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im probs gonna take a hiatus soon.. gonna likely start sometime this weekend n extend to april 8th. because. i have a Big Test that day. so that’s a two week hiatus. n then ill be back for a week and then taking ANOTHER hiatus during spring break cncnkcjcjd

i wanted to draw baby sorey and mikleo holding him LOL 

the anime has ended WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WINTER 2017! 


“Crowds began to collect in the great amphitheater early in the morning. The streets leading to Notre-Dame were thronged. Every window in all the lofty buildings around, and every balcony, was full. From ten to twelve the military bands began to arrive, and the long procession was formed, the different parties being dressed in various picturesque costumes. The ambassadors of various foreign potentates were present, each bearing their appropriate insignia. The legate of the pope, magnificently dressed, had an attendant bearing before him a cross of massive gold. The bridegroom, Francis the dauphin, followed this legate, and soon afterward came Mary, accompanied by the king. She was dressed in white. Her robe was embroidered with the figure of the lily, and it glittered with diamonds and ornaments of silver. As was the custom in those days, her dress formed a long train, which was borne by two young girls who walked behind her. She wore a diamond necklace, with a ring of immense value suspended from it, and upon her head was a golden coronet, enriched with diamonds and gems of inestimable value.”
                                                                                    – Jacob Abbott, Mary Queen of Scots


I’m not sure if most people that like high rollers have seen this because I doubt that everyone watches/is subscribed to Kim’s channel so I’m putting this here in case some people haven’t seen it.

I feel it is my duty as the wacky Tom Paris blog that I am to remind you all that this Sunday is Threshold Day! @captaincrusher does an excellent job organizing/promoting the celebration so if anyone is curious about the specifics, check out this tag. It’s not a formal event but I for one have prepared some posts and I’m excited to see what else ends up floating around as well. :)

Whether you actually enjoy the episode (I do, no shame) or just like to joke about the… well… experience, I do hope you enjoy the flood of lizards/lizard babies. And if Threshold isn’t really your thing, I will tag everything both by the episode title and ‘Threshold Day’.

Catch you all at warp 10!!

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00Q Sunday Six(ish)

this is part of the thing I wrote when I was very sick last night (thanks for the well-wishes everyone! I’m feeling a little better today) and it makes no goddamn sense but here’s a snippet because people were interested in it for some reasoN??

Updated to include this link to the entire thing if you wanna actually read this trash heap xD


It was a Thursday afternoon when Bond arrived at Six for his debriefing, just two days after a slight hiccup in Islamabad. And by slight he meant major and by hiccup he meant damage to the British embassy but it was all just semantics when it came down to it. At least, that would be his defence when Mallory undoubtedly shouted at and then grounded Bond for another two weeks. Just enough time for Bond to get bored of London, but not enough that he could do much damage before getting shipped out again…to do more damage elsewhere.

He was just coming round the bend from the lifts when he heard Moneypenny’s voice from down the hall, issuing from the open door up ahead on the left:

“When was the last time you’ve been on a date?”

“A date?”

The response was even more interesting than the question, as it came from his Quartermaster, of all people. And here Bond thought that all Q did all day was sit in his dungeon and drink tea and yell at agents, but it seemed he’d been mistaken. Give him one less agent to shout at and it appeared he climbed up from the depths to the high tower to chit chat with Moneypenny. About dating of all things.

“Yeah, you know. Going out with someone you liked to coffee or dinner or something? Maybe out to something you both like to do?”

“No, can’t say I remember the last time I did something like that.”


Bond slid into the doorway, because he couldn’t keep his nose out of something so interesting, especially when it meant he could poke fun at the bespectacled boffin.

“Shocking,” Bond said.

“Toss off,” Q said over his shoulder, as casual as ever.

Neither he nor Moneypenny looked surprised to see him, even as Bond wove round them to take a seat in Moneypenny’s chair.

“Put your feet up on my desk and I’ll cut them off,” Moneypenny said.

“Missed you, too, Eve,” Bond replied, and Moneypenny rolled her eyes.

Q just shook his head, looking annoyed as he often did whenever Bond happened to be in the vicinity, and began cleaning up the remains of a takeout lunch spread out on his side of Moneypenny’s desk.

“I’m leaving,” Q announced.

He made to stand, but Moneypenny laid a hand on his shoulder and sat him back down in his seat.

“You’re staying.”

“Yeah, Q. Stay a while,” Bond said, and couldn’t help himself if his grin was all teeth, because he wanted to see if Q squirmed under the scrutiny.

He didn’t, just gave Bond a bored look.

