just like that

Just like that.

It was late, maybe around 10:30 PM. Still early for most city-dwellers but right smack in the middle of the woods it was plenty dark.

Cameron Campbell was preparing for this year of campers to arrive. They wouldn’t be coming for about a week but Cameron was nothing if not dedicated to his camp. In fact, he couldn’t see himself doing anything else with his life. He was checking the mess hall walls to make sure that they were relatively mold-free, and if he found a patch in question he’d scrub it vigorously until it met his high standards.

Cameron froze. He had thought he heard a shuffling sound from the kitchens. He listened for a few seconds, but heard nothing. Shrugging, he returned to his work.

Pots crashed to the ground. There was no way he had imagined that.

He threw down his scrub brush and stormed into the kitchen, prepared to take down any thieves or intruders.

The kitchen appeared empty, but the pots and pans on the floor assured him that he was not alone.

“Who’s in here?” He bellowed, anger in his voice. There was a whimper as a response. Cameron stopped. “Hello? Is there a child here?”

“I’m sorry..” The voice was so meek Cameron thought he imagined it.

“Where are you?” He looked around.

There was a shuffling sound followed by a cabinet door creaking open. A thin boy with a mess of red hair and terrified green eyes crawled out.

“I’m so sorry, sir. Please don’t be angry.” He was so frail.

“Are you alright?” Cameron asked softly.

The boy nodded but then started to cry.

“I-I’m so sorry! plea-please don’t be angry! I was just so hungry. I haven’t” He took a shuddery gasp “I haven’t-I-I hav” The boy broke down in a mess of sobs, unable to finish his sentence.

“Shh shh, It’s okay. Let it out.” Cameron took a seat on the floor and pulled the boy into his lap. The boy buried his face into his chest and cried. They sat like that for a long time until the child quieted. “Okay, can you tell me your name?”

“My name’s David, sir.” David looked up, his eyes rimmed with red.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Cameron Campbell.” Cameron smiled.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Campbell. Are…are you going to arrest me?”

“For what? Feeding yourself? Of course not! But, I have to ask… why are you here?”

David looked away.

“David, please. I need to get you back ho-”

“NO! No, please. I can’t go home.”

“Why not?” Cameron made David look at him.

“They don’t need me there. They’re better off without me. They tell me that everyday and that I make them sad and I’m the reason that they have to work so much and why we never have enough food around for me to eat at the table with them and they won’t miss me. They’ll just be mad that I found my way back home after driving me out so far…” David’s eyes filled with tears again. He rubbed them away.

“David, did your parents abandon you?” Cameron asked, a disgusting feeling creeping over him.

David nodded and it felt like the world came crashing down, Cameron couldn’t imagine what David was going through.

“Okay, here’s the plan. I can’t take you to the police department because of, uh, legal issues and they’d just put you in the adoption system anyways so I’m going to take you home with me, okay? I don’t live far from here and in two weeks you can start going to camp here so you’re not alone during the day. What do you say?”

“You’re going to take me in? Just like that?” David asked, disbelief in his eyes.

“Just like that.” Cameron smiled earnestly.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!” David cried, flinging himself into Cameron’s arms.

Cameron laughed quietly, blinking back tears.

David stayed with Cameron for years, until David was old enough to work at Camp Campbell and live on his own. Cameron was a very different man now. His legal issues had caught up with him and changed who he was. It made him shallow and uncaring, but David never stopped seeing the man who took him in so many years ago and saved his life. And maybe, if you stopped to look, you’d see it too. Just like that.

Just Like That


(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Rating: Mature (for later chapters)

Summary: Lucifer and Natalie were childhood sweethearts until he left for college, leaving Natalie behind. Years later, in their search for their place in the world, they find something they didn’t know they were still looking for.

A/N: This is an AU I lost control of and now this is happening and I don’t write multi-chaptered things but I’ve been postponing posting this for months so here we are. Huge thanks to @leafno, @cosmicallybrownie, and @kohiiandmilk for all the help planning, detailing, and encouraging me to get this done. 

“I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone so I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have.”

The Abidan family, with the pastoral head of the house and his hoard of Bibically named children, had moved into the house next to Natalie’s just before she entered kindergarten. While the thought of new kids had excited her, she was disheartened when she’d first met them.

The oldest, Michael, was snobby and rude and she had taken an instant disliking to him. Gabriel was quiet, and preferred to sit and practice his writing in his journal instead of playing. The two girls were only babies, and as cute as they were, they couldn’t climb trees or braid flower crowns with her.

It was only after that she met the middle child, Lucifer. Named for the devil and with a temperament to match, she had watched, bemused, as he had grumbled and griped at his father with an expression much too disgruntled for a boy of only six.

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