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If you’re down for it, guys…

Reblog this with a list of your kinks. I would love to able to fill my stories with lovely fetishes that you can indulge in. Also would give me a great challenge in writing about specific things.

If you’re not comfortable with listing it, that’s cool 😊

But remember my ask box is always open, and you can drop me a list there in private if you like 😄

Figured I should get the ball rolling and be shameless, so here are mine:


Oral sex

Mutual masturbation

Burlesque/stripping-I basically worship Dita Von Teese

Vampires-neck biting, scratching, hypnotic seduction

Red hair-not just Penny; I LOVE GINGERS

Fem girls

Alt/grunge/goth girls-black clothes and flannel shirts, coloured hair, nose piercings, black/berry lips…unnmmmf

Pennywise kinks:

Hands and fingers


Supernatural guardian/invisible friend

Period sex

Dancing-I just envy dancers their ability to move

Strength-he can pick me up like I’m nothing

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Petname Babygirl II pt.1

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi

word count: 7.3k

Sleeping with some random guy was one thing. But realizing that he is your boss was a disaster until he offers you something tempting you cannot reject.

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BNHA Light Novel No.2 Trans

Chapter 4, AB Union: A Girls Only Gathering Part 2

[Part 1

t/n this has to be my favourite part of the chap, everyone talking about the boys and their boyfriend potentialness lol ahhh <3 p.s sorry if this a little short of a part!

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It was a September foggy morning when we met. I caught your eyes and something inside me in that very moment just knew you were trouble. Maybe because you held that cigarette in a certain way, or maybe was the way you used to pronounce my name, always in a low tone, like you were tasting every single syllable in your lips. It made me shiver and it made me uncomfortable, and something along the lines of getting out of my comfort zone for a while made you just irresistible.

You told me you weren’t nice to people because when you are you get hurt and fucked over, I told you I had the same problem. And then a month later, I broke down my shell for you and was nice, I showed you I actually cared. I guess that was my mistake, because you were no different from the rest. I guess you were so scared of being fucked over you decided to screw me over instead.

And there was this day when I woke up and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I stood there in front of you, shaking as I gathered up all of my courage and asked, “Do you hate me?”

You gave me that stupid, skeptical look. “Of course not.”

You looked into my eyes with those beautiful amber pools, the ones no one had ever bothered to notice except me.

“You’re always so kind to me.” Those words shot through my heart like an arrow. Tears started to spill down my somber cheeks.

“Then why are you always so cruel to me?” I whispered. Then it hit me. Like a truck, right through my heart. And in that moment my brain knew, what my heart just wasn’t ready to realize.
I loved you. I saw the future, the brightness and the fireworks.

You kinda liked me. You saw the milky skin, the soft hair and the red lips.

The edge of your lips tasted like desire catching fire.

And mine, like a mix of true love and a sweet romance.
You never wrote me poems. And I am still writing about you.
We were never in love. We would fuck in you car or on your bed where others girls had been or in the shower or while I was crying.

We saw each other naked so often I have the image painted on the back of my eyelids. You ripped my underwear off. You always liked me more when I was vulnerable. I woke you up with kisses, you woke me up with hickies.

And for a long time, I thought they were the same thing.

I asked you once while we both got drunk why it was that I could write novels about you until the words got tired of being anagrams of your name — but at the same time you would never reciprocate. You took a sip of your drink, blew a smoke ring and broke it with your finger.

“Dunno,” you said. We would fuck again later. And that to me, was the closest I was of being loved, adored, liked, worshiped even. But it was not even close to that.

It was carnal, pathetic and almost disgusting. Those are the only adjectives I can give to our so called relationship.

“Is it a crime to be halfway in love with someone?” I used to ask in those drunk moments, the tears I would never let you see, always stinging.

“Can I still feel something for you, after we told each other everything. After you betrayed and lied and never listened to me?” You would meet my eyes, looking confused as if you never promised anything, and it was true, you never did.

“You don’t have to feel anything. Maybe it’s better if you don’t.”
I did messed up all the lines from the Great Gatsby. I fell for all the wrong reasons. You had a green light smile with a gun prodding the center of my back, and I was so lost in your senseless acts that I, for a long time, thought it could be close to love.

And my love for you was like a penny. It wasn’t much, but it’s all I had, and you threw it on the ground like it was nothing.
I craved that side of you that you didn’t show to anyone else.
You only craved the parts of me that was exposed to everyone else.

I said I loved you.
You said that the difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.

To sum up, I saw someone worth falling for, you saw a body and a potential fuck.

I once found you sitting on my floor staring at a picture from when I was young.

“God,” you said, “I really fucked you up.” And then finally, my last words, “I hope it hits you like a truck every time you hear my name that you never fucked me up. But how badly you fucked us up.”

And like that, you broke the heart. I never even knew I had. I remember talking with my best friend once I left you. She asked if I really were in love with you.

I had never realized that, after all you’d put me through, no one had ever even asked me that.

Within milliseconds everything came rushing back to my mind. I thought of all the 3 am conversations and secret shared glances in the hallway. I thought of how I opened my heart to you and let you in like I hadn’t done in a really long time. I thought of how you ripped it straight out of my chest and tore it to pieces. I thought of the 3 am tears shed into my pillow and the texts left unopened. I thought of how you broke my heart, and how you were the first person to ever do that.

I closed my eyes as four of the most important words I had ever spoken were about to come out of my mouth.

“No, no I wasn’t.”

I decide then that love is a terrible, terrible thing. Loving someone as fiercely…must be like wearing your heart outside of your body with no skin, no bones, no nothing to protect it.

And loving you? That was impossible. You were worth a fuck, not a lifetime story.
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Yo! Fr I feel like Harry's into that big dick pounding shit too! So imagine y/n is like 18-19 and Harry was her first. So they've been together for a while now and stuff and she's really kinky in general! But with Harry she's even more kinky! And like, one day Harry just decides to grab her by her waist, push her onto the bed, face first. Pull her panties down and thrust into her without a word. And he has her lifted up by her hips pounding tf out of her while she squeaks and whimpers!

Yo 👀👀 Being younger than Harry in general I feel is a kink.

It’s the type of thing where he’d be gentle and soft with her because she’s younger and he just wants to protect and love all over her and treat her like a proper princess. He’d coax himself inside her and fuck her with slow, deep thrusts, murmuring encouragement into her ear as his hips take her with a caring stride.

“You okay, sweetheart? Not too rough, am I? Feels good— Daddy feels good, baby?”

“That’s my good girl. Always so sweet and tight for me, yeah? I’ll take good care of you— make sure you always feel like the proper princess you are.”

“Squeeze for me, darling. Atta girl. Taught you well, didn’t I?”

But there’d be times she just wants him to fuck her all rough and dominant because, yeah, she’s a bit younger but she’s not made of glass. Sometimes a girl just needs to be man-handled.

And she’d tell him to be tougher— to pull her hair, scratch down her back, tug her nipples, bite her lips, and spank her until she’s red as a cherry.

Harry would chuckle softly, tugging her towards the bed gently as cupping her jaw with both of his big palms, leaning down to take her mouth in a heavy kiss that has her toes curling against the carpeted floor. He’d smirk into her mouth, mumbling his words slyly. “Get me my rings, will you?”

