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I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.

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Signature Moves

Po: belly punt

Tigress: double bitchslap

Viper: stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself

Crane: wings of metaphor

Monkey: flailing

Mantis: gotta go fast

Oogway: take a chill pill

Shifu: f&@% you

Signature Moves (you are here!)
Signature Moves: Villain Edition
Signature Moves: Dad Edition

I have just watched like 2.5 seasons of project runway so have some au/scenarios with various pairings:

  • akasuga fashion designer au/model au with designer suga and model/muse agender akaashi (who wears the beautiful “womens” wear and “mens” wear suga designs)
  • AkaSugaOi with collaborating young designers akaashi and suga who are “discovered” by popular model/style icon Oikawa who immediately becomes attached to them and their work
  • Design Competition Oikawa trying to make a whole collection alien themed and Suga trying to talk him down from doing things too tacky (in the most Suga way possible, very sweet about it)
  • in a similar fashion (ha) - Sugahina with Fashion Instructor Suga and Student Hinata who gets starry eyed every time his cute instructor gives him critiques on his homework and gets goosebumps every time he draws out examples for him. Hinata spends a lot of time with Suga trying to simplify and refine his wacky street fashion style
  • makeup artist (and youtube beauty guru) suga and menswear designer daichi doing an episode of “your bf does your makeup” in which suga make daichi look super beautiful and daichi manages to mess up suga’s beautiful face so bad he makes himself cry
  • Iwaoi (rich? celebrities? work with me here..)  planning their wedding and getting custom made outfits for their wedding party from designer Suga. But they both fall for him along the way oh nooo  (this sounds like a bad rom com but it’s the bad rom com i want)
  • Notoriously finicky and difficult to work with designer Tsukishima being absolutely smitten with Fashion Editor Suga and not knowing what to do about this besides just do everything Suga asks for and be uncharacteristically cooperative

All the MK characters are beautiful, especially Erron Black, bless him. ^3^

One time, early in the morning, Freed opened his front door to Natsu. He was wearing his ‘I’m Fucking Laxus Dreyar’ shirt at the time (which he sometimes wears to bed). He never did find out what Natsu wanted as the dragon slayer had laughed so hard he almost passed out.

If EXO were their new songs...
  • Baekhyun: EL DORADO (for obvious reasons. it's just too much wonderfulness just like him)
  • Sehun: HURT (sexy beats, sexy everything)
  • Kyungsoo: TRANSFORMER (because there are no words to describe how much it suits him)
  • Jongin: PLAYBOY (suave, slick and classy)
  • Chanyeol: LADY LUCK (docile and passionate)
  • Joonmyeon: BEAUTIFUL (pure, light and innocent)
  • Jongdae: EXODUS (cheeky, fun and sexy)
  • Minseok: CALL ME BABY (bagel song... just like Uminnie)
  • Zitao: WHAT IF (romantic...just like our panda. Just imagine a walk on the beach with this track as the bgm)
  • Yixing: MY ANSWER (sweet, delicate and so full of feeling)