just like me in high school



Andrew: *sees name on Post-It for autograph* Mackenzie, hi!

Me: Hi! Um… I’m the one who thanked you yesterday, and you asked me if life was good and I probably said yeah but I just wanted to say yes. It is. And I made you this- *pulls out the bookfold*

A: *takes it and stares in awe* WOW! That’s amazing! How did you do that?!

Me: It’s really easy, you just cut and fold.

A: So where are you from?

Me: Ohio.

A: What do you do?

Me: Uhm, I’m still in high school, but I work at a bookshop.

A: Oh, you like to read?

Me: Yeah!

A: Me too! *looks straight into my eyes* So life is good?

Me: Yeah.

A: *smiles* Well thank you very much! Have a good evening!

Me: You too!

I am still shaking. Oh my gosh.

so I'm at the hospital with my mom and grandma

I told my mom I needed to get some writing done and sat down with my phone.

She walked behind me a minute ago while I’m aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr because that’s the person I am and mumbles ‘just like fuckin high school.’

Thank you!

Thanks to you guys production of the Ardyn sculpture is going smoothly! Your comments and cheers keep me motivated and it means so much to me. Sculpting isn’t a common medium for me. Actually it’s very rare for me to sculpt. Last year and this year is the first time I’ve sculpted since high school. And…let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve been in high school lol xD so yeah. Now I know most of you are artists of different elements and you understand this when I say I struggle. It looks good in the end and several people *coughmyfamilycough* just think I can crank out pieces of art like nothing and think I don’t need encouragement if it’s that easy. Simply put, I can’t. It’s not easy, it’s work. It sometimes has me staying up into the early morning hours because I don’t like the way I drew certain lines or whatnot when I have work to go to later that day.

And well, I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate your feedback and how it keeps me going. You guys are the sweetest, especially the Ardyn fan community! You keep doing what you do and love what you want and I’m going to get back to sculpting our garbage king. You guys have a nice day! And special shout out to Luma who sent me the link I needed at a freakishly inhuman pace, thanks! And to my bu who sticks with me…who dumped me into this hell lol, thank you~

ID #95121

Name: Allura
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi, my name is Allura, I’ve always thought that pen pals were cool since I have had a few in the past when I was in elementary school but we never stayed in touch. Recently I’ve noticed I don’t have many friends (close friends anyway). I recently just graduated high school and basically just want to see what else is out there.
I really like writing, poetry, reading, photography, music and drawing.
I watch a lot of anime: my favorite ones so far are fullmetal alchemist, blue exorcist, and fairytail.
I am really passionate about a lot of things but idk what to pursue yet.
Mainly I’m looking for a friend to relate to and be there for me and in return I will do the same .
I’m very understanding and I don’t judge.

Preferences: 18-25 someone around my age group who would prefer snail mail.

eating disorders r such weird things. like my love for leftover nachos knows no bounds. i’m talking like some soggy/some still crispy, cold, leftover nachos with refried beans and cheese ….. dude. there was a time in like high school maybe when i used to go downstairs at night very hungry and there would be leftover nachos on the counter from like my mom going out to eat somewhere and they were always …..soooo good bc they were just food that i let myself have and so it didn’t matter that they were not what they were supposed to be and now i still love them but in like a “cody make me nachos at work and bring them home (so i can eat them semi-cold in all of their soggy glory)” u know what i mean. and then i eat the whole plate as most of a meal and then the refrigerated-overnight-nachos the next morning as a snack

remember when my friend got a picture with alex lacamoire because he’s somehow a family friend and she made me fucking cry when she posted it on instagram , and then i told her that i saw him from a distance at deh and she was like “you should’ve told him [her name] says hi” and i was like. U Want Me To Approach That Man Who Is So Above Me And Tell Him A High School Freshman Syas Hello

Hello Friends!!

My name is Diana and I am 17 years old from California. I have just finished high school so I figured now is a good time to meet some new people because I will have more free time. I will be going off to college this Fall and plan on studying neuroscience. I am a very social and talkative person so if you’re like me that’s great but if you’re a bit shy that’s okay too :)

I hope to meet someone to do snail mail with but if you just want to be internet friends that’s great too!

A bit about me: I love to read and sometimes I watch some series on Netflix but I always have trouble finishing them and I just end up stopping half way. I love to listen to music (as most people do). I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE(!!), Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, LANY, Wet, The 1975 and a ton more (I’m always open to music, movie, and book suggestions). That’s all I’ll share for now so we can have more things to talk about with each other.

message me:

Tumblr: runnawayyforeverr

I also have kik but just message me on tumblr first if you want it. 

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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You are a GOOD WRITER and we are BLESSED to have you

I am a nearly twenty four year old woman who writes fantasies, primarily for an audience of teenagers, about dating the (married, 30+) members of a band that has not been active since I was in high school.

You should know…..literally nobody I know irl knows I write imagines. Not even Jamia and Ghoul. Last time I brought up the subject of RPF to my irl friends that literally just talked for like half an hour about how it’s “badfic” and “creepy” and makes all other fanfic writers look bad. :/

On some real shit….none of my irl friends even like MCR.

But……thank you, Sleeper. Sweet messages from followers like you make me feel better about myself. I feel a lot less alone when I write down these little daydreams of mine and other people say they’re good.

Random Translation

I feel there are other important things than studying.
Somehow I go to high school, but if I can i want to drop out as soon as possible and go abroad. I feel like there’s other important things I can learn besides school lessons. Everyone around me opposing my idea, I want someone to push my back. (Ririe, 15 years old)

Keito’s advice:
It is good if you have something you want to do abroad. But rather than just travelling, there are other options like studying in school abroad, I’m not able to push your back easily. Talk to your parents often, how about try a short term studying abroad during summer’s vacation?

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You're moving to DC? I must've totally missed that. How exciting!

I haven’t talked about it really! I don’t have a job lined up and my parents are going to have to help me, financially, but there’s nothing for me in Mississippi right now. Even if I’m just as #messy in DC, at least my dad and his family is there and my bestie, who moved there about a year ago with her fiance. Plus! I grew up there! Fairfax County Public Schools, ayyyyy. <3 (I barely recognize it though–they’ve REALLY built up the area between my old high school and my old house. It’s like a whole new city tbh.)

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Hi! I've like older men since I first entered my teenage years (My First crush being Snape and it's now currently anything Michael Rooker because yum 👅) but I've constantly been bullied by my friends and people I know because of it. I refuse to hide it because I don't want to feel different and screw them Yondu is sexy 😂 I was just wondering if you'd ever been teased for your taste in men?

FOR REAL SCREW THEM XD AND yes i’ve been bullied for it but it’s more like being made fun of XD Like all my friends in high school knew i had things for older men and each time we’d hang out and they see an older dude or like a grampa they’d all look over at me and be like “OOOH i bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?” At first I was embarrassed and would deny it and just explain myself…But then I just went with it and it made for some hilarious jokes XD so just hoke around with it to make them laugh all while still loving older men just as you want them too cause no one can stop you!

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Stop asking for money and get a job maybe a second one

excuse me?????? wow ok im just gonna go ahead and apply for every single job today. fuck making a schedule!! fuck telling an employer what hours i need!!!! it not like i do commissions and am literally 17 in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! nope!!! its not like im poor!! i have no money!!

listen here. if you are ever going to dare say that again, to me or anyone else, do it the fuck off anon. how dare you come into my ask box and tell me to ‘get a job, maybe 2′ when my mother works 3. fucking. jobs. and can’t even breathe sometimes when she gets home. do you think that if i had the options and resources to get a job, i would have by now???? i hate asking for money but i am out of ideas. my house doesnt even have a fucking kitchen. its got an open wall with pipes and wood with a microwave, fridge, and toaster oven. thats it. my dad’s child support payments were just cut in half, which was helping a bit, and now its basically useless. i’m a depressed, anxious, possibly suicidal TEENAGER who just got her PHONE STOLEN by some dick (like you, probably) at a place she thought was the best thing to look forward to all year. fuck you. dont you dare ever come back. fuck off back to daddy trump, asshole.

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What! Why's that? Don't you enjoy being appreciated? Also I do think BH enjoys his fans compliments. *whispers* "It feeds his ego."

“All the attention just kind of… Rubs me the wrong way? I’ve never actually received this much before, so it’s overwhelming.”

“You all should have come here a few years ago, when I was still in high school. At least then I would have liked it.”

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pt. 4(?) let me reassess my earlier statement of Wolfgang: He's in detention all the time because he either A) blew up a beaker in his science class either one purpose or accident (totally on purpose) or B) he beat up a group of jerks who were talking sh*t about his friends or C) he was bored and that generally doesn't bode well.

(3/3) OH WOW! you’ve just wrote like a whole SENSE8 AU in high school! THIS IS AMAZING! LOL!

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Can be public but basically my dream was all the heroes came to my high school graduation and I had told the school about the heros but I didn't tell the school that reaper would be coming bc I didn't think he would show. But reaper came to support me against all odds and bc I live in the south you graduate in a huge church and reaper wasn't allowed in bc his mask and his guns and he just took it off and dropped the guns and everyone was like ???? Yo that's the war hero gabe reyes!! Wyd?!? Lol

Your dream sounds AWESOME! OMG, great dream was great!!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

So, I really need help

The city of flint are issuing out liens for water bills, and are actually seizing homes for unpaid bills. I’ve been paying 20% of this inflated bill every month, but they sent me a lien anyway and they’ve started taking homes and i’m really at wits end. I’ve just finished paying off two bills, and they purposely delay mailing the letters out with an earlier date to fuck people up and it’s just an extremely shady situation; the entire city hall staff has been MIA since a town meeting; there are dwindling cases of water and water stations are supposed to end in a few months. No pipework has been done at all, and we’re still forced to either pay for this tainted water or lose our homes, and i’m terrified. I really need help.

The city is talking about my inflated total is 1541.00 due by the 19th of May, I’m going downtown first thing in the morning to contest this but I’m terrified – they’ve already taken the home of some folks i went to high school with, for a bill of just 500 man. This shit is just so dirty and frustrating man, they putting entire families out on the streets and they took back the water credits Snyder promised us last year man. Like please, I really need any help I can get I’m talking with my job to get a 2 weeks advance but I’m terrified man. If you can spread the word or donate to beiialedge@aol.com, i’d be so fucking grateful. Please, just keep me and this city in your prayers man