just like it used to be


Thought this bit from ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t’ was pretty cute. :) 

- Marianne

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names

really tho i’m so tired of seeing those posts that r like “stop trying for people who don’t show any effort” because like…….idk bout any of u but i’m emotionally n mentally screwed and sometimes it is very -very- hard for me to show someone that i genuinely want their time and attention because the only thing my mind is set to when trying to get close to them is ‘don’t get too close. they’ll hurt u. push urself away. be distant. whats the point if they’ll only leave anyway.’ and i can’t help that…..? i mean yea i’m trying to get better with it but seeing those posts jus make me feel like such shit for it, its so tiring lol

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there's literally nothing wrong with having stevonnie as ur icon omsbdkf dating doesn't have to be sexual and being nb isn't strictly an adult thing?? kids their age can date and be nb?? can anons stop being gross by sexualizing nb ppl thx


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i ship u n springledongle *-*

I’m not sure if you mean us, Springtraps, or the muns…

i used 2 like.. care a lot when i lost a bunch of followers but now i don’t even care i’m just surprised i have as many as i do. anyways just saying if you’ve been wanting 2 unfollow me fckin go for it it’s not gonna hurt my feelings . the only time i mind is when i lose followers directly after posting selfies like how .. rude y'all .

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*

Trending 27th has become a proper Thing to me, for me, by which I mean it feels like it’s ingrained already; There is no question of me not doing something for Trending 27th, this small doable something for Wander Over Yonder. Because it’s WOY. It’s important to me.

So. uh, hi @crackmccraigen.
I hope all the best for and onto you.
Thanks for bringing your baby to the table and sharing it with all of us.
WOY popped into my life with the exact-right messages at the exact-right time. It’s been a great help (EY) to me, and it’s set an example. It’s made me think.
It’s made me laugh too. And grin. It’s made me produce work, even through rough patches. I’ve shared this show with people who are dear to me. I’ve made friends, man, so many people on here are just sparking. I’ve taken a lot away from it. This show has impacted me, and you have too.

I hope, if you see this, Craig, you see all these Trending 27th post notifications and see them as a thunderous shout out for Wander Over Yonder, your beautiful creation, and as an outpouring of well-wishing to you in the future on everything else you do.

Thank you for creating, we’re rooting for you, and we’ll keep pushing @disneyxd on this. It’s the 27th; It’s Wander Day. We want our show back, please.  We want to check up on our animated buddies, we want to know how their stories wrap up (and began!). We want to know the furthest reaches of the galaxy that Craig intended us to see.
   Or you. Intended us to see: if you are Craig. Yes.

This has been a note; a long one. And I tagged Craig in it. And I should have made it shorter and more succinct. What a rotter.
(Y'all made Something The So and So and now look at this mess oozing on your doorstep)

people who use slurs have the weirdest arguments against them like some of my favorites are:

  • “i don’t mean X when i say it” - every time i go to mcdonalds i order a crispy chicken wrap with light ranch but i really want a big mac, why don’t the mcdonalds employees understand that????
  • “freedom of speech matters” - so is not being a fucking asshole
  • “mean people will find an excuse to be mean regardless of the word” - so you’re admitting you’re a mean person & ugly
  • “it’s just a word” - words have context ugly
  • “if you make people stop saying this word a new word will just come along to replace it” - the word isn’t the problem it’s the context ugly
  • “why don’t you go volunteer here and make an actual difference” - asking people not to say slurs and volunteering aren’t mutually exclusive ugly
  • “i love disabled/lgbt/nonwhite people” - then don’t say a word that is used as a means to mock and oppress them ugly
  • “you can’t police people’s language” - watch me ugly!