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Wicked Love - Part 7 - Emotions

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Warnings: Arguments, fighting, ETC

Pairings: OUAT x Reader



Reader’s Pov

   “Come on! I’m tired of just sitting here waiting for you to ‘Scout the area’.” You say as you quote Killian with air quotes. He rolls his eyes as he says, “I’m sorry would you like to check for Ogres or just go forth guns blazing?”

   You groan in annoyance as you say, “But I’m bored, please tell me we are almost there.”

   “Sorry to disappoint you Princess but it’s still a ways away.”


   “Yes; so if you don’t mind, shut it.”

   You raise an eyebrow at the pirate as you think to yourself, ‘Did he really just tell me to shut up?’ You make a mental note to get him back for it later. Folding your arms over your chest you hear something a few feet away from you and turning ready a shocking orb for whoever was in the woods.

   “Hook?” You say as quiet as you could but it was no use he was too far ahead of you now. “Shit,” you say as you take a deep breath and turn back toward the direction the noise had originated. Your heart starts to race as you hear the footsteps getting closer to you. Biting your lip you look around you and quickly hide behind a tree. Holding your breath you glance around the trunk of the tree to see two men.

   At first you think about trying your shot at slowly slipping away but then a familiar voice causes you to freeze in your steps.

   “So tell me again why the queen would send her only daughter here?”

   “I’m not sure, I know Regina and she wouldn’t let ______ out of her sight for more than a day so something has to be wrong.”

   Jefferson… why was he following you? Your heart clenches at the sudden nearness of its other half making your breath catch. He was the last person you wanted to see or even talk too.

   “So if you don’t mind me asking how do the two of you know each other?” The other male says and you suddenly realize that it was Robin Hood.

   Jefferson sighs as he pauses and instantly leans up against the other side of the tree you were hiding behind. You could basically feel his body against yours as he spoke, his words etching at the wall you had placed all your feelings for him behind.

   “I messed up,” He says as he pulls his hat off his head and gently runs his fingers over velvet trim. “I was angry about something she had nothing to do with and I took my anger out on her.” He lifts the hat up as he continues, “This was destroyed, and she gave up a very important part of herself to repair it. I was going to apologize to her but she showed up with this and throwing it at me told me to leave and never come back. So I packed up all my things and grabbing Grace came back here.”

   “And you just left her without as much as a goodbye?”

   “She didn’t want me to stay she made that very clear.”

   “Women always say things they don’t mean. My wife Marion god rest her soul was a saint, but she had her moments. One day she herself told me she never wanted to see me again, but I was stubborn and went after her. Turns out she was just scared because she was pregnant with Roland and didn’t think I would be happy.”

   “But you love Roland.”

   “That I do, and perhaps your princess has been waiting for you to come back into her life.”

   “Perhaps,” Jefferson places his hat back on his head as he says, “There’s only one way to find out.”

   Your heart drops as you think about Jefferson wanting to find you. Why now? Why did he want to talk to you now? And why didn’t he ever tell you he was going to apologize for being a complete ass. You hear footsteps again and turn to look ahead of you to see Hook walking back toward you and with a wave of your hand freeze him in his footsteps as so he won’t alarm Jefferson to your whereabouts.

   You eyes meet his and you can tell that he was instantly irritated with you. With a flick of your wrist you instead freeze the two men behind you and letting out a sigh move toward Hook and unfreezing him say, “Sorry I couldn’t let them know I was here and you would have ruined that.”

   “As much as I hate being frozen, I’ll let it slide just this once.”

   “Thank you Cap.”

   He raises an eyebrow at the nickname causing you to smile. “What?” You say as the two of you move further away from your followers.

   “Please call me either Hook or Killian.”

   “But that’s no fun.”

   “Then shall I return to calling you princess?”

   “Oh hell no.”

   “Then call me Hook or Killian.”

   “FINE!” You say as you drag out the word making annoyance fill your words.

   Killian looks behind you at the two men and turning back to you asks, “Can I ask why you decided to freeze your ex-boyfriend?”

   “Because I don’t want to see or talk to him.”

   “You’ll have to eventually,”

   “Are you my father?”

   “What? No,”

   “Then back off, if I want to talk to him then I will.”

   “Someone’s in a foul mood.”

   “I’ll show you foul mood,” You snap your fingers and he is hanging upside down from a branch by his boots. You burst out laughing as you fall to your knees.

   “This isn’t funny,”

   “I think it’s funny,”


   “Yes Captain Hook?”

   “Can you let me down?”

   You bite your lip as you contemplate leaving him there but then with a wave of your hand he reappears a few feet away from you standing straight up. What you didn’t realize was that by undoing your magic on him you had also undone your magic on Jefferson and Robin.

   “______?” You hear his voice call your name and your face blanches. You slowly turn toward him to see his eyes fixed on you. He slowly walks over to you making you slowly back away from him. Matching him step for step.

   “Please just let me explain.”He says as he holds out his hands toward you scared that you would run from him again. “There is nothing to explain Jefferson. You left. That’s it.”

   “I left because you told me too.”

   “And you listened?”

   He lets out an annoyed sigh as he says, “Was I not supposed too?”

   “No you weren’t. You should’ve just done what you wanted like you always do.”

   “I couldn’t do that to you.”

   You narrow your eyes and clenching your fist feel a shocking orb start to appear. Before you had a chance to throw it at him Hook grabs your wrist and you turn toward him your eyes narrowed.

   “Captain I am warning you, let go of me.”

   “Lass you need to calm down.”

   “Do not tell me what to do!”

   “I know you’re upset but if you send that ball of light at him you’ll notify every Ogre around here of our whereabouts.”

   Rolling your eyes you make your Shocking orb disappear and fold your arms over your chest. “Now can you hold off on killing him until we reach the evil queens castle?”

   You look past Killian to where Jefferson was standing staring at the two of you and sigh again. “Fine, I’ll be nice.”

   “Good, now shall we?” He says as he motions you to walk ahead of him. You glance back at Jefferson as you turn and walk in the direction of your mother’s castle as you say, “Don’t stare at my ass.”

   Jefferson chuckles as he says, “Like you could stop me.”

   Killian stops Jefferson from following you by grabbing his upper arm. The pirate stares daggers at the man as he says, “If I were you, I’d not tempt the lass. The next time she tries to kill you I won’t stop her.” Before Jefferson has a chance to reply Killian turns and heads off after his ward.

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why do girls have to do so much work to be considered good looking while guys just get to walk around looking like actual ogres? oh yeah it’s b/c this world is UNFAIR!

In an attempt to draw attention to one of my favorite new singers, a truly unique and distinctive voice in a sea of monotony and repetition.  Iiris is what happens when you cross Kerli with Bjork, and with the endorsement of the former, it’s worth taking notice.  "Just Like An Ogre" is the third single off her debut album, The Magic Gift Box, preceded by “Weirdo” and “Melyse”.  Check out everything she’s got, she’s worth your time.

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: like I literally do not mean to drag cameron diaz at all by saying she looks like an actual ogre but like is it just me or does she kind of look like fiona from Shrek like they have the same exact face did the animators do that on purpose or does my subconscious just think she’s an ogre

omg in my 6th period everyone was talking after the bell rang and my teacher says “so your just gonna talk and ignore me while im standing here like an ogre” and some kid just mutters well enough for everyone to hear “this is my swamp” and everyone bursts out laughing and then i said “layers. onions have layers” and she had someone explain the shrek refrences and then she got angry and made us put our heads on our desks like we were in kindergarten lmao