just like oliver saw his friends die in the island because the choose he did

I Do Believe In Magic

Summary: Based on this post. AU 5x09 flashback, in which present day Oliver Queen actually time-travels back for a short visit to see Felicity in 2012, before she became his partner, before he’s supposed to be in love with her.

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Oliver Queen stood stiffly before the computer called Gideon, watching as Nate Heywood hit a sequence of neon buttons that didn’t mean anything to him. Unknowingly, his thumb and index finger rubbed together anxiously at his side. The longer he waited, the more cracks began to form and spread like weeds through his chest, weakening his resolve.

“Are you sure this is the time you want to go to?” Nate stopped typing and glanced at him with concern.

Oliver swallowed once. No. He wasn’t sure at all.

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Ray Palmer, Oliver & Felicity: Okay Olicity Family....everybody just breathe (SPOILERS)

It was released today that Brandon Routh will be playing Ray Palmer aka the Atom, the much anticipated “possible” love interest of Felicity Smoak. This casting news seems to have sent some Oliciters into a tizzy.  While the initial casting description for Daniel had most of the fandom excited, the actual realization of said character seems to have caused some great concern among many in the Olicity fandom.  Leaving some to ask, why the sudden change of heart?

I think it can be boiled down to one reason.  I believe fans expected “Daniel” to be awesome, but I don’t think they expected him to be THIS awesome.  Here was the initial character description:

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Arrow 4x20 “Genesis” Review: La Luz Del Alma, La Oscuridad Del Alma

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What an incredible episode this was. It really was a gift. It was a return to all the things that really make Arrow great. I am a huge proponent of Olicity and Dyla all the time. Every time we get Lyla Michaels I’m always begging for more Lyla. When we don’t get Lyla and it’s obvious we should be seeing her, I’m asking where the hell is Lyla?! I’m so in love with this episode I don’t even know where to start—Olicity or Dyla?! I just want to talk about everything. It was so GLORIOUS.

[Flips actual coin. Fate picks Olicity.]

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Olicity (aka the couple that’s really close to reconciliation) 

Oliver tells the team that he needs to head out of town for a couple days because he has a line on a way to stop Darhk’s magic. In the interim, he wants everyone to lie low but stay available. Which means a disappointed Speedy misses out on her chance to experience Hogwarts. I felt her pain. My whole life has been a constant regret that I never got an owl letter. And it was so appropriate that Thea mentioned Harry Potter because this episode was essential about Oliver learning his Patronus. (I seriously cannot be the only Potter-head who made that correlation, no?) (I make HP references in this)

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Immediately Hermione—err, Felicity realizes that Oliver is not being so forthcoming. She gives him the eagle eye. Later, she finds him in his Bunker quarters and asks about why he’s living there and his possessions. He tells her he doesn’t need much.

Oliver doesn’t need material possessions because he knows how valueless they really are. He was completely stripped of them on Lian Yu and last year. He only started to accumulate them again because they were part of his life with her. Oliver spent years trying to come home. He finally found his home with her, in her. Felicity is Oliver’s home. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that he chooses to live in the place they built together—it was as close as he could get to her. It’s why in 4x06, he retreated to the Bunker and her chair. Much like in 3x21 when Felicity had to breakdown and say goodbye, she wept in Oliver’s chair in the broken Arrow cave.

After Felicity mentions Yao Fern –

–and I had a minor meltdown at the mention of a plant –

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Oliver reaffirms what he’s told us at least twice before: He never forgets anything about Felicity. (This is important).

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