just like malfoy did

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

what everyone thinks about harry and hermione's friendship
  • ron: the connection they have runs so deep it makes me jealous sometimes
  • ginny: i admire how strong their friendship is
  • sirius: good now someone can get his head straight
  • remus: i'm glad harry has someone he can rely on just like i did with lily
  • everyone else: FRIENDSHIP GOALS
  • draco malfoy: what the fuck is this why are you so close with granger i hate you potter i mean who would willingly get close to that ugly bookworm im much better i mean have you seen me???? what do you see in her i just WHY CANT YOU SMILE AT ME LIKE THAT GODDAMMIT
How Draco and Harry decide who tops and who bottoms at some point of their relationship...
  • Draco and Harry: Rock-paper-scissors... Shoot!
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Harry: OH, come on! You've gotta be kidding me!
  • Draco: Nop... And you're bottoming again.
  • Harry: You can't tell me you're not cheating!
  • Draco: I'm not.
  • Harry: So how do you explain how you ALWAYS know what I'm going to choose?
  • Draco: ... Magic?
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: What??!!! You never said I couldn't read your mind!!!
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: Honestly, Potter. I don't even know why I accepted to play this stupid-muggle game on the first place.