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On Stage

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Imagine that you’re at one of Jared’s concerts and he stops in the middle to point you out on the side and is all like “ look how beautiful she is , isn’t she so adorable ” stuff like that making the reader all shy and stuff and the entire time the crowd is in awe ❤️

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Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

Shannon and Tomo had just left the stage, meaning Jared was now on his own with his acoustic guitar. Well, technically you were still there, standing on the side of the stage, watching Jared in awe. His performance so far had been amazing, just like Tomo’s and Shannon’s, of course. The crowd was really enjoying themselves. Everyone was singing along to the songs, as were you.

You had been lost in your thoughts, thinking about how the tour had been so far, when you suddenly heard Jared mention your name. “Y/N? Yeah, she’s right over there.” He was pointing in your direction. What? “Hey babe.”, he waved to you, smiling. Everybody was now staring at you, you could feel yourself getting red. You slowly raised your hand and waved back. “Aww, isn’t she cute. She’s actually quite shy. So, this is great for her right now.”, Jared said grinning. “Enjoying the show so far, love?” You could hear the crowd aw-ing and screaming out ‘how cute’ you both were, just because he called you love. “Love it.”, you call back to him. His eyes light up, “Good, I’m glad.”, he turns back to the audience,” You know, she basically has to watch this show almost every day. Would be really bad, if she hated it. Luckily, she actually likes the music. I’ve been watching, she sings along, too. Most of the time anyway.”, he winks at you. “It’s really adorable.” You hide your face in your hands, hoping that he’ll stop, being in the center of attention wasn’t exactly your favorite position to be in. Jared chuckled, “I’m sorry, babe, it’s just really cute when you blush. I’ll stop now.” You mouth a quick ‘thank you’ to him. “Alright, where was I?” The crowd laughs, “Ah yes, I’m supposed to sing and play, right? Sorry, my beautiful girlfriend is kind of distracting. Anyway, this next song is called ‘The kill’. You know that one?” “Yeah!”, the audience screams back. “Raise your hand if you know it.”  A lot of hands, shoot up to the sky. “Babe, why’s your hand not up?”, Jared asks teasingly, making the crowd laugh and aw again. You shake your head, laughing, and raise your hand up. “Okay then, here is ‘the kill’.”

Lovelorn || pt. 2

Member: Jung Hoseok
Genre: some fluff and a whole lotta angst
Summary: It’s been a year since you and Hoseok called things off to avoid hurting your brother, Yoongi. Moving on’s been harder than you thought. 
Word Count: 3.6k 
Other parts: pt. 1 || pt. 2 || pt. 3 || pt. 4 || pt. 5 || pt. 6 || pt. 7 || pt. 8 || pt. 9 || pt.10 || pt. 11
Edited: 6/30

You weren’t exactly successful in love.

You’d dated a few people here and there, trying to find some semblance of a meaningful relationship. It never really worked out. You were always amicable about it, and you seemed to only choose boys with a penchant for being understanding, but you couldn’t help but feel frustrated. You told yourself sometimes that it was okay; that it was just because you were teenagers, and you didn’t know who you were yet, so trying to start a deep relationship wasn’t always going to work. But you also knew that a large part of it was because of Hoseok.

Other people just didn’t seem to compare. It wasn’t an active judgement on your part; it just seemed to stick in the back of your mind, hovering like an unwanted guest who’d overstayed their welcome. And your feelings had overstayed their welcome. You should have been over him last year. You should have been over him when he stopped talking to you. But you just didn’t seem to budge. You despised yourself for that.

You’d stayed away from your brother’s friends after what happened with Hoseok. It wasn’t that you thought you were going to fall in love with another one of them (Hoseok had set too high a standard among Yoongi’s circle), but you’d preferred to separate yourself from his private life as much as possible. You thought it was paranoia at first, but it didn’t consume your thoughts enough to be considered a real problem. If you stayed away from his friends, nothing would ever become messy like that. Your private lives were separate; over the course of one year, you’d managed to establish a social life of your own. You looked for people in your own grade, or people outside of school. Anyone but Hoseok. Not that anything lasted more than a month.

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