I’m feeling a bit better too, I was like yes…. mwahaha!

Thanks for viewing! Mystic Messenger - added to the many Otome addictions in my life.


This is so important. So so important. Princeless is the comic we all need AND deserve.

Like I’m not black, I’m native and get my hair from my Irish family. My hair is so curly and frizzy and all around unmanageable. Like Mia from Princess Diaries BEFORE the whole “makeover” where her ugly hair is straightened and made pretty and perfect. I know watching that messed me up as a kid, I can’t even imagine what it would be like for other kids whose hair was worse.

Kids need to see stuff like this where they see the character struggle with accepting their hair before realizing that it’s like them, stubborn and going to do what it wants, not what someone else wants. I went through the straightening and killing my hair within an inch of its life just to have good hair.

You all need to stop what you’re doing and read Princeless right now because this is not the only perfect storyline it has plus the main character is a WOC as is the rest of her family and each character has an amazing and diverse development. One of them even has an abusive boyfriend and they deal with that amazingly just go read it now.


“Rest up, my feathered friend. Preserve your strength. Because tomorrow, we’re going to play a little game.”

Kitten Play

I know for a fact that I am a kitten… Well a big baby feline I should say because I am not a normal house cat. I’ll tell you that much at least. I have something that has been on my mind for quite awhile and it has to do with kitten play. 

I just want to be able to understand why all of the kitten play tag is about Little’s (which I have nothing against I am one as well) or controversy. Seriously why? The rest of the pet play tags don’t have this stuff. This might be because many people in kitten play are just following the trend or maybe some people are just so ignorant that they don’t know the difference.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Or maybe I do. It’s too late at night for me to decide right now, but all I want to do is be able to look at the kitten play tag and see KITTEN PLAY STUFF! I DON’T WANT TO NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING, BUT KITTEN PLAY! 

I looked at it just now and found minors stating that kitten play is in the sigil tag. I am a witch as well, so why the hell is there kitten play in the sigil tag! Like seriously MINORS can be WITCHES too! Why are you sharing this KINK with them! You can’t blame them for seeing it! You are sharing it with them! 


“Dude, he’s only one ghost.”

More stuff for my comic for when it gets less like Identity Crisis and more like its own story.

The responsibilities keep piling up on him that Phantom just starts getting more and more unstable while Fenton keeps trying to dodge ghost fighting because for once he’s getting sleep and good grades.

He can only do so much. Even ghosts need a little rest.

So I work at a sort of very ethical worker-run natural foods store, and as you can imagine it’s very hippie-ish and liberal but I just love the fact that I get these older women who come in and say stuff like “oh I’m just waiting on my wife” or “I have to hide these chocolate bars from my wife because she’ll eat them all” or today this woman was like “I’m hungry. I’m gonna eat this apple now so the rest of the food actually makes it home to my girlfriend.” But these people are so casual about it. It’s just so natural and normal and every time I see these older married gay couples and stuff just doing normal grocery shopping and crap it makes me so happy.

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.