just like me in high school

2nd grade was great

This is basically two stories rolled into one.
1. So in the second grade my teacher was my moms old high school Spanish teacher, and she hates me. Like she would get mad at me because she taught in Spanish and I don’t know Spanish. Anyway she’d be like well too bad guess you better learn. Anyways, one day we were coming back from class and I guess I was slightly out of line but??? Anyways hmshe pulled me out further and was like “YOU BRAT, YOU’RE GONNA DROP OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER” (My mom had me at 18-dropped out to raise me) and I wasn’t about to have her talking shit about my momma, so I basically punched her and ran. I bumped into the school principal (who terrified the shit out of me, he creeped me out) I pushed past and basically hid in the school until it was time to go home. So I don’t tell my mom any of this until years later (so basically this year now that I’m turning 16) but the next day I have decided I’m not returning to that class. So it was a Friday, now at that school would say the pledge of allegiance in the cafeteria + every other week we would sing the national anthem. It was a regular Friday so I hid in the bathroom until everyone was gone (you sat with your class at breakfast) then I walked to a different classroom in the same hall. Ms. Primrose was possibly the greatest, but I never noticed that her class was actually right necmxt to evil Spanish ladies class.
2. Now in the second grade I was what would be considered a popular kid, so there were these two boys that liked me but I didn’t know which one I liked so the classrooms were two classes connected by like this little hallway and there was a bathroom in that hallway where either gender could go in them. So I told these two boys that all three of us were going to sneak into that bathroom and whichever one could pick me up would be my boyfriend. Anyways let’s call him Sean, he won you know my hand in that bathroom right and so you know we dated and it was cool he had like his little table with all his friends that he sat at during lunch and because I was his girlfriend I got to sit there, anyways later in the year I was held back a little bit during class so you know I was late to lunch and I see some other girl sitting in my seat and I lose my shit obviously because that was my seat that was my throne and basically it was bad. So I get my lunch and I got my chocolate milk and I open the carton and I’m a Mexican female so I’m evil that’s just it and I get my chocolate milk and I pour it all over his hair and for basically the rest of the year I have to do like in school public service with the school lunchladies +lunchman who is actually my uncle and would cut my hair at JC Penny. But the stuff I was doing was sweeping and after lunch I would help them open all the leftover milk and pour it into buckets. It was weird.


@promptoweek Day 1: Favorite Scene ★ Brotherhood

Since we are both pretty busy, the Prompto Week will be a quick sketch/drabble collab between Makiko and me. 

A cute accompanying drabble by @makikoigami  (Gen, Prompto & Noctis bro-ship kinda):

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In December, my team and I went on this trip for a water polo tourney( it’s my junior year of high school)
me and this girl got in a huge fight at like 10pm at night and all of the emotions just built up and i told everyone to leave the room except one of my good friends. After a couple minutes of hyperventilating and literally shaking and sobbing i came out to her as a lesbian, she just held me that night and we talked late into the night and it was nice to tell her because she cared months after that i had told around 3 or 4 people. my parents, particularly my mom  has never liked the fact that i was “going through a phase”, she had outed me to myself back in middle school but I denied it. one night, me and my mom had gotten in a fight, and she was yelling to me about how i always lie about some big mystery and she couldn’t figure it out. she started using words like “problem” and “phase”. I felt so sad and unsafe that i told her if she was going to yell at me and say that,that i couldn’t stay here . (mind you i had a pretty nice life and my parents were well off so it was not like i hadn’t ever thought of leaving, we had never had problems like this before) anyway i called my friend that i told that one night and asked if i could stay with her and i was frantic and packing and as i left my mom tried to physically keep me there. i felt so sad as i walked out of that house looking at my moms face of disappointment. on the way to my friends house my dad called me and said that i should go home or he would make me. i didn’t go home i drove straight to my friends house.after i had told my friend and her family what happened through my hyperventilating. i calmed down and me and my friend talked for a very long time. i stayed there for 3 days and then went home. things got better and i wrote my mom a letter which she took in a negative way. things with my mom aren’t good but they are better than they were that night, we still don’t talk much but we’re getting there. this is just one examples of my coming out story,as a queer person you have to come out everyday its the people that mean the most to you that makes it the hardest. #mystory

He sees her on a Tuesday as she steps clear from the press of bodies streaming up the subway stairs. She pauses by the green railing and glances down at her phone. And with the shocked, distant oh fuck of a bone breaking he realizes just how many years have past.

fragment 31 (no speaking is left in me)

His body remembers. He grips under her thighs and leans in to pin her harder against the door that rattles whenever a train goes by. As he drags his mouth along her throat, he hears the knock of her head thrown back.

