just like mind your own business if this does apply to you

Important things that have been on my mind, some of these are things I’ve noticed, and some of these are advice for myself

  1. don’t be a hypocrite, everyone sees that shit
  2. own up to the shitty things you do that everyone else probably does, too
  3. don’t insult someone’s weight or weight goals. it’s none of your business what they want to look like, and discouraging them isn’t going to bring any solutions to the table
  4. just because someone doesn’t say no, doesn’t mean they said yes. this applies to sex, obviously, but it applies to so many more situations
  5. if someone needs you, help them. one day you’ll need help, too
  6. on the other hand, don’t be afraid to say no to people; it’s hard, but it’s important
  7. stop putting your own happiness on the back burner for someone else’s
  8. dress up for people, not down; put care into your appearance. it’s a sign of respect, not just for them, but for yourself