just like aoi


aoi: skye??? what are you doing here (are you crying?)
skye: I’m sorry… I didn’t have time to tell you but, I’m moving

skye: I’m sorry… I’m moving to Mt.Pyre, I needed change I guess…
aoi: hey its ok… don’t tell anyone, but I’m leaving too!

skye: What? You didn’t tell me either? (…hypocrite) 
aoi: If they knew I, the prince of Ghosts, left? My people, they would cry!
skye: uh, I’m sure they would have been fi-
aoi: FOR THAT REASON IT HAD TO BE hush hush- your know what i mean.

aoi: I’M GOING TO OPEN A SIMPLE CUPCAKE SHOP! Far away from responsibility and the pressure of being ROYALTY! 
skye: Well, Aoi, I’m sure your loyal subjects will miss you very much.
aoi: ah, yeah I’m going to miss them too…

aoi: you’re moving Mt.Pyre right? I’ll move there too! We’ll go together!
skye: you didn’t even know where you were going?
aoi: (no I was probably just gonna go back home) Now I do tho! I wan’t to go with you!

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥

gosh i reallllyyyyyyy hope that Aoi in VRAINS has like, a realllyyyyy cool virtual reality persona cause her design is so generic…… ;w;

but it would make sense if she has a really crazy, yu-gi-oh style online identity, and her generic design irl makes it harder for people to identify her as her online persona?

Rajigaze Sep 16

Q: When I was little, I didn’t like dairy products like cheese or yogurt. But a while ago I tried them again for the first time in a long time, and now I love them. Are there any foods you guys didn’t like when you were little but now you like them?

Aoi: Hmmmmmmmmm….

Reita: I’m tryna think…is there anything you couldn’t eat before but you can eat now?

Aoi: Hmmmmmmmmm….

Reita: Do you just like everything? Even vegetables?

Aoi: Yep, I like vegetables.

Reita: And you like seafood too…

Aoi: Yep, seafood too…

Reita: Oh.

Aoi: Hmm…yeah, I can’t think of anything.

Reita: So there’s nothing you came to like over time?

Aoi: Nope.

Reita: Ahh, that’s good…

Aoi: Well, there’s stuff I never liked. Like celery and cheese and stuff.

Reita: Oh, I see~. For me, it’s natto. I like it now, but…I probably couldn’t eat it until…almost ten years ago.

Aoi: Ahh…why?

Reita: Cause it stinks

Aoi: Oh truuuu

Reita: And I didn’t get how people could like it.

Aoi: You know, people who eat that stuff are amazing.

(Reita laughs)

Aoi: Seriously, so many people can’t eat it.

Reita: Cause of the smell, eh.

Aoi: A long time ago, when we did shows at live houses, we would get catering, but the dressing rooms weren’t that big…

Reita: Mhm~

Aoi: And they would tape garbage bags – I mean they still do it – but they would tape them to the corners of the tables. And someone kept throwing out their natto containers in the garbage bags, so all around that table it would smell like natto. And I was like, “I’m seriously leaving this band.”

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Reita: I’m pretty sure the offender was a type-B…

Aoi: Well, I’m not gonna drop any names, but…

(Reita laughing)

Reita: Now, when I eat natto, I prepare it in the catering room. I beat a raw egg and mix it in with the natto, and then take it with me. So I throw out the garbage in that room.

Aoi: Ah, so you’re one of those. You put egg in it.

Reita: Me?

Aoi: Yeah. So everyone puts it in, huh.

Reita: Yeah – what, you don’t?

Aoi: I don’t.

Reita: But it tastes better with it, no?

Aoi: But then you can’t taste it.

Reita: The natto?

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: Ahhhh…then maybe I don’t actually like natto, I just like it with raw egg on rice.

Aoi: That’s probably it.

Reita: I guess I like it when you can’t taste it that much (laughs). So you like it plain, then. 

Aoi: Yep, only plain.

Reita: Hey, that one time we went – where did we go? We went somewhere, and they had natto that was inside like, a legit bundle of straw. What did you think of that?

Aoi: I didn’t like it.

(Both burst out laughing)

Reita: You didn’t, eh? What was that..? Some kind of authentic natto, maybe?

Aoi: But, I mean, come on…we were raised as…you know…

Reita: Common people?

Aoi: Yeah…I mean, we still are, but

(Reita laughs)

Aoi: We haven’t acquired tastes like that…you know, for finer things…

Reita: Yeah. We’re more suited for like…regular foods

Aoi: Yeah, definitely.

Reita: For sure, that stuff just didn’t agree with us.

Aoi: It didn’t. It was too authentic.

(Reita laughs)

  • Hagakure: I was so scared, you guys. My crystal ball told me that I was going to die in a pit, but I kept telling myself, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a hole, not a pit, this is a

ディスク貸してくれるかい? (won’t you lend me your discs?)

so recently i’ve been loving this butt more and more and then this scout happens.

aoi i want you but i also want to save as much discs as possible for new years reprint / newer tenten LE scouts im sorry


Felt like doing a random hair color layer thing for fun as a warm down. I want to start making more “official” model sheets or sketches to keep my characters on model when I (finally…) start on my webcomic. Yup