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when you start shipping something it literally is like stepping on board a ship and just praying it is not the titanic and that it will not sink and take you down with it

Running into dark Stiles for Anon:

This is my first Teen Wolf imagine, let me know what you think, and if you have any other requests!

 Scott promised me several times that everything would be okay, that Stiles was fine, but how fine could he really be if he was missing? I’d spent the last couple of days aimlessly driving around every corner of beacon hills, searching for a sign of the caramel-eyed boy that I’d grown to love.

Stiles and I have known each other since the 4th grade, Scott had taken me under his wing as the new kid in town, and soon after that the three of us became inseparable. I was there when Stiles mom died, I was there when Scott got turned, and I was there every time there was ever a problem. It killed me inside to know that he was struggling with this nogitsune by himself; I was supposed to be there for him.

I can still feel his lips on mine; it was only a couple of days ago that I was saying my goodbyes as he left with his dad to go to the hospital to get his head scanned. There was nothing I wanted more than to be there with him, even if it was sitting in the other room, but I promised I would stay away, he practically begged me to not go. How could I say no to those big brown eyes? I regret that now though.

“Are you okay?” I felt Scotts hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to the conversation in front of my locker.

My eyes blinked a few times readjusting to the surroundings I tried to block out. Scott, and the twins surrounded me, each carrying a sad look in my direction.

A smile forced it’s way across my lips, “Guys, I’m fine, just spaced out for a second.” I reassured, as everyone carried on the conversation.

“Wait,” Scott hushed us, nervously glancing towards the two other werewolves. “Do you hear that?” my eyes darted between wolves, each squinting their eyes in concentration trying to hear whatever noise that was inaudible to me.

 “I-Is that one of the Argents emitters…?” Ethan questioned, glancing around at the others who had the same confused expression etched across their faces. They barely gave me to time to react, before Scott grabbed my arm pulling me along to find the source of the noise I couldn’t hear. But if it were one of the emitters, why in the world would it be turned on at school, or even here? My small legs worked overtime to keep up with the boys in front of me, barely dodging the sea of people on their way to class.

 Ethan pushed open a door that led down to the basement; I quietly followed behind the three wolves, all I could hear was the sound of our footsteps echoing through the concrete hallways.

 Aiden turned around to face me “I think it’s coming from up ahead, stay behind us Kaidence.” I nodded my head in approval; there was no way I would willingly trudge alone through this basement.

 All of a sudden everyone stopped, causing me to slam into the back of Scott. Being so short, the others seemed to create a wall around me, all I could see ahead was a flashing light. I attempted to squeeze between Ethan and Aiden, but was pushed back onto the floor with a growl. Before I could even resonate the pain arising from my backside, and yell at Aiden for pushing me down, everyone seemed to be in attack mode.

 Ethan rushed forward but was pushed into a locker by Scott, falling to the ground. And that’s when I saw him:

 His shirt was dirty, but he was wearing that blue plaid shirt I loved so much on him, the one that made his caramel eyes shine so bright. He held the emitter tightly in his hand, while Aiden stalked closer to him, claws extended and teeth glistening. My body reacted before my brain did, throwing myself in between Aiden and Stiles. I don’t think he even saw me coming, hell I don’t think he even noticed I was down there until my body crashed into his. My arms tightly laced around his torso, as I buried my face into chest, taking in the familiar smell of too much cologne and sweat.

 I winced in pain as I felt claws dig into my shoulder, Aiden tried pulling me away from Stiles, but my arms were wound too tightly around my boyfriend.

 My eyes were shut tightly as I tried to bury myself deeper into Stiles chest. “AIDEN!” Scott finally growled, pulling the twin away from me.

 “It’s me, I swear to god It’s me.” His arm finally snaked around my shoulder, returning the embrace I’d had on him.  We stayed like that while Stiles informed everyone about how he blacked out for two days, how he’d found himself with a blueprint of the hospital electrical grid and a bag full of rope, wire and tools as well as a map of the Cross Country Team’s running trail. His fingers soothingly rubbed circles on my arm, as I slid my hand up underneath the back of his shirt, finally feeling the warmth of his skin.

 I swear I tried to listen in on what was happening, but I could hear his heartbeat and I just knew he was here. I didn’t care about anything else, maybe that was selfish, I just didn’t want to share him with the supernatural world.

