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for anyone who wanted to start watching doctor who/start again: bill (new companion) is canonically gay so Um Jot That Down

On Off Topic Gavin talks about doing a shot with gold flakes in it, and RL Gavin is of course like listen to this utterly ridiculous thing i did, but FAHC Gavin would just be like yes. This is the acceptable way to consume liquor, from now on only this.

FAHC Gavin who carries his own real gold flakes, sprinkles them into anything from obscenely expensive cocktails to $4 rotgut with equal enthusiasm. It’s a quirk the rest of the crew don’t even blink at anymore but it has the other patrons of whatever dive bar they’ve ended up in watching on with fascinated disgust. Has any unfortunate enough not to know who they are looking at turning up face down in a gutter come dawn, greed pulling them in like moths; ignorantly mistaking Gavin for pretty flame rather than raging inferno.

When Los Santos’ finest manage to grab a Fake they’d pin them with any infraction they can manage, desperately trying to make anything stick in an attempt to finally reclaim the city. When frisking Free reveals a handful of little black baggies they think they’ve finally got him for something, concrete evidence he can’t possibly wiggle his way out of, until of course the bags reveal not white powder but fine gold leaf. It’s as unexpectedly absurd as it is devastating, a blow made no easier by the smug amusement radiating off Gavin, lounging in the harsh metal chair like it’s a throne, golden from his hair to his accessories to the flecks still on those sharp white teeth.

why is it that every morning i wake up i feel like disgusting garbage. 

My VG!character

So here it is~ VG!Trashy Everyone~


So,lemme just introduce her to you

First,The look:

Oh! yeah~ I’m a blacksmith BTW

She always covered with coal dust & Dirt (cuz she’s lazy what cha gonna do about it)

Also she always wears that eye goggles cuz she ain’t she can’t see clearly:

this will happen

also her eye color are different from each other, Ex:

The other eye is lighter than the other one cuz some accident happen during work~ Dun Ask,cuz she’s clumsy as fu

& of course she should wear those gloves~ also her height is just like mine in RL , about : 4′9 (dun judge i’m small)

Second,Attitude & Personality:

She’s a sweet tooth~ You can trade her candies with some items or a weapon (well, dun expect you’ll get something good from just trading) , she serves her costumers well , but kinda clumsy for sometimes , always hyper (what do you expect from a sweet tooth kid) , loves to make weapons ( any weapons ) , A happy kiddo , but take some things seriously.

Welp, maybe that’s all? ugh

She makes any kind of weapon like: Swords , Axes , Guns/ Rifles , bombs , shields , gun sword & etc.

 VG idea / @blogthegreatrouge

VG!trashy / Mhe 


             Cursed forever to wander, to flee, from those who would take on vengeance, forever forsworn, and ever unrepentant; Izanagi shamed she who created worlds, and thus he betrayed an oath of loyalty, of truest kind. Let him be chased by Raijin, and let him be chased by Shikome, for that is the fate of such as he.

                  Let him only be cleansed of betrayal and deceit, when truly he weeps for the loss of potential unseen, and mourns those lost in retribution for acts unfounded and pride too large.

          IT WAS LATE AND AVA had planned on getting a good night sleep, but she woke up to hear voices and one of them coming from the girl she was now supposed to be watching over. Walking into the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of the girl’s friends and a few of her wine bottles on the counter. “You can leave now,” she said sternly, glaring at the group of her friends as they basically high-tailed it out of the house. “And you? Hand that over — I can’t wait until your father hears about this.”

asdfghjk a lot of stuff in this is so wonky hhhh ;v;;  i have no idea how backgrounds work ha AH HAahaa..


Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3



anonymous asked:

tips for NSFW rp?????

[ ohoho boy, uhM well I’ve never been asked advice on stuff of that nature before, but I mean I guess I can sorta tell you what I know/use from my own personal nsfw roleplays??

like first key thing here, regardless of who you’re smuttin’ with, know your anatomy and what certain parts do.
that’s probably one of the most important things imo; ‘cause y’know, you don’t want a good thread to go south by writing the wrong things by accident.
I say regardless because we have a few characters around here who are trans ( which I absolutely love like bless 😭 ) and it’s always important to know their bodies.

secondly..I mean be realistic? like, this isn’t a problem with anyone I’ve seen thus far, but don’t ~over-exaggerate~ things I guess?? like foreplay and prepping, etc. before just going straight into it?

thirdly, uh well, be respectful and don’t force your character upon another.
and if necessary talk with your roleplay partner about things you wanna write if it’s not strictly just sex. so y’know the addition of specific kinks, bdsm, toys, etc. I think it helps if you talk things over beforehand just so you know where to take the direction of things ( and what y’all are comfortable writing ), but that depends on the people of course!

AAA well I hope this helped lmao! I’m not very good with explaining things, but if you have anything specific you’d like my opinion/advice on, please feel free to ask me again! 👌 ]

Hey Yall

read sharp zero

this blog is officially on hiatus. i love maggie, i truly do but i’ve unfortunately lost the motivation to write for her. i’m sure you all can tell by how absent i’ve been as of late. i do not have the intention to abandon this blog for good, i just… i need a break – from the fandom, the series and this blog. i haven’t felt very comfortable here like i have on my other blog. which you can all follow @tsuyoius. i will be checking on here from time to time and if i do / when come back i’ll be sure to let everyone know who’s still interested in my portrayal of maggie!

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch the lotr movies I still cry *sniffles* but seriously who wants to be the Sam to my Frodo? I already have the hair lol