Then he’d have her put them on each of his fingers with her teeth, watching with furrowed brows as she sinks her pretty lips over each of his digits, the damp softness of the inside of her mouth making his hands twitch. She sucks each finger fervently, whimpering through a full mouth as she rocks against one of his bare thighs, wanting to feel him fucking her senseless.

He’d take her over his knee and swat at her bum until she’s dripping down her thighs, knees quaking as she mewls in pleasure. He loves the way his rings mark on her ass just as much as she loves the cold sting of the metal imprinting over her skin.

And when he finally rams himself inside her harshly, she let’s out a garbled scream, whimpering at the way he slams against her soft thighs and yanks at her sweaty roots.

Harry leans forward and presses their chests together, catching her lips in his mouth and chewing on them with no remorse as she squeaks and gasps onto his tongue.

“This what you wanted?” He growls through gritted teeth, going harder by the minute, digging his nails into her scalp as he uses his other hand to work her hips against his, fingertips kissing bruises across her waist. “Want Daddy cramming inside you so hard y’feel like you’re gonna break?”


Harry tugs at her hair, her head snapping back to expose her sweaty throat as she swallows heavily, whining with need.

He skims his swollen lips over the center of her juglar, kissing lightly over the area, the sweet gesture contrasting his ruthless pace. “Want me to talk dirty to you, pet? Want me to make you feel like the dirty little thing you know you are?”

And she’d nod her head with enthusiasm, wanting to hear him call her names.

“Naughty little cock slut always begging for it, aren’t you? So used to having boys trying to take care of you, can’t get enough now that you have a real man fucking you right.”

Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 4 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 2k (longest part so far, guys)

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: We are almost there, guys. 

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE 

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Phase Four of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get ready at separate houses.


October 31st was finally here. The hallways were buzzing with excitement as teenagers moved back and forth, discussing all of the plans and whether or not they would be attending Tina’s annual Halloween party. The day had only begun and you already could not wait to just get it over with, as you were feeling extremely anxious over how you would look later on.

You glanced down the hallway, biting your lower lip to see if you could catch a glimpse of Steve at his locker. You never did get the chance to discuss the plans with him and you figured now would be the perfect time. Your eyes roamed the halls a bit, catching him pushing his hand through his hair as he stared into his locker. You took a deep breath and swung your locker shut, holding your books close to your chest as you walked forward to him. “Penny for your thoughts?” you asked him as you leant against the lockers next to his.

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BTS Reaction To: ‘Sexy’ Lingerie.

-Request: can you do a bts reaction to them seeing you in sexy lingeries?-

Thanks for requesting!


Jin had bought you lingerie a couple of days ago, and he was completely desperate to see you wear it. So, as a surprise, you decided to put it on for him when he came back home from dance practice.

When he came back home, his jaw dropped open slightly, staring at you in complete awe as you sat on the edge of the bed.

“Baby, you’re so stunning. God, I’m so lucky.”

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“Mm, Kitten.. You really are perfect.” Yoongi spoke in a deep, sultry voice. His voice alone was just enough to turn you on. “Did you buy this.. for me?” He asked, his eyes gazing upon the attire you were wearing.

You nodded, feeling your cheeks go red under his gaze.

Yoongi looked up at you, noticing the blush that had crept onto your cheeks. “Ah, you’re never usually this shy. You have nothing to worry about, you look gorgeous, baby girl.”

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Namjoon marvelled the sight of you laying down on his bed, wearing nothing but black lingerie. He licked his lips, wanting to just fuck you right there and then, but today was going to be different. He wanted to try hold himself back and take his time with you, treating you like the princess you were.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby..” “Hm, you’re all mine.”

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Hoseok’s lips curled into a smirk, finding it extremely hard to tear his eyes away from your body. He loved how you looked underneath him, especially with the red lingerie you were wearing. As you were about to remove your lingerie, he stopped you from continuing. You, confused, looked up at him with a questioning look.

“No, baby, don’t take it off. You look too fucking good.”

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“Fuck, baby..” Taehyung was completely mesmerized by you, letting his hands rest on the curves of your hips. He sighed lovingly at the sight of you. “You look so good, Princess.. too bad this is coming off soon.” Taehyung deeply chuckled, already starting to remove your attire.

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“Jagi, how do you manage to look so fucking beautiful?” Jimin asked, trying his hardest to resist the temptation of tearing off your lingerie. “God, baby, I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around me.”

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“Hm, when did you buy this?” Jungkook asked as he crawled on top of your body.

“Y-yesterday..” You stuttered as his lips pressed against the sensitive skin on your neck. You let out a shaky breath, only craving Jungkook even more.

“You look gorgeous, Princess. Shit, I could cum just by looking at you.”

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No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

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Pin-up Girl

A/N: this is something I had written on my previous blog, please do tell me if any of you guys have more headcanons in mind, I’ll see if I can write them!

Warnings: NSFW-ish (+18)

(ps this gif has melted my insides)

So, as a pin-up girl, imagine yourself something like this, but along with the long black stockings, held up by garter belts.

You’d be dressed to the nines, cherry-red lips and neatly quaffed hair, pinned down to a side, hair in perfect ringlets, bouncing down on your shoulders. The blouse tied down, just enough to accentuate your best assets and that mini shirt would leave very little to his imagination.

Your look would what be describe as the one the brings your man down to his knees.

You’d give yourself a final look, making sure everything is just as described by your boyfriend, only then you’d be satisfied with your job. Bucky had once disclosed to you about one of his fantasies, that being seeing you in a pin-up dress.

And just the thought of him seeing you like this would make you jittery.

You’d be sitting by the dresser, fluffing up your curls when he’d walk in. Your eyes would meet looking at each other through the mirror watching him give you a double check with his blue eyes wide and astound. He’d be surprised for sure. Then slowly, a smirk would pull at his lips, as he’d take his steps forward, practically doing that murder strut.

“I see someone’s been busy,” he’d mummer as you stand up to face him. He’d lick his lips hungrily, already wanting to touch you and feel the silky material of the cloths and your skin together. He’d probably want to compose himself, as his voice would drop down a new octaves, “God, who told you it’d be fine to do something like this without giving me a fair warning, sweetheart?”

You’d slowly tilt a side of your mouth up, eyes feigning innocence as you look up at him through your thick lashes and casually slide your arms around his shoulders locking wrists behind his neck.

“Oh, no. You don’t get to act all innocent, doll. Not after wearing this,” he’d chuckle lowly, picking at the knot of your blouse; the blue in his eyes almost disappearing as they’d land on your half exposed breasts, his hands would travel down to sneak under your skirt, grabbing a fistful of your plump flesh in his hands. You’d squirm and squeal, the scarlet color of your lips matching with your cheeks, in part embarrassment when Bucky would give one of your ass-cheek a sharp spank.

“Now, I’ll tell you what. We know this little number won’t last longer than one night,” he’d start to back up and leave you standing right in the middle of the room. “So we’ll take a picture or two, with you posing for each of them as I desire. Okay, sweetness?”

“Okay, Sarge.” You’d smirk, watching his eyes turn darker at using his rank.

“Before I rip it to shreds,” and let’s say, the rest of the evening would be very eventful.

*finger guns*

he know’s spider-man

A/N: this is an imagine i originally posted on my wattpad account but i’m just going to stick with tumblr and post all my imagine’s here (also i’m the queen of bad titles okay bye)

summary: Ned blurts out in gym class that Peter knows Spider-Man when he hears you talk about how much the guy in red and blue fascinates you.

pairing peter parker x reader

request prompts from this list 

As you sat on the bleachers talking to your friends about nothing in particular New York’s finest hero suddenly came up in one of your conversations and you couldn’t hold back the smile that crept its way onto your lips whenever someone brought him up.

“It’s just Spider-Man” you mumbled putting your head in your hand as you smiled dreamily thinking about the man in red and blue “oh my gosh she’s crushing on spider man” one of your friends chuckled earning light smack on the back of her head from you “ow” she mumbled rubbing the spot where you had hit her, you only smiled satisfied as you continued writing your notes for the upcoming math test you had later this week.

“You seriously like Spider-Man?” Liz asked you plopping down next to you as she shooed the girl that had previously been sitting there away “I can’t like him! I don’t even know what he looks like I just find him fascinating that’s all” you frowned trying your best to avoid the topic.

Peter’s eyes opened wide as he heard the words that came out of your mouth you had a crush on Spider-Man? He thought, feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he stared so helplessly at the girl he had been in love with for the past two years. He was certain you didn’t know who he was since you were popular and he, well he was not.

He liked to keep to himself and the only friend he had was Ned who was just as much of a nerd as him, Ned knew about Peter’s massive crush on you since it was fairly obvious, Peter would constantly stare at you and rant about how cute you were so Ned took this as his chance to get you to notice him “Peter knows Spider-Man” he suddenly yelled and everything went quite.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Peter, including you. It was like time had stopped and everyone just stared at him in shock, Peter was mortified as he looked at Ned with a death stare he absolutely hated being the center of attention. He then turned his head and as his eyes met yours, he felt his cheeks turn Scarlet as you smiled in his direction.

As soon as gym was over he stood up and hurried into the changing rooms to get back into his normal clothes which consisted of a white t-shirt, grey jacket and blue jeans. Ned followed after him and waited for him as he changed clothes.

“Why the hell would you do that Ned!?” Peter scolded his best friend whilst he pulled the white t-shirt over his head “because Y/N was talking about how much she likes Spider-Man and well I just wanted her to notice you since it’s no secret that you like her” Ned said shrugging his shoulders as he took a bite out of the chocolate bar that had been in his pocket for the last three weeks.

“I can’t believe you everyone looked at me like a was a complete freak” Peter groaned sitting down next to Ned “and Y/N she stared as well” Peter said, she was truly the only reason he felt so embarrassed about the entire ordeal “what do you mean she smiled at you! she noticed you” Ned said putting his arm around Peter’s shoulders as he took another bite of his chocolate “isn’t that like two weeks old?” Peter asked scrunching his face up in disgust “nope three weeks” Ned respondes swallowing the rest of it and throwing the plastic that had been wrapped around it into the trash.

“Much better” Peter said sarcastically as they both walked down the school hallways to their next class, which was history a class you were also in and he couldn’t help the nerves filling his stomach as he sat in the back of the classroom like usual waiting anxiously for you to walk into the room. You eventually did and did something Peter did not expect.

When your eyes met Peter’s you smiled and waved at him his eyes widening as he started looking around the room to see if you were waving at him or someone else.

You giggled at this and walked to the back of the classroom and plopped down in the seat next to him, you had never seen anyone as shocked as he was in that moment “hi I’m Y/N” you smiled towards him and offered him your hand to shake “I-I uh hi I’m uh Parker” his eyes widened “Peter Parker sorry” he chucked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

You found it adorable how he stumbled over his words and blushed every time you spoke to him or looked at him, you couldn’t deny the fact he was pretty fucking cute. His sharp jaw, his lips and adorable brown eyes.

You had always noticed Peter in every single one of your classes you actually envied him a lot because of how smart he was but there was just something about him that drew you to him so you found yourself starting to take in every detail about him.

How he would stick his tongue out ever so slightly when he was concentrating and how he would anxiously bite his nails every time the teacher said that he was picking one person to come up to the board and solve what they had been doing.

Your staring didn’t go unnoticed by Peter and he stared growing more and more nervous every time you looked his way, was there something wrong with the way he dressed did he have something on his face? Those were the only things he could think about.

He had never been so grateful to hear the unpleasant noise of the bell signaling that class was over, he quickly gathered his books and made his way out of the classroom as quickly as he possibly could “Peter!” you called after him but he pretended not to hear you as he continued walking down the hallway and towards the exit.

You were a little hurt by this but decided to just forget about it and go home. You walked towards your locker and shoved all of your stuff in there slamming it shut and walking out of school.

It usually took you about 20-25 minutes to walk home but you remembered that there was a much shorter way you could go that would only take you 10 minutes but you had to go through a dark alleyway that always creeped you out and was the only reason you didn’t go the short cut, but you thought nothing of it today as the sun was shining and you were feeling brave.

But that all changed when you were about mid way through the alley “look at what we have here” you heard a mans voice slur obviously meaning that he was extremely drunk.

You started walking faster clutching your backpack tightly, slowly letting out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. The man quickly caught up to you and grabbed your shoulder and threw you to the ground and straight into a puddle completely drenching you.

“Please don't” you cried the man only kicking you in response “shut up you bi-” the man was cut off by someone kicking him to the ground that person being none other than Spider-Man himself.

“Y/N are you okay!?” Spider-Man asked pulling you up to your feet, you were shocked how does Spider-Man know my name? You thought “ho-how do you know my name” you finally managed to get out “oh i-uh i just you know” you heard him begin to ramble and you immediately realized who your savior was.

“Peter?” you asked slowly pulling the mask off of his head, he didn’t try to stop you and as soon as you saw the all to familiar face of Peter Parker you smiled and connected your lips to his as a thank you. He was shocked but reacted quickly by wrapping his arms around your waist.

When you pulled away his cheeks were as red as they could possibly be “please don’t tell anyone” was the first thing he said and you nodded mumbling a ‘I would never’ him only nodding before pulling the mask back over his head right before disappearing out of sight.

“She kissed you!?” the voice of Ned ran through out the entire house, Peter didn’t say anything instead he just smiled the most happiest smile he had smiled since uncle Ben died. He felt as happy as he could ever be and it was like nothing could bring him down in that moment.

“Yes she did it was amazing” Peter gushed feeling his cheeks turn a deep shade of red at the thought of your lips pressed against his.

“See being Spider-Man has it’s pros” Ned said pausing the movie that had been quietly playing in the background that the boys had stopped watching a while ago “but it also has its cons like risking my life every single day!” Peter said raising an eyebrow at Ned “whatever dude you kissed Y/N one of the most attractive girls at school”

Peter couldn’t argue with Ned anymore so he just nodded feeling as lucky as ever that a girl like Y/N had kissed him, she was way out of his league and he was sure everyone knew that but in that moment it didn’t matter the only thing that mattered was that she kissed him.

Y/N kissed him.

My Girl (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “165 and 188 on the nearly 200 writing prompts? Thank you! And I love your writing!!!” “I’m the anon who requested 165 and 188. Could you do Jason?”

Prompts: 165) “Do you like it when I touch you like that?” 188) “Mine.”

A/N: This turned out long. I was listening to sexy music while i was writing this so I guess I got carried away?

***WARNINGS: I think you already know how this is going to end up like because of the prompts but if you don’t then i’ll just be blunt, SEEEXXXXX. Okay, now you’ve been warned.