Betty cups his jaw and draws his face up, kissing him, and his body remembers all this like high school was yesterday. He fumbles for the bedroom doorknob.

I thought I made this feeling up, he doesn’t say as he drops her body onto the bed. She gives that breathy laugh, resting on her elbows, and stares up.

It Lives In the Woods isn’t my cup of tea because I hate horror (I also didn’t enjoy the Haunting of Braidwood Manor) and also because it reminds me of how awful high school really was. But I think it’s a nice change and I also like how it gives the fandom a lot of things they were asking for:

- a trans core character

- horror genre

- a story where the MC is not instantly popular, instead they are bullied

- already established friend relationships with a history to slowly discover inatead of it being a blank slate

I don’t know if I’ll keep playong because it is super creepy and not my genre at all but I knind of want to just because of how well done the firsf chapters were.

I love the mix of text/standard gameplay, it was really cool.

What if Lincoln actually does go to school and tells some of his friends about his birth story (because technically only his parents signed a thing saying that they’ll never talk about it) and they’re like “Nah dude that’s totally fake”

But then a few years later Lincoln is sitting in his high school history class and the teacher says “And there’s a rumor that President (insert name here) and his First Lady once delivered a baby in the back seat of their limo” and he’s just sitting there like “Oh shit that’s me…”

ductapeassassin replied to your post

His response was dumb, yeah, but OP is just creating hysteria.

Let me get this straight…

There are people in this country with military grade, high power, semi automatic firearms walking into elementary schools, movie theaters, and college campuses and S H O O T I N G  P E O P L E. Yet, *I’m* the one causing “hysteria” with a 5 sentence, 50 word tumblr post about gun control?!?

lol yeah okay, Sure Jan. 

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Do you want to be in a band?

Yep, it’s the only thing I wanna do! I’ve said before I’m not going to college after high school either I’m just throwing myself into music, auditioning for bands, and going to shows completely while just having a simple lame job until I join a band that I really like! I don’t have a backup plan either 

//talk to me!

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Uh hey I saw in your post about needing people to follow to not reblog if you were 13/14 and I was just wondering if you were comfortable with 15 year olds cause I'm 15 and you follow me and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or anything (sorry it's long)

Yeah 15 is a reasonable age? That’s when you stop being like…. tiny

It’s more of a maturity thing i don’t want to follow people who are not mature not Bc I don’t like kids but Bc I am a legal adult and anyone I couldn’t have gone to high school with is a baby forever

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Ahh I know the struggle with it being too hot for sweaters and stuff, joys of the Yeehaw State huh? But it's nice to wear warm pajamas for when it gets cold at night! Do you like fleece blankets and stuff? Or just thick clothes for the cold?

I have a really high body tempature (I can fog up my classes if i move faster than a brisk walk in any enviorment) so warm clothes are for under 50F generally. like i carry lots of sweatshirts, heck in high school im told i just brought a fucking blanket to school every day in the winter. i really only wear pjs around the house bc i overheat in my sleep, so im more of a shirts and shorts + pile of comfort items on top of me kind of person

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!


Ever wanted to know how Jake McKenzie looked back in high school?

Well, now you have it, folks!

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Yesterday was the Mars Rover's birthday and he's programmed to sing himself happy birthday. I just thought you'd wanna know.

i think its important for everyone to know right now that i have a cat named rover. mars’ rover.

all the members of Vox Machina stacked on top of each other? yes 🅱lease


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

the internet in my dorm cut out for a few minutes while i was in the middle of writing my essay and i immediately threw myself to the side and made a noise like it was 1918 and i was succumbing to the spanish influenza. i genuinely felt my soul almost leave my body. buzzfeed unsolved come and explain the mysterious death of me, an innocent college student, who never learned how to manage time wisely

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I was looking at the height difference between Nath and Chloe, and i thought of this scenario *laugh* where in High School Chloe says something like, "Oh look at the little short kid, I can't even see him!" and after high school they end up meeting again and Nath just towers over her and leans over and just whispers, "Can you see me now?" AND I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU

This is the scenario I imagine. I went to high school with a couple of guys that were literally the shortest people in our class (this was through senior year). Saw them a couple of years later and they were over 6 ft. I love this scenario. Now, I’m still about short Nath, but I love this idea too. Growth spurts can come really late lol.