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Kawoshin doujin list

Kawoshin Doujin List

All of these are translated and are for reading online (unless stated otherwise)


Shinji’s Birthday Celebration - Tetsu-Sabi

Guess How Much I love You - Mm

Mirai no Tobira - Tetsu-Sabi

Even Though I’d Forgotten Everything, I Still Wanted to See You - mmaauu

Hide & Seek

A Not-At-All Romantic Escape Trip - Meco

かみさまの暇潰し - Meco (Part 1)

Everything I’ll Give It To You - Meco

渚を食育してみる【腐・貞35】 - id:268092

A Waking Dream

Sweet Memory (cooking!)

カヲシンまんが by ももせ

Until The Day We Meet



暇をもてあました男子学生の遊び- Meco (Part 2)

Dance Scherzo

Kono Netsu no Na wo Shiranai - Meco

It’s my First Time so Please Be Gentle - Meco

眠れぬ夜に君を抱く - Tetsu-Sabi

Sudden Heat - Tetsu-Sabi

Lock ‘N’ Up! - Cassino

Endlight - Cassino

Mauve - Cassino

Klavier 1 (download only)

Klavier 2

Klavier 3

Curry Fantasy

【腐】貞35がイチョイチョ by 松田ろご

Short Comics (all SFW)

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What does Shinji Like?

Bath Time

Professor Ikari

Shinji Reading Kawoshin porn

Eating Chocolates

貞カヲシン by ねこまる

誕生日まんが by 2

Kotatsu Table (??)

Other masterlists: lightsrefrain

norio-kunspluuuuurt (NSFW)

shitihanhuazu (Chinese)wheres-the-phone PS. Some links may be broken since this list was created in January 2014


nothing brings me more joy than thinking about shinji ikari’s big queer crisis

Shinji and Asuka come home one day. Misato is off work for once and she asks how school was but Shinji just buries his face in his hands and runs into his room. Misato is all ‘what the hecky’ and Asuka drops her bag on the table and says 'a boy confessed to Shinji today!!’ From down the hall they hear Shinji let out a groan of distress.

All through dinner Misato tries to figure who’s moving in on her precious Shin-chan since before she’d only teased Shinji about girls. It doesn’t take her too long to figure it out though, and when she innocently asks Shinji how Nagisa-kun is doing Shinji chokes on his rice. Asuka has to pound him on the back before he can start breathing properly again when he does it’s p much all “wHAT? nO KAWORU WouLD NEVER i MEAN we WOULD NEVER WE'RE BOYs AND”

He only stops bc all that spluttering and flailing is scaring Pen Pen, but he just stays all red and doesn’t say a word for the rest of the night. Misato chokes on her beer laughing and leaves condoms on Shinji’s pillow.

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