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley   @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @prince-diana-prince


Jason never took his eyes off of you during the gala. He knew tonight you were going to be the main attraction even though the gala was to raise money for the hospital that was bombed by the Joker.

He took a swig of his drink as he glared at a man eyeing you up, he was basically undressing you with his eyes and you didn’t even notice. The only man that’s allowed to look at you that way is Jason, and he would blow the brains out of anyone who gets in his way.

Jason chugged his drink and threw the glass over his shoulder not giving a damn where it landed. He straightened his tux and cleared his throat making his way towards the creep who wouldn’t take his eyes off you.

When he finally reached the scum, he swung his arm around his shoulders, surprising the idiot, “Listen here,” He said, voice low and dark as he pointed at you, “That girl you’ve been staring at tonight, screams my name every night,” He slapped the mans back hard enough for him to jerk forward, “So I would suggest you stare at those sluts over there, unless you want to stare at your own body after I fucking kill you, do we have an agreement?” Jason smirked when the creep nodded quickly, “Good.”

The man scurried away as blood rushed to his face. Jason laughed, grabbing another glass of liquor from a near by waiter and made his way to where you were standing.

You, Tim, Damian, and Dick were talking about a new mission this weekend.

“I’m driving this time.”

Tim rolled his eyes, “You’re like 4, Bruce didn’t let you last time, so he isn’t going to let you this time.”

You giggled, “Aww don’t worry Damian, we’ll let you drive one day.”

You felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around, “Hey, what happened?” You asked, noticing how Jason seemed very irritated.

You gasped when he grabbed you by the waist and leaned down, “Let’s get outta here.” He growled into your ear.

You bit your lip, feeling something spread inside your lower abdomen. Right away you knew why he wanted to leave so you nodded and said bye to the boys for the night. Jason grabbed your wrist and pulled you away from the crowd. You tried to ask Jason what happened again but he ignored you.

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Let Me Make You Feel Good (Joker x Reader)

So this one is a request from the lovely @markipliervsdarkiplier 

Request: “Hello, I love your writing and I was wondering if you could write an imagine with an awkward girl working for the joker as his maid and he takes a liking to her and shows it but she’s very shy and awkward, I don’t mind smut if you’ll write it:)” 

I did my very best with it and I hope you guys like it. This is the first time I’ve really written smut so I really hope it’s good, if not then feel free to send me some advice and pointers! Sorry this one is a little longer than usual but once again, hope you guys like it! And just letting y’all know, requests are ALWAYS open so if you have any ideas or anything just let me know! 


This job was not the one you had in mind when asking around for jobs. Somehow a friend had landed you a job with one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City. The Joker. Well known for his extravagant clubs, bank robbing, and his low profile business he ran. He was not one you wanted on your bad side. Although he terrified you to the bone the pay was good and he had never done anything to you. He helped you get by and that’s all you needed from a job. You were a maid or even a personal assistant of sorts. You essentially took care of his house, cleaned, cooked, did laundry, etc and basically did everything he asked you to and in return you complied to your silent agreement of never asking questions. This was not the scene you belonged in. You were rather innocent you supposed, never really dated, never gone out to a club except for when Joker needed you to, always preferred to just stay home and do nothing. The two of you were complete polar opposites.

“Y/N I need you to do something for me,” he spoke in a low voice.

“Anything Sir,” you immediately answered. It wasn’t as if you could say no, that would be a one-way ticket to a bullet hole through your skull.

He looked you up and down and handed you a dress. You lifted it and realized that there wasn’t much dress to it, more of like a long t-shirt of sorts. It was gold and sparkly, strapless, a beautiful dress if it were longer maybe.

“Go put this on. I’ve got something a bit more special for you to do tonight,” he spoke with a sinister look on his face.

“Oh sir, I don’t think this would look very good on me. Maybe I can just wear what I’m wearing?” You never begged but this was one of those moments where you deemed it necessary. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. It’s just not you. You were comfortable in your skinny jeans and slightly revealing t-shirt. He shook his head and showed you his signature flashy grin.

“Oh hunny I wasn’t asking. Go put it on. Now,” he demanded.

“Well I just don’t think it suits me is there-”

“No Y/N there isn’t anyone else to do it. Go put it on before I lose my patience,” he interrupted. You nodded and moved to the back room to switch out of your clothes into this all too short dress. Once you had stepped into the tight dress you made your way back into his office.

“Alright sir. Can I ask why I’m wearing this?” you inquired.

“Ah yes. You see tonight I need you to come to the club with and help me with a certain problem I have,” he purred. You had only ever been to his club once or twice as it wasn’t really where he needed you. “There’s going to be a man there tonight and what I need you to do is to wear that dress, seduce the bastard and then bring him up to me.”

“Oh no sir I’m no good at that. I can organize papers or I can stay here for the night? I could clean up or maybe go pick something up for you? I’m not good at this. I can’t talk to men. I’m really sorry,” you babbled. He rolled his eyes and looked back at you.

“Do you really think I’m asking doll? Now come with me. You may be one of the best maids I’ve ever had but don’t think for one second that you aren’t replaceable,” he said with impatience. You were shaking, you hadn’t been this nervous in a while. You stared at your hands and shook your head.

“I don’t think I can do this…” Your voice was practically inaudible but somehow he had heard.

“Jesus Christ Y/N what is wrong with you? It’s not hard. Why are you being so difficult?” His voice was starting to get a little louder with each word.

“Well just this dress makes me look ginormous and I’ve never really talked to a guy very much other than well… you. I don’t have the confidence or the swag to convince a man to follow me. I’m just not that girl. He’d take one look at me and leave the damn club.” The words came out of your mouth faster than you had anticipated and by the time you were done he was staring at you in complete disbelief. He stalked towards you and you instinctively back away before colliding with the wall behind you. He had gotten so close that he now had you trapped between him and the wall.

“Y/N. You can’t be fucking serious right now. You look incredibly sexy and you’re a very attractive girl. Surely there are plenty of men itching for you out there,” he spoke quietly. “And lord knows I’d like to know what you can do with that sexy little body there baby doll.” You closed your eyes and looked down to focus on your feet. He tilted your chin up so you could look directly into his stormy blue eyes. “Mmm so how many men have gotten to see this beautiful body put to work hm? Five? Eight? Three?” He looked at you with a tilted head waiting for your response. After an awkward silence he finally understood what your silence meant. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” You nodded, absolutely itching to get out of this awkward conversation.

“Yes okay? I’m a virgin alright? The only thing I have ever done is kiss a guy and it was a mistake. I don’t have the balls to talk to that man. I can’t do it J.” He just stared at you, temporarily shocked at your sudden revelation. “Can I please go now? I would really like to just stay at home and take a bath or read a book. I’m barely cut out for this life J. I’m good at cooking and cleaning that’s about it. Please just let me stay,” you begged.

“We’re not going out tonight Y/N. You and me are going to have a night in to ourselves,” he said pushing himself completely against you. You had never said anything but you found this man sickeningly attractive. You knew the things he did, you knew how crazy he was but it didn’t matter to you. Not one bit. “You, my sweet little innocent Y/N, are one of the most exquisite creatures I have ever seen walk this earth, and I am going to show you just how you affect me.” His voice was low and predatory, almost as if you were an innocent gazelle at a watering hole and he was the hungry lion waiting for his prey.

