just like hermione

the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)


Hermione’s screams echoed off the walls upstairs, Ron was half sobbing as he pounded the walls with his fists…

I think one of the most unrealistic things about Harry Potter is that Hermione didn’t start using pens instead of quills in like.. fourth year. Like this stressed, logical girl who grew up using pens would just think its absolute nonsense and that technology advances a reason and you just know she doesn’t care about the aesthetic, but rather getting shit done.  

J.K.: *I should apologize for all the ships I never made happen*

J.K. : The reason Draco was so mean to Hermione was because he loved her.

J.K.: Harry and Hermione should have ended up together

Gay Side of HP shipping: *wolfstardrarrydeamusgrindledore*

J.K.: What’s a Drarry?

J.K.: Dean and Seamus were just friends nothing more.

J.K.: Scorpius loves Rose just like Draco loved Hermione.

J.K.: I’m not homophobic dumbledore is gay!!!!!


J.K.: Remus had a child.

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I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Tomione Meme | Eight Fanfic’s you’d love to read [3/8] | An Elemental Magic AU

In a world where magic is split into four elemental sources, people trust in their magical school institutions to teach children which elemental runs in their veins. Sometimes you’re an earth mage who can cast minor fire spells to heat an oven, sometimes you’re a water-mage with the ability to cast a little wind - but usually your DNA won’t accept more than one element in your magical helix. While junior students get taught in all of the elements until they reach 16 years, the ceremony for senior students of Hogwarts provides the need to put the so-called guidance hat on their top. People say the hat lives and it will run with force through your system and magic channel to choose the suitable element for your future and classify you in one of the four senior houses: Gryffindor the Fire-house, Ravenclaw the Water-house, Hufflepuff the Wind-house and Slytherin the Earth-house. Once Hermione Granger reaches her 16 years, an incident occurs during her ceremony which leaves her unconscious and with several serious head injuries in the medical wing of Hogwarts. When she wakes up, she accidentally overhears a conversation between headmaster Dumbledore and several dark persons, who talk about her as an abomination, a so-called element-waver. She heard about the term before, people who are able to control all four elements in a perfect balance - dark mages. Once she realises, that they want to lock her up to run experiments on her, she does the only right thing that comes to her mind: she flees.

Wrenched from everything she knows, she remembers fearful whispers and tales, a name spoken with respect and terror at once; Lord Voldemort, an element-waver like her who vanished years ago after his power nearly destroyed half of magic Britain. With the magical SWAT team on her tracks and an untamed power she can’t control, Hermione will have to confront the darkest mage of the new age - if he’s still alive.