 “C’mon Kaidence, we have to go.” Scott urged as he tried to pry me away from Stiles. I lifted my head from his chest, shaking my head no; there was no way I was letting him get hurt after I just found him again. The familiar burning sensation of tears pricked at my eyes, but I tried to fight it off for the sake of my tough girl reputation.

 Scott breathed out a sigh, “We don’t have time for this!” Ethan yelled behind Scott. “Just go,” Stiles spoke up, smiling down at my disheveled frame. “Give us five minutes, go find everyone, and we’ll meet you down there.” Scott gave me a questioning look; one I knew that was asking me if I was sure about this. I simply nodded, and that’s all it took for Scott and the twins to race out of the basement, leaving my boyfriend and I all alone.

I finally let go of him, stepping back to prop myself on top of the table they were using to display the map. My eyes watched his every move as he leaned against a pole in front of me, arms crossed over his chest, his demeanor just seemed different than usual…tougher perhaps?  “I missed you, babe” he chuckled, smiling devilishly over at me.

 A blush crept across my cheeks, “I missed you more, Stiles,” I smiled, outstretching my arms for him to come into. He didn’t hesitate, pushing himself off of the wall to make his way over to me. Sitting on the table made us eye level for once, he took advantage of this positioning himself between my legs. He brought one of his hands up cupping my cheek, while the other gently stroked my exposed leg. “You know I love you, right?” he softly whispered, leaning his forehead against my own. At this point my heart was racing, he hadn’t been this gentle with me since before he went into that tub: I was the one to hold him down, it was heartbreaking to see him so vulnerable. Since then though, everything has been rough and rushed, we never had a night to ourselves, and when we did it was interrupted by Scott or Derek.

 My arms snaked around his neck; entangling my fingers in the hair I’d forced him to grow out. “It’s been the only thing keeping me going lately, to know that I still have you in my life. Stiles, I went crazy not knowing where you were, or how I could help you. You’re the one thing that hasn’t gone wrong in my life, and I’ll be dammed if I lose you to some fucking demon.” The tears that had been threatening to fall finally did, wetting my cheeks as they fell. “Shhhh baby, I’m right here, nothing is ever going to change that.” He shushed me, thumbing the tears away from my face as they fell.

 He warmly kissed my cheek, making a trail of small kisses down my jaw to the base of my neck. A moan escaped my lips as he bit down on a tender spot, I could feel that cheeky bastard smile upon my neck before biting down again in different places he knew I loved. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore, it was driving me absolutely wild, my fingers found their way to the collar of his shirt, roughly pulling him up, I didn’t give him time to protest before I crashed my lips onto his, wrapping my legs around his waist to pull him closer. He didn’t hesitate in his movements, boldly roaming his hands around my body, before taking refuge in squeezing my thighs. His lips were as soft as always, moving in perfect timing with my own.

 I bit his bottom lip, granting an ear-pleasing moan, one I’d never get used to hearing. And as quickly as we started kissing, he stopped, pulling away from my grasp in one movement.

 My eyebrow rose in curiosity, he never just stops like that without making some sort of funny comment. “We want… to keep you safe.” He licked his lips, speaking in a tone that resembled his Joker impression.

 “We?” I questioned, hopping down from the table to stand in front of him. “See babe, you should never trust a fox, they’re tricky little creatures,” He giggled, placing a hand on my shoulder while using the other one to caress my face again.

 “Stiles, you’re scaring me.” I tried backing up, but his grip tightened.

He laughed loudly at this accusation, I looked right into his eyes, they weren’t a beautiful golden brown anymore, but a black abyss. Maybe it was just the lighting, but I was cut off before I had a chance to question him. “Listen, if you want to make it out of this game alive, you’ll stay out of it. It’s the only way we can keep you safe. Do you got that?” his brow was furrowed in an uncharacteristic scowl, as he bent down so that we were eye level. “We love you, babe.” He licked his lips again, planting an urgent kiss on my lips, one I didn’t oblige.

 With both hands on my shoulders he roughly pushed me back into the table, my head smacking harshly on the edge. Darkness was surrounding me, the all too familiar haze of unconsciousness was coming, and I could feel it. I never took my eyes off of Stiles as he paced around the room.

My eyes fought to stay open, was this Stiles or was this the demon I’d been warned about? He seemed so normal, so close to being my Stiles, but I should of known this wasn’t him when his eyes weren’t there usual caramel: I should have known.

“We will keep you safe.” I heard it say, before everything finally went black.