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Michael: Yeah but I could try to call out to people but they car me! I’m just dying and nobody would know

Jeremy: That isn’t going to happen Michael.

This is the ask

fun fact despite the plethora of hints i blindly trusted alphys the entire time and when mettaton was even like “she’s the one who did all this lol” i was like “no!! she’s my friend! you’re just trying to trick me!”
it wasn’t until i either like watched someone play it or i played it the second time that i noticed everything and was like “oh my god”

i’ve been playing Hitman: Absolution today and it’s all fun and stuff being really sneaky but cHRSIT i don’t recommend doing it just before you go to bed I’M SO ON EDGE HELP

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Unpopular opinion: str8 people who use gay or faggot as an insult are homophobic, no excuses. Using someone's identity and love as an insult as though being gay is disgusting and undisirable is disgusting and damaging and it never stops hurting when people do it

STRONGLY AGREE the f slur makes me so uncomfortable even though i can reclaim it jhghgh 

i love the versatility of glitter in magic. use it to symbolise the stars, the moon, magic itself! use it to curse someone or send them happiness, edible glitter! the seaweed glitter in lush bathbombs! connect to a deity or make yourself feel like one! Use glitter nail polish to paint sigils! Fairies!!!!!

historically glitter used to be smashed up bits of glass (sometimes mirrors, depends on the source tbh) and even if you’re using plastic, seaweed, or mica glitter it can be symbolic of that connection, meaning you can use it for even more stuff

idk. glitter is just really great.

small psa. i’m playing through DA:O, have been pretty sick with a week of migraines. i’m going to finish up any meme related asks, and my drafts, but i can’t accept any new plots/threads until im 100% feeling better.   between work, origins, and trying to sleep these painful headaches, i can’t handle much more?? i should honestly see a doctor(again) but insurance is so outta reach for me now.   that’s all, folks.

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Your art is super cute and I will not stand for this slander. All your characters are Soft and the lack of ridgid corners in their designs make them look floofy and cuddly and I love it. Your use of bright colours is also amazing, because it makes your art vibrant, but you don't overdo it, so you avoid making it overwhelming, which is a hard balance to find. Finally, I DIE whenever you do a glow effect because HOLY SHIT it's just SO GOOD. Your art is amazing you brilliant piece of shit.

I’ve reread this so many times and I can’t get over “your art is amazing you brilliant piece of shit” lkadsalkd

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9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue