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Okay so this is actually one of my favorite parts of Naruto:

OKAY so Itachi and Kisame SOMEHOW MANAGE to get past Konoha’s border guards by scaling the wall ((LITERALLY WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT WALL IF YOU DON”T PATROL IT)) allowing Kisame–a 6-foot BLUE MAN with a very VERY distinctive sword who is definitely in the bingo book– and Itachi Uchiha–who was a previous anbu captain BEFORE MURDERING TONS OF PEOPLE AND fleeing the village in disgrace aS IN EVERY NINJA WORTH ANYTHING IN KONOHA SHOULD KNOW HIS FACE–to just walk around??? Like no one recognizes them???!! HOW MANY ninja do you think they’ve already passed??? EVEN Kakashi who SHOULD BE VERY FAMILIAR WITH ITACHI AND HIS CHAKRA doesn’t catch on until way later. SO Kisame and Itachi are in the middle of enemy territory where everyone should be able to recognize Itachi (if these ninja weren’t trash) and Kisame just goes:

“Hey, wanna go for a ‘lil snick snacK?”

and Itachi’s just like “Yeah, k”


Back from Hell

(requested by  lottiekami97 )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 355

Reader is a witch and a friend of Kai. She helps him get out of Hell and control his vampirism because she is in love with him.
*not my gif

NOTE : I really hope you like the story @lottiekami97 :) It was so much fun writing it , at some point I thought about maybe splitting it in two parts , but later on decided to stick with just one. I’m super proud of this one and really hope you guys like it! :)
Also if anyone has any requests or questions or just wants to talk about Kai -
send it all here.


After escaping Hell , Kai thought that this was it - he was given a second chance to live but soon he realised he wasn’t actually alive. Part of him was still stuck in Cade’s psychic dimension and if he was to stay out of Hell , he’d need help… and there was only one person he could trust with this.

It was already dark outside and Kai had no idea what time it was but judging by how empty the streets of Mystic Falls were , probably around 1-2AM. He walked for about half an hour before he found himself in front of Y/N house. Funny how his time in Hell hadn’t erased the memory of her. Most other things seemed fuzzy but not his memories of  Y/N.
There was no light coming from the inside and for a moment Kai hesitated - he was going to wake her up, but there was no other choice. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell a few times. A few minutes later Y/N opened the door. She was in her pjs. Kai felt a peck of guilt for waking her up. She glanced at him and her face went pale , as if she had seen a ghost.
“Hey.” Kai said nervously , pausing for a second. Y/N looked the same except her hair was a little shorter than the last time he’d seen her. ‘Mind if I come in ?’
Y/N stood frozen in shock at the door.
“You look like you have just seen a ghost…” he laughed.
“K-kai ?“ she stammered. It wasn’t possible. She had seen him die , Damon killed him … “Is it really you?”
He laughed a little. “Um yeah , I’m back. Sort of. Miss me ?”
Y/N seemed to snap out of her initial shock and she pulled him into a hug.
“Oh my God!” she said , happiness and relief in her voice. “I thought I’d never see you again ! Come in.” Y/N said realising why he was stuck at the door at first - being a vampire now , he needed to be invited in.

Kai stepped inside and pulled her into another hug. Y/N was the only one of the Mystic Falls gang who never judged him or hated him. She was, in a way, his best friend and it only just hit him how much he had missed her… but their reunion celebration would have to wait.
She closed the door and they walked into the living room.
“How are you here ?” Y/N asked unable to take her eyes off of him.
“I am not sure exactly. I was in Hell and suddenly I could see Mystic Falls so … I just went for it… I am not alive , tho. I can still touch things so I’m not a ghost more like a psychic imprint.” he started to explain but suddenly seemed lost and sad. “I need your help to get me out of Hell. All the way out.” he added.
The look on Kai’s face surprised Y/N , she had never seen him scared.
“Its horrible there.” he said , his head in his hands “You are on fire all the time and ghosts from your past come to peel your skin off but none of that compares to the horrors you face when Cade shows up. Those are the worst days.”
Kai looked broken and Y/N hated seeing him like that , it was breaking her heart. “Lets get to work then.” she said determination in her voice.  She took Kai’s hand leading him upstairs to the small room where she kept her grimoars.

*** ***   (continues after the cut)    *** ***

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anonymous asked:

How do you think Fushimi would manage the aftermath of his first time with Yata? I had a dream where he was crying and couldn't stop saying "Misaki, Misaki, Misaki" and Yata was like what the hell xD it was cute, heartbreaking and funny all at once.

Honestly I kinda love the idea of Fushimi having a little breakdown the morning after, like when it’s happening he’s into it, he’s happy, they fall asleep cuddling and then the next morning Fushimi wakes up to the sound of Yata making breakfast and has a ‘oh fuck I’m having emotions I don’t know how to handle emotions how do I turn them off’ moment. Yata I imagine wakes up first and there’s Fushimi all asleep and cute next to him in the bed and Yata has a bit of a ‘wow I can’t believe we did that…ha, who’s a virgin now’ moment before getting up and deciding to make Fushimi a nice post-coital breakfast. He starts to wonder what’s taking Fushimi so long though, like even for Saruhiko this is sleeping late. So he peeks his head back into the bedroom and there’s Fushimi curled up the bed with his head buried in his knees and shaking a little. Yata’s immediately all worried and running over to him like are you okay I didn’t hurt you last night did I, just freaking out that he did something wrong. Fushimi just shakes his head but doesn’t look up, making little irritated strained noises and not moving. Yata just starts trying to calm him down and ask him what’s wrong and maybe was the sex bad and finally Fushimi’s just like repeating Yata’s name a little as he clings to Yata’s shirt. Yata’s probably starting to think oh fuck I broke Saruhiko when Fushimi hiccups out that it was really good. Yata’s like wait what and Fushimi kinda stumbles out that he liked it and he likes Misaki and he likes Misaki’s smell and Misaki’s taste and Yata is so very very confused before he finally figures out that wait, you’re freaking out because you’re happy. Fushimi manages to glare at him through a very red and tear-filled face, just imagine him giving this sullen little 'shut up’ while Yata laughs and tries to tell him that no, Saruhiko, this is okay, emotions are good, feel the emotions. They probably end up cuddling on the bed a little longer until Fushimi feels better and finally he kinda gives this heartbreaking little sigh as he mutters that he must look pretty pathetic right now, Yata holds him tighter and is like nah, you’re fine, you just love me too much. Fushimi glares at him but snuggles closer anyway.

i just started laughing rlly hard because i just remembered that when i was in the hospital a couple years ago they gave me this notebook to write in that they would take and read at the end of the day and i never wrote it in but they kept giving it to me and it made them so mad so one day i just wrote all the lyrics to elton john’s Tiny Dancer over and over for like 20 pages and then they never gave me the notebook again oh my go d

So about JUNGLE

The masterminds behind all of the shit we’ve seen in the entire series are actually just four losers and a parrot in a shitty apartment. I’ve been laughing for like ten minutes, this is the best.