“How about I make you something to eat and then I’ll just see you when you get back from the club?I’ll do some cleaning and whatnot?” You could sense just how nervous you were about this situation, you never really knew how to react to this powerful man before you, especially when he’s proclaiming his desire for you.

“Oh but see why would I want that when I can have you instead?” He tilted his head in an innocent manner as if what he said hadn’t affected you to the bone. You cheeks flushed a bright red and it elicited a wide grin from him. His hand brushed the side of your arm causing goosebumps to form on your soft skin. Just this simple contact made your head fall back slightly and your eyes flutter close. His hand traveled from your arms to lightly caress your ass and give a gentle squeeze. A small whimper fell from your parted lips. “Mmm does my little baby girl like that? Tell daddy how much you like when he touches you,” he urged.

“I like when daddy touches me.” You slightly nodded and leaned into him. This is so wrong, he’s my boss, what am I doing? You thought to yourself. He grabbed your ass a little harder this time drawing a soft moan from your full lips.

“My beautiful little flower, daddy’s gonna take such good care of you,” he purred in your ear. Realization sunk in of what was really happening. The Joker wants to take your virginity you thought to yourself.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to get ahead of myself like that. I’ll go get your laundry folded and a shirt ironed for tonight,” you rambled as you backed away from him. He leaned his head back as he dramatically rolled his eyes. You attempted to scurry away from the awkward encounter before he firmly grabbed your wrist and pulled you against him leaving little to no space.

“Princess what’s wrong? Don’t be scared baby, daddy’s gonna make you feel real good,” he whispered in your ear. His words sent a tremble through your body. This was a bad idea and you knew it but there was something so irresistible about him. “Just let go of everything baby. Relax and enjoy doll.” Deep down you knew he was right. You had spent all your life sheltered and innocent, away from the real world so now was times to let go of all that. This was a new life and it only made to bring along a new you.

“I’m nervous…” you muttered as you twiddled your thumbs. He lifted your chin so he could look at you in your Y/E eyes. He leaned forward and pressed a soft warm kiss to your lips. He pulled back to look at for reassurance. You nodded slightly and felt his lips crash against yours softly but slowly increasing pressure. His hands explored our body as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. You moaned into his mouth as his hand reached your  breast. This was so foreign to you, you couldn’t help but tense as his hand slid down to your clothed centre. He sensed your nerves and pulled you in to his chest.

“Relax doll, it’ll be okay,” he murmured. This was the kindest you had ever seen him and you didn’t know what to think.”Let me make you feel good baby girl. Let daddy take care of you,” he said quietly. You nodded, giving him the go ahead to proceed. His hand made it’s way back down and started to apply slight pressure to your clit. It wasn’t like anything you had ever felt. It was amazing. Your eyes fluttered closed and he took this as a go ahead to reach inside your leggings and touch you more personally. The pit growing in your stomach made this all too real, it made you realize that all these years you had been missing out on these wonderful feelings. “Mmm you like that baby?” He didn’t have to ask, he knew by the look of sheer pleasure on your face. Little did you know, this was just the beginning.

He could feel your wetness through your thin panties and pushed them aside as he slid a single finger in your dripping core. You let out a quiet yelp at this foreign feeling. It was odd, but it was good, so, so good. He purred in your ear. He loved knowing that he was the one making you feel this good. He could barely hide his growing erection through his grey sweat pants. Your eyes widened as you looked down, noticing his erection through his pants. He was pumping his finger in and out of you at a steady pace, curling his finger to hit your most sensitive area. You let out a louder moan than you had intended but the feeling of him was out of this world and this was only with his hands.

He pulled your hand and placed it over his hard cock, urging you to touch him. He guided your hand to lightly grip his length, your hand on him making him let out a loud groan.

“Baby do you want to do daddy a favor? You’ll like it doll, I promise,” he said to you. You nodded and he urged you on to your knees in front of him. “Alright princess. I want you to pull down my pants and boxers,” he encouraged, “that’s it princess, just like that baby. Alright baby girl, I want you to lick it a little bit,” he instructed. You gave the tip of his hard cock a small kitten lick, getting a taste for the new experience. He threw his head back and basically growled. “Mmm alright, now take a little bit in that pretty little mouth of yours.” You wrapped your lips around the head of his cock. There was something strangely erotic about doing this for him, letting him control you. You could tell he was trying to go slow and gentle but it was proving to be very difficult. “More baby, take more,” he said through gritted teeth. You started to go down on his hard cock, taking him as far as you could without gagging. “Oh fuck baby girl, make daddy feel good.” He grabbed a fistful of your hair and guided you up and down his hard member.

You realized that at this moment you didn’t need to be scared of him. Yea, you were his maid and he had never hurt you before but this was so incredibly personal and he wanted to make it as special as he could. He started to pick up the pace making his cock hit the back of your throat. The feeling was uncomfortable as he was hitting the back of your throat. You gurgled and tapped his thighs hoping he would take the hint and stop assaulting your throat.

“I’m sorry baby, follow me,” he said to you as he took your hand. He grabbed your hand and kicked open the door to his lavish bedroom. Your face flushed at the realization of everything that was happening. “Sit on the edge of the bed,” he instructed. You sat down on the comfortable bed and scooted to the edge, waiting for his next move. He slowly stalked towards you, a dangerously erotic look in his crystal blue eyes.

Once he reached you he kneeled down in front of you, sliding down your pants and panties with him. No one had ever seen you like this so the thought of what was about to happen scared you. You had never seen anything like this. Of course your old friends had mentioned it and had talked about their exciting sex lives, but you had never gotten to anything even close to this.

He leaned forward and reached for the hem of your shirt, lifting it over your head. He took your hardened nipple in his warm mouth, swirling his tongue, igniting your sensitive bud. He moved on to the next one before planting wet kisses down your stomach and then reaching his final destination. You took a deep breath in, trying to relax a little bit.

He flicked his tongue on your clit and it sent a shiver down your spine. He thrived off your reaction to him and proceeded to assault your clit with his tongue, licking and sucking the sensitive nub. You could feel pressure building in you as if you were about to explode. You couldn’t control your screams and moans of pleasure and he loved it.

“Oh god, daddy please!” you begged. He let out an animalistic growl at the use of his nickname which only encouraged him to make you cum quicker. He plunged two fingers into your dripping pussy and it immediately sent you over the edge. The way his tongue felt on your clit, the way his fingers curled to give you the best experience possible, the feeling was out of this world.

“God princess, you taste so good holy fuck. Daddy was hungry,” he said with a wink. You looked down and noticed how painfully hard he was and you felt bad. You wanted to please him as much as he had pleased you.

“Fuck me.” Those two words changed everything. He stood up and lined his hard cock up at your entrance. To say you were nervous was an understatement. You heart rate was up by a million but it could also be the amazing orgasm you had just experienced. You were definitely nervous but you knew you were in the right hands.

Without another word he stretched your pussy, going slow and making sure not to hurt you. He let out a loud moan at the feel of your tight walls around him. It hurt. God it hurt so much, you had never had anything like this before. You winced and gritted your teeth together to distract you from the sensation down below. He stayed still for a moment reveling in the feel of your pussy.

“Can I move darling? This is killing me,” he said huskily. You nodded and scrunched your eyes together. He noticed your uncomfort and placed a sloppy wet kiss on your forehead and interlocked your fingers with his. He pulled out before pushing back in again, his cock hitting you in places you didn’t even know existed. A few minutes of slight pain and discomfort then turned in to immense pleasure as he pounded your tight pussy and rubbed your clit. The all too familiar burn in your stomach returned and you knew that you were close to cumming again.

“Oh god yes please keep going, I’m so close,” you begged. He grinned showing his silver teeth, the sinister look turning you on even more than before.

“Daddy’s making you feel so good right princess? Gonna cum for daddy?” Everything that came out of this man’s mouth just brought you closer and closer to the release you needed. His laboured breath and powerful thrusts proved to you that he was close too. He exhaled heavily with every thrust. You were so overwhelmed with sensation that the only way you could think to release that tension was to drag your nails down his firm muscled back, this only drove him crazier than before causing him to thrust deep with every stroke.

“I’m so close, oh god yes. Please i need you so bad,” you pleaded.

“Me too baby, make daddy cum princess.” His words finally pushed you over the edge, releasing all the tension in your body. You cummed with a scream and your pussy clenched around his hard cock. The clenching of your pussy made him fall right off the edge with you as his cum sent hot spurts of cum into your pussy.

He collapsed on top of you in relief and exhaustion, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself down.

“So? How was that doll?” His grin proved that he already knew the answer to that question.

“It was good. Yea. Really good,” you admitted. You finally realized that you were fully naked in his bed and immediately shot up to gather your clothes. “Thank you Mr. J, I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow. What would you like for breakfast?” He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and pulled you close to him.

“All work no play kitten? You’re not going anywhere baby doll,” he said as he pulled you on to the bed with him. “Also, I would like pancakes tomorrow morning doll.”

The night ended with you falling asleep in his arms having sweet dreams about silly nothings and his beautiful face.

Let Me Hold You

Warnings: none

Requested by: @wavyjassy

Request: A first time where he sneaks into your window late at night to meet you kinda thing (like maybe she calls him crying or has a nightmare)

A/N: Thank you for requesting! This was such a cute idea and I had fun writing it. Feel free to send in more :)

gif credit to owner

Eleven turns into midnight, then it’s one, and when you look at your phone again it’s four o’clock in the morning. You rub at your tired eyes, wincing at the sting that follows. 

You were exhausted, but sleep wouldn’t come. Tossing and turning all night you finally gave up trying. Insomnia is something you’ve dealt with since you were younger. Some nights were easier than others. Not tonight. So here you were, sitting on your bed, knees pulled up to your chest, in the dark. Just three more hours and it’ll be time for school, you think with a sigh. Alex is the only one that knows how bad it gets and he’s told you to wake him up whenever it happens. But it made you feel bad waking him up, so you didn’t. Why make him suffer, too?

      When you get to school it hits you all at once. A concerned look is on Alex’s face, but he doesn’t say anything. You feel like a zombie as you walk down the hallway to your locker. You ignore the stares you get from your fellow students. You’re sure that you look like a sleep deprived maniac. 

   “There’s my girl,” you hear from behind you. You turn, a smile tugging at your lips. It’s Jeff. “I waited for you in the- hey, whats wrong?”

          Worry fills his voice, his eyes searching over you as if he’ll find something physically wrong. “You’re pale and your eyes are red and puffy. Is everything okay? Have you been crying? Did someone-” you chuckle and cover his mouth with your hand, cutting off his frantic worry. God, he’s so adorable. It was sweet how he got worried about you.

     “I just didn’t get much sleep last night, that’s all,” you tell him removing your hand. “I’m okay.”

“Is it your insomnia?”

      You’re taken back by his question. How did he… “How do you know about that?” You ask, brow raised.

He shrugs. “Alex told me.”

“I’m going to kick his ass,” you mutter with a yawn.

“I want to know these things about you,” Jeff says while taking your hand in his. “You’re my baby girl, and I want to help any way I can.”

You smile and wrap your arms around his neck while on your tiptoes, pulling his lips down to yours.

Later that night it happens again. You lay there this time, staring at the ceiling as frustrated tears poured down your face.

There’s a tapping at your bedroom window, and for a second you think that you might be hearing things from the lack of sleep, but then you hear your name too. Confused, you roll out of bed and quietly make your way over to window. A gasp leaves your lips when you push the curtain aside and look down.

You quickly unlock the window and push it open. “Jeff,” you whisper shout. You don’t want to wake up your dad. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come up?” He shout whispers back.

       You nod and watch as uses the tree to climb up to your window. You never realized how easy it would be for someone to get to your window with that tree. How convenient. After climbing in he closes the window and locks it. Then turns to you.

“Baby,” he says softly when he sees your tear streaked face. “What’s wrong?”

You sniffle. “I still can’t sleep.”

“Come on,” he takes your hand in his and walks over to your bed. You watch as he kicks off his shoes then pulls his black sweater over his head. Now, you’ve seen him shirtless before but never up close. He’s beautiful, to say the least. Chiseled to perfection. How could somebody be so damn perfect? Then he’s sliding his jeans down, leaving him in a pair of black briefs. He gives you a soft tug, bringing you to his chest. “Let me hold you.”

                  He lays down first, arms open and inviting. You crawl in next to him. Nuzzling his face into your neck he began to pepper light kisses on your neck and shoulder. He moves up and presses his lips to yours in a soft kiss. The kiss doesn’t last long, but your just as breathless. 

“Thank you,” you whisper, lips brushing his as you spoke.

“Anytime you can’t sleep, call me,” he responds softly. “I’ll come hold you.”

You nod and lay your head on his chest. He begins playing with your hair, and soon you feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier by the second.

You end up falling asleep on his chest that night. Never tossing and turning, no waking up in the middle of the night.

      As you fell asleep you told him you loved him. He wasn’t sure he heard you right, it came out so low. But you said it.

       You don’t see Jeff’s reaction because you fall asleep quickly, having a real nights sleep for the first time in days. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about myself in a way of worry. Worry that I’m not enough, worry that I try too hard. Worry that I’m too much for people. It’s mentally exhausting. Yet i don’t know how to function without worry. Sometimes i feel like i care so much that people begin to resent me because i do care. I struggle finding a balance within myself. I also struggle with the idea of opening up to others because i feel like I’m wasting my breath. It’s been a long week, and semester. Posting this picture because even if it’s just for a moment i feel pretty in my own skin

Hispanic Girls United because when I was in middle school I tried to go for the 50 girl pinup look wich required bandanas, cat eye, red lips, leather jackets, and sometimes flannel. I would get called a chola and a gang member and get made fun of but when a white girl did it she was so “retro” and “trendy” and “unique”

Yoongi Scenario: Heartthrob.

Request: Highschool!AU or College!AU Yoongi fluff where he’s a bad boy and you’re a good girl and he smol and a complete softie when he’s with you. And you try to avoid him bc he’s a longtime crush and you’re afraid you’d do something embarrassing bc you’re quite clumsy.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

You rolled your eyes and tried to pass around the guy who currently was blocking your way out of the library. He had stopped you asking for directions and you so innocently had given him a good explanation of how to get around and go where he needed, but as he kept asking questions you knew he didn’t want anything in particular and he just wanted to to talk to you, as he already asked your name, what were you majoring and if you had classes just in this faculty or you had somewhere else after this.

-Because I can give you a ride- he said and you shook your head.

-Really, thank you, but I don’t need it, so could you please….?-

The guy sighed. -Come on Y/N, let’s talk a bit more, I can help you with those books if you want-

-I don’t want- you answered. -I need to go, so…-

-But if you….-

-Aren’t you hearing she needs to go?- another voice busted in the conversation and you wondered how was it that you didn’t hear him coming, or at least the people that whispered about him every time he came to the picture. 

Yoongi was very popular in the faculty, you dared to say in the whole campus. Everyone talked about him although he was rarely spotted talking to anyone, at least anyone outside his usual group that right now weren’t with him, but then Yoongi was seen alone most of the time. He was the cool guy, the bad guy, everyone knew something about him and yet nobody could be sure to know him at all. 

He was intimidating in a way that was hard to explain since he wasn’t particularly big, better said he was rather short and skinny, but it was the way he carried himself. Confidently, with this swag, this quiet and sharp charisma that both draw people in and drove them away. For you it had those exact effects as Min Yoongi had been your crush for the longest time but every time the guy was around you felt the need to run away.

The guy was giving his back to Yoongi so you saw his annoyed face to turn around and face him -What.. I…- the defiant tone you heard in the guy disappeared as he realized who he was talking to.

Yoongi glared at him and cocked his head with his chin up like waiting for the guy to say anything else.

-I… I’m sorry Yoongi, I didn’t know she…- he flickered his gaze at you for just a second and then went back to look at Yoongi. -I didn’t know she was your girl-

Yoongi didn’t deny it neither did he confirmed it, but the mere mention of you being his girl made your heart go faster.

-Go away- he demanded and the guy did so quickly. Afterwards you were left paralyzed just staring at him, like a deer caught in the red light, Yoongi was staring back at you and you didn’t know how to react, if you should say anything, what to do, you were concentrating in breathing and not letting go of the books.

He licked his lips and then he seemed to remember something so he turned his head and gave a glare to whoever had been staring at the previous scene. You saw a couple of girls and boys running like chickens after that and then Yoongi fixed his gaze on you. You couldn’t stop staring at him so you saw how licked his lips once more and how he cracked his knuckles nervously. 

-I…- he stopped talking and rearranged his body to another posture. -He won’t bother you anymore, I… if you want, meet me later by the fountain, the one at the back- you didn’t know what to say so you just stared at him, this wasn’t the first time you had talked to him, in fact he had tried to talk to you a few times before but you always ended up running away, too nervous, too afraid of doing or saying something stupid. But this time you noticed something you hadn’t before. There was a wash of blush in Yoongi’s cheeks and the way he fidgeted with his fingers and licked his lips was almost signs of nerves. But that couldn’t be or could it? -I’ll be there- he said the last recovering all the charisma, making seem like the nerves you had seen were all product of your imagination.

He went away and then you realized you hadn’t said anything, not even thank you.

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Happy Anniversary

Characters: Jim Hopper x Reader

A/N: some angsty fluff because i am a fool for Jim Hopper

also! most of this was directly inspired by @jonedwardbernthal!!!!! because she is amazing and lovely and too wonderful!!!!

Summary: Jim makes a questionable decision on your anniversary that leaves you shocked and very confused.

Warnings: lil bit o angst, some self hate, mentions/references to smut, some dirty talkin and scandalous kissin…i think that’s it? language, cuz jim’s got a dirty mouth.

Words: 2516

Tags: @jonedwardbernthal @sparkypantalones  @hecates-garden @kinda-chinese @sistasarah-sallysaidso @anotherotter @samwinjarpad

The smack of a hand on your ass makes you jump and squeal, but before you can turn around, Jim’s body is pressed against your back, pushing you forward until your stomach is pressed against the counter.  You laugh as his arms come up around you, caging you in.  


Your boyfriend plants a huge wet kiss on your cheek, cutting your protest off. One of his arms encircles your waist, and his large hand sprawls across your stomach, probably trying to discreetly cop a feel after you slipped out of bed this morning before he woke up.

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anonymous asked:

Omg hi I love that I found a fellow power rangers fan!!! Could you please do like an imagine where Jason (from the new reboot) secretly likes you and gets possessive when other guys flirt with you? Thank you sooo much❤️

Aww I’m so happy you requested this! I’m so glad you found me too! I kinda put my own twist on it, but I hope you enjoy! Xoxo

Originally posted by kathillards

“Are you going to the party tonight?”

You glared up at Angel Grove’s newest star quarterback, Michael Alexander, as he leaned on your locker. 

“I already said no, I can’t. Sorry,” you huffed, trying to open your locker but he slid in front, blocking you from it. 

“Aw come on babe, a pretty girl like you has got to go!” He winked and you groaned. Did he really Not get it?

“Look, I said no, which doesn’t mean ‘convince me’,” you crossed your arms and tapped your foot angrily. You weren’t lying, you really couldn’t go. You had promised the team to go to the spacecraft to keep up on ranger training. Besides you had I wish to go anywhere with Michael. 

“Come on,” he leaned close so that you could feel his breath on your face. You made an expression  of disgust and backed away. You could easily take him, but people might ask questions about how a small girl like you took out the star football player with one punch. 

“Screw it, I’ll just borrow a book,” you spun on your heel, turning to leave before his hand clamped around your arm, pulling you back.  

“Get off her!" 

You turned, seeing Jason walking down the hall angrily, his hand pointed at Michael. 

You couldn’t help but sigh with relief. 

"This isn’t any of your business Scott,” Michael shrugged but you wrenched your arm out of his grip. 

“What I do isn’t any of yours,” You retorted, taking Jason’s arm and pulling him down the hall with you until you reached the bleachers. 

Jason was pacing angrily and you just shook your head. 

“Seriously, I’m fine. If push comes to shove I can take care of myself ya know?” You placed your hand on his shoulder and he looked down at you. 

“I guess. I just don’t like guys flirting with…” he sighed and turned back around.  

“With what?” You laughed slightly, trying to shield the blush on your cheeks by turning. “By the way, do just follow me Around or something? Cause whenever I start talking to a guy you always walk up…”

He chuckled slightly. "I so don’t do that every time!“

You looked back at him with disbelief. 

"Jason Lee Scott you’re spying on me aren’t you?!" 

He failed at looking nonchalant, and you scoffed. 

"Normally that’d be creepy, but with you… it’s kinda endearing.”
Jason turned to look at you in shock.


"Yeah, charming, sweet-”

“I know what the word means (Y/N),” he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “But you mean it?”

You nodded, and stepped forward unsure of where you found the courage to do so. 

“Well, I don’t like guys flirting with the girl I like." 

You grinned and he stepped closer as well. 

"I’m not sure about the power ranger policies for this-” With swift movements, his lips were pressed against yours and his hands in your hair.
You responded quickly before pulling away. 

“Maybe we just don’t tell Zordon?”

Reggie x Reader: Looking For Love (One Shot)

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Plot: The one where it really wasn’t that complicated.

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“This could be something if you let it be something, Reg!” you screamed at his face, too pissed to care when he grimaced. 


“No! Stop!” you backed away from him. This time, slowly but surely, you started breaking. Sadness started creeping in your voice, replacing the anger that has boiled in you for months now. “What … what are you so scared off?”

Reggie wanted to pull you in his arms but he knew you. He knew you more than anyone else in the world in the short six months you have been secretly “seeing” each other. If you can even call it that. So he knew it would only piss you off much further if he tried to touch you when you clearly did not want to be touched.

“I don’t know …”

Honestly, he didn’t. There you were: crazy, beautiful, and so fucking perfect but there was something – always something –  that was holding him back. Maybe it was the fact that he was never a relationship kind of guy and being faced with the probability of a serious one was scaring him so bad.

What if he fucked it up?
What if you ended up hating each other?
How much would it hurt when it ended?

Or maybe the fact that you were not the kind of girl usually goes for. He didn’t want permanent – didn’t want stable. He was used to drunken kisses, tattered memories, and awkward goodbye’s in the morning.

And that was where the two of you started. A drunken mess of a mistake.

Until you weren’t.

Until it took less and less alcohol for the two of you to start kissing, until Reggie preferred kissing the back of your neck after a long night instead of immediately going home, until (out of fucking nowhere) you were suddenly wearing his shirt and cooking him breakfast in the second kitchen of his house that he has not visited even once not until you decided you wanted pancakes at 5 in the morning after a night of sinning.

“Look, Reg,” you sighed, defeated. It scared Reggie more and more. “I like you,” you confessed, hoping your first move would spark something in him but he didn’t even look you in the eyes, didn’t even have the decency to flinch or act surprised. “I’m pretty sure you like me too from the amount of times you fucked me and …”

Reggie opened his mouth to defend himself, or to defend your pride but you beat him to it.

“I know were not just friends – I’m not fucking stupid as the whole world seems to think,” you scoffed, Veronica’s reprimanding and shrilling voice ringing in your ears. “But if you can’t be a fucking man about it then I’m wasting my time.”

You rubbed your hands in your face, not believing in the words coming out of your mouth. “We both are.”

You took your jacket that once settled at the back of a chair in his room.

“Darling, I  –“ he stood up, willing to beg to make you stay but the fire and pain in your eyes stopped him dead in his tracks.

“I am not your darling.” You glared. “Not anymore, anyway.”

It has been almost two weeks since that fateful night and Reggie could barely catch your shadow, much less talk to you.

He tried everything – well, not everything considering he could not talk to you in school (in public) because of his reputation to maintain and the fact that nobody besides Veronica knew about your little ‘thing’ with Reggie.

But he called, he texted, he crawled in your window at night hoping for nothing but a conversation where he might win you back but he knew why you wouldn’t pick up or why you wouldn’t open your bedroom window where he had crawled in so many times:

He was being selfish.

He wants you back but not really.

He doesn’t want you, he wants who you pretended to be: the cool girl who didn’t mind him disappearing in and out of his life but still stayed faithful to him even if he flirted with other girls left and right.

But you weren’t a cool girl and you can’t keep on pretending what you had was love or a relationship when hundreds of red flags have been slapping you in the face left and right.

And Reggie had to deal with it. Just like you did.

After a week, Reggie pretended not to care. He didn’t need you, so many other girls were willing to do his whims any way he wants. 

He doesn’t need you.

But he does.

He needs you because he can’t kiss another girl without vomiting every toxic drink he drank that night because their lips were too sweet, too bitter, too small, too ‘not you’.

He needs you because when he sees you walking alone towards your house he had to fight every instinct he had to scream your name and walk with you – like he always used to do.

He needs you because when you were in a house party, dressed to perfection, he nearly gave you his jacket when he saw you shiver but he remembered it was not his place anymore. So, he watched in envy as Archie did what he wanted to do.

Seeing you wearing a letterman jacket that did not have his last name behind it made something snap in Reggie that was just what he needed to do something.


“Jesus Christ Reggie, you scared me,”
you placed your hand in your heart trying to will it to slow down. The relief Reggie felt when he saw the jacket was gone was something he could not describe. But he knew what he felt was happiness when he replaced it with his own in a heartbeat.

“You’ll get cold,” he whispered, taking your hand in his (ignoring the twist in his stomach when he saw the absence of the bracelet he gave you in your third month together) in your dainty wrists.

Before you could remove the jacket or reprimand him he was already carrying you towards your car.


“I know those shoes are uncomfortable,”
he smirked, remembering the times you complained to him about those four inch stilettos but continued wearing it because it is ‘so cute’ and made you not as short when you stood next to him

“People will see …” you mumbled, your childlike grudge getting the best of you.

“Well, I don’t care.”

“Don’t you?” you challenged.

You stared at each other for a few seconds before Reggie sighed and walked towards the stairs towards the backyard where the party was held. Your protests went deaf in his ears.

“ATTENTION!” he screamed, his voice just demanding interest that your weak ‘Reggie!’ was drowned out with no effort. It was as if everyone froze when they heard the booming voice of the football captain, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, seeing you cradled comfortably in his arms.

he screamed once again, earning cheers and whistles from his fellow teammates and other students. You swore you even saw Veronica and Kevin smiling.


That earned more cheers and laughter from everyone and you did your best to hide your red face from everyone but unfortunately (or fortunately) the only place you can hide it is from Reggie’s neck.

When you looked up, Reggie was already walking down the stairs with a smug grin in his face.

“You’re fucking crazy.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“You wanted to go public, I want you back, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure it out,” he grinned, but heart still beating from the amount of teasing he is bound to receive on Monday. Not that he cared, not anymore, not when the girl of his dreams was biting her lips raw to stop herself from smiling.

“Took you a while …”
you whispered when Reggie set you back down just in front of his car.

“(Y/N).” He took your chin in between his thumb and pointer finger, gently making you look up at him.

God, he was so beautiful.

“This could be something if you gave it another shot.” He leaned in slowly, waiting for you to make the final move, for you to have control on what you wanted to happen. “Please?”

“I want this to be something,” you confessed, closing the last few inches in between your faces with a kiss you both deserved after a long time of being apart. You were panting, lungs trying to capture enough oxygen so you won’t pass out. “But you owe me a couple of dates as an apology.”

The smile that immediately plastered on Reggie’s face was something you wanted to be painted on the stars.

“Say you’re going to be my girlfriend and we got ourselves a deal.”

You laughed out loud, pulling him into a hug. He merely chuckled in your neck, subtly refreshing his memory of your scent.

“You drive a hard bargain, Mantle.”

“You love it.”

You smiled, playing with the silver necklace on his chest, a gift he used to hide behind his shirt. “Unfortunately, I do.” You looked up at him “Very much.”

“Thank God,” he whispered like a secret on your lips once again. You decided right then and there that nothing would be sweeter than his lips – alcohol and a subtle hint of lemon included. “Cause it would be hella awkward if you didn’t since I think I’m kinda in love with you too.”

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Daddy Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 1.7k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: In celebration of Negan smut weekend! @negansmutweek
Gifs are not mine.
This MIGHT be a two part thing, if I’m feeling nice, aha~ 
Summary: You accidentally call Negan daddy in front of everyone. 
{Part Two} {Part Three}

You stayed locked up away in your room, hugging against your legs, burying your face into your knees, trying to keep yourself together. The words slipped from your mouth without thinking and in front of so many people, you groaned out, trying to forget this horrible mess. Your chest still heaving from the run up here, the moment those words fell from your lips, you took off, leaving everyone in the room not daring to look back, you couldn’t bare with the judgmental eyes.

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