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#kdramawomensweek: day 8 // age of youth love-fest | happy international women’s day!

So I pretty much put together some of my favorite scenes from Age of Youth. They’re all scenes that really hit me hard emotionally or just personally resonated with me. When Jin Myung, whose feelings have slowly been bubbling underneath the surface, finally overflows with emotion, full of rage and agony. She finally demands the apology she’s been silently asking for. When she fell to the floor in sobs, I cried with her. I felt that grief. When Yi Na realizes she’s been holding herself back and finally lets herself go. Dammit, that scene just hit me. When Eun Jae blows up and just begs for the housemates to be nice to her I could personally relate to her pain and just how nervous she must have felt to finally let that out and tell these almost strangers how alienated they made her feel and how much it had hurt her. That’s not easy.

As you can see, most of my favorite scenes include the girls all together. The relationship that developed between these girls, different in pretty much every way, from being strangers just living in a house together to sisters that loved and protected each other in any way they could was really the main strength of the show. Even that hilarious scene when the girls beat up Eun Jae’s boyfriend because they think he’s some stranger out to hurt her shows just how willing they are to protect each other. I mean, they burst out of the house the second they heard Eun Jae scream. The girls immediately went to comfort Ye Eun when she finally broke up with a boyfriend she loved so much. And when Eun Jae finally comes home after being out all night, the girls just hug her, saying that everything is okay because she’s here and she’s safe. I’m tearing up just thinking of the scene. That love for each other that made them one of the best friendships of 2016 and just in general.

What I love about the girls individual stories is the journey they went through during the drama and where they ended up. They don’t end the drama suddenly complete and whole, but you know they’ve set themselves on that track. They learn to start forgiving and loving themselves. The ghosts they’ve lived with are never completely gone but they’re not held back and tortured by them anymore.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I love these girls so so so so so much. There’s really nothing I can say that can convey the amount of love I have for this drama and the Belle Epoque girls. It warms my heart when I think of them and I’m just so happy there’s going to be a season 2.


Please calm down, Naegi-kun! by Mikage Baku from the Danganronpa 3 Anthology (Dengeki Comics)

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Translation by: Sidera-chan

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The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always Vol.1 Cover (x)

(。「´-ω・)ン  Heyya folks! Here’s just some info for those into this manga series along with the volume cover dfjdsk. (☞゚∀゚)☞ May we all suffer together until this cliffhanger gets resolved.

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aoi: skye??? what are you doing here (are you crying?)
skye: I’m sorry… I didn’t have time to tell you but, I’m moving

skye: I’m sorry… I’m moving to Mt.Pyre, I needed change I guess…
aoi: hey its ok… don’t tell anyone, but I’m leaving too!

skye: What? You didn’t tell me either? (…hypocrite) 
aoi: If they knew I, the prince of Ghosts, left? My people, they would cry!
skye: uh, I’m sure they would have been fi-
aoi: FOR THAT REASON IT HAD TO BE hush hush- your know what i mean.

aoi: I’M GOING TO OPEN A SIMPLE CUPCAKE SHOP! Far away from responsibility and the pressure of being ROYALTY! 
skye: Well, Aoi, I’m sure your loyal subjects will miss you very much.
aoi: ah, yeah I’m going to miss them too…

aoi: you’re moving Mt.Pyre right? I’ll move there too! We’ll go together!
skye: you didn’t even know where you were going?
aoi: (no I was probably just gonna go back home) Now I do tho! I wan’t to go with you!

i love how ruki was so unsatisfied with this part of guren during the 2009, listened to it 3 times  and decided to change it.


now in the new version he brought it back to how it was originally 

do u get this  ? every time he performed this song he probably thought “damn fuck shit shit i should have kept it as is i dont like it”

he has been wanting to change that part for 8 years

and now he did 

*slow clap*

edit: srry this sure is confusing XD. to clear it up a bit if you listen to the recorded old version of guren at 3:11 and to the new version of guren at 3:17 you will notice the difference in lyrics XD

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For the emoji art challenge: A5 with Yusaku maybe?

Thanks for the ask, Anon! and hope you like this image of nerdy Yusaku finding a new search algorithm (for programming). 
I just like things that are mathematically simple and cute, ok? 

It would make a lot of sense if Go became Aoi’s first actual friend. 

In episode 6, we saw that Aoi doesn’t have any real friends because people only approach her for what she (or really, Akira) can do for them. 

But episode 3 solidified that Go doesn’t want anything from Akira. He only worked with SOL because they could prevent Playmaker from logging out; he couldn’t care less about what SOL could do for him otherwise.

Which means that Aoi wouldn’t have to worry about Go asking her for some favor. They could actually form a friendship like normal people. 

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