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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

So, for the past ten days or so, I probably spent about 70 hours in the car and drove over 3000 miles.  So, Director Sanvers long drive hcs.

  • They are all very much of the ‘drive as long as possible and sleep in rest areas’ frame of mind unless it’s a legit road trip, where half of the point is to make stops along the way.
    • Except, there are three of them, which means they just only stop for food and short breaks, and rotate the driver.
  • They always start the trip with one in the driver’s seat, and the other two in the back.  Once the first driver gets to the point of needing to sleep, however, the other two move to the front, so the back can be used for sleeping.
  • Lucy has exactly three types of music she listens to while on long drives.  Disney music (and other animated movies), classic rock, and country.
    • Maggie is actually all for all of it.
    • Alex fucking hates her girlfriends sometimes
  • Road trip snacks
    • Alex and Lucy eat nothing but junk while in the car
    • Maggie shakes her head and throws an apple at them
      • She is also the one who makes sure they stop to eat, and not just grab fast food through a drive in
  • Alex mapping out everything, every rest area, every gas station.  She has multiple routes planned.  One is faster, one is a shorter distance, one takes them past some really cool museums.
  • Having to pull over in the middle of nowhere because I told you we should have stopped at that gas station, Lane and laying on the top of the car, staring at the night sky over the plains, as they wait for roadside assistance.

good news: i have a girlfriend now
bad news: i have to buy her lunch for the rest of this week


Carrying pepper spray without proper training is dangerous in and of itself due to the fact that if you don’t know how to use it you can be effectively giving your attacker a weapon to use against you (same goes for if you’re carrying a knife and aren’t trained on how to use it)

But if you MUST carry pepper spray DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOUR KEYS because if and when your attacker grabs it from you they will effectively have obtained your car and entrance to your home and your student ID and whatever else you keep on your keys.

Also you make it 10x easier for your attacker to grab your pepper spray from you if it’s attached to a lanyard.

Common sense people. Please.

Source: my neighbor is an ex-swat team member.

I’ve been receiving a few asks about shipping and what my take on it is, so here:
I don’t ship anyone in Gorillaz. It kinda makes me happier to see them as a big ole dysfunctional family. If you ship nudoc, 2doc, 2nu or any other ships, then that’s you! I’m okay with it! You shipping them doesn’t have any impact on my life, so you do you. I don’t really like ship bashers tbh. I’m more of a “If it doesn’t concern you, don’t let it bother you” kinda girl.

So yeah! There’s my take on it. Have a nice day 💕

forever bummed that s4 never introduced a ‘devil wears prada’ like plot for kurt’s internship at vogue?? like wh i dont wanna see rachel’s boring ass wear dresses I WANNA SEE KURT STRUGGLE W FASHION SHIT

was on an sp discord when the idea of @lonelyopal‘s Twaig meeting my Creek happened and this happened

bonus doodles:

anonymous asked:

Some shidan and garrack ;w; discussing, drinking, just more of them and maybe have shidan ACTUALLY kiss the lady. Uhh idk if you’ve incorporated them modern au but if not canon verse is good! :)


Garrack’s TA startles, and she stifles a laugh. He’s a high-strung kid, more limbs than sense at times, but a hard-worker nonetheless. He doesn’t have the natural aptitude of Ryuu, or the studious heart of Shirayuki, or even Obi’s gift of lateral thinking, but he’s the sort of kid that doesn’t give up. He’ll throw himself against a wall before he’ll walk away from it – or, she can’t help thinking a bit uncharitably, go around it.

Listen, they’ll be hand-pouring gels for month to make up the cost of the boxes he went through only to realize he was using the wrong fucking ones. For fuck’s sake, they have a chart.

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