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The finished version of this post. I finally found my motivation again, probably thanks to all the BB content we were blessed with today due to the concert.
This drawing is loosely based on Daesung’s look in the Monster MV ~

peacefulteatime  asked:

9e outfit 1b expression for the lovely Emerald? Also, your drawings just make my day 10x better. c:

I’d rather be queen, queen, queen, a queen bee…

Thank you VERY much!! ;u; it’s so nice of you ♥♥
When I saw the meme and that shirt I thought of Emerald too by the way! I’m happy you asked for her! lol

To other people who sent requests: if you sent it for just one meme, please complete it with the other too, thanks ;)

@buckskin-babies GET READY bc i’m about to name dump on u

names i’m gonna use but u can use too: rigamarole, rabble-rouser, fat tuesday, big boy, li’l debbie, feets, gravelpit, knifefight, pierogi, spicy

names i had stowed away in a list from when i was trying to name disco and co.: twyla, nasa, nova, templeton, stevie, mackie, punch, leeloo, despereaux, fievel, wylie, pogo, peppa, pip, poncho, chessa, cinno, hubble, sodapop, topo, rubble, rumble, big dog peperonie, hiccup, clio, jonesy/josey, pixel, bb8, dad, maisie, penelo, splash, kopo, munchie, booger, pema, smudge, quara, tessa, zilphie, atwood (atty for short), moira, polly, evvie, meelo, pabu

whacko names i’m just gonne come up w rn: brigadeiro, ooeygooey, ouija, chickpea, cujo, rigatoni, ragu, thingamajig, party pat, gibby, bumfuzzle, googly-moogly, malarkey, ratoon, flubber, doodle, doozy, (speecy spicy) meatball, li’l loaf, finagle, gobbledygook, hodgepodge, squeegee, lumps, frowzy, stymie 

so it looks to me like the decline in overall notes on the activity page is in fact just a result of notes not being reported there and not that our posts arent being seen as has been the suspicion going around.

i posted this about 24 hours ago and as of right now it has about 580 notes. 

however my activity page is simply not reflecting that.

looks like i’ve gotten a grant total of 310 notes overall in the past three days? impossible. tumblr put out a thingy saying as much but i think that has more to do with the sharp decline of notes rather than the “best stuff first” feature (which still sucks and y’all really need to cut the shit @staff

secret’s out: how i got skilled in art

while 13-year-old you was making emo ocs i was creating an alternate history of the zeppelin company in which nazi propaganda and rampant nationalism never showed up to fuck up the future of passenger airship travel so who’s the real pathetic nerd now?

It’s done

Hey guys! I’m finally done with the art I was working on so here it is! (I’m a beginner, so if you have any feedback / tips for me, please comment below, send me a message or tell me in an ask)

My first artwork : A movie and TV show Lloyd Garmadon Mashup and not an excuse for me not remembering /knowing that Lloyd doesn’t have such powers in the movie( if he does, please tell me I haven’t seen the actual movie, only spoilers) ! Hope you guys like it! (like and reblog if you do, and yes, if you want to use this - although I doubt anyone will - just say so! )

@inline-vandal @ittybittypearlygirly @lindseymasterofsong @ninjagoforever @deadpotatowithextracheese @golly-geez @the-disaster-mark-2 thanks for the support!

One last question : Do you guys want more? (I’ll start working on something, and if you guys want to see it, I’ll post it here)

Love y'all! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

wheresquidsdare  asked:

I saw the photos of Jude Law as Dumbledore yesterday and thought of your blog but couldn't freakin find you on my list I was gonna fangirl about his beard with you, but now that I found your blog again HOW ABOUT THAT BEARD OMG


im emo thinking about,,, when liam uncovers that one of his parents (regina IS his stepmom dont @ me) is responsible for sabotaging the one woman in his entire life who literally has taught him how to be a person after spending his whole life being sheltered and subdued and neglected.… who proves to him that he deserves to love and be loved when he thought it was impossible…. who teaches him its okay to just live in the moment and take chances and that he doesn’t have to be perfect and apathetic all the time…. who from the beginning saw him as Liam the Person before Liam the Prince and still fell in love with him

i genuinely cant imagine how severe that kind of betrayal would hurt, and it genuinely worries me to see how he handles it considering how repressed his feelings and emotions were forced to be since childhood. we see it countless times throughout the books, with him bringing it up (its usually just in passing, in little things he says or does, or he briefly mentions it before moving on to something else) or regina talking abt her strong beliefs on necessary stoicism that were more than likely taught to both of the brothers. jfc emotional repression is extremely unhealthy, not to mention him being sheltered and likely neglected by two very busy parents (case in point the eiffel tower scene) and having witnessed an assassination attempt. i think hes hurting WAY MORE than hes letting on and has stories upon stories of horrific shit to tell considering the nobles are fucking ruthless but he keeps it to himself like he was always taught to

LONG STORY SHORT liam has a lot of unresolved issues and traumas that have affected him significantly into adulthood that break my fuckinG HEART to think abt and now im Fucked Up Janet

I have yet to see an american interviewer ask bts about their own songs or albums or career in korea or kpop in general but every single one feels the need to ask them about other american artists…….

Are you ever just so profoundly grateful that someone you used to know is out of your life forever lmao


Daniel Harrison status update…feeling pressured 😤 :

To quote Shannon Noll ‘I got a car.’ Someone pointed out I’d have to make 7 separate trips to get family from the airport. Fuckin’ Steve. 

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