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my feelings on bsd lovecraft and his real life counterpart

for anyone who wanted to start watching doctor who/start again: bill (new companion) is canonically gay so Um Jot That Down

Happy Valentines Day! I made this gif of Paul with rose petals falling around him for today 🌹💕

I’ve been doing a lot of introspection, these last few weeks/months, and I think it might help to properly write it all out so here goes:

(warning: long, rambly and very very navelgazey)

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does anyone else do that thing where u explain and reexplain your trauma and its effects and your relationship with your comfort character in your head over and over and over again every time its brought up even just in passing and just fuckin dissociate for 1000000 years 

On Off Topic Gavin talks about doing a shot with gold flakes in it, and RL Gavin is of course like listen to this utterly ridiculous thing i did, but FAHC Gavin would just be like yes. This is the acceptable way to consume liquor, from now on only this.

FAHC Gavin who carries his own real gold flakes, sprinkles them into anything from obscenely expensive cocktails to $4 rotgut with equal enthusiasm. It’s a quirk the rest of the crew don’t even blink at anymore but it has the other patrons of whatever dive bar they’ve ended up in watching on with fascinated disgust. Has any unfortunate enough not to know who they are looking at turning up face down in a gutter come dawn, greed pulling them in like moths; ignorantly mistaking Gavin for pretty flame rather than raging inferno.

When Los Santos’ finest manage to grab a Fake they’d pin them with any infraction they can manage, desperately trying to make anything stick in an attempt to finally reclaim the city. When frisking Free reveals a handful of little black baggies they think they’ve finally got him for something, concrete evidence he can’t possibly wiggle his way out of, until of course the bags reveal not white powder but fine gold leaf. It’s as unexpectedly absurd as it is devastating, a blow made no easier by the smug amusement radiating off Gavin, lounging in the harsh metal chair like it’s a throne, golden from his hair to his accessories to the flecks still on those sharp white teeth.

another thing I wanna expand on OP’s post re: sanvers and supercorp,(though they did mention it) is that the fact the later involves the title character cannot be understated in this comparison.

I remember feeling soooo burned out when i watched all of wynonna earp expecting this grand epic expression of genre tv lesbianism………… and in the end it was a side plot that compromised maybe, idk, 7% of the overall storyline (good side plot sure! but not what tumblr’s false advertisement promised me!!!). 

It’s different when you are talking about a romance involving the main character.

It means that said relationship will connect to the plot, to the themes, to the story… And in a pathos-ridden show like Supergirl, there is the extra layer of how much of a sense of Iconography the pairing evokes (THE CLARK X LOIS PARALLELS, RAINING FROM ABooOOVE).

If kara x lena became a thing, it would not be mere tokenism. it would be like any other flagship type ship on a fantasy show, one which would directly connect with the mythology of it, ~ a luthor and a super ~

-and the thing is, when writers do things for the sake of tokenism, as the audience,  you can feel it… You can tell when these things are added more for the sake of filling the Minimum Diversity Quota than a genuine interest in the issue of diversity. example is sanvers- or rather, Alex’s coming out story itself, which is, fine. It WAS an empowering story-line, it’s a good story-line to have…but it all was very much divorced from the larger overall story of Supergirl. How does it connect to alien invasions or the meaning of a “hero”, or Alex’s very particular upbringing? (it doesn’t, at least not in any direct way).

And yeah, building up other sides of Alex’s character, separate from Kara, was a good idea (esp now that the show-runners have to think in terms of a multiple-season structure). But my main point is that you could have taken Alex and Maggie’s story, and inserted their characters on another show, changed a few words, and not much would have changed… Lena and Kara, on the other hand, they embody the show itself (cause…….. Kara is the show… and Lena’s story is about her chasing the same things as Kara)…

And that’s an important difference to take into account when you are trying to understand why there’s so much interest in that ship, even though it isn’t canon.

My VG!character

So here it is~ VG!Trashy Everyone~


So,lemme just introduce her to you

First,The look:

Oh! yeah~ I’m a blacksmith BTW

She always covered with coal dust & Dirt (cuz she’s lazy what cha gonna do about it)

Also she always wears that eye goggles cuz she ain’t she can’t see clearly:

this will happen

also her eye color are different from each other, Ex:

The other eye is lighter than the other one cuz some accident happen during work~ Dun Ask,cuz she’s clumsy as fu

& of course she should wear those gloves~ also her height is just like mine in RL , about : 4′9 (dun judge i’m small)

Second,Attitude & Personality:

She’s a sweet tooth~ You can trade her candies with some items or a weapon (well, dun expect you’ll get something good from just trading) , she serves her costumers well , but kinda clumsy for sometimes , always hyper (what do you expect from a sweet tooth kid) , loves to make weapons ( any weapons ) , A happy kiddo , but take some things seriously.

Welp, maybe that’s all? ugh

She makes any kind of weapon like: Swords , Axes , Guns/ Rifles , bombs , shields , gun sword & etc.

 VG idea / @blogthegreatrouge

VG!trashy / Mhe 

THIS  IS  AN  OFFICIAL  POST  TO  THANK  LITERAL  LIFE  SAVIORS,    those  whom  i  want  to  give  something  in  return,    and  still  wish  to  make  something  as  soon  as  my  schedule  allows  it.    naturally,  it  comes  with  a  kitten  icon,  bc  cute  for  the  cute  <3

                                                             ( below  the  cut ! )

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@buffster said: "“stop infantilizing shippers” is my new favorite tagline "

It really annoys me every time I see people drop the ’<this ship> is so toxic and abusive it’ll hurt young girls who see it and they’ll think bad behavior X is romantic!’ or the ‘they only like character A because he’s hot!’

There’s something incredibly sexist and sometimes even bizarrely heternormative (bizarre since I’ve seen a hell of a lot of F/F shippers, including actual wlw shippers say this sort of shit about canon M/F ships - Captain Swan and Karamel being favorite targets, for example) about these arguments. Since it is virtually always directed at female shippers or saying that women will be the ones that are 'impressionable’ enough to by into the (often disputed) 'abusive’ aspects of the ship.

No one ever says they’re worried about the guys who watch  the show buying into 'this abusive stuff is actually romantic' when a mxf relationship has the female character be arguably 'abusive’.

Like, it’s not an uncommon argument in the Anti-Olicity fandom (which I am in) to argue that Felicity has behaved abusively (emotionally abusively) towards Oliver or displayed Toxic behavior in or about their relationship. Irrespective of the merit or lackthereof of their arguments (I have complicated views on the subject as I do so much else), I’ve never seen one of them say they were worried that male shippers of Olicity would suddenly believe that felicity’s problematic (in their eyes) behavior is romantic.

Indeed, I’ve instead seen them worry that female fans of Olicity will think it is okay to treat their boyfriends the way they say Felicity treats Oliver.

Which, really, is the double standards applied to women on so many things applied yet again, but most of these particular 'infantilizing antishippers’ are themselves, women and women who say they hate misogyny and sexism and are big on Social Justice, so wtf is with that guys? 

asdfghjk a lot of stuff in this is so wonky hhhh ;v;;  i have no idea how backgrounds work ha AH HAahaa..


Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3


          IT WAS LATE AND AVA had planned on getting a good night sleep, but she woke up to hear voices and one of them coming from the girl she was now supposed to be watching over. Walking into the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of the girl’s friends and a few of her wine bottles on the counter. “You can leave now,” she said sternly, glaring at the group of her friends as they basically high-tailed it out of the house. “And you? Hand that over — I can’t wait until your father hears about this.”