“You, shut up,” Moneypenny said, and Bond held up his hands in mock surrender.

Moneypenny leant her hip against the desk and turned back to Q. Bond only saw the back of her head, so he wasn’t sure what sort of look she gave the Quartermaster, but it had Q make a face.

“Don’t give me that look,” Q said. “I do alright. And that’s all you need to know.”

Moneypenny put her hands on her hips.

“Oh really? When?”

“Last weekend, if you must know.”

“So you do date.”

“Sure. Let’s call it dating…”

“Playing the field, Q?” Bond asked, waggling his eyebrows.

“Like I said, I do alright.”

“Slut,” Bond teased.

Q scratched at the corner of his eye with his middle finger directed at Bond.

“So you’re just hooking up?” Moneypenny asked.

“Don’t say it all disappointed like you’re my mum or something.”

“But Q, you’re how old now?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I just meant… you don’t want to be alone forever, do you? I mean, look at this one,” she said, jabbing her thumb in Bond’s direction.

“My god, Moneypenny, I’ll never be that pathetic.”

Bond rummaged through his pocket and threw the remains of a key fob on the desk in Q’s direction.

“Wrecked your car.”

Q gave a one shouldered shrug.

“Wrecked your credit. Also, the laminate floors in your flat. Did you know the sprinkler system is computer automated?

Technically the youth section of the cast from At the Unearthly County, becuase until now everybodies’ pretty straight up “adults”

From left to right —>

Minerva “Mirky“ Meltem, 24, she is a siren, which in this story, you get from the union of a mermaid and a harpy; she is joyful, already has a creature form, has very bad eating etiquette and has a lisp

Conrad Caplan, 22-ish, token human, he sort of knows Ferdinand from the shop in which works and wonders why the fella is always so stresses; a nice boy that should not get involve with these weirdos

A. Ferdinand Melina, 23, eldritch abomination in development, technically speaking, our main guy in the story, works for the parents, wish it wans’t, gonna get a worse job soon; 20% anxious, 30% angry and 50% done

Winona Lamb, 23, a metamorph of werebeast type, Ferdinand childhood “FRIEND“, loves being as annoying as a tick sucking blood from your ear, but also up to any 3:00 am secret activity of yours; good at manicure but bad at giving advices

Sunday Allloved, 25-26, blue celestial body of unknow variety, works for it’s dad as a postboy and secretary; fluid in a variety of languages, speaks in third person, is a sizeshifter, pretty clever but likes to be vague to mess up with you

Sunday Grace #18 - Overstim

Too much information is just too much.

the fact that 20-year-old lin-manuel miranda once broke down crying in a back specialist’s office due to stress is honestly one of the most inspiring things i’ve ever heard

that, and the fact that  he wrote his upenn commencement speech the night before

Muse A is daddy’s little good girl. Studies extra hard, rarely leaves the house and goes to church every Sunday just like he wants. Her father, a cop, arrests Muse B for vandalism. The next day Muse A’s father is letting Muse B out of jail when she comes for a visit. Muse B instantly starts hitting on her and making sexual advances. She immediately gets turned on by this bad boy and starts falling for him. He shows her the wild side, with sex in the car and in the bathroom at parties. And she enjoys this, she enjoys going behind her father’s back and seeing this other side of the world.


1/? Idols who do not deserve the harassment they get: Yoo Sungoh (24k) 

“I’ve heard that a lot among Korean fans as well but especially among international K-Pop fans. People even ask me if we’re brothers or if he (Taehyung)  was a long lost twin. But I want to be known and unique as Sungoh of 24K.”

“What kind of director are you?”

“The kind who could pass as a prepubescent teen and looks at her actors in absolute awe when they speak to her on set??? Does that count?”

….like it’s not really that hard to interpret Barry’s motives behind the break-up in a way that makes sense to his character, but that doesn’t change the fact that the break-up itself was contrived in order to make the musical conflict work like that was confirmed at paley it’s really not that deep lmao… 

Sunday Shoutout

Shoutout to everyone who reblogged my art and left a comment! It really is one of my main motivators to draw more!

Still no programs though :( but I was very happy to at least get a couple of drawings posted-and it seems like people liked them so I must be doing something right. On a complete related note! Want to know how I got into Jekyll and Hyde?? Well SPOILER- Hyde nearly gave me a heart attack!

Here’s a little treat for you guys, since my concept notebook is getting rather full, I’d figure I show you a couple of of this week’s pages before throwing them away, mostly working with hair and facial expressions. (keep in mind, most my concepts come to me very late at night)