just like mariska hargitay


SVU 15x12 // Bones 9x09

AU where Benson and Brennan are roommates who have a habit of borrowing each others clothes. The grey blazer is a mutual favourite and neither woman can remember who bought it in the first place, which means they both think it’s theirs.


How long has IAB been sitting on this?

Benson. Is. Back. SVU dials up the action in the Season 18 premiere.


Emily Deschanel as Cassie Germaine [3/?]

I think it’s also great and sort of levels the playing field when you look at our heroes and we see them as human beings because then it gives you—us—all hope. As kids you think, ‘Oh they’re so amazing.’ Then you grow up and you’re like, ‘I’m just like them.’ That’s what we’re doing, we’re sort of trying to look for the inner superhero in all of us, especially kids. That’s what I want, to tell young girls, ‘Hey, you’re